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Oct 22nd, 2017 (edited)
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  1. NSFW_alt1234 Masterlist
  3. Gentle:
  5. A Chance Encounter
  6. The adventures of tiny teenager Joji and his older female counterpart Narumi.
  7. Part 1: https://pastebin.com/S4TBJG4W (cuddling, MILF, breasts, mouth play)
  8. Part 2: https://pastebin.com/t32HQEgq (cuddling, MILF, breasts, mouth play)
  9. Part 3: https://pastebin.com/eL4XHEQQ (cuddling, MILF, breasts, clothing entrapment, insertion)
  10. Part 4: https://pastebin.com/6mUU3Kpi (cuddling, MILF, humiliation/teasing, body exploration, butt, insertion)
  11. Part 5: https://pastebin.com/5HMkvZ93 (cuddling, MILF, breasts, clothing entrapment, mouth play, thighs)
  12. Part 6: https://pastebin.com/4bK6GbjS (cuddling, MILF, mouth play, breasts)
  14. TFW no tiny bf
  15. NEET femanon finds a tiny person in her house and attempts to make him her 'bf'.
  16. https://pastebin.com/X1vVtkA8 (cuddling)
  18. The Tiny's Owner Manual
  19. Instructions on how to best keep your tiny pet happy and healthy
  20. https://pastebin.com/yP6UTY1H (cuddling)
  22. A Night with Mei
  23. MacReady is shrunk and discovered by Mei, who tries to help him adapt to his new size.
  24. https://pastebin.com/8nG5xiLM (foot job, insertion, overwatch)
  26. An Evening
  27. Pippin spends a relaxing evening with his owner, Faye.
  28. https://pastebin.com/yYW12i5L (cuddling, hand play, body exploration)
  30. Terror against Tenderness
  31. Human woman Natasha finds an injured tiny, Pod, and attempts to nurse him back to health, all the while he is terrified of her.
  32. Part 1: https://pastebin.com/VrXa508s (MILF, cuddling, mouth play)
  33. Part 2: https://pastebin.com/1t0Pqwkw (MILF, cuddling, breasts)
  35. Alana's Unconventional Tastes
  36. Giant Alana purchases two human women for a night of fun.
  37. https://pastebin.com/QqEJMLSu (teasing, cuddling, mouth play, giant/tiny lesbians, feet, breasts, clit sex, insertion)
  39. Their Boy for Tonight
  40. A queen and her harem of young girls teases and uses a three inch tall boy for a night.
  41. https://pastebin.com/gR6GBnS2 (humiliation/teasing, edging, MILF, mouth play, breasts, butt, hand play, cuddling, oneesans, adolescent)
  43. Oh Me Oh My
  44. Takashi goes to his friend's house to finish some homework but circumstances put him alone with his friend's mother.
  45. https://pastebin.com/TeWES23R (MILF, breasts, ara-ara, butt, insertion)
  47. NSFW_alt1234's Christmas Special
  48. A tiny is brought inside to enjoy some festivities.
  49. https://pastebin.com/EUgqDXta (cuddling)
  51. Spoil of War
  52. Quinn is ambushed by a giant while travelling with his caravan on the steppe. She decides he's cute enough to keep.
  53. https://pastebin.com/VD08nDnn (muscle, brown skin, sweat, insertion, cuddling, mouth play)
  55. A Lovely Night
  56. Danielle, a knight, and her fairy companion, share a night alone.
  57. https://pastebin.com/8EvtXBRN (yuri, mouthplay)
  59. Meeting in the Meadow
  60. One relaxing afternoon a sorceress meets by chance with an old friend in the meadow.
  61. https://pastebin.com/EjvBD4Fa (mouthplay, insertion, body exploration)
  63. Getting Physical
  64. Alexis' boyfriend helps her recover after a long workout session
  65. https://pastebin.com/USgNMM3D (muscles, dark skin, body exploration)
  67. Sweet Treat
  68. Vanessa, tired from a long day at the café, discovers her favourite customer fast asleep outside, and decides to take him in to keep him safe...
  69. https://pastebin.com/feekGNKG (milf, mouth play, breasts, insertion)
  71. A Little Bravery
  72. The story of a boy born only seven centimetres tall and his relationship with his caretaker.
  73. https://pastebin.com/pcZWuAVd (breasts, cuddling)
  75. Mountaineer
  76. A daring human, despite the rumours of giants, ventures far to the north. Giants prove to be the least of his worries however, as he finds himself in dire straits and requiring assistance.
  77. https://pastebin.com/FAi421r7 (breasts, cuddling, butt, body exploration, mouthplay)
  79. Valleys of Different Kinds
  80. 'OMG daddy he's sooo cute! I NEED him! Buy him for me, pretty please?'
  81. https://pastebin.com/fBjgtgPw (breasts, butt, feet, smothering, teasing, MILF, mouthplay, ambiguously gentle)
  83. Stress Relief
  84. Vivian needs something to help her relax.
  85. https://pastebin.com/vjiVUaxc (MILF, feet, nylons)
  87. Jealousy of All Elf Women
  88. A poor fairy is rescued and healed by a loving elf woman.
  89. https://pastebin.com/tY8u4ikw (fantasy, mouthplay, body exploration, earplay(?))
  91. Do Make Him Cute
  92. A poor innocent young man finds himself in a foreign land populated with giants -- and must have an audience with the notoriously strict Queen.
  93. https://pastebin.com/dJcpXyf3 (F/m, gentle, MILF, royalty, body exploration)
  95. Cruel:
  97. The Pharaoh
  98. A voluptuous female monarch's experience with tiny, disposable slaves.
  99. Part 1: https://pastebin.com/0BaLkhid (foot worship, giant lesbians, mouth play, crush)
  100. Part 2: https://pastebin.com/BXFfKEij (foot worship, giant lesbians, mouth play, vore, body exploration)
  102. Drinking 'Alone'
  103. And older former professor takes her frustration on being fired out on a tray full of shrunken millenials.
  104. https://pastebin.com/ennFXE7r (cruel, vore, MILF, feet, insertion, butt, breasts, sweat)
  106. Elara's World
  107. Goddess Elara's experience in owning her very own tiny world.
  108. https://pastebin.com/i5gych3V (destruction, omnipotence)
  110. The Empress
  111. Empress Wei and harem girl Liu exploit a box of tiny women for their own enjoyment during a private moment.
  112. https://pastebin.com/wgLh0SHk (voyeurism, mouth play, giant/tiny lesbians, butt, breasts, mouth play, cuddling)
  114. Camilla's Retainers
  115. Camilla and her retainers grow in size and storm the Hoshidan capital.
  116. https://pastebin.com/1U81uJXh (growth, city destruction, feet, vore, giant lesbians, breasts, butt, insertion, Fire Emblem)
  118. The Goddess's Gift
  119. Godess Asena treats her lover Xian to a delightful day at the expense of the city of Telenisia.
  120. https://pastebin.com/uQwRGy7a (giga, city destruction, feet, breasts, butt, insertion)
  122. MicroCorp Personal City
  123. A single night in a city constructed entirely within a human woman's vagina.
  124. https://pastebin.com/H6rTTzCa (insertion, giga)
  126. Delicious in Marcille
  127. Marcille is the only one of the party to not be shrunk by a magical trap. The party is forced to come up with unconventional means to keep her fed. (vore, Delicious in Dungeon)
  128. https://pastebin.com/fPfGA6Tn
  130. Two Princesses
  131. A human princess of a fallen kingdom is given to her elvish counterpart for breaking in. (feet, elves, yuri, humiliation, mindbreak)
  132. https://pastebin.com/zjZi1rnn
  134. One-Sided Conflict
  135. A female knight is assigned to eliminate a force of inch tall warriors. (crush, feet, butt)
  136. https://pastebin.com/wHsp34aW
  138. Step into my Parlour
  139. An explorer finds himself in caught in a spider's web. (monstergirl, mouthplay, vore)
  140. https://pastebin.com/HrYW5Uam
  142. Please Don't Shrink Me, Nagatoro
  143. Nagatoro uses her newly purchased shrink ray to increase the torment she performs on her senpai. (feet, bullying, Please Don't Bully Me, Nagatoro)
  144. https://pastebin.com/6vXF4Xx3
  146. Unfaithful
  147. The goddess Aphrodite returns to punish the mortals that have forgotten to worship her for so long. (feet, city destruction, insertion)
  148. https://pastebin.com/qHvRH0yD
  150. Exchanged
  151. The experiences of several exchange students at a Chinese university, all coming down with an unfortunate condition. (feet, humiliation, slavery, butt, MILF)
  152. https://pastebin.com/yqLuFj7F
  154. Meeting with a Vampiress
  155. Countess Mircalla unwinds with the help of a box of her favourite snacks. (vore, insertion)
  156. https://pastebin.com/iyGUpFyS
  158. Unwiding with Orcs
  159. A tribe of orcs purchase a small collection of humans to relax one evening. (insertion)
  160. https://pastebin.com/bAWEd0jj
  162. Desert Delight
  163. The Pharaoh enjoys an evening. Bathing, eating, a massage, a little more... (micro, unaware, feet, insertion, giant lesbians)
  164. https://pastebin.com/sJP2WdMW
  166. Work Experience
  167. A villain's attempt to grow huge and conquer the city is ruined by a minor miscalculation. Jessy, AKA Laser Girl, bursts in to find a mysteriously empty lair. (butt, feet, shoe entrapment)
  168. https://pastebin.com/TjgEVGiQ
  170. Leisure Time
  171. A drow lady spends some quality leisure time with her pet. (feet, butt, breasts, smothering, insertion)
  172. https://pastebin.com/BeUPgi6Y
  174. Reservations
  175. Patricia Arnault is twenty-seven years old, works on Wallstreet, and has a shrink ray. (feet, butts, heels, crush)
  176. https://pastebin.com/2ruwzFni
  178. Learning Humility
  179. A spoiled daddy's girl becomes the property of her long-term rival, and is taught some very important lessons. (feet, F/f, insertion)
  180. https://pastebin.com/NsnrsAmz
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