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  1. action (one or more) =
  2.    --help (or -h)
  3.        displays this page
  4.    --cmdhelp cmd(or -ch)
  5.        displays command help
  6.    --resume (or -r)
  7.        send the following commands to an already-running bootloader
  8.    --quiet (or -q)
  9.        surpress excessive console output
  10.    --wait (or -w)
  11.        waits for a device connection (currently a USB cable)
  12.    --create
  13.        full initialization of the target device using the config file
  14.    --download N filename
  15.        download partition filename to N
  16.    --setboot N
  17.        sets the boot partition to partition N
  18.    --format_partition N
  19.        formats contents of partition N
  20.    --read N filename
  21.        reads back partition N into filename
  22.    --getpartitiontable filename
  23.        reads back the partition table into filename
  24.    --getbit filename
  25.        reads back BIT into filename
  26.    --getbct
  27.        reads back the BCT from mass storage
  28.    --odm C Data
  29.         ODM custom 32bit command 'C' with associated 32bit data
  30.    --go
  31.        continues normal execution of the downloaded bootloader
  32.     options =
  33.    --configfile filename
  34.        indicates the configuration file used with the following commands:
  35.        --create, --format_all
  36.    --bct filename
  37.        indicates the file containing the BCT
  38.    --sbk 0x00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
  39.        indicates the secure boot key for the target device
  40.    --bl filename
  41.        downloads and runs the bootloader specified by filename
  42.    --odmdata N
  43.       sets 32bit customer data into a field in the BCT, either hex or
  44.       decimal
  45.    --diskimgopt N
  46.        sets 32bit data required for disk image convertion tool
  47.    --format_all
  48.        formats all existing partitions on the target device using the config file,
  49.        including partitions and the bct
  50.    --setbootdevtype S
  51.        sets the boot device type fuse value for the device name.
  52.        allowed device name string mentioned below:
  53.            emmc, nand_x8, nand_x16, nor, spi
  54.    --setbootdevconfig N
  55.        sets the boot device config fuse value either hex or decimal
  56.    --verifypart N
  57.         verifies data for partition id = N specified. N=-1
  58.         indicates all partitions
  59.         Intended to be used with --create command only.
  60.    --setbct
  61.        updates the chip specific settings of the BCT in mass storage to
  62.        the bct supplied,used with --create, should not be with --read,and
  63.        --format(delete)_all,format(delete)_partition,--download, and--read
  64.    --sync
  65.        issues force sync commad
  66.    --rawdeviceread S N filename
  67.        reads back N sectors starting from sector S into filename
  68.    --rawdevicewrite S N filename
  69.        writes back N sectors from filename to device starting from sector S
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