Ran a site audit/404 link that seem to be undeletable!

Jul 1st, 2020
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  1. Ran a site audit on my blog and there's a 404 link that seem to be undeletable!
  2. I ran a site audit on my wordpress blog using Ahrefs, and Ahrefs marking this as an "important error to fix" which is a 404 page on my website.
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  14. I went to this broken link and I can't delete it! It's neither on my posts or pages list in my wordpress dashboard. Is this normal? This broken link I believe was a post that I changed its permalink but apparently the old url is still alive on my website and being crawled by SEO tools!
  15. I don't want to redirect because Ahrefs reads that as also an issue to fix if audited. I want to permanently delete it! How can I do so?
  16. I think removing it from the index and redirecting it back to your homepage should be fine.
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  30. Exact Match Anchor Texts
  32. When the target keyword and anchor text are exactly the same, then it refers to exact match anchor texts.
  34. Say an example, the keyword is ‘daycare center’ and the anchor text be exactly ‘daycare center’.
  36. Partial Match Anchor Texts
  38. When you include your keyword along with other words in the anchor texts, then it is the partial match anchor texts.
  40. Example: Keyword is ‘daycare center’ and the anchor texts be ‘best daycare’, ‘daycare service’, etc.
  42. Branded Anchor Texts
  44. Branded anchors texts are such using the brand names in it. It’s safe and effective to use, having a branded domain.
  46. Example: Brand name is ‘Nike’ or ‘Hershey’s’ and the anchor texts be the same as ‘Nike’ & ‘Hershey’s’ respectively.
  48. Naked Anchor Texts
  50. If using raw URL as an anchor text, then we call it as naked anchor texts. In between the content, inserting such naked anchors would be disruptive. You may avoid this type of
  52. anchors.
  53. Ran a site audit on my blog and there's a 404 link that seem to be undeletable!
  54. Example: https://www.canon-europe.com/cameras/
  56. Generic Anchor Texts
  58. Mostly, the generic anchor texts are prompting CTA’s like click here, read now, this website, tap here to go, etc. In the flow of content writing, generic anchor text suits well.
  60. But, it does not help Google to know anything about the linked URL. Don’t use this more often.
  62. For example, ‘click here’, ‘read more’, ‘this article’, etc.
  64. LSI Anchors
  66. Using multiple variations of your target keyword in the anchor text refers to LSI anchors.
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