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  1. **Name:** Riki Kuromatsu
  2. **Age:** 17
  3. **Birthday:** July 17th
  4. **Quirk:** Shadow - Riki can merge with her own shadow and move anywhere it can go. Merging in and out of her shadow is instantaneous, and she can even reach parts of her body out of it, like an arm to grab something. However, any objects that merge with her must already be on her person, and she has to fully exit to add more.
  5. **Admission Reason:** Riki had already actually been attending U.A. She had solidly passed the entrance exams and was two weeks into her first year as a 1-A student until she had received a message from the police in her hometown; the Quirk of her sister, Chisana, had flared up violently, resulting in the deaths of their parents, grandfather, and two neighbours. This event left Riki unable to continue studying in the Hero Course, forced to join the High Risk class to take care of her sister.
  6. **Info:**
  8. **Name:** Chisana Kuromatsu
  9. **Age:** 13
  10. **Birthday:** May 23rd
  11. **Quirk:** Pareidolia - A dangerous Quirk that causes anything Chisana sees within other objects to manifest into real beings. These can range from friendly and sapient to creatures solely looking to cause chaos and bloodshed, determined solely by Chisana's emotional reaction to the perceived object. The beings can also be anywhere between perfectly humanoid to malformed and demonic.
  12. **Admission Reason:** Chisana was assumed Quirkless until age 9. She latched onto her older sister Riki for support, typically staying by her side, and went to her for basically anything. Chisana also suffers from chronic nightmares, which would wake her up in the middle of the night, sometimes even waking up her sister, claiming there was something lurking in her room. Turns out, yeah, there was, and one of the pareidolic stuffed bears was found banging on the closet door. Having explained the phenomenon of her Quirk to their parents, Riki was trusted to help Chisana should anything else arise. But when Riki left for U.A., and no one to easily manage Chisana's Quirk since the daughters were the only two in the household with Quirks, something spawned into existence two weeks later. Chisana, now virtually on her own and with a potentially life-threatening Quirk, was sent off to U.A.
  13. **Info:** Chisana's just a kid. Simple as that. Kinda stupid, but she's still experiencing life
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