In a kennel cause you deserve it

Apr 23rd, 2019
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  1. >Be inside a kennel
  2. >Waiting for your owner
  3. >You impatiently trot around your cage, hooves rattling the cheap aluminum floor for whatever unfortunate creature was incarcerated below you
  4. >All the ponies and even the cats and dogs here are scared and trembling
  5. >Terrified of the humans who come by every few days to poke and tentatively sprinkle their affection over any creature they deem worthy
  6. >You don't really understand them
  7. >You always loved humans
  8. >Something important bites at the back of your head but it is dismissed as soon as it arises
  9. >You don't need to dwell on useless things like that
  10. >You have waited your whole life for this moment
  11. >Every little joy and trauma, pushing you to this place
  12. >Beating you down
  13. >Beating into you the best little acts and facades to impress humans with
  14. >Beating into you your inferiority and helplessness before them
  15. >In some strange intangible way you always knew you would end up here
  16. >In a cage needing to be saved
  17. >you worked so hard to make yourself worthy of saving
  18. >And now even as you gauge your *competition* you can see that you have them absolutely outclassed.
  19. >You have groomed and preened yourself, even scruffed a little blackened grease from the hinges of your cage as an ersatz eyeliner
  20. >Your practiced lines all ring around in your head, clearing it of unneeded chaff.
  21. >"Hiiiiii! I'm Flowers! How are youuuu!"
  22. >You haven't been in this fucking kennel all that long
  23. >only a year or so
  24. >maybe two
  25. >or is it two and a half...
  26. >how old are you?
  27. >...
  28. >You again banish all the dumb thoughts in your head with a lil shake and rehearse your smile and introduction once more
  29. >"Hiiiii How are you! I am Flowers! I love you!"
  30. >You are so ready
  31. >You are excited and amazing and the best
  32. >You are the best fucking pony
  33. >Hecking
  34. >Ponies don't swear
  35. >You are the best hecking pony
  36. >thats right
  37. >and master is going to come and pick you up and save you from this dark hell
  38. >across the aisle of cages you spot a couple of other house mares
  39. >They all look worn out and spent
  40. >You are pretty sure one is biologically a stallion or whatever
  41. >Dumb trap horses are so fucking popular nowadays
  42. >Maybe you should have been a trap horse?
  43. >Wha?
  44. >?
  45. >A wave of cognitive dissonance washes over you, crashing against your light buff coat like a ship being split in half against a reef
  46. >What were you thinking?
  47. >...
  48. >You catch a glimpse of the mares across from you
  49. >stupid trap horses
  50. >It'll be ok
  51. >You are a pretty little mare and the best little pony
  52. >Master will love and cherish and protect you
  53. >You just know it
  54. >It is not a question or even an issue in your mind
  55. >You know that Master loves and cherishes and will protect you just like how you know the sky is blue
  56. >You know
  57. >You just do
  58. >Return to pacing around your little cage
  59. >Important to keep good cardio don't you know?
  60. >wanna have a shapely plot for master
  61. >You are a good little mare and you are the best and you will of course be the one Master takes home.
  62. >You feel a shiver crawl over your coat, and you curl up against one of the walls of your cage. It does little to provide you with warmth, but it grounds you
  63. >When you are standing around for too long it feels like a pit is going to open up right behind you at any moment
  64. >and you will helplessly fall backwards into a bottomless pit
  65. >getting some kind of solid purchase for your rest puts your mind at ease
  66. >no bottomless pits here
  67. >You feel your eyelids start to grow a bit heavy
  68. >You can tell from the ambient light around the kennel that its getting dark outside
  69. >You breath in a deep breath and yawn
  70. >You go limp into a lil pile on the floor of your cage, and drift softly into sleep
  71. >...
  72. >Its home
  73. >An old farmhouse
  74. >big fucking extensions have been added over the last couple of decades, extending it's misshapen visage into a hulking mansion
  75. >White plaster pillars lines the front deck
  76. >You scurry inside after a hard day of school
  77. >A few bruises and some homework
  78. >Nothing you can't handle
  79. >The front door is unlocked obviously, and you let yourself into the main foyer
  80. >You can hear mom toiling away in the kitchen far away
  81. >Her echoes are almost undetectable
  82. >But you know she is always very angry around the time you get back from school, so you silently creep from the foyer to the main staircase that leads into the basement.
  83. >You don't turn on the lights since that would alert mom to your presence and you don't want to bother her
  84. >you aren't worth a hassle and having her worry about those bruises
  85. >She would probably just yell at you anyways
  86. >so you do your best and you fade away into the darkness of the basement
  87. >You know your steps well and even in complete darkness you are able to find your way back to your safe little heaven
  88. >A crawl space on the second basement of what used to be a food pantry half a century ago, back when this was an actual farmhouse.
  89. >You retrieve your laptop from your backpack and prop yourself against one of the shelves.
  90. >You turn it on only once you have pushed the pantry's door shut with your foot
  91. >You click over to a document you were working on back at school
  92. >Some math sheet you need to fill out
  93. >At the same time as the the text editor is starting, you click over to a skype group
  94. >A bunch of your friends and you like to chat every night
  95. >Most of them are fans of the same show you are
  96. >My little pony
  97. >You like to play pretend with them and write stories about all your ponies
  98. >They always tell you you are the cutest little mare
  99. >You always get embarrassed and try to tell them you are a boy not a girl but they always just lightly assert themselves
  100. >You have always had a hard time making anyone stop doing stuff to you
  101. >Your friends were adults anyways
  102. >They knew best
  103. >You loved all your friends so much
  104. >When they all shared pictures you made sure to send bunches
  105. >They always loved it when you did that
  106. >So much praise
  107. >Such a good little pony
  108. >You felt so happy and special and good
  109. >Dad gets home a couple hours later
  110. >You can hear him and mom stomping around like a thunderstorm, even from two floors below them
  111. >Their muffled screams are little more than the pitter patter of rain
  112. >You always liked the rain
  113. >You are chatting with your friends
  114. >One of them buys you lots of steam games so you can play together
  115. >He even sent you a T-shirt once
  116. >You loved him
  117. >In a friend way
  118. >You trusted him to do what was right for you
  119. >You were stupid and bad and evil
  120. >But you were surrounded by good people who loved you
  121. >He sends you a message over skype
  122. >You explain your parents are a bit loud so you can't get on camera for them tonight
  123. >He says something strange
  124. >He says that you could come be with him
  125. >You type "Like a sleepover?"
  126. >He sends you something strange back
  127. >You would make a good pet
  128. >You always liked pets
  129. >Good pets...
  130. >...
  131. >You wake with a start
  132. >Wh-where wha
  133. >wha
  134. >You are panting and in complete darkness
  135. >You stand up and make your way to the front of your cage
  136. >From outside the room you can hear some chatting
  137. >And the stomping around of people
  138. >Nice people
  139. >Maybe even owner!
  140. >You scurry around in a lil circle excited
  141. >You have been waiting so long for this moment
  142. >You can't wait
  143. >You remember that Human's like dignified and good pets
  144. >You sit your ass down on the floor and pose yourself in a cute way
  145. >You were always good at posing in cute ways
  146. >The door to the kennel opens and in walks the dealer and a buyer
  147. >A master
  148. >You have a hard time containing your excitement
  149. >You look as happy and good as you can
  150. >Its hard to see the master in this lighting, but hes big and bald and a man
  151. >When he approaches you you recite your line, all practiced and saccharine
  152. >"Hiiiiii! I'm Flowers! nice to meet you mr!"
  153. >Or at least that was what you tried to say
  154. >What came out was a mix of whinnies and some coo'ing
  155. >It still sounded pretty
  156. >You like sounding pretty!
  157. >Master looks at you for a moment
  158. >Stares at you
  159. >You say your line again and do a little waltz in a circle
  160. >You sound just as cute as you did the first time
  161. >You smile as best you can
  162. >But master takes another step past your cage
  163. >...
  164. >He keeps walking
  165. >His eyes pass over you like your garbage
  166. >Master and dealer walk into the darkness at the other side of the room, and you hear the door being opened and shut
  167. >You crumple slowly, curling into a ball on the floor of your cage
  168. >You are garbage
  169. >Master didn't want you
  170. >No master wants you
  171. >You don't deserve them
  172. >You start to cry
  173. >You cry and cry and cry
  174. >You pull yourself over to your little metal bowl and try to sate the crushing cold inside with some of your food
  175. >Its dried pellets that taste like wood
  176. >You gobble up what little is in there and retreat back to the corner of your cage
  177. >It's ok
  178. >Master will come and pick you out of this dark place
  179. >He will protect you and help you and give you purpose
  180. >You will cherish every moment with him
  181. >You just need to wait for master to come and pick you
  182. >You just need to wait
  183. >...
  184. >You try to remember something important
  185. >Something essential to yourself
  186. >But it passes by with a small headache
  187. >You tap your hooves together and sing to yourself some
  188. >You don't remember what
  189. >But it makes you feel ok
  190. >You belong here
  191. >Somehow you always knew you would end up here
  192. >Be the cute little mare
  193. >Try your best to make yourself worth saving
  194. >But you fail
  195. >You aren't worth anything you stupid little pony
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