Joseph&Gina PT2

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  1. Gina
  2. Hey I hope everything's going well. Have a goodnight sweetie!
  4. Joseph
  5. Everything is fine I have to go out though I just woke up
  7. Gina
  8. THat's fine
  10. Joseph
  11. sorry I didn't talk much I was doing alot of cleaning up and whatever else needed to be done
  13. Gina
  14. It's ok boo. I understand you're busy.
  15. Hey do you have skype? Though I don't have a camera or mic,I'd love to see you on there boo.
  17. Joseph
  18. you should get a cam and mic for skype anyway I gotta go out for the day
  20. Gina
  21. Ok love you
  23. Joseph
  24. Talk to you when I can life has got me caught up a little (More like going to the mall and playing wwe 2k17)
  26. Gina
  27. So I'm guessing you're not interested then?
  29. Joseph
  30. It's not that, hear me out. I am interested  I just want to meet for fun though I may understand the situation you are in at heart but all we do is talk and send pics to each other which may be good but it gets boring, I need fun in my life and who doesn't really, my life mostly doesn't treat me well, every woman I have talked to I never met up I never get to have any fun with them, I know you have a legit thing in your life but I always wanted to meet and have fun with a woman, not just talk and send pictures, sorry if I come off the way I hate coming off as which is a complete ass, I am just bored I never had fun in god knows how long and it gets to me every time. I am interested but I want more than talk and pictures, Sorry if I come off like this but it's hard to find fun mostly.
  32. Gina
  33. Yeah but you talk to girls for a while before you have the fun. You have to get to know the person before you agree to them,that's how I am and I can't change that. Also,what do you mean you have a hard time looking for fun?
  35. Joseph
  36. It is hard to have fun just talking and sending pics I get you like getting to know someone and talking for a while before doing that but I have been waiting too long for a fun time I have tried many times to find someone who really wants to just meet up for fun. I am just so bored right now though I never had fun in months even for a whole year which just I can't stand. I am trying so hard to be paitent but it's very hard to wait for anything
  38. Gina
  39. It's not so bad not having sex for a while. Why does it get to you so much?
  41. Joseph
  42. Because it is hard to find someone to actually meet and have fun with, when I need fun I can't get it. I just can't stand not having any sort of actual fun in my life for a whole year, I can be desperate I will admit that but yeah I can't just sit in my home and not go out to meet someone ever since my ex broke up with me for the final time I had nothing. I had no fun or anything things get hard when you can't meet up with anyone else for a good time. I have been desperate I hate to admit
  44. Gina
  45. I feel that you don't understand my situation. I'm not being rude but my dad is ill and I can't just get up and leave him just because you want sex. You can want sex all you want,that's fine but I have things going on in my life too you know.
  47. I'm sorry if I sound rude but that's the situation right now.
  49. I just think it's best if we just call this whole thing off. I have a lot going on and you seem to not be ok with that. I'm sorry.
  53. Joseph
  54. Well there goes my happiness then I guess I may as well give up on finding someone. I just can't take not having any real fun for a year I am done trying to find anyone who really wants me and who would care to meet me for fun. it seems that no one actually cares I have been put through alot of this but it never stopped me. this is goodbye I guess I give up on finding anyone.
  56. Gina
  57. Are you seriously trying to make me feel sorry for you? I have a dying dad in the hospital and you're crying because I can't meet you for sex? That is selfish and disrespectful. I'm now glad I called it off cause now I know the true person you are. A selfish desperate ass hole. Don't ever talk to me again and take your small member and shove it where the sun don't shine.> :"(
  59. The following reply really says a lot about how little the beast cares about others. This might piss some people off so get ready for it.
  62. Joseph
  63. Ok whatever you don't care you're just like maria.. someone who hates me for who I am and doesn't give 2 fucks! also like my ex doesn't wanna do anything because of bullshit reasons and fucking garbage don't message me again you fucking garbage human being and don't fuckin reply to this at all completely ignore me I don't care, if you cared you wouldn't care who passes and would give me everything which you don't you have been exposed for being an asshole completely NO MESSAGING BACK THIS IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT DO SO
  65. Gina
  66. So I'm supposed to not care about my dad and give you everything? Mother fucker,NO!!!
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