CT's Weakest Hour by kmsumrall

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  1. “Guh how in the cuttlefish raping hell did you convince to come out here at all? It is a waste if your time. More importantly, its a waste of my time.”
  3. “Karkaaat, I can smell your fear. Hehehehe. Don’t be afraid, we only want to play a game. Do you want to play a game?”
  5. Karkat pushed the huffing blind girl away. “I don’t know how you smell anything over that shit stained breath.”
  6. “Uhh, Karkat? Don’t be so mean...” said the weary Tavros.
  7. “Yeah man... Just groove.. You coming out is a -”
  8. “You say it and I’ll paint the ground with that nonsense you all makeup. And your blood.”
  9. “Yummy,” said Terezi.
  10. All of a sudden, the ground started rumbling and all the arguments stopped. A growing mechanical sound filled the air. Through the forest they could see a giant metal ungulate with the head of a certain troll tromped through the tree, crushing all manner of stupid creatures that couldn't get out way, both big and small. The mechanical monstrosity stopped a few feet away and a long tube slammed into the ground from between the back legs. Smoke filled the clearing as broken toothed trolls stepped out.
  11. Karkat coughed and said, “Troll Jegus built a giant wooden dildo and fucked me with it. Oh wait, this is worse.”
  12. “You... Lack proper respect,” said the troll.
  13. “I, uhhh, respect you, Equius.” said Tavros carefully. Equius stared at his horns before turning away,
  14. “I have... a game for all of use to play. I will put you all... into two teams.”
  15. “There is a big thing behind you bro. Its like a fucking miracle of something something. How does that work maaaannn?”
  16. “This game,“ started Equius, ignoring the uncouth one, “uses robots I built. They are four legged beasts. Majestic and strong. We ride them...and use these hammers. “he indicated a brown bag that had fallen. We hit the balls, to a goal, and-”
  17. “Is this bone bulge breaker serious?” asked Karkat. “I’m only here to make this horn squeezing fuckbrain to shut his hole slime eating hole. Know what? You can eat my larva remains, I’m going back to something that isn't covered in blue eye shadow like a trollop troll so honry for the enlisted men.”
  18. Equius reached out and grabbed the leaving troll’s arm. “You will listen to your betters-”
  19. Pow! he was on the ground, clutching his stomach. Karkat kicked him in the face, breaking his shades. “Screw your caste!” He grabbed Equius’s horn and started bending it. “Let’s see you be all snobby without some manhood!”
  20. “uhh, stop-” but before Tavros could wheel over a loud crack! filled the air.
  21. “I didn’t know you cared so much Karkat.” Terezi said, picking up the broken piece. “This tastes like orange.”
  22. Equius stood up and brushed himself off. They chouldn’t see through the cracked shades, but everyone there knew brown streaks were coming off the corners of his eyes. He walked back to the tube, ignoring the long brown bad, and went up the elevator, still hearing Karkat’s insults and the blind girl’s laughter.
  23. No none knew his hive had exploded in an experiment gone wrong, leaving only this giant machine. This was his only place to live, his home. The recuperacoon had gone up in flames as well, and he didn’t sleep anymore. Just pass out, hearing the voices get louder on each awakening.
  24. Trollian was blaring. It was Vriska.
  25. “gC said you got 8eat doooooooown!”
  26. “Playing with lower gru8bs?”
  27. “How did you ever get to 8e 8lue 8lood in the first place?”
  28. “hahahahahahahaha you are a disgrace!”
  30. This was nothing. Nothing.
  31. He felt a patting on his shoulder. His lusus was holding a bow and arrow it had made. Yes... This would help.
  32. On top of his mobile home was several bales of dried grass and leaves tied together, covered with paper with targets on them. The paper was clean, no holes, never changed, never hit by any arrow.
  33. He prepared to take a shot, setting the arrow into the string as he pulled back. Equius’ hands started with get slick with sweat. Just line up the shot, just see the target and-
  34. Snap! The bowstring broke and the arrow went wild, cutting deep into his arm. Stupid lusus, using such terrible material! Its fault he never hit the target. Lusus fault. Always. Noble blood flowed onto the floor, staining it. It was next to other stains all across the roof of his mechanical ride. Mocking him. Constantly mocking him. Reminding him of his failure.
  35. As Equius grabbed his wound, his lusus trotted up. Yes, it would help him inside, bandage the wound. Of course it would. It was a majestic beast. But no. Instead it leaned over and licked up the thick viscous fluid flowing from it’s wards arm. No, this wasn't right! In anger, the troll kicked the custodian away. But the kick was to hard. To hard. The lusus scrambled with its hoofs but to no avail. It fell, screaming a wordless scream. It was a fatal fall. Equius knew it was fatal.
  36. Fatal. Fatal. Useless. Pointless. These words ran through his head. Why even bother? Why? Gushy tears flowed freely. Blue bloods don’t cry. They couldn’t cry. But he couldn’t stop. What was the point? Lower grubs hated him. He lusus hated him. High born hated him. His own hive burned down because he couldn't do anything right. It must have hated him too. His horn was broken. Broken by the lowest of the low. It would get infected soon. Painfully.
  37. He look to the edge. Scratch marks covered the side where his Lusus jumped. Why not? He walked over. Why not? No one would notice. They didn’t even know his name.
  38. One step. One. Step. Just one then-
  39. “Purrr?”
  40. He stopped. Looked behind himself. There at the hatch. Bright yellow eyes, the cute hat. But where was the bright smile? The one that could make the eternal night look like day? She must smile. She must have that smile.
  41. A step. But a step back, away from the edge. He fell to his knees, no longer able to hold himself.
  42. And cried. Cried.
  43. Warm arms surrounded him. “Its ok” a gentle voice said. “I’m here. We will be ok.” Equius felt warm liquid on the back of his neck. “Just never leave me, ok?”
  44. He reached out and held her. The sun was coming out.
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