Character Correlation Diagram (wip)

Nov 27th, 2014
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  1. Overall view
  6. 1 – Kaizuka Inaho, Asseylum Vers Allusia (Positive)
  8. To Asseylum, Inaho is the first civilian she befriended on Earth and later the one that helped her through difficult situations many times, including saving her own life. Her relationship with Inaho symbolizes the friendly relations with Earth she strives for, which is why she risked her life and protected Inaho from Saazbaum’s bullet ▶ Inaho on the other hand, continued to save Asseylum from trouble thanks to his cool judgment at all times, but Inko pointed out that “it’s not like you, Inaho” in regard to often acting recklessly while doing it, and even Yuki saying “that’s his cloud 9 face” suggests he holds special feelings.
  10. 2 – Kaizuka Inaho, Slaine Troyard (Negative)
  12. After Asseylum’s failed assassination attempt, Inaho thought that pursuers from the Vers side were secretly closing in on the princess. Asseylum is an important figure that can influence the tide of war, and he, wanting to protect her, thought that it was suspicious when he found out that Slaine, whom he met on the battlefield, was looking for the princess ▶ Faced with questions, Slaine assumed that Inaho was another force politically exploiting the princess who only wished for peace, which resulted in a falling out. It all happened because they weren’t on the same wavelength during that unfortunate conversation, but you could also say that it was an inevitable disaster brought by their conflict of how differently they viewed Asseylum.
  14. 3 – Kaizuka Inaho, Kaizuka Yuki (Family)
  16. After losing both of their parents in the natural disaster caused by the Heaven's Fall that happened in the war 15 years ago, Inaho and his older sister Yuki have been living together, supporting and helping each other. Inaho nurtured a calm and collected personality from living with someone such as Yuki ▶ Because Yuki was determined to protect Inaho, she ended up wanting to become a soldier. However, ever since her little brother was roped into the war, her objective of protecting him turned out to be a futile effort, not to mention how perplexed she feels when Inaho ends up putting himself in danger in the middle of the battle.
  18. 4 – Kaizuka Inaho, Amifumi Inko (Positive)
  20. Even though to Inaho Inko is one of his classmates, she’s also a childhood friend, so this suggests there is a familiar relationship between them. Even as a comrade during battle, Inaho always puts his faith in Inko, which is a sign of how valuable she is ▶ Inko is an agreeable and cheerful girl, but she is also sharp enough to be at the top of her school year and work as a member of the student council at the same time until she lost that title to Inaho. She is secretly in love with Inaho but because of how genuine she is, it becomes obvious to the ones around her by the way she acts. On the other hand, she fears for Inaho actively participating in battle and is worried about it.
  22. 5 – Kaizuka Inaho, Rayet Areash (Positive)
  24. Inaho and Rayet became connected because they both knew the secret that Seylum, who was traveling with them, was in reality Princess Asseylum. Hiding the fact that she was a Martian herself, Rayet was not very communicative with the ones around her, but while she watched the fight of the calm and collected Inaho, little by little she came to want to help him ▶ After finding out that Rayet was a Martian, Inaho didn’t care about it. “You hate our enemies and are being targeted by them. But most importantly, you fought by our side” was Inaho’s classic rational argument, but in any case, he positively accepted Rayet as a comrade.
  26. 6 – Slaine Troyard, Asseylum Vers Allusia (Friend)
  28. In 2009 Slaine emigrated to Vers with his father and was involved in an accident at the time of the emergency landing. Slaine came to feel admiration and respect towards Princess Asseylum, the one who saved his life by sucking breathing-liquid out of his throat when he was on the verge of dying ▶ Asseylum admired Earth and appointed Slaine, who was under Cruhteo’s care after the death of Doctor Troyard, as her tutor at the time of her goodwill visit. In addition to her interest in Earth, she didn’t discriminate Slaine for being a Terran and wanted to make contact with him as a friend. Later on, however, there’s the scene in which she blushes after Inaho pointed out that Slaine’s information was incorrect.
  30. 7 – Slaine Troyard, Cruhteo (Negative)
  32. In 2012 Slaine lost his father, Doctor Troyard, and he became Cruhteo’s subordinate thanks to the arrangements made by Saazbaum, who had a debt towards the Doctor. However, he was completely treated as a servant and it wasn’t unusual for him to be severely punished on a daily basis ▶ Among the 37 clans of Martian Knights, Cruhteo is a Knight with a very strong loyalty towards the imperial family, which is why even if the princess were to ask him to, he wouldn’t show sympathy to Slaine, a Terran. However, when Slaine did not reveal the truth even under torture in order to protect the princess, he was impressed at such display of devotion.
  34. 8 – Slaine Troyard, Saazbaum (Negative)
  36. Saazbaum was saved by Doctor Troyard in the Heaven's Fall 15 years ago, and because of that debt, he helped Slaine even though he didn’t have many chances to do so. Breaking into Castle Cruhteo in Dioscuria was both to avoid the princess’s survival coming to light and to prevent the tortured Slaine from being killed ▶ After hearing from Saazbaum about his past, in which his beloved one was taken from him, and the real meaning behind his war, Slaine is forced to make a big decision between taking the Earth's side or the Vers's side.
  38. 16 – Saazbaum, Cruhteo (Friend)
  40. Saazbaum and Cruhteo were both part of the 37 clans of Martian Knights but they also had a personal friendship with each other. As a result, however, Cruhteo was betrayed by Saazbaum and met a tragic end ▶ But more important than Saazbaum being deceiving Cruhteo from the very beginning is that, due to losing Orlane in the Heaven’s Fall 15 years ago, he secretly wanted to take revenge on the imperial family and because of that, in his mind, he considered that he was now going against Cruhteo, who was a loyal subject of the imperial family.
  42. 18 – Saazbaum, Orlane (Family)
  44. Orlane was Saazbaum’s fiancée and 15 years ago they advanced together to the Tanegashima battle. Marito and others from the United Forces of Earth who participated in that battle were overpowered by her Kataphraktos, Deucalion, but right after it, the Heaven’s Fall happened. Because of Deucalion’s special ability, the gravity control, it was impossible for Orlane to escape and she fell at Tanegashima ▶ Because of what he went through, Saazbaum’s hate towards the imperial family increased, and later on when he looked at the battleship Deucalion that was built using the Aldnoah drive taken from Orlane’s unit, he showed his disgust at the name.
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