Fuck You (Anon x Vinyl) [18+]

Mar 13th, 2016
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  1. >be Anon
  2. >be cooking some delicious smelling breakfast
  3. >You sigh
  4. >Yeah it smells good, but how is this shit going to taste?
  5. >Normally you'd have as many ingredients as possible to your disposal, but that isn't the case this time around
  6. >This isn't actually your apartment, so you don't know what's actually in the kitchen as far as ingredients besides the things in the fridge and freezer
  7. >...
  8. >you could look for more relevant ingredients, but you don't want to be accused of snooping
  9. >Also, Vinyl doesn't seem like the type of person that would spend money on spices that aren't exactly relevant to her rather unhealthy diet
  10. >Though, she doesn't exactly need to change said diet does she?
  11. >She certainly looks... healthy...
  12. >...
  13. >You shake your head a little to bring yourself back to reality
  14. >Which is more important than your silly daydreaming
  15. >Especially since you don't want to overcook this food
  16. >You worked too hard on this to let it go to waste goddammit
  17. >You tend to wake up early, yes, but you mostly just lie in bed for some amount of time before you actually get your day started
  18. >So this is quite an effort from you, getting up early enough to make a decent breakfast
  19. >At least it's for a good cause
  20. >Pah, you would never do this if it was just for yourself
  21. >You can survive on chips and soda anyways
  22. >No, you're making this for Vinyl as well
  23. >Before she even wakes up, in fact
  24. >Yeah... she sleeps in quite a bit
  26. >A few minutes of flipping and cleaning later, your masterpiece is finally complete
  27. >You summon your inner surgeon while bringing the food from the pan to the plates
  28. >With a sigh of relief, you do this successfully before picking up a plate in each hand and make your way to the bedroom
  29. >You put one plate down so you can open the door to said room, peeking your head in afterwards
  30. >aw
  31. >She's curled up in a semicircle under the covers, and she's shamelessly drooling onto her pillow, snoring softly
  32. >Just before you think it cannot get any cuter
  33. >She yawns quietly, smacking her lips afterwards as she shuffles under the covers slightly
  34. >M-Muh
  35. >You pick up the second plate back up and venture deeper into the room as quietly as possible, making sure not to accidentally trip over anything in the barely lit room.
  36. >You make it towards the head of the bed without issue, and for a second time you put the plates down in order to lean in close to her
  37. >Before you can do anything , you catch a whiff of her scented hair
  38. >Mm...
  39. >You were used to waking up to this smell now, but it still never got old for you
  40. >You've associated her slightly fruity smelling hair with Vinyl herself, which makes it all the more comforting to you
  42. >Back to the task at hand, however, you reach out a hand to gently push her shoulder as you whisper
  43. "Vinyl.."
  44. >snort
  45. >slightly louder now
  46. "Vinyl, hey... wake up babe"
  47. >"Mmmreh... no..."
  48. >You suppress a chuckle
  49. "C'mon.. I made some breakfast.."
  50. >She rolls over onto her back, squinting slightly as she attempts to open her eyes
  51. >"You.. what?"
  52. "I made breakfast for us, here"
  53. >You place her plate on her stomach, and you smirk as you watch her admire the smell of your food
  54. >She continues to smell it for a small amount of time before she lets her head fall back into the pillow
  55. >"What time did you get up?"
  56. "Like 7"
  57. >She stares at you blankly
  58. >"You got up that early just to make some fuckin' food?"
  59. "Can you really blame me for bringing breakfast-in-bed for my favorite mare?"
  60. >You raise your eyebrows at her, she just stares
  62. >You sigh before starting to pick up the plate
  63. "Welp, fine, if you're not gonna eat it I guess I'll just have to take it t-"
  64. >She interrupts you by quickly grabbing the plate
  65. >"N-No!.. I mean uh.. leave it... please.."
  66. >You hesitantly place the plate back onto her belly, watching as she starts to shovel food into her mouth
  67. >She pauses, a small blush forming on her cheeks as she averts her gaze
  68. >"Th-thanks.."
  69. >Mission accomplished
  70. >You sport a wide grin before practically skipping to the other side of the bed, taking your breakfast with you
  71. >You see her smile at your exaggerated enthusiasm as you hop under the covers, placing the plate on top of you after you scooch close against your marefriend
  72. >She flashes you another small smile before you both focus on the, notably delicious, breakfast in front of you both
  74. >Eventually you finish your meal after sharing some general small talk with her
  75. >You know, how'd you sleep, how's the food, things like that
  76. >As you're about sit up with your empty plate, a red aura surrounds it before taking it out of your hands
  77. >You look up to see Vinyl already out of bed, carrying both of your plates
  78. >"You made all that effort to make me food, least I can do is take your plate"
  79. >She winks at you before turning to walk out the bedroom and to the kitchen
  80. >You're flattered by the gesture
  81. >You love her but she is what you call... lazy
  82. >Though, the small gesture isn't quite as nice as the view she gives you
  83. >She's swaying her hips quite noticeably, and her tail is raised just enough to grab your attention, but leaves just the right amount to the imagination
  84. >...
  85. >She's doing it on purpose
  86. >and the knowledge of that makes you smile
  87. >As she puts the plates into the sink, she snaps her eyes towards you in an attempt to see your reaction, though she quickly averts her gaze as she notices you already looking up at her face
  88. >She knows you know
  89. >You suppress a chuckle when you see her pretend like she wasn't looking
  90. >Damn she's cute when she's flustered as too..
  92. >You shift in your position slightly to get more comfortable, as you don't need to sit up to eat anymore, when you see her making her way back to the room
  93. >Once the unicorn gets to the bed she immediately slips herself under the covers and goes over to wrap her forelegs around you, resting her head on your chest
  94. >You instinctively place a hand behind her ear and start to scratch
  95. >She gives you a small squeeze in response to show her approval, tilting her head slightly against your fingers
  96. >You can't help but smile at the way she cuddled up to you, especially since you know she isn't much of an affectionate one anyways
  97. >You continue to scratch at the base of her ear, and your smile manages to get even wider as she starts to quietly hum in content
  98. >She's probably just sleepy, you assume, but you certainly aren't complaining
  100. >She nuzzles into your chest once you start to slowly run your hand down her mane, petting her
  101. >Vinyl sighs in content every once in a while, her breathing becoming slower and deeper by the minute
  102. >Her face starts to flush slightly from sheer relaxation, and it seems like her face got warm enough for Vinyl herself to notice, since she choked out a small chuckle once her face got really red
  103. >Neither of you mind, though, as both of you are beyond caring about anything other than each other at this moment
  104. >In fact, it probably wouldn't hurt for you to test that theory
  106. >Right before you send your hand on another run down her hair, you make sure that your thumb brushes down the back of her horn, just enough to seem more than an accident
  107. >Vinyl stifles a gasp and opens her eyes wide, looking up at your face
  108. >Someone was certainly caught off guard
  109. >Once she sees your smirk she lets out a small chuckle, mumbling her words
  110. >"You're a dick."
  111. >You return a snicker of your own
  112. "Yeah I already have one of those, I know"
  113. >She pokes you in the side, shaking her head
  114. >"God, that wasn't even good, You're better than that"
  115. "What? You don't like my jokes?"
  116. >"Only the ones that aren't shitty."
  117. "Ouch, maybe I should try again then, hm?"
  118. >She sighs and shakes her head
  119. >"Only if it's nice"
  120. >You pause for a second as if thinking of a new joke, but that isn't your actual intention
  121. >Without warning you drag another finger up the length of her horn, which causes her to inhale quite sharply, glaring at you afterwards
  122. "What? You said I should try again."
  123. >She lets her head fall back, giving you a rather unimpressed expression.
  124. >"Not really what I meant..."
  125. >She grunts out that last part as she climbed up on top of you, nuzzling the side of your cheek before pulling back slightly to speak.
  126. >"Mm.. though.. you have been in such a generous mood today..."
  127. >She trails her hoof in circles on your chest.
  128. >"Making me breakfast... Bringing it to me in bed..."
  129. >Now she's lightly sliding it up and down the side of your body, from your neck to your waist.
  130. >Back and forth...
  131. >"Petting me..."
  132. >She whispered that last part right in your ear, and you couldn't help but shudder at the sensation.
  133. >"Yet.. I haven't really gotten the chance to do anything in return.."
  134. "Well... You did bring the plat-"
  135. >"Shut up."
  136. >You're quickly silenced, and she continues on.
  137. >"Anyways, it's not like we've really gotten a chance to just hang out lately, hm?"
  138. >That's not wrong, but she really only says stuff like this on certain occasions.
  139. >You know from experience that she's just hoping to get frisky.
  140. >Not that you have any objection, of course.
  141. "It's... certainly been a while, yes.."
  142. >"Hm.. I'll keep that in mind then."
  143. >Before you can question what she meant by that, she already started to slide herself down your body, keeping eye contact with a rather menacing look in her eyes.
  144. "Vi-"
  145. >"Hey. Shut up"
  146. >She continues to slide herself down until she's eye level with the hem of your pajamas.
  147. >The unicorn glances down before looking back up at you with a sarcastic smile, similar to the face a kid would give their parents when he's about to take a cookie from the jar.
  148. >One thing you always liked about Vinyl was her ability to maintain a sense humor even in situations like this.
  149. >You both share a small chuckle, though yours is a bit watered down from your nerves.
  150. >No matter how many times you've done it with her you can't help but always feel a bit anxious.
  151. >Vinyl notices this and looks up at you, letting her ears drop down as she puts on a more serious expression, with a hint of concern in her voice.
  152. >"Anon, hey... You know I'm fine with helping you out... the point's to have a good time, right?... Relax.."
  153. >You take a second to let her words sink in and you give her a reassuring nod.
  154. >Just hearing her voice alone calmed you down a little, so you appreciated that little statement.
  155. >"Now I dunno about you, but I'm kinda itchin' to get going, here, kay?"
  156. >You shrug.
  157. "By all means, go ahead."
  158. >She nods and immediately starts to pull down your pants with her teeth
  159. >Christ, no time to waist huh?
  160. >Once the unicorn gets it low enough she looks back up at you with a raised eyebrow and a smirk after noticing your subtle bulge
  161. >"Just can't contain yourself when you're around me, huh?"
  162. >You scoff and shake your head
  163. "Can you really blame me? What, with you w-"
  164. >"Oh relax, I'm just teasin'"
  165. >You let out a small chuckle, but quickly turn your attention back to your marefriend's actions
  166. >She whisks your pants completely off with her magic before turning her attention back to your excitement
  167. >Vinyl brings up her hoof and drags it over your bulge at an agonizingly slow pace
  168. >Way past being too slow in order for you to get any legitimate pleasure out of it
  169. "Ahk.. Vinyl, Thats n-not.."
  170. >"What? Doesn't feel good? I think a certain friend of ours disagrees~"
  171. >She nods her head down to gesture toward your now growing member
  172. >You let out a shaky, yet exasperated sigh
  173. >"Dammit, y-you know what I mean..."
  174. >She lets out a rather cute giggle for being in such a not-so-innocent position
  175. >"Chill, Just havin' some fun.."
  176. >You roll your eyes, but are quickly caught off guard as she pulled down your underwear at mach 7, letting a cold snap of air surround your arousal
  177. >You were too busy letting your head fall back, but you can hear Vinyl putting on an exaggerated teenager voice
  178. >"*gasp* Wow, Anon! It's so big!"
  179. >Jesus Christ
  180. "F-Fuck you"
  181. >She laughs aloud before tossing her mane out of her face
  182. >"Heh... Not quite yet..."
  183. >Goddamn you really don't want to laugh right now
  184. >You gotta hand it to her though, she's pretty talented at keeping her composure in such a situation.
  185. >Again, your thoughts are interrupted by your lover's actions
  186. >She nuzzled her cheek against your semi-hard member, her soft fur sliding along the underside
  187. >You let out a small sigh of both pleasure and content, since she's giving you some real attention
  188. >She continues to slowly rub her cheek against it, eventually planting a single kiss on the tip of it, watching it as it grows hard in her grasp
  189. >You hear her mumble "There we go" once you're up to full mast
  190. >You let out a barely audible groan as Vinyl started to drag her hoof up and down the side of your length
  191. >While attempting to hold your moans, you can't help but feel guilty for not giving her something in return
  192. >Though, your concerns are silenced when you notice her horn is lit up, and she seems to be breathing a little faster now
  193. >Tending to her own needs most likely.
  194. >You attempt to stifle a gasp after she started to take the head into her mouth, swirling her smooth tongue around the sensitive area.
  195. >She was pretty good at keeping everything so wet, enhancing the sensation over the movements of her tongue
  196. >The unicorn had starting to slowly take more and more of you into her warm and inviting maw, making you move your hand to the back of her head by instinct, pulling up some of her mane out the way
  197. >You were completely incapable of doing anything else other than panting and moaning Vinyl's name on occasion
  198. >Sometimes you wonder to yourself where she got such good skills
  199. >She's definitely better than when you first started dating, but even then she had some serious natural talent
  200. >Now Vinyl had downed the majority of your cock, moving onto a more sucking technique as she slid her wide tongue back and forth along the underside of your length
  201. >The sensation was unimaginable
  202. >The feeling of being subtly pulled into her mouth with her tongue there to welcome you was nearly too much to bare
  203. >You could feel yourself getting close, but you wanted to hold out both for her and to keep this amazing blowjob to go on for as long as possible
  204. >You were starting to steadily throb in her mouth now, and you figured that she noticed since she has started to take on the rest of you
  205. >She kept the tongue action down to a minimum as her new focus was to try to get as much as you as possible surrounded by her warm mouth
  206. >You can't help but stare in a little awe as you watch her touch her nose to your base
  207. >You let out a particularly louder moan as you feel your entire length is surrounded by wetness on each side
  208. >Soon Vinyl starts to use her tongue again, though slightly less agile this time since her mouth is so full at the moment
  209. >She narrows and widens her tongue, giving your member light squeezes
  210. >Eventually she backs off, taking a second to catch her breath
  211. >Once she's composed herself she looks up at you and flashes you a cute wink before leaning back down again
  212. >She takes the head back into her mouth, but doesn't go any further than that this time
  213. >She starts swirling her tongue around it like earlier, keeping it nice and wet
  214. >Again, you can't see yourself lasting much longer
  215. >Though she probably knows you're on your last legs, as she brings up one of her hooves to stroke the rest of your dick at an alarmingly quick rate
  217. "Fuck V-Vinyl, I c-"
  218. >You're unable to finish your thought as she enveloped your balls with her magic, kneading them and encouraging them to let out their load
  219. "Vinyl s-seriously I'm not gonna last.."
  220. >All she does is respond with a rather joyful "Mhm!"
  221. >She speeds up all of her actions, sucking at your tip while sliding her smooth around it, as well as quickly sliding her hoof up and down your shaft
  222. >You grunt one final time as you're pushed to the edge, and a wave of heat washes over you
  223. >This is immediately followed by your substantial release, the first rope shooting straight to the back of Vinyl's throat, which causes her to pull back off your dick, giving perfect opportunity for the following strings of cum to land in lines across her face
  224. >She snickers to herself as she tilts her head back, welcoming your release
  225. >Eventually your orgasm winds down, and you're brought back to earth, panting as Vinyl oh-so-gently strokes your cock, encouraging the last few drops to ooze out
  226. >You tilt your head forward to look at Vinyl, who's already looking at you with the sultriest expression possible, and that combined with the cum on her face just..
  227. >Boing
  228. >...
  229. >Er, that's what would've happened if you hadn't just let go about two weeks worth of frustration a few seconds ago
  231. >"Damn, Anon, I didn't know it'd been that long~"
  232. "H-Holy.. shit.. Vinyl..."
  233. >She giggles again
  234. >"I take it you enjoyed it?"
  235. >She starts to lick off some of the excess cum off her hoof and around her mouth
  236. >Hnn...
  237. "God.. more than enjoyed... That was just mindblowing"
  238. >She smiles before cleaning the rest of her face off with her magic, then comes up and lays down next to you, wrapping her forelegs around you again
  239. >"Well I'm glad it was... Sorry it's been so long by the way.. I know we've both been caught up with work"
  240. >You wave your hand in the air
  241. "Pah, it's not a problem Vinyl.. It's not a necessity for me.. you know that"
  242. >"I know, but I feel bad for not giving you enough attention sometimes"
  243. >Damn, why all the emotion?
  244. >You kiss the top of her head
  245. "It's okay, Vy, just you being around is enough for me"
  246. >She nuzzles into your chest a little and gives you a gentle squeeze
  247. >"Always been a sweetie, huh?"
  248. >You smile and rub her back
  249. "Can't help not being sweet to a pony who's so good to me~"
  250. >You don't have to look down to realize that she's blushing, especially since she digs her face into your chest to hide it most likely
  251. >You hear her giggle into your chest before she pulls her head back to look at you, still laughing a little
  252. >"Ugh.. you flatter me"
  253. >You smirk
  254. "Well.. you don't seem to be complaining about it, so I'll do it as much as I can if you're liking it"
  255. >"Well, yeah... but.."
  256. >She lingers on that last word before rolling herself up on top of you, nearly putting her nose to yours before she whispers to you
  257. >"...I think I might know of another thing that I would like from you, hmm?"
  258. >You chuckle at the all the effort she puts in just to tell you this
  259. "Oh really?"
  260. >"Mmmhm.. especially since I didn't really end up getting, um, /satisfied/ a minute ago"
  261. >You notice she's subtly grinding her hips against you, which also bring a smile to your face
  262. "Itchin' for some more, huh?"
  263. >She laughs
  264. >"More? I'm still waiting on round one, babe"
  265. >You join her in her laughter
  266. "Alright... If that's the case then-"
  267. >You cut yourself off by quickly rolling the both of your over, making Vinyl yelp in surprise before you end up being over her now
  268. >She looks up at you with wide eyes for a second before the two of you snicker a little
  269. "Wow Vinyl, didn't know you were part chihuahua"
  270. >She gives you a playful punch in the chest
  271. >"Pff, you weren't exactly making the classiest noises earlier either"
  272. >You blush before looking off to the side, holding in a chuckle
  273. "Touché"
  274. >She smiles before sliding the hoof that punched you down your chest, but you grab it before it makes anymore progress
  275. "Ah-Ah Ahh.. My turn to do the work now"
  276. >She raises an eyebrow at you before she pulls a smirk and pulls her hoof back
  277. >"Yeah? Hope you're up to that task then, big boy"
  278. >She reaches up to plant a kiss on your chin before she lays back down
  279. >"And uh.. I don't think I have to ask if you're ready, 'cause uh.."
  280. >She points downward, and you follow her direction before you notice the hard-on you were sporting, which was lightly bouncing against her thigh
  281. "O-Oh, uh s-sorry.."
  282. >She waves a hoof and shakes her head
  283. >"What? like I'm gonna care if you're already hard now as opposed to in a few seconds?"
  284. >You can't help but feel like apologizing for apologizing
  285. "Well I j-just thought that since you poin-"
  286. >She brings up her hoof to your lips to hush you
  287. >"Shut up. Are we gonna do this or what?"
  288. >That brings a smile back on to your face
  289. "Well I have no objections to that."
  290. >You smirk before leaning down to plant a quick, soft kiss on her lips before leaning back to slide your member across her lower belly, which makes Vinyl's breath hitch from anticipation
  291. >She absentmindedly strokes your arm as you continue to ready the both of you up, and soon enough, you feel like you've achieved that
  292. >When looking down at her you can't help but feel so special when you get to do these things with your lover
  293. >No matter how many times you two do it, it still feels like an occasion
  294. >You bring yourself back a little and finally touch the tip of your enthusiasm against her nethers, which makes the unicorn bite her lips as she watches the events between both yours and her privates transpire
  295. >You decide to make another move, and you start to so-very-slowly push yourself in
  296. >Vinyl suppresses a gasp while you shudder at the sensation of your head being enveloped by her warmth
  297. >You continue to push the rest of yourself in at a leisurely pace, and by the time you bottom out in her the both of you are panting
  298. >You take a second to let the feeling of you two being so intimately connected sink in for both your and her sake, and when you make eye contact with each other you both can't help but sport a bashful smile
  299. >Eventually you start to move again, this time pulling yourself outward
  300. >The expression on Vinyl's face instantly changes back to one that of slight nervousness
  301. >You get to a point where just the tip of your excitement is inside her again, and this time you look up at her and get her attention, speaking softly
  302. "You ready now?"
  303. >She closes her eyes and takes in a deep breath before opening them back up to nod at you
  304. >You give a single nod back before you start to push yourself back into her, this time at a faster rate
  305. >You feel her breath hitch again, but once she realizes you two are into it now she lets go of that breath and goes back to panting
  306. >You start pulling back out after you bottomed out, then start to steadily push back in again
  307. >You're taking long and deep strides, some breaths being forced out of Vinyl whenever you push into her
  308. >Everyonce in a while the feeling of her wet insides squeezing on your shaft combined with some of her fur cushioning your sack will send a shiver up your spine
  309. >Sometimes Vinyl would notice this and would attempt to giggle
  310. >However that is always cut short on your following thrust
  312. >You've drifted into a decent pace now, going for a little more force at the consequence of maximum depth
  313. >Vinyl isn't much of a moaner, but that doesn't stop her from making some cute noises
  314. >She always tries to contain it whenever she feels the need to cry out, but it'll still come out as a little "Nng.."
  315. >For the most part though, she'll fill the air with her cute little "Hah.. hah.. hah's" in time with each of your thrusts once you're really going at it
  316. >You can't resist
  317. "Something f-funny?"
  318. >You smirk as she looks up at you, taking a moment to come back down to earth
  319. >"Fuhck.. Y..You.."
  320. >She ends the statement with a smile as she lets her eyes close again, drifting back off to her own little world of pleasure
  321. >You decide to leave her too it, and turn your attention back on your movements
  322. >You find it interesting how people can zone out from pleasure
  323. >Though, maybe it's not too far-fetched since it's easy to daydream when you're relaxed
  324. >Regardless, you just can't help but contain a squee at the sight of your pleasured marefriend underneath you like this
  325. >Eventually you notice Vinyl's body tense up, and soon afterwards she puts a hoof on your arm
  326. >"Mm.. Anon.."
  327. >She's close
  328. >And if now that you think about it, you're not too far behind her
  329. >As much as you'd like to finish, it almost makes you sad that all this has to end
  330. >You would be thrilled if you could do this all day
  331. >You pick up your pace a little, giving faster but shallower thrust in an attempt to catch up to her
  332. >Vinyl grabs onto your arms with both hooves now when you speed up, her eyebrows knitting as she tries to hold out for a little longer
  333. >You're breaths become a bit more erratic from both exhaustion and pleasure as your thrusts get more inconsistent as well
  334. >A familiar tingling sensation creeps up on you, and the massages from Vinyl's muscles certainly aren't helping
  335. "V-Vi-"
  336. >"I-Inside, baby.." She eeks out
  337. >You nod before you pick the pace back up, this time on a mission to finish the job
  338. >You start to huff out breaths as you get closer to your edge, absentmindedly putting your forehead against Vinyl's, letting both of your hot breaths mix
  339. >She reaches up and wraps her forelegs around your neck, pulling you a little
  340. >"Hah... Anon!"
  341. >The sound of her exclamation was all you needed for that last push that sends you over the edge, and your body tenses up as another wave of heat washes over you
  342. >You suppress a grunt as you bury yourself as deep as you can into Vinyl's marehood, squirting a few strands into her, nearly as much as before as her own climax forces her walls to squeeze every drop out of you
  343. >Once you both finish finishing, you both let out the rest of your breaths before panting, making eye contact while winding down
  344. >After a little time a smile slowly creeps up on your faces, which develop into small laughs
  345. >"D-Damn.. dude..." She pants
  346. >You chuckle again as you start to pull yourself out, however the feeling of her folds sliding back over your head sends a shiver up your spine as a final rope of cum steams onto her tummy
  347. >You blush as she giggles
  348. >"I felt that~"
  349. "Heh.. oops"
  350. >She smirks before stretching out, letting her head tilt back before letting out a happy sigh and looking back up you, letting her eyes trail downwards as she drags the tip of her hoof down your chest.
  351. >"Not bad, stud~"
  352. >You blush a little but before you can retort she cuts you off
  353. >"But really, man.. that was great... Just.. I feel bad that we don't get to do this too oft-"
  354. "Oh hush.. Stop apologizing Vy.. I'm perfectly happy with even just being together with you.."
  355. >It's her turn to blush this time
  356. >That's so fucking cute, especially since you don't see her do that too often
  357. >"I-I know, but I just wish we could spend mor.."
  358. >She kinda let her voice trail off at the end of that, but you understand what she was trying to say
  359. >You smirk before falling to the side and wrapping your arms around her and hugging her tightly, resting your cheek against hers
  360. >She hugs back with a tight squeeze, circling a hoof across your back
  362. "You don't have to go anywhere today, right?"
  363. >"Mmnope... You?"
  364. "Negatory"
  365. >"Good"
  367. >The both of you stay there, swimming in the final stages of each other's afterglow, hugging each other as lovers
  368. "I love you, Vinyl."
  369. >"Mmh.. Love you too, Anon."
  370. >And that just makes you smile.
  372. THE END
  374. >...
  375. "Now I don't think you ever finished those dishes"
  376. >"Fuck you."
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