Pirates IRC December '19 Changelog

mruno Jan 2nd, 2020 74 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. December 2019 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. !P News now shows world happenings
  6. Bot ships now have a chance to start the battle phase when close enough in a ship vs ship battle
  7. Moved 'news' to !P Game News
  8. Added Most Valuable Pirate (MVP) to interactive port raids, ship vs ship battles, mimic attacks, n' epic monster attacks which results in doubloons, stamina, power, rewards, etc.
  9. Only game supporters can rename and customize weapons (and for free)
  10. Increased percentage of doubloons removed from Pirate Legends to -10%
  11. Added Live port information to the website:
  12. Added !P Port Info <port> - shows time since last raid, business investment 'traffic', claim status, etc
  13. Changed payout rewards to (Days since last raid) * (port size). Where port size is town = 1, city = 2, stronghold = 3. Payouts are capped at 12%
  14. Increased cost to purchase investments
  15. Decreased rate of return of investments due to large sums being collected
  16. Added privmsgs to the Zonbi commands !P Shamble and !P Moan
  17. Added usable commands for Zonbis
  20. Fixes:
  21. Decreased number of messages for ships with "Reduce Msgs" enabled, during the boarding phase in a ship vs ship battle
  22. Mod, Crew, and Bot Prank Captchas
  23. Ship vs Ship Battle time left inconsistencies during the chase phase
  24. MVP for pirates not participating in current event
  25. Sailing fixes: times, incorrect current locations, etc.
  26. Rewards being distributed to the wrong crew after a ship vs ship battle
  27. Not enforcing pirate to attack, moan, or shamble when a Zonbi
  28. Ship not showing correct location when teleported to a cell
  29. Ship is safe when a new player is a Zonbi
  30. Bot ships not performing commands in ship vs ship battles
  31. !P Moon
  32. Fixed issue where ships are not automatically seen in order to start a ship vs ship battle
  33. Bot ships installing new governors at ports where player ships are moored at
  34. Interactive port raids never ending
  35. Bot ships not sailing
  36. In Capn vs Capn duel, wrong ship instantly claiming the port
  37. !P Use <port investment>
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