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DartCraft Beta 0.2.07 Changelog

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Nov 2nd, 2013
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  1. Beta 0.2.07
  2. - Updated to Forge 884.
  3. - Bugfix: Mudora achievements should no longer reset DartCraft achievements when they are changed.
  4. - Bugfix: Force Trees no longer change the blocks they grow on into dirt. This should help them grow more effectively in Forestry Farms.
  5. - Bugfix: Levers and Torches can now be placed on Force Machines.
  6. - Bugfix: Force Transport Pipes will no longer reset their directions when they reload.
  7. - Bones and Blaze Rods can no longer be ground into bonemeal or blaze powder manually with a Force Sword.
  8. - Force Machines will now look in all valid ForgeDirections for an output IInventory instead of just on their y-level. They will also ignore vanilla Hoppers.
  9. - Force Machines are now a bit finicky and will not allow certain cables to remain attached to or near them for very long.
  10. - Solar Panels from IC2 may now be Force Transmuted into Force Panels.
  11. - IC2 Solar Panels may now be dismantled with the Force Wrench instead of becoming TileBoxes.
  12. - Added Storage Units. Crafted from Stone and Cobblestone they are essentially stone chests, however they are recolorable, ownable and even upgradable in the Force Infuser.
  13. - Upgrading a Storage Unit in the Force Infuser with the Storage upgrade is possible first at Tier 4, and may be done a total of three times. Storage units start with 27 slots, and can be upgraded to have 54, 72, or 108 slots depending upon how many times they are upgraded.
  14. - Storage Units may be accessed even if there is a solid block above them.
  15. - Added Forceaflouge Blocks, which can mimic certain building blocks and be configured to allow certain players to pass through them. Forceaflouge Blocks may only be broken and configured by the player whom places them and can be used for anything from securing ones base to creating secret rooms or even laying traps for other players.
  16. - Mudora entries for Storage Units and Forceaflouge Blocks have been added.
  17. - DartCraft Bacon has been registered on the OreDictionary as itemBacon, and the Baconator will now suck in any itemBacon registred to the OreDictionary. The Baconator will still return DartCraft bacon to the player when right-clicked.
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