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  1. Hey everyone this is my first time requesting so please comment if I have done anything wrong.
  3. So what is STEINS;GATE?
  4. Steins gate is a sci fi visual novel about Okabe our main character who's a scientist which lives in the well known anime city of akihabara. He strives to learn new things and break the laws of physics but always ends up in failure putting him in the state he is in now quite broke, unemployed and pretty much no progress in any of his projects. One day he is at a conference listening to a girl called kurise claiming the statement of time travel being non existent. He tries to debate back at her but is eventually beaten at his own words leaving the conference room to meet his child hood friend mayuri who has stayed by his side for a while even with okabes wierd and ecstatic personality. Okabe decides to hows upstairs and heres a female scream and runs to see what the commotion was about. He arrives and soon sees the bloody stabbed body of kurise dying on the ground. He runs outside to find a signal to call an ambulance but the second he clicks the send button all time stops and everthing is quiet. He suddenly wakes up and gains conscience tries to find out what happened but all of a sudden bumps into kurise getting ready for the conference. This is a story about time travelling and jumping time lines and okabes despair of learning what happens when you mess with time and reality.
  6. So why can't i afford this?
  7. Im an anime obsessed teenager like any other and can't get a job a yet nor do i have the money or a paypal or card to buy this. Like many people have experienced with their parents, my parents don't believe spending money on games is worth it and won't allow me to get it. They'd normally tell me to study and to get off my video games.
  9. So why should someone like me deserve this masterpiece of a game?
  10. Well very recently Australia's yearly tests have started to studies have gotten me very busy and stressed recently. Id love a game that'd get me hooked and give me some break and enjoyment. Ive watched the Steins gate anime (both the main one and 0) and have loved it all the way. I will be highly thankful if anyone takes the time to buy me this but i'm not forcing anyone to do so.
  12. Oh and before I go, here's my steam:
  14. If you made it this far i'd like to thank you for reading this far and i hope you have a great day
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