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  1. Maids(attendants) (can’t hold me against anything, they don’t know what happened, they weren’t there)
  2. Make points to mention their stories have nothing to do with the disappearance of Fortunato (if they don’t that is)
  4. Should they ask “Why can’t we go down in the chambers then?”
  5. (see “If one of them mentions the catacombs”) you were concerned for their health, didn’t want them to get sick or else they wouldn’t be able to work. The death of  a attendant would also be tragic and difficult to replace. The attendant could also use the catacombs as an excuse for getting sick and expect compensation of some sorts, along with days off from work. The fact that they had left even though I told them to say is enough reason to know they could have taken the chance to “get sick”
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