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  1. # Default url mappings are:
  2. #  a controller called Main is mapped on the root of the site: /
  3. #  a controller called Something is mapped on: /something
  4. # If you want to override this, add a line like this inside the class
  5. #  map '/otherurl'
  6. # this will force the controller to be mounted on: /otherurl
  8. class MainController < Controller
  9.   engine :Ezamar
  10.   # the index action is called automatically when no other action is specified
  11.   def index
  12.     @title = "Welcome to Ramaze!"
  13.   end
  15.   # the string returned at the end of the function is used as the html body
  16.   # if there is no template for the action. if there is a template, the string
  17.   # is silently ignored
  18.   def notemplate
  19.     "there is no 'notemplate.xhtml' associated with this action"
  20.   end
  21. end
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