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Feb 16th, 2017
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  1. evaslastresort is online.
  2. Caitlin: Hi :3
  3. evaslastresort: Hi there! :3
  4. Caitlin: Why is your name eva's last resort? :o
  5. It sounds like something is wrong..
  6. evaslastresort: :o It's a long story! But the gist of it is, somebody was able to figure out my password because they were using the password recovery option and knew my "secret answer". So I made another e-mail as a 'last resort' to deduce how they were figuring out my password.
  7. Caitlin: >.< a friend of mine told me to just make the awnser a garbled mess and write it down on a piece of paper ^^;
  8. evaslastresort: That's a pretty good idea! After the incident where somebody got my password, now I just make all of my passwords long strings of numbers and letters. :3
  9. Caitlin: why would people try and get your password anyway? bleh :(
  10. evaslastresort: Some people like to bully other people. :( I will never understand it...
  11. But, all of that stuff is negative, and I would much rather be positive! :3
  12. Caitlin: Yay!! ^-^ me too!
  13. evaslastresort: ^-^
  14. Caitlin: so is your name eva?
  15. evaslastresort: Nope, it's Alex! However, I put "Eva" into my usernames as an homage to Evangelion, my favorite anime series.
  16. Have you seen it? :D
  17. Caitlin: ooh! no I havent! :o I should!
  18. evaslastresort: Yep, it's a classic! I can acknowledge that it's not the best anime ever made, but it certainly is my most favorite, and closer to my heart than any other show I have watched <3
  19. Caitlin: I watched the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya thouh, but not much anime in general ^^:
  20. evaslastresort: I saw that one! Both seasons. I enjoyed it. ^^
  21. Caitlin: yuh me too! I really liked the main character, he had to always just suck it up and be bitter :p
  22. evaslastresort: Yeah, his angst was pretty entertaining. :3
  23. Caitlin: haha, yea!
  24. evaslastresort: So, you're out of highschool, right? Do you plan to go to college?
  25. Caitlin: I dunno yet :/ it is hard to decide what to do, you know.. and it is so expensive too :c my parents and I don't really get along so I have to find a way to pay for it myself
  26. evaslastresort: :c I see. I understand. I wish that colleges didn't gouge students so much...
  27. Caitlin: I just need some time to figure stuff out
  28. evaslastresort: That's totally understandable :3
  29. Caitlin: yea it's so expensive :c I don't want to be stuck with a big debt too when I am done, but maybe I can't avoid that D:
  30. evaslastresort: Student debts can get crazy huge D: I wouldn't want a debt, either...
  31. Caitlin: you got through college without debts, I'm jealous! ^^; but happy for you though! I read you design video games too which sounds impressive! :o
  32. evaslastresort: Yeahhhhh :D My job makes me so happy! ^-^
  33. Video games have always been my number one most favorite hobby, and ever since I was a young child, I've always wanted to work in the video game industry in some way
  34. And now I work at a video game company; it's my childhood dream come true!
  35. Caitlin: I play games too alot! too much maybe >.>
  36. evaslastresort: I don't believe there is any such thing as too much video games! :D
  37. Caitlin: I always thought that would be fun but I am so bad at math :c
  38. evaslastresort: Fortunately, I don't have to do much on the math side of things...
  39. Caitlin: haha, that is a good way of looking at it!
  40. evaslastresort: At my company (and probably others) we have lots of company-made tools and applications and programs and software for doing complex things simply, with minimal math work.
  41. Caitlin: oh? you don't program the games? are you an artist ^^?
  42. evaslastresort: Let's see here...for our iPhone project, I was literally writing the script for the game myself. It's a lot of "If, then" statements. "If health variable < 0, then character state = dead"
  43. A lot more logic statements than actual mathmatical equations
  44. teaching the game what to do in given situations
  45. Caitlin: yea that sounds mind boggling to me ;)
  46. what kinda game are you making? a shooty one? I don't play many of those >.>
  47. evaslastresort: Aw :3 It's one of those things where you need hands-on experience to understand it, I guess...that, or I'm bad at explaining it ^_^;
  48. Caitlin: no no you explain it fine, really! ^^
  49. evaslastresort: Nope! My company's website actually outright states "We don't make shooters"!
  50. ^^
  51. Caitlin: Oh where do you work? sorry if I'm so curious ^^; I won't come stalk you at work I promise!
  52. evaslastresort: My company seems is trying to develop its brand by specializing in one genre of games - fighting games, it seems.
  53. I work for Kung Fu Factory. It's not a famous studio; the first title I worked on was a Hello Kitty game. >_>; But we have actually been gaining a bit of publicity thanks to our latest title.
  54. Caitlin: I like hello kitty though!!
  55. evaslastresort: Cool! :D Then I can be proud to have my name in the credits of a Hello Kitty video game. >:3
  56. Caitlin: Ooh! I should get that game then :3
  57. evaslastresort: I don't know how popular it is or was. ^_^; It was titled Hello Kitty Seasons.
  58. I didn't actually play a huge role in that game - I was Quality Assurance for the title...I was a bug tester. >.>;
  59. Caitlin: that is important too :o
  60. but now you are doing more then bug testing? it's probably a secret what you are working on ^^;
  61. evaslastresort: After being a bug tester for Hello Kitty, I was a bug tester for Supremacy MMA, a fighting game that my company made. While I was doing QA work, they started giving me "production" tasks, like writing the subtitles for the cutscenes, and tuning the damage values, and uploading each build of the game so the publisher could verify that it's coming along well...
  62. And because I excelled at the production tasks, I got upgraded to Production Assistant. When they saw my potential, they upgraded me to Junior Designer for the next project that the company started after Supremacy was finished.
  63. Our current project...yeah, I guess you could say it's a secret; it hasn't been annoucned yet...
  64. I can tell you, but please don't tell anyone~! ^_~
  65. Caitlin: that is good, so you were moving up in the company? I should try to become a bug tester too, :P I like playing games waaaay too much
  66. evaslastresort: Don't say "too much", since there is absolutely no shame whatsoever in enjoying video games! <3
  67. Caitlin: like, I can obsess about getting all the secrets and stuff in some games like final fantasy tactics and such
  68. I won't say too much then ^^ <3
  69. evaslastresort: Oh my gosh! I almost always go for 100% collectables and sidequests and completion...
  70. Caitlin: me too! it always gets me so annoyed if I can't get 100%
  71. but I won't tell anyone ^^
  72. what game is it?
  73. evaslastresort: When I played Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, I was stuck at 99% completion, because I can never obtain two collectables that I sold at the very beginning of the game. v_v So disappointing.
  74. The game is code-named "GRRLFIGHT" since there is no official title. It is an all-girl fighting game :D A fighting game with an entirely female cast.
  75. Caitlin: ooh!
  76. I do like that because the guys are always so muscular and weird looking
  77. evaslastresort: Hmm...that makes me wonder~ How do you feel about the way that women are portrayed in video games?
  78. Caitlin: are you checking if I'm a feminist? ;3
  79. but
  80. I don't really mind >.>
  81. evaslastresort: :3c I wouldn't mind, since it is perfectly understandable to desire for both sexes to be treated equally.
  82. Caitlin: I know people always say "oh they are made so sexy and nothing like the guys" but, well, isn't that how girls normally are? wanting to look attractive?
  83. evaslastresort:
  84. Caitlin: I know I am like that, I don't want to look ugly >.> besides I don't think gamer guys are usually the type to get the weird idea that just because girls in games are kinda...uh..slutty sometimes ^^; all girls must be like that
  85. evaslastresort: :O Well, I certainly don't expect girls in real life to act like fictional characters ^^;
  86. People are people and characters are characters :D That's why it doesn't bother me if all guys are beefy in video games
  87. Caitlin: once I wanted to cosplay but I was too shy >.> I was going to be a world of warcraft elf
  88. evaslastresort: D'aw...too shy. <3
  89. For the past 5 years, I have gone to Anime Expo...this year, I cosplayed for the first time!
  90. Caitlin: I do get shy, I even got worried when I put my pictures on okcupid >.< and then the first mail I got was someone saying I looked "fuckable" :c
  91. You cosplayed? As who? ^^
  92. evaslastresort: Well, I'm sure that you don't need me to give you any encouragement about your appearance, since I have no doubt that guys constantly tell you how beautiful you are! :O
  93. Caitlin: o.o no actually
  94. evaslastresort: o.o really?! That's shocking
  95. Caitlin: sometimes they tripped me in school
  96. evaslastresort: That's horrble! T_T
  97. Caitlin: yea :c I don't think I look that good but I didn't get that many guys that liked me
  98. I never had many friends
  99. evaslastresort: D'aw...I'm sorry to hear that :c To be honest, I never really had many friends growing up, either.
  100. I guess everybody has their own preferences when it comes to appearance...I happen to believe that you are very pretty. <3
  101. Caitlin: ^^; thank you, I think you look nice too! :3
  102. evaslastresort: Blush Thanks :3
  103. :D Oh, and the character I cosplayed as was named Kamia, from Gurren Lagann.
  104. Caitlin: You have nice hair!
  105. I watched Gurren Lagann! <3
  106. Kamina?
  107. evaslastresort: Why, thank you! ^-^ I am not quite sure what length to keep my hair you can see from my pictures, I have changed it around a few times...
  108. Kamina! The guy who shouts "BELIEVE IN ME WHO BELIEVES IN YOU! YOUR DRILL WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!" The gung-ho guy.
  109. Caitlin: I saw! you should let it grow a bit like the second picture ^^;
  110. evaslastresort: Ah...thanks! I have been waiting to hear a girl's input on that. @_@;
  111. Caitlin: I love that guy! so sad when he died D:
  112. evaslastresort: D:
  113. Caitlin: simon wasn't a replacement >.<
  114. evaslastresort: It was a tear-jerking moment, for sure. T_T
  115. Nope. >.<
  116. Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gurren Lagann were made by the same studio (Gainax). There are actually a lot of similarities between the two shows...I believe that Gurren Lagann was Gainax's attempt to make a "do-over" of Evangelion, where they re-make the show but avoid the mistakes they made the first time.
  117. So, I reccomend Evangelion to anyone who liked Gurren Lagann, and vice-versa :D
  118. Caitlin: I will try to watch it then :D I don't know alot about anime ^^; I only watched a couple
  119. evaslastresort: That's okay~
  120. Oh, I've got a question~! Do you have a job?
  121. Caitlin: you can teach me!
  122. evaslastresort: I would be honored to expose you to all of the classic anime that everyone should see! ^_^
  123. Caitlin: I do have a job! I work in a clothing store
  124. or..well..the warehouse >.>
  125. evaslastresort: I see~
  126. Everybody's gotta start somewhere!
  127. Caitlin: I help keep the place clean and I keep stocks and such..I am not that great trying to sell things to people >.> but my best friend helped me into it
  128. evaslastresort: For one day, I worked at a Best Buy trying to sell video games. It was a one-day job because it was a Nintendo promotional event to promote Dragon Quest 9 and they needed a video game specialist (that's me :3) to pitch the game for one day...
  129. ...Nobody showed up to the promotional event...T_T...I was...all alone...I didn't get to pitch the game to anyone...
  130. Caitlin: awwww!
  131. that's horrible! D:
  132. evaslastresort: I don't think I'd be good at convincing people to buy stuff, anyway >.>;
  133. Caitlin: it seems so hard >.> I did get some explanations, like I'd be expected to push people to buy more too
  134. evaslastresort: I don't wanna be pushy. :c
  135. Caitlin: they come in for a new shirt and have to walk out with matching pants and socks and underwear and I don't
  136. yea! :3
  137. I don't wanna be pushy
  138. because I know how much I hate stuff like that myself, if I just wanna buy something and the salesperson keeps trying to get me to buy all the other stuff I do not want
  139. evaslastresort: yeahhhhh -o- It's especially bad at GameStop...
  140. Caitlin: I know!
  141. evaslastresort: One time, I went into GameStop to buy a game...the cashier said "Oh, sorry, we don't have any copies of that game unless you pre-ordered."
  142. I said, "...oh...okay then..."
  143. "He said, JUST KIDDING, we do have copies. But you better pre-order to avoid this happening next time. Here's your game SO DO YOU WANNA PRE-ORDER ANYTHING TODAY?"
  144. pre-orders pre-orders pre-orders >:(
  145. Caitlin: yea
  146. I went to buy a wii there and they tried to sell me all these crap games and then the lady wanted to sell me wii fit and I thought she meant I was fat >.>
  147. evaslastresort: =( Awwwww...
  148. I'm sure you don't need a Wii Fit. <3
  149. So, what kind of job would you like to have? :D
  150. Caitlin: well..don't laught >.>
  151. *laugh
  152. evaslastresort: Of course not! I wouldn't laugh at another person's dreams :O
  153. Caitlin: but I really like just sorta thinking of fantasy stuff in my head, like background for settings and races and stuff..I really would like to do that as a job, you played morrowind or oblivion?
  154. the elder scrolls games
  155. evaslastresort: I sure have! :D I've put hundreds of hours into Oblivion and I can't wait for Skyrim!
  156. Caitlin: me neither ^^
  157. well they have all those books and backstories and plotlines and everything and I'd really like to work on those
  158. evaslastresort: I absolutely love to create worlds and characters. I love writing, period! I write all the time, whether it's message board posts, or e-mails, or stories just to relax and unwind.
  159. Caitlin: I usually just think it up in my head without putting it on paper ^^; maybe I should! but I read you wrote an entire big book!
  160. that is really impressive you know :o
  161. evaslastresort: :3 I am pretty proud of it, yeah
  162. Caitlin: what kinda story is it?
  163. evaslastresort: It's a fantasy story...knights and swords and magic!
  164. be completely honest...and...I'm not sure how you will take this, but...
  165. Caitlin: oh! I like those!
  166. evaslastresort:'s a fanfic! >_>;
  167. Caitlin: a fanfic? those can be nice too ^^;
  168. there's just lots and lots of terrible ones :p
  169. evaslastresort: I have heard that fanfiction generally has a bad reputation :c So I am often afraid to mention that my 345,000-word magnum opus is a fanfic...
  170. It's a Soul Calibur fanfic.
  171. Ever play those games?
  172. Caitlin: isn't that a fighting game?
  173. I never did, no :c
  174. but I heard of it
  175. evaslastresort: Yeah...but, gosh darn it, it's a fighting game with a very very good story >:3
  176. Caitlin: I should play it then ^^; but you should not be embarassed that you wrote a fanfic! have other people read it? did they think it was good?
  177. evaslastresort: It has 525 reviews
  178. And almost all of them are positive :D
  179. Caitlin: ooh! can I read it too? it must be good then! kind of a pity it is a fanfic because you cannot publish it, right? :c
  180. evaslastresort: Yeah, it can never be published :c I could change the characters' names and change enough of the story for it to be a different world, maybe...
  181. ...I...I am a little afraid to share it with you! >_< That would be a double-edged sword because...although I am really proud of my story and I would love to share it with has...
  182. Caitlin: oh yea that is possible :3
  183. evaslastresort: Whispers It has a themes.
  184. And I'm a little embarassed to share my story when it's got raunchy parts in it >_>;
  185. Caitlin: adult themes? >.>
  186. evaslastresort: I think I should probably re-write it so that it can be enjoyed by all audiences. <_<;
  187. Caitlin: ^.^ that is fine though!
  188. no no!
  189. you think girls don't like adult themes? :3
  190. evaslastresort: :3 Welllll, I just don't want you to think that I'm a pervert...
  191. Caitlin: I don't think it will be that bad at all <3 I am really shy so I never say it in person to people but I can be a pervert too >.>;
  192. evaslastresort: Could I...could I share it with you after you have gotten to know me a bit better? XD So that you have more to judge me by than the erotica I've written.
  193. Caitlin: of course!
  194. evaslastresort: ...n-not like the entire thing is erotica >_> It's like...10% at most...okay I will stop blabbing about it now
  195. Caitlin: giggles okies but it is cute ^.^
  196. evaslastresort: :O On the topic of video game backstories...Recently, my boss asked me to be the one to write the character backstories for our next video game. I am so honored!
  197. This is something that I have always wished to do. T_T It's another "childhood dream" come true!
  198. Caitlin: I am so jealous! :o
  199. evaslastresort: :3
  200. Caitlin: what kinda character is it?
  201. evaslastresort: Well, each of the characters are all very different from each other ^_^; Or, at least, I tried to make them differet.
  202. Caitlin: for the grrl fighter game?
  203. evaslastresort: Yep, that one.
  204. :x I don't know if I would be violating the non-disclosure rule by telling you about all the details! :3 But I can tell you everything once the game is out. It's less than a month away now I think...
  205. Caitlin: ooh that is good! no need to tell me things you'd get in trouble for ^^;
  206. evaslastresort: ^^l
  207. Are you much of a writer, yourself? :D
  208. Caitlin: no I never really wrote much, my thoughts are really chaotic and it is hard to get them into proper sentences sometimes ^^; I'm sometimes a little hyper >.>
  209. evaslastresort: That's okay. :D Besides, hyper is cute~
  210. Caitlin: ^^; I hope so and it's not annoying
  211. evaslastresort: I can only be annoyed by people that are rude to others :< As long as you are not intentionally trying to be annoying, I cannot be annoyed. :D Only a person with bad intentions is annoying to me.
  212. Caitlin: that is good :3
  213. evaslastresort: :3
  214. Caitlin: I don't want to intentionally annoy people at all, but sometimes it happens apparently. in highschool I wasn't very loved :/
  215. evaslastresort: Oh nooooo :c
  216. I've got a do you feel about the practice of homeschooling children?
  217. Caitlin: I think i could be okay
  218. I mean often it's because of weird super-religious people but if it is done well then homeschooling should work right? why do you ask?
  219. evaslastresort: Well! To be honest...I was actually homeschooled throughout highschool! So, I didn't really get to experience what highschool was like.
  220. Caitlin: I'm jealous :c it's not fun
  221. or rather it wasn't for me >.>
  222. evaslastresort: When I went to college, that was my first exposure in 6 years to a learning enviornment that had other people in it...
  223. Caitlin: how was it? :o
  224. must have been a shock right since the other ones all had highschool experience
  225. evaslastresort: Hm...I had one or two friends...people seemed pretty mature, but there is always going to be one or two immature jerks...
  226. I didn't really have the awesome college experiences that I always hear people raving about - getting drunk and high and having tons of sex >.>
  227. I don't really have any interest in getting drunk or high, though. <_<;
  228. Caitlin: haha well maybe that is a good thing? I think alot of the guys that are like that become such dorks later
  229. and me neither, I really hate drugs and people getting drunk all the time is bad too
  230. evaslastresort: I knew a few "pumped up juiceheads" in college who were very annoying...
  231. Caitlin: which is kinda silly since I got drunk once too >.>
  232. evaslastresort: I've never tried alcohol :o (or drugs)
  233. How was your one drinking experience? Good or bad?
  234. Caitlin: bad...
  235. I'm a little embarassed to say it
  236. evaslastresort: :c
  237. D:
  238. Caitlin: I didn't jump into bed with someone or anything like that!
  239. evaslastresort: Wipes sweat from forehead I see :3
  240. Caitlin:
  241. I kissed my friend, who is a girl, on a dare :/
  242. I'm not into girls though
  243. evaslastresort: :O Gasp
  244. :3 That is so tame~
  245. Caitlin: >.> people were watching!
  246. they said I was a lesbian and had hairy armpits for months afterwards D:
  247. evaslastresort: D: Oh, nooooo
  248. I am sorry to hear that you've been treated so badly by others in the past T_T Tripped, called names, harassed by perverts on OkCupid...
  249. Poor Caitlin :c
  250. Caitlin: well the girls did, the guys didn't say much and some wanted a threesome o.O
  251. evaslastresort: D=
  252. Caitlin: yuh I'm sad :c
  253. but on okcupid it's fine though, haha
  254. just creepy but it doesn't hurt my feelings
  255. evaslastresort: I am curious - when a guy contacts you, openly telling you that he wants to do it with you, is it flattering and kinda complimentary to know that he is attracted to you in that way?
  256. Caitlin: at least I know why thóse guys are on okcupid because if the first thing you say to a girl is "hey want 2 fukk babe?" then I don't think that worked well for them offline either
  257. well it is a little bit of a compliment I suppose, but only a little bit
  258. mostly it is very rude so I would not reccommend it to girls you actually wánt to do it with :p
  259. evaslastresort: :O I would never say it! It seems a bit...crass, to do something like that...>_>;
  260. Caitlin: after you know them for a little bit then it is different but as a conversation opener?...not really
  261. evaslastresort: I see. :3
  262. Caitlin: :3
  263. I do wonder how many guys think the best first words to a girl are "want to fuck?"
  264. I think I'll be scared if I know >.>
  265. evaslastresort: T_T I think...I think these guys only do that over the Internet and not in real life, because the Internet gives them a shield of anonymity to hide behind. They won't have to face any consequences in-person.
  266. If they spoke face-to-face with a girl, they'd get slapped for saying that, so they only say that kinda stuff online.
  267. Caitlin: yea but I bet girls respond to it too
  268. and that is something that does bother me
  269. I don't care about videogame characters but when real girls say yes to guys like that then they will think all girls are like that :/
  270. evaslastresort: And they are so desperate that they think their best bet is to just randomly contact every girl, letting them know that they want to have sex, because even if only 1% of girls say yes, it just means they need to contact 100s of girls and ask for sex...
  271. I could never do that though, I would feel so dirty :x
  272. Caitlin: yea me too :/ and I bet the girls that are on okcupid are not looking for just sex either because..well
  273. I'm super shy but I bet even I could get that just by going into a bar
  274. evaslastresort: :x...
  275. Caitlin: I don't want to!
  276. but I mean it is easier for girls, you know?
  277. evaslastresort: D:
  278. That was going to be my next question ^.^;
  279. Caitlin: haha
  280. evaslastresort: "In your opinion, is it easier for women to find sex than men?"
  281. Caitlin: I can see into the future ^.^
  282. evaslastresort: I've heard varying viewpoints...
  283. Caitlin: oh?
  284. evaslastresort: Ah, if I discuss how difficult it is for men to find sex, I might sound like a bitter woman-hater! So I will shush up about the subject. :3
  285. Caitlin: it is though!
  286. I know the girls from my highschool and they were always super picky
  287. and pretty dumb too
  288. evaslastresort: >_<;
  289. Caitlin: I would rather have a smart and fun guy to be with
  290. evaslastresort: :D
  291. The world needs more girls like you ^_^
  292. Caitlin: and if I love them then sex will be good anyway since I can be with someone I care about ^^;
  293. evaslastresort: :3 I'm glad you feel that way~! That's a good philosophy
  294. Caitlin: you make it sound like I have only good sides ^^;
  295. evaslastresort: :O Well, I can't see any flaws~
  296. Caitlin: I am laaazyyy
  297. and I am really shy though :c
  298. evaslastresort: =w= Everybody wants to be lazy~ It's no biggie~
  299. Shyness is...very cute...<3
  300. Caitlin: ^^;
  301. well thank you :3
  302. evaslastresort: :3 You are very welcome.
  303. Caitlin: I have a question but I don't want you to take it the wrong way because I REALLY don't mean anything with it I swear I am just curious
  304. but do you want children?
  305. I really don't want to come over as a creepy girl that wants kids super fast or anything
  306. I mean I want to be way older for that anyway if I even wánt them because I am not even sure about that because my biology teacher scarred me for life
  307. evaslastresort: :D Don't worry, I think that it would very difficult for you to creep me out.
  308. Caitlin: who came up with the idea that watching some woman give birth on camera is great teaching material anyway? >.>
  309. oh whew ^^;
  310. evaslastresort: I spend a lot of time daydreaming about possible future scenarioes. Everything from protecting myself from a mugger, to winning the lottery, to becoming a dad. And I wonder, "What kind of dad would I be?" And I think about all the ways I'd be a good dad.
  311. But, when I actually spend time around kids...
  312. Oh my goodness. :c
  313. They are...they are so loud D: And...and they have no manners! And they are constantly asking for food and toys and they cost so much money!
  314. Caitlin: not good? I always get a bit..uh..well I sound like a terrible person but they annoy me sometimes ..
  315. Yea! :3
  316. evaslastresort: I would only want to have kids if I found the right woman to raise a child with.
  317. Like, she'd have to have the traits that would make her a good mother and wife to raise our children together with. I couldn't do it alone. >_> But with my loved one, I could do anything. <3
  318. Caitlin: that is so sweet! ^-^
  319. evaslastresort: ^_^
  320. I would not want kids until I was at least 30 years old, because I have to enjoy life as a young person first D:
  321. I don't wanna have kids interfering with my youth D:
  322. Once I am dad-age, I could be a dad. :3
  323. Caitlin: I agree and they cost so much money that I'd want a stable income and such too
  324. evaslastresort: nod nod
  325. This girl's got her head on straight!
  326. Caitlin: I never get how people that are really poor then have a couple kids and then end up not being able to care for them :/ it seems so sad for the children and the parents many worries
  327. haha ^^;
  328. evaslastresort: Yeah...-_-;
  329. For future reference - don't worry about me interpreting you as being creepy. You can ask me absolutely anything you want, I am an open book. :D
  330. Caitlin: I'm glad, same goes for you alex! :3
  331. evaslastresort: :3 Yippie!
  332. You are easy to talk to. :D
  333. Caitlin: I am glad! so are you which surprises me since I thought I'd be more shy but I think I am just comfortable :3
  334. evaslastresort: :3 I am comfortable, too! Most of the time when I chat with people online, they never use emoticons, so I don't use them, either. But, I really want to use emoticons when I talk! >_<
  335. And, since you use emoticons, I know that it's safe for me to use them, too! :D I can be myself around you.
  336. Caitlin: Me too =^-^=
  337. yuh they are nice!
  338. evaslastresort: =^_^=
  339. ...:O Please tell me about your cat(s)!
  340. Caitlin: I only have one :3
  341. her name is socks since she has white paws like little socks ^.^
  342. she's shy too believe it or not :o even more then me, if people visit she runs and hides under my bed or couch
  343. evaslastresort: :3 White paws like little socks, d'awwwwwwwwww
  344. Shy, d'awww
  345. Caitlin: and then she stays there for hours untill they leave, unless she knows them which is pretty rare since she never gets to know them well, just my best friend since she stayed over a few times and socks does't sit under the bed alll day :3
  346. evaslastresort: :3
  347. Caitlin: she's grey and white sock paws and a white tip of the tail ^^;
  348. she sleeps on my feet at night
  349. evaslastresort: Awwwwwww <3
  350. This is so adorable to hear about <3
  351. What kind of video games do you like to play? ^_^
  352. Caitlin: Haha, well I played morrowind and oblivion and I have some gameboys and a DS so I liked final fantasy tactics and I really liked scribblenauts but I always spend HOURS playing the sims >.>
  353. evaslastresort: Sims! :D
  354. Is your favorite 1, 2, or 3? :3
  355. And have you played The Sims: Medieval? :O
  356. Caitlin: well I guess 1 since I started with 1
  357. I haven't! :o
  358. I haven't played 3 either yet >.>
  359. evaslastresort: I was was actually really fun! o_O
  360. Medieval, that is
  361. and 3 is a masterpiece. :D
  362. Caitlin: I gotta get 3!
  363. evaslastresort: Do you have a favorite genre of games? :o Such as open-world adventure?
  364. Caitlin: yea I really like that
  365. I like rpgs where you make your own characters since I can think of my own backstory :P
  366. evaslastresort: Me too...those are my favorites @_@ Any game where you get to explore a big, open sandbox world and have fun to your heart's content with almost no boundaries!
  367. :D I also love games where you get to make your own characters!
  368. Caitlin: I loved black and white
  369. 1 though not 2
  370. evaslastresort: I see
  371. I heard that B&W was supposed to be good,so I tried out 2. It was...meh...I heard that 1 was way better.
  372. Caitlin: it was! 2 was so bad :c
  373. evaslastresort: ::c
  374. Have you played From Dust?
  375. Caitlin: 1 was really smart, if you treated your creature well they could learn so many things and get so many different personalities
  376. evaslastresort: It's another "God Sim" game.
  377. Caitlin: in 2 the personalities are tied to buttons where your creature just turns into "meanie mode" and then right back to "peacefull happy"
  378. I haven't heard of that game
  379. evaslastresort: I would be happy to show it to you sometime. :3
  380. Caitlin: sure! :3
  381. Alex I feel really bad for saying this but I have to log off :c I have to go visit my sister
  382. evaslastresort: Oh, okay! :c
  383. That's fine, I understand.
  384. I had a great time talking to you. :D
  385. I hope I never said anything offensive or bothersome D:
  386. Caitlin: I had a great time talking to you too! :3
  387. evaslastresort: You are welcome to message me anytime. ^_^
  388. Caitlin: no no you only said nice things! <3
  389. evaslastresort: <3
  390. Caitlin: I will ^-^
  391. evaslastresort: You are a super-cool, super-awesome person. :3 I hope you have fun with your sister~!
  392. Caitlin: you are so nice!
  393. evaslastresort: ^_^ I try~
  394. Caitlin: bai bai for now! ^^
  395. evaslastresort: Bai-bai ^-^
  419. 29-8-2011
  420. evaslastresort is online.
  421. Caitlin: Um..hi
  422. evaslastresort: Oh, hiya!
  423. :D How are you doing tonight~?
  424. Caitlin: I am doing fine you been talking about me to people?
  425. evaslastresort: o_o Well...I was super excited that I met a really awesome girl, so I told some of my friends.
  426. Caitlin: >.>
  427. You sure they are your friends?
  428. evaslastresort: =( Hm, did somebody contact you and say bad things about me?
  429. Caitlin: Someone called shitface_ did
  430. evaslastresort: D: Well, I wouldn't really think that a person with that kind of username is a very trustworthy person to listen to
  431. Caitlin: They sent me these messages
  432. c-c-check it out :D
  435. and
  436. More EvaXephon. He's quite a character.
  439. evaslastresort: :( Ah, yes. I had a feeling that you might wind up seeing that video. paints a pretty negative picture of me, but...I think I can clarify things for you.
  440. Caitlin: Okay...Because they told me to google you too
  441. evaslastresort: :( Yeah...I think it's pretty understandable to google someone, actually, so I figured you would do so.
  442. Caitlin: No I never like to do that :o I like to trust people I care about
  443. evaslastresort: :( Would you be willing to listen to be explain the sorts of things you might learn if you google me, or listen to strange people who might contact you?
  444. Caitlin: I will listen to you! :3
  445. evaslastresort: :3 I am so glad
  446. :3 I'm glad you're not a judgemental person who decided to just ditch me at the first sign of a sad history
  447. Caitlin: No but I am a little creeped out from that video...
  448. evaslastresort: Okay, so! Um...let's see...I will be totally and completely and 100% forthright and honest from you, because I have already laid all of my feelings bare on the Internet...
  449. Caitlin: Okay
  450. evaslastresort: :( Everyone has different ways of dealing with stress, right? Like...some people will scream into a pillow, or other people will play Grand Theft Auto and go on a killing spree, and some people actually take out their frustration by being jerks to people.
  451. In my case...whenever I feel down, I vent by writing about my feelings on the Internet.
  452. This was a very bad decision...because it means that I have left a very long and very un-hidden trail of every negative thought or insecurity I have ever had in plain view on the Internet. v_v
  453. So, if you were to Google me or something, you'd see all of the times when I ever felt sad or felt bad about myself or wanted to vent about my problems.
  454. Caitlin: Yea I just did..
  455. sooooo many results o.o
  456. evaslastresort: Now, I understand that nobody likes a Negative Nancy; nobody wants to be around a Debbie Downer. That's why I am usually as positive and cheerful as I can manage to be when I interact with people. :3 Even if I feel sad inside, I don't express that to other people in person, or bring them down if I am not feeling good.
  457. When you read my profile or chatted with me, could you tell that I feel very lonely sometimes? :(
  458. Or did I seem like I was a happy person?
  459. Caitlin: You seemed perfectly normal to me..
  460. evaslastresort: Exactly! :D
  461. If you actually interact with me, you will see that I'm not a big sad sack. ^_^; But if you read any of the message board posts I wrote when I was feeling sad and down, you'd get a different impression.
  462. Caitlin: Yea those youtube videos make it look very strange >.>
  463. evaslastresort: That video...some of those posts are from 6 years ago! ^_^;;;;; It's not only outdated, but a very inaccurate representation of me because those posts ONLY portray me when I was feeling very down.
  464. Caitlin: I know, I saw the dates of some of the posts :3
  465. evaslastresort: It's not a very fair video. :( It's a collection of every pathetic-sounding thing I've ever said...I hope you will excuse this kind of melodramatic phrase, but it's basically propoganda.
  466. it's like, if you mis-quoted Obama, or chopped up his speeches to show ONLY the negative things he has said, then you could have anti-Obama propoganda.
  467. Caitlin: Yea you're right
  468. XD
  469. evaslastresort: But if you actually heard EVERYTHING he said or met the guy in person...
  470. He would not be as bad as an anti-Obama video made him out to be. ^_^
  471. Caitlin: "Go into her at full force"
  472. Sorry, giggling :P
  473. evaslastresort: I was waiting for you to get online because this was the very first thing I wanted to talk to you about. D: I knew that you would wind up seeing that video some day, and I wanted to clarify things myself, before somebody else got to you and started brainwashing you to think terrible things about me.
  474. Caitlin: I am hard to brainwash ^.^
  475. But who is bullying you like this?
  476. evaslastresort: I severely regret posting about all of my insecurities online like that. :( It makes me look so horrible. That's...really not me, at all. When I watched that video, I laughed. Some of that stuff just sounds so silly. I can't even take it seriously, because it doesn't sound like something I would normally say.
  477. Caitlin: Your 'friends' ?...
  478. evaslastresort: No...
  479. I should tell you about something else :O And it's not a bad thing, don't worry
  480. Hold on though, I wanna plug in my laptop
  481. 9% battery life. ^_^;
  482. Caitlin: Okies
  483. Eep hurry! o.o
  484. evaslastresort: Alright~!
  485. kay, so. ^_^
  486. In January of 2010, I decided to try out something that I had seen other people do online
  487. Caitlin: oh?
  488. evaslastresort: I decided to broadcast a live video feed of myself playing video games!
  489. I was super surprised...I got 70 viewers! 70 people all watching me and chatting with me and hanging out with me while I played my favorite game!
  490. Caitlin: oh is that the website that guy sent me?
  491. evaslastresort: I later made a website for live-streaming, yes. ^^;
  492. Caitlin:
  493. That is what they sent me on okcupid
  494. Okies :3
  495. Sorry I'm interrupting, go on ^^;
  496. evaslastresort: ^_^; Sigh, it is so bothersome to me that people are actually contacting you and bothering you with this stuff. I really do not want anyone to give you a hard time.
  497., I discovered that it is super fun to stream video games, because I get to chat with a whole audience of people watching me and having fun as I play games
  498. Caitlin: I don't know why they are o.O
  499. evaslastresort: When I was unemployed, I could play games all day. So, I streamed video games pretty much all day long. I became the #1 top-viewed video game streamer on for a brief period! :O
  500. Caitlin: You were popular ^^
  501. evaslastresort: I was kinda successful. >:3 I was well-known on the website! You could say my username, and people would know who you were talking about! I felt so proud of myself for making a name for myself. ^_^
  502. Caitlin: yuh! :3
  503. evaslastresort: But, well...when you interact with 100+ people in a day, you eventually...step on somebody's toes. ._.
  504. Every now and then, I would get a jerk in the chatroom. ._. Somebody who would say awful things.
  505. There were different varieties of jerks...
  506. 1. People who openly spoil the ending of the game you are playing, to annoy you and others
  507. 2. People who spam the chat room
  508. Caitlin: aww that is mean
  509. evaslastresort: 3. People who insult you "Lol, you suck at this game"
  510. Caitlin: spam the chatroom? ^^;
  511. I don't know what that means
  512. evaslastresort: Oh, like...
  514. Caitlin: ooh!
  515. Right
  516. evaslastresort: And then they just repeat that over and over
  517. Caitlin: ew
  518. :c
  519. evaslastresort: And then there were also people who would say really really rude crass disgusting things like
  520. "You're a nigger faggot jew shark, kill yourself"
  521. I'd say about 90% of my viewers were nice, but that 10% were totally immature =/
  522. It was okay, though, I would just ban them after one transgression, and then I wouldn't have to see them again.
  523. ...but...
  524. The types of people who do rude things like this...
  525. are the types of people who try to get revenge if they are banished for their wrongdoings.
  526. Caitlin: I'm sorry I am a little speechless why people would say stuff like that :c :c
  527. evaslastresort: :c Yeah. It's pretty...ridiculous.
  528. So...
  529. As I became more popular and well-known, I got my traffic. With more traffic came more jerks. With more jerks came more bans. With each ban, there was a chance the banned party would attempt to...retaliate.
  530. The first thing they did was google me, and find out every embarassing thing that I have ever said. v_v
  531. Caitlin: :c
  532. evaslastresort: Then, they spammed this stuff everywhere, to ruin my reputation.
  533. They made videos, and contacted my friends and showed my sad venting posts to them
  534. Every time I make a new friend...
  535. They make sure to "inform" them of every embarassing thing about me.
  536. They don't want me to be happy...
  537. If they learn that I have something good going on for me,
  538. they try to ruin it.
  539. Caitlin: but how do people like that know about me? :/
  540. evaslastresort: If I meet a nice girl? Their first perogative is to contact that girl and show her propoganda to make her think I'm creepy.
  541. Well! My viewers know that I have a history of being lonely.
  542. So, I decided to tell them the good news that I met a really awesome girl and that we had a lot of things in common ^_^
  543. Unfortunately...
  544. One of those jerks was in my chatroom at the time
  545. lying in wait
  546. Caitlin: you told them my name? >.>
  547. evaslastresort: just listening to me
  548. waiting for me to say something that he could use against me
  549. I never even told them your name
  550. I think...
  551. I think that, at one point,
  552. I opened up my internet browser
  553. and it was on your OkCupid page
  554. And I clicked away as fast as I could
  555. But they must have seen your username
  556. So now, they can contact you and say "lololo evaxephon is a nigger faggot who whines about being a virgin lololo"
  557. I hope you don't listen to these guys. v_v
  558. Caitlin: no no I don't listen to people like that!
  559. they asked me to ask you about a girl named 'sisefs' ?
  560. evaslastresort: I am very sad that I can never mention anything nice in my life without one of these people catching wind of it and then trying to ruin whatever makes me happy. v_v
  561. Caitlin: omg now they are saying really bad things O.O
  562. evaslastresort: v_v you are currently being contacted by these people? Like, right at this moment, you're in a conversation with them?
  563. Caitlin: yes he is online on okcupid
  564. evaslastresort: v_v This is pretty sad. I am sad that, if I meet a nice girl, she will be contacted by these jerks.
  565. :( I wish you would just...block them, or something. This is so sad.
  566. Caitlin: okay but who is sisefs? they said you had a child show you....stuff...
  567. that is slander you could call the police :o
  568. evaslastresort: :( Sisefs was a girl who flirted with me online. I flirted with her back. She seemed cool at first, but it turned out that she wasn't cool at all. She did a bunch of bad stuff, like...she lied about her age, and she started a website to give people a place to say bad things about me, and her parents took away her Internet privileges because she was taking nude pictures of herself and sending them out to people.
  569. She sent me her nude pictures (and she sent them to like 100 other people too) and somehow, this means "EvaXephon requests child porn from minors"
  570. I deleted all of her photos as soon as I discovered that she had been lying about her age the whole time
  571. She was not a good person at all, and I am very glad that I don't know her anymore.
  572. I wish that you and I had been able to chat more before you heard about all of this. My history of being picked on by bullies on the Internet is about 1% of my life. The other 99% is really fun and positive.
  573. But you are seeing that unpleasent 1% right now -_-;
  574. Caitlin: yea.. :c I dno't know what to make of things, I blocked them.. but why did you say things on your website where you know the jerks were, silly? ;3
  575. evaslastresort: v_v Well
  576. v_v Because I know that there are "spies" who spend all day hanging out on my website just waiting for me to say something that they can use as ammunition against me
  577. (god ,that is so pathetic of them...)
  578. I almost NEVER talk about personal matters
  579. But, for this one time, for this ONE occasion...
  580. I wanted to tell my viewers how cool you are.
  581. Because you are so super cool. D:
  582. So I broke my rule of "Never mention personal things!"
  583. And I told them, "I met an awesome wonderful amazing girl on OkCupid <3"
  584. Caitlin: ^^;
  585. evaslastresort: And then they must have seen your username when my Internet window appeared onscreen
  586. And so they decided to send you nasty things about me
  587. Sigh. v_v
  588. Caitlin...if I spoke to people that bullied you in highschool...
  589. What would they say about you?
  590. Would they describe you in pleasant ways?
  591. Caitlin: mean things :c don't talk to them :o
  592. evaslastresort: Would they say nice things about you/
  593. Exactly! :O
  594. Caitlin: no they tripped me and called me a bitch :c
  595. i'm sorry i am asking so many questions
  596. i am just confused
  597. evaslastresort: You see, if you listen to words from the crowd of people that doesn't like me, you will hear all sorts of nasty stuff about me that does not even apply. Slander, or outright fabrications.
  598. Caitlin: :ccccc
  599. i'm almost crying D:
  600. evaslastresort: :c I wish they had not contacted you and confused you...
  601. D:!!!!!!!!
  602. T_T Oh nooooo
  603. T_T Please, I don't want to be responsible for making a girl cry...
  604. Caitlin: it's okay it's not you just the whole situation and now i am reminded of my highschool bullies :c
  605. evaslastresort: I banned these people because they basically ARE highschool bullies -_-; I banned them because they are the types of jerks who would actually go out of their way to try and ruin another person's life.
  606. I try to be positive and say only positive things...and I try never to badmouth others, but...
  607. ...These people really are scum.
  608. They're no different than people who tripped you and picked on you in highschool. In my case, instead of tripping me, they make nasty videos about me.
  609. So...please, don't listen to them. They are just bullies.
  610. Caitlin: I won't Alex <3 I can never stand bullies and I think you are a very sweet boy
  611. man, even
  612. evaslastresort: ^_^ yay!
  613. Caitlin: :3
  614. evaslastresort: I always wondered, "What if I met a girl, and we got along, and then she learned everything embarassing about me? Would she still want to keep talking with me?"
  615. I was very very afraid to learn the answer D:
  616. looks like I met a girl who is very understanding, and is not easily tricked by Internet jerks. ^_^
  617. Caitlin: I haven't even read most stuff, I am talking to you right now and you are very sweet, I do not have to drag up things from years and years ago :333
  618. evaslastresort: I appreciate your personality very much right now <3 I am glad you are the type of person who you are!
  619. Caitlin: likewise! <3
  620. evaslastresort: ^_____^
  621. You are really special. ^_^
  622. =D So! Is there anything else you would like me to explain, or have I cleared everything up? I would really like to put this behind us, because I enjoy positive things and I avoid negative subjects if possible...
  623. :3 I want you to have fun when you talk with me.
  624. Caitlin: me too! :3 so how was your day? ^^
  625. evaslastresort: It was good. ^_^ I beat the game that I have been playing all week, and then I played an online remake of one of my favorite games from my college years, and then I played Minecraft, and then I got to chat with you, so I am very happy. ^o^
  626. The whole day, I felt a little worried and nervous because I was afraid that I'd never speak to you again, if you were contacted by one of those jerks and decided to just avoid me forever. :<
  627. So I am really really relieved that you let me clear things up. ^_^
  628. ^_^ How was your day~? And did you have fun with your sister?
  629. Caitlin: yes I had fun with my sister, I stayed over :3 we baked scones!
  630. evaslastresort: Scones, huh?! ^_^ Awesooooom!
  631. Caitlin: what game did you finish?
  632. evaslastresort: It was called Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  633. If I had to compare it to another game, I'd say that it's a Sci-Fi Elder Scrolls Oblivion.
  634. Caitlin: ooh I read that was a good game! but isn't it a shooting game?
  635. evaslastresort: Actually! owo
  636. Caitlin: it did not look like oblivion to me from the pictures I saw ^^;
  637. evaslastresort: =D Whenever you have a problem, you can solve it many ways. You don't neccesarily HAVE to shoot anyone. In fact, it is actually possible to beat the entire game without firing a single bullet.
  638. Caitlin: and you beat it! was it hard? :3
  639. evaslastresort: If you need to get past a guard, you could...knock him out with a punch, or make a sound to draw his attention elsewhere, or go up to him and bribe him, or intimidat ehim, or use cunning to trick him into thinking that you have clearance to go through the area, or drop a box on him, or lead him into an elevator shaft and drop an elevator on him, or go through a ventilation shaft to get around him, or hack a panel to open a door to use a different route so you can avoid him altogether, or activate cloaking and sneak past him while invisible
  640. ..........or shoot him.
  641. I played through the game and didn't kill a single person! I am tired of playing shooting games where you solve all of your problems with bullets. -_- So, in Deus Ex, I solved all of my problems with words or cunning schemes.
  642. Oh, you could also hack a robot and make the robot go kill him for you...XD
  643. But anyway!
  644. It was kind of hard at certain points, where you have to be reeeeeeally clever to sneak past the enemies
  645. Caitlin: you're clerver then! if you finished it with out even firing a shot, I am proud of you *\ ^.^ /*
  646. evaslastresort: Beams proudly Aw, shucks! You're so sweet. <3
  647. I say that it's like Oblivion because it's first-person, full of side-quests, lets you customize your character, has a really long storyline, and lets you tackle problems anyway you like, whether it's by stealth or by direct combat or just persuasion or bribing. It's a fantastic game. :D
  648. Caitlin: I should play it then ^^; is it on the wii?
  649. or on the xbox?
  650. evaslastresort: Xbox, PS3, and PC!
  651. Are you mainly a PC or console gamer, I wonder~?
  652. Caitlin: pc but I di not play many videogames, I like to play them wíth people but I have nobody to play them with :c
  653. I am going to buy the sims 3 though because you said it was good! ^^
  654. evaslastresort: Nobody to play games with?! I am sorry to hear that :( Well, I would gladly be your video game partner anytime. <3
  655. Caitlin: yay!!! but I won't go easy on you >:3
  656. evaslastresort: >w> I had a plan. If you and I ever met up in person, I was going to surprise you by handing you a copy of Sims 3 so you could play it. But, if you are going to buy the game yourself, now I need to think up another gift for you!
  657. Caitlin: ^^; how about you with only a ribbon tied around you? ^^;
  658. evaslastresort: Gulp D-did I accidently say something creepy? I'm s-sorry >_<
  659. ............o/////o
  660. ...I...that arranged <3
  661. Caitlin: omg I am blushing so hard sorry ignore me
  662. evaslastresort: :3 Nope. You can say things like that all you want. <3
  663. Caitlin: ^^;
  664. evaslastresort: Teehee >w< You are very fun to talk with~!
  665. Caitlin: I'm glad! ;3
  666. evaslastresort: I am curious, what kinds of other things do you like to do for fun besides video games? Of course, it's not a big deal if video games are your main hobby. ^_^ I know how that is~
  667. Caitlin: well I like to just browse the internet and I read and I listen to music and sometimes I dress up because it makes me feel sexy >.>
  668. evaslastresort: blush
  669. Do you often leave the house? o///o
  670. =O I am not implying that you sound like a shut-in!
  671. I am just you dress up so that you can feel sexy about yourself, or to get attention from guys when you go out?
  672. Caitlin: I don't usually do :/
  673. no I don't go out like that!!!
  674. I'm be sooo embarassed
  675. evaslastresort: I see. >w<
  676. ...I wonder how you dress up when you want to feel sexy...>.>
  677. Caitlin: just in normal clothes, punky stuff, but with hotpants >.>
  678. I can show you a picture >.> <.<
  679. if you want
  680. evaslastresort: ...punky...hotpants...
  681. I would be happy to see a picture <3
  682. Caitlin: okay hang on I have one
  683. You are sharing a picture (46.0 KB) with evaslastresort
  684. 224103_10150238529963832_626118831_8552229_3425507_n.jpg
  685. You withdrew the offer
  686. Caitlin: omg it posts it super big o.o I'm embarased now
  687. evaslastresort: ...Oh my goodness. ;-; You're...breathtaking.
  688. Caitlin: >.>
  689. evaslastresort: H-hey! >_< I didn't get to save it~
  690. Caitlin: sorry im too shy
  691. evaslastresort: D'aw...
  692. Caitlin: well...okay...
  693. You are sharing a picture (46.0 KB) with evaslastresort
  694. 224103_10150238529963832_626118831_8552229_3425507_n.jpg
  696. Transfer complete
  697. Caitlin: ^^;
  698. evaslastresort: Well, I happen to believe that you are a goddess of beauty, so feel confident about yourself. :D You're gorgeous.
  699. Caitlin: I'm blushing so much right now >.>
  700. how do you look?
  701. when you are being sexy I mean, ^^:
  702. evaslastresort: o_o Well, you have seen my OkCupid, right?
  703. ...I...I...
  704. Caitlin: sorry! I don't want to make you uncomfortable
  705. did you save it?
  706. evaslastresort: ...Yes. <3
  707. Caitlin: I can cancel it I feel shy looking at the picture
  708. evaslastresort: Sure.
  709. Caitlin: oh wait it doesn't go away >.<
  710. evaslastresort: ...>_>; Okay, so, I always try to be positive, and I always try to look on the bright side of things. But...well...
  711. ...>_>; Okay, so, I know that nobody wants to hear someone whine about his insecurities. So, I never do that. ...But...well...
  712. ...>_>; Okay, so, I try to never ever ever be a negative nancy, because I know that absolutely nobody wants to listen to a debbie downer. ....but...well...
  713. if you will permit me to say just one negative thing...
  714. ...I...I don't...I don't believe that I am sexy. D:
  715. Caitlin: :c
  744. evaslastresort is sharing a picture (3.0 MB) with you
  745. Tattoos.jpg
  747. View Open containing folder
  748. Caitlin: I think you look fine! maybe I should decide if you are sexy or not because I always think I look ugly too, even when I dress up
  749. Caitlin: :o :o
  750. You look sexy!
  751. evaslastresort: This is me when I cosplayed as Kamina. That's his body paint. I cosplayed as Kamina because...girls say he is sexy, and I wanted to feel sexy for once. :x
  752. ACK, I should go to the gym and get muscles, I look so... =(
  753. Caitlin: you look very sexy Alex <3 <3
  754. Caitlin: NO
  755. ew
  756. evaslastresort: heavy blush
  757. Caitlin: I don't want muscled up gorillas!
  758. evaslastresort: Well...thank you, Caitlin, you are the first girl to ever call me sexy, and you have made me feel very good about myself. <3
  759. Caitlin: ^^; you are welcome!
  760. evaslastresort: I never would have gotten depressed or written down any sad thoughts if I knew that it was possible for even one girl to find me sexy. <3
  761. You make me feel better about myself the more we talk. ^_^
  762. And, golly, you''re really sexy, yourself. >_>
  763. Caitlin: ^^; I don't think so but thank you, that makes me feel good
  764. evaslastresort: :3 You know, it's...t-totally okay to send me another picture of you sometime. You know...if you ever need to hear confirmation that you're sexy. Cuz you are. And stuff. Okay I should stop talking now. >w<;
  765. Caitlin: <3
  766. evaslastresort: <3
  767. Caitlin: thankies!!
  768. evaslastresort: You're welcomies. ^_^
  769. Caitlin: I am getting sleepy-eyed >.>
  770. evaslastresort: ...I...I have to be at work in 8 hours >_>;
  771. Caitlin: go sleep! you should sleep well! ^^;
  772. evaslastresort: I have GoogleTalk at work...don't be afraid to message me anytime. ^_^ I can always multitask and chat while I take care of tasks.
  773. Caitlin: okies! :3
  774. night night!
  775. evaslastresort: *Grasps your hand* Caitlin...I just want to say thank you for hearing me out and not making any judgements about me based on what those jerks say about me. I am afraid that they might try to message you again sometime, and I hope that you can continue to be understanding.
  776. I really appreciate the fact that you are the type of person who would let me explain myself, instead of jumping to conclusions. I really appreciate that a lot. You're wonderful.
  777. So...thanks for talking with me <3 Good night, sweet dreams, sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite. ^_~
  778. Caitlin: ^^;
  779. You too cutie <3 night night!!!!
  780. evaslastresort: Night night! ^_^
  807. Alex Mahan
  808. Acties▼
  809. ik: Hi Alex :3
  810. Alex: Hi there! :3
  811. It's great to hear from you again! ^_^
  812. ik: ^.^ sorry I haven't been feeling very well
  813. Alex: Um~! At the moment, I happen to be streaming a movie for my buddies! ^_^; I don't really want to annoy them by pausing the film to chat, or having them listen to chat sounds while they watch the movie
  814. I really enjoy talking with you But, um, could it wait for a little while? ^-^;
  815. I would invite you to come watch the movie with me, but it's more than halfway over now
  816. ik: oh! no troubles ^.^; I am not sure how much longer I will be around, but I will wait a bit. can I just ask what movie?
  817. Alex: It's called Insidious
  818. It's a horror film. >:3
  819. ...I...I don't think it's that good. >_>; But...I came this far so I might as well finish it!
  820. ik: ooh ;_; very scary! I don't watch many horror films. too creepy!!!
  821. enjoy :3
  822. Alex: It's another 40 minutes before the film ends
  823. I understand if you don't wanna stick around that long
  824. ik: It would just be because I am feeling sick. but go, enjoy your film. hopefully it is funny bad atleast. ttyl :3
  825. Alex: You are feeling sick? ;-; I am sorry to hear that
  826. I hope that you feel better soon!
  827. I want you to be happy. >w<
  828. ik: thank you ^.^
  829. Verzonden om 00:52 op woensdag
  830. Alex: I bet that I can still manage to chat a bit while I watch the film. owo So, you can still chat with me if you'd like~
  831. ik: I don't want to impose!
  832. Alex: Aw, you are so considerate!
  833. I missed chatting with you, so I wouldn't mind at all.
  834. ik: :3 okay, if you insist! hehe
  835. how was your work day?
  836. Alex: Oh, it was okay! It was different, because...I got repurposed!
  837. They decided that, because the release date for our game is coming up soon, they need someone to lead the quality assurance effort
  838. Because there is really no dedicated QA person
  839. ik: :o
  840. Alex: So, they took me off the design team and made me the QA Lead
  841. Because I am the most qualified and best suited for the job. :3 Their words, not mine. >w<
  842. ik: oh wow ^.^
  843. congratulations!!!!!
  844. that is awesome!
  845. Alex: ^_^ Thanks
  846. In a feels like a step backward. I was in QA a year ago, doing tedious repetitive monotonous bug-testing...and now here I am, doing the same thing again. It feels like I haven't made any progress in a year. >_>;
  847. But, it's a step up, because now I am a Lead instead of a Junior, and I will be managing other people, and I will be doing important stuff.
  848. ik: oh no ;_; I thought it might have been a good thing because they put you as lead!!
  849. Alex: It's good to be Lead
  850. ik: oh good! well, that is positive.
  851. Alex: I will be the boss of two people >:3
  852. ik: don't be too hard on them! ;3
  853. Alex: Of course! I wanna be a good boss
  854. The producer is such an awesome guy, he is, like, everything a boss should be. He is a role model! I respect him a lot. I want to take after him.
  855. ik: having a good role model is nice ^_^
  856. Alex: ^_^
  857. ik: I'm sure you'll do great in your new position. \^_^/
  858. Alex: Thanks, you are so nice to me! \(^_^)/
  859. You got sick, huh? ;-; How sick? Is it just a cold or is it serious? ;_;
  860. ik: my tummy is upsetting me quite a bit, and I am feeling dizzy! perhaps a tummy flu is going around? ;-; I have just been resting a lot!
  861. Alex: Awwwww...your poor tummy...
  862. I really hope you get better soon. ;_; If I could take some of your sickness away to ease the burden, I would. :3
  863. ik: awww, I would not wish this on anyone.
  864. Alex: ;-; Poor Caitlin
  865. :3 I have been wondering...what is your nickname? Or maybe nicknames.
  866. Katie? Kate?
  867. ik: caitie or cait both work ^.^
  868. whichever you prefer!
  869. Alex: I see. ^.^
  870. :3c I might go with Cait, we'll see!
  871. have you been playing lots of games to take your mind off the tummy~?
  872. Verzonden om 01:04 op woensdag
  873. ik: oh, not really! ;_; just lots of bed rest.
  874. Alex: Awwwww
  875. You must be really sick then. ;-; All my best wishes!
  876. ik: I am quite boring! :c
  877. Alex: :c Naw :3 I find you very endearing and fun to chat with!
  878. ik: thank you! you too. ^__^
  879. how has your website been going? no one is bothering you, right?
  880. Alex: well...
  881. Not super recently.
  882. But ^.^; I do prefer to talk about more positive things.
  883. ik: ;_; that doesn't sound encouraging
  884. well, that is alright. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay, since you seemed kind of down last time we spoke. :c
  885. Alex: I was down cuz I thought you had been scared away. ;___;
  886. ik: ;-; hopefully you didn't think that again yesterday, since I wasn't around
  887. Alex: I was a little bit worried. ;;;;;
  888. ik: promise not to worry again!
  889. PROMISE! ;_;
  890. Alex: ;-; W-well...:3 Only if you promise that you won't ever abandon me without saying goodbye.
  891. ik: of course I do!
  892. Alex: Like, I understand if, one day in the future, you have a good reason to stop talking to me...but, if that day ever comes, please...please say goodbye first ;-;
  893. But I hope I never give you a reason to stop talking to me. >w<;
  894. ik: I watched a movie about cyberbullies. it was a little corny, but the message was good. that is why I don't talk to many people from the internet, really.
  895. only other girls mostly
  896. Alex: Okay, so, now that I know you're not the type of person to just drop another person without a word, then I won't get worried that I won't ever get to talk to you again without warning.
  897. Sorry, that was a confusing sentence. XD
  898. ik: I understood! :3
  899. Alex: ^_^
  900. I am curious, what time of day do you usually wake up and go to sleep? I noticed that you were online at 2 AM a couple times.
  901. ik: well, it's sort of embarrassing to say >.>
  902. I guess I am kind of a...bum ;-;
  903. Alex: D'aw
  904. That's okay
  905. ik: I will go to bed very late sometimes, and sleep all day ^^;
  906. it really depends
  907. Alex: The most favorite time of my life was when I was unemployed, I slept as long as I wanted, I woke up whenever I wanted, and I stayed in bed whenever I felt like it
  908. ^_^ Good times
  909. I am happy for you, that you get to experience that same thing
  910. ik: sounds like my life now >.>
  911. I feel bad sometimes
  912. Alex: <w< You're livin' the dream!
  913. ik: but...I am lazy :3
  914. Alex: :3 I wish could be lazy again...
  915. ^.^ But I came too far to throw it away now...
  916. ik: I guess you appreciate vacations more now!
  917. Alex: o_o...
  918. I have been working for 1 year and 2 months now...and...
  919. I haven't gone on vacation once so far...
  920. Maybe when our current titles ship...then I'll take a week off...
  921. ik: do you get vacation days? :o
  922. Alex: I am super duper lazy on weekends. :3
  923. Well...
  924. o_o I hope this does not impact your opinion of me! But...
  925. ^_^; Sorry if I never mentioned this before, but
  926. I am an intern! =O
  927. But, a PAID intern! =O
  928. And I am not officially an "employee" since I am not a contract worker or full-time
  929. ik: why would that bother me!
  930. Alex: But I work from 9:30 AM to 7 PM every day and do get a paycheck...
  931. And I do get extra for weekend work
  932. But not for overtime, and I don't get paid vacation days
  933. Holidays are paid though owo
  934. ik: I see now! do you see that changing in the future, or are you unsure? sorry if I am being too nosey! ^.^;;
  935. Alex: Well! =O
  936. I actually approached my boss, and mentioned...
  937. "I have been here for a year now."
  938. And I was gonna follow that up with
  939. "It's been great knowing you for a year! I've had such a great time here!"
  940. But before I could say anything
  941. He got this concerned look on his face
  942. and said
  943. "I'll speak with upper management about getting you an evaluation."
  944. He could tell from just one sentence, without me elaborating, that I wanted a promotion ^_^;
  945. He is good at inferring things. One of the things that makes him a role model. :3
  946. And, so, I heard that, actually, I already got an evaluation
  947. and that's why I moved up from QA tester to Junior Designer
  948. But they simply do not have the money to upgrade me right now o_o Only after we sign our next contract.
  949. ik: well, it's great that he had a positive reaction! :3 I would be way too shy to ever approach a boss like that!
  950. Alex: So! Once the current two projects finish, then we will get our next project, which means new funding
  951. Which means a promotion, if I impress everyone who I currently work under.
  952. ik: how exciting!
  953. Alex: owo Yeah!
  954. So, I gotta work hard and do a good job, so I get promoted and move on up in the world. :3
  955. ik: you are such an adult ^.^
  956. Alex: D'awwwww! *blushes* Shucks. :3
  957. ik: I hope you don't think less of me because I am so far behind ;-;
  958. Alex: Nah! =O
  959. ik: I think if I wanted to get a good job I would have to dye my hair back to a "normal" color ;-;
  960. Alex: o_o
  961. o__o
  962. o___o
  963. Um ;-;
  964. ik: but I like looking like cotton candy ;-;
  965. Alex: I hope I get to see you in person at least once before you dye your hair to a normal color. ;-;
  966. ik: I don't wanna do it!
  967. Alex: Because I think that pink hair is the most super duper awesome fantastic terrific wonderful thing ever
  968. And I really like that you have pink hair. >_<
  969. ik: really? o.o
  970. most guys think it's a little too much ;-;
  971. Alex: ...
  972. Whaaaaa? XD
  973. ik: well, I can hear people laughing or making comments sometimes ;-;
  974. Alex: ...for me, pink hair''s number one...
  975. ...Well, I don't wanna say "fetish", but...
  976. >o< I think it's the most attractive physical trait a girl can have
  977. ik: o.o seriously???
  978. you aren't just being nice, right??
  979. Alex: o_o Of course, the most important things are personality, intelligence, kindness, sweetness, similar interests...
  980. hair is...
  981. sigh
  982. It's just...*sigh*
  983. ik: maybe if I ever work up the courage to cosplay, you can help me pick a character with pink hair then ^_^
  984. Alex: owo
  985. Oh boy, would I ever have some suggestions. owo
  986. Because, my favorite female characters are the ones with pink hair. >w<
  987. ik: oh, like who? :3
  988. I am so happy you like my hair ^-^
  989. Alex: Hm...hold that thought~ The movie just ended, so now I can actually stop streaming and pull up the Internet and get a picture or two of pink-haired characters
  990. ik: awesome ^_^
  991. Alex: Oh, first, I should ask...will you be online for much longer? o.o
  992. ik: probably not too much longer! it hurts a little to sit up. ;-;
  993. Alex: Oh dear. ;-;
  994. I wish I could help in some way v_v
  995. ik: but I will for a bit
  996. Alex: Okay~! I will try to make the most of it then. >:3
  997. ik: hehe
  998. what would your parents think of a pink haired girl, though? >.>
  999. you can answer when you come back!
  1000. Verzonden om 01:29 op woensdag
  1001. Alex: Well!
  1002. My parents...I think they know how lonely I feel, so I think they would be happy for me if I brought a girl home, no matter what her hair color was.
  1003. ik: my mom said I would never find a guy to bring me home with this hair.
  1004. Alex: Pffffft
  1005. hair is have a pink-haired girlfriend is one of my life's biggest dreams. ;-;
  1006. ik: she said that was the reason boys never talked to me. because of the way i dressed and kept my hair. ;-;
  1007. Alex: Oh my GOSH, seriously? ;-; I think that punk fashion is sooooo sexy
  1008. ik: she is very traditional
  1009. Alex: And if you have any goth clothing...oh boy
  1010. ik: but it hurts because I am just being me ;-;
  1011. Alex: ;-; Well I like you just the way you are
  1012. ik: well, I have some goth-like boots, and some gothic lolita type stuff.
  1013. Alex: When I saw that a girl with pink hair had messaged me, I think my heart stopped beating for a moment. >_<
  1014. ik: :3 how adorable!
  1015. Alex: =O Even if you did not have pink hair, I would still think that you were an awesome and amazing girl!
  1016. But the pink hair is the cherry on top of everything else that makes you wonderful.
  1017. ik: you are such a sweetheart!
  1018. Alex:
  1019. Well, it's hard to be anything but sweet to a girl who deserves the best. :3
  1020. ik: :333
  1021. Alex: :3c Do you still want me to name pink-haired characters, or have I beaten pink hair to death already? w
  1022. ik: sure, show me!
  1023. Alex: Okay!
  1024. Do you know who Miku Hatsune is?
  1025. ik: o.o OF COURSE!
  1026. vocaloid 3
  1027. Alex:
  1028. Then, you may also know of another Vocaloid
  1029. ik: I wanted to go to the concert at the Staples Center ;-;
  1030. Alex:
  1031. ik: but it was so expensive!
  1032. Alex: Oh my gosh. ;_; I was actually at the convention center that day...but the tickets were sold ouuuuut
  1033. ik: I pouted all night instead :c
  1034. Alex: Luka Megurine is a beautiful pink-haired girl
  1035. I pouted too. T_T
  1036. You and I, before we even knew each other, were pouting simultaneously on the same night about the same thing.
  1037. ik: x3
  1038. Megurine is pretty :3
  1039. Alex: Do you know who Super Sonico is?
  1040. ik: I don't think I do
  1041. Alex:
  1042. She is the mascot for a company. She has pink hair and she is beautiful. :3
  1043. ik: both of these girls are quite...well endowed ;3
  1044. Alex: By any chance, do you happen to know what Valkyria Chronicles is?
  1045. ik: I do know what it is, but I have never played
  1046. Alex:
  1047. Juliana Everheart! Pink-haired and beautiful!
  1048. ik: o.o excuse my pervertedness
  1049. but those boobies
  1050. are huge
  1051. Alex: Teehee...
  1052. >o> Do that?
  1053. ik: well >.> I think I could pull off the cosplay, if you know what I mean <.<
  1054. Alex: Hehehehehe.
  1055. ik: omg I am so shy
  1056. I am sorry ;-;
  1057. Alex: <_< Would I...would I sound like a pervert if...if...I admitted that...I...I like...b-big...
  1058. ...>_>...
  1059. ...>///>...
  1060. I'm shy tooooo >///> ...
  1061. ik: I would be happy if you did, because it means a point for me ^.^
  1062. Alex: You've already got, like, a trillion points! XD
  1063. ik: but omg, I never talked like this before >.> I feel embarrassed!
  1064. I don't have much practice with guys.
  1065. Alex: =3 You are totally welcome to be completely free with me. You don't have to hold back or inhibit yourself. I won't judge you or look down on you!
  1066. ik: so sometimes I don't know how to talk
  1067. Alex: In fact, the things you are not proud of, I actually find attractive. So don't worry1
  1068. Just be yourself and talk freely.
  1069. ik: and I just blurt things out!
  1070. okay ^.^;
  1071. Alex: ^_^
  1072. Do you know who Poison is?
  1073. ik: she is from a fighting game, but I forget which one, right?
  1074. Alex: Well, she was originally from a beat-em-up game
  1075. But she will be in an upcoming fighting game!
  1076. ik: oh! silly me.
  1077. which one?
  1078. Alex: Teehee. It's okay
  1079. She will be in a game called Street Fighter X Tekken
  1080. Which is a crossover game featuring SF characters versus Tekken characters!
  1081. ik: are you going to play that game?
  1082. Alex: Yeahhhhh OwO
  1083. ik: neat! I would like to see someday!
  1084. Alex: I would be so happy to show you!
  1085. ik: nifty! :3
  1086. Alex: Tira from Soul Calibur had green hair in SC3 and brown hair in SC4.
  1087. But, in SC5...
  1089. Pink-and-white hair, now she looks better than ever!
  1090. ik: wow, what a cool looking outfit!
  1091. Alex: Yeahhhhh
  1092. ever heard of Dream C Club?
  1093. ik: um....if I was to cosplay, I would want to be kind of conservative! I am not square, but I am too shy to be seen in some of those outfits!
  1094. I have not
  1095. Alex: Oh, I understand!
  1096. ik: I like to dress up by myself, but in public I am very covered up. but still punky.
  1097. Alex: I am glad you are not a...well...the type of girl who public. >w<; An attention-seeker =x
  1098. You just keep on gaining points
  1099. You're on a combo multiplier
  1100. ik: I know the pink hair might seem like it's too draw attention, but it's just because I am CRAZY for pink!!!
  1101. :333
  1102. Alex: Me tooooo
  1103. ik: pink and bows are my favorite things ^.^
  1104. Alex: How cuuuuute <#
  1105. Dream C Club is a Japan-only game. In the game, you go to a "hostess club", which is a club where you pay high-class women to talk to you. It's one of those things that really doesn't make sense to people from a Western culture, but is super popular in Japan.
  1106. Any-hoo! So, in Dream C Club, there are all of these hostess ladies to talk to. One of them is a teacher named Rui. And...
  1108. Pink-haired and beautiful. :3
  1109. ik: I wish I was naturally pink-haired! it would save me some trouble x3
  1110. Alex: Ever seen an anime called Elfen Lied?
  1111. ik: I have heard about it, but I heard it was so bloody, I was nervous to watch it!
  1112. Alex: It's so good. O_O
  1113. There is a character named Lucy who is...well...
  1114. Soooooometimes...naked.
  1115. Oh, a better picture!
  1116. That picture has more class. :3
  1117. ik: oooh, looks neat!
  1118. Alex: Sometimes, she even...wears clothing!
  1119. And it's kinda gothic-looking. I think that black and pink look really good together.
  1120. Maybe you could cosplay as Lucy when she is properly dressed.
  1121. ik: oh yes, I love black and pink 3
  1122. Alex:
  1123. I saw a girl at anime expo cosplaying as Lucy...
  1124. ...wearing...
  1125. ...just the bandages...
  1126. ik: o.o
  1127. oh my
  1128. Alex: Well!
  1129. I think I am just about out of pink haired ladies...
  1130. I know there are dozens more out there
  1131. But I just named my favorites.
  1132. So, yeah! I am craaaaazy about pink hair. No physical trait is more awesome than pink hair to me!
  1133. ...except...maybe...for...b-big...*ahem* Anyway!
  1134. ik: I guess I should keep it then ^.^
  1135. xD
  1136. Alex: Oh, please please please do. ^_^
  1138. Oh! Stocking from Panty and Stocking has two-toned hair
  1139. ik: I just finished that anime today!
  1140. Alex: Piink on one side, blue on aonther >w<
  1141. I listened to the soundtrack while I was driving home from work!
  1142. Maybe...we both heard the same songs at the same time.
  1143. How didja like that show? >w<
  1144. ik: It was sooo hilarious!
  1145. it reminded me of Cartoon Network shows
  1146. Alex: Yeah, same here
  1147. It was so western for a Japanese show
  1148. Also, it was made by the makers of Neon Genesis Evangelion / Gurren Lagann
  1149. I just can't shut up about that studio. >w<
  1150. ik: I guess they make great stuff :3
  1151. Alex: Sure do. :3
  1152. Feel free to ask me any questions that you think of~
  1153. ik: it is always hard for me to think of questions, since I am usually a bit quiet!
  1154. Alex: Oh, that's okay~
  1155. ik: I'm sorry ;-;
  1156. Alex: Sometimes, you and I have a perfect harmony and there is simply no need for someone to break the silence and ask questions. w
  1157. So, don't worry if you can't think of anything to ask or say
  1158. It just means that nothing needs to be said and we are fine. w
  1159. :3c Ummmmm, am I too corny?
  1160. ik: corny?? I don't think so, unless I am corny too!
  1161. Alex: Weeeee're a corny as Kansas in August~
  1162. *as corny >w<;
  1163. ik: Fallout 3 x3
  1164. Alex: ^_^ You catch my references! Gaining points left and right. :3
  1165. ik: I have heard that song sooo much
  1166. Alex, if it's okay, I should be getting back to bed. my tummy is just killing me ;-;
  1167. Alex: Oh~! ;-;
  1168. I am sorry about that! ;-;
  1169. Sorry to keep you >o<;;;;;
  1170. ik: anything else you wanted to know before I left for the night? :3
  1171. no no!
  1172. Alex: ...just...just one thing! ^_^;
  1173. I am afraid to say it because I don't want you to think I am a desperate creeper! :x But...but...
  1174. I sure do think that it would be super swell if you and i could maybe meet up one day. Maybe. Someday...
  1175. ik: hehe, well I think the same! I am so shy, so I hope you understand it might take me some time to build up, but ^.^ it would make me very happy.
  1176. Alex: Some time to build what up? >w<
  1177. ik: oh, the courage to meet! I have never met someone I knew online first, so the thought makes me very nervous, but I would like that after talking a bit more. does that make sense? ;-;
  1178. Alex: Yes~! Perfect sense.
  1179. ik: great!
  1180. Alex: I have never met someone in person who I met over the Internet, either!
  1181. ik: it is a bit hard for me to meet people ;-;
  1182. Alex: But...I would be honored if you were the first. ^_^ I won't push it, though! I will let you tell me when you are ready.
  1183. ik: thank you so much ^.^ I will try not to take so long. :3
  1184. Alex: I hope that you get lots of rest and feel better soon! Cuz you are a wonderful girl, so you should feel good and be happy.
  1185. ik: thank you so much cutie! ^_^
  1186. have a great day at work!
  1187. Alex: Sh-she c-called me c-cutie.
  1188. Sweet dreams, cutie.
  1189. ik: hehe, night night Alex
  1190. Alex: Night night, Caitlin
  1194. Alex: Heh...I loaded your OkCupid page and it said "If you like Caitieupcake91 then you might also like these girls..." and it tried to show me other ladies. But, nope. >:3 None of them can hold a candle to Caitlin...
  1195. ik: awwwww :3 <3333
  1196. I have not been looking at other guys at all. ^.^ bye bye
  1217. 4-9-2011
  1218. evaslastresort is online.
  1219. Caitlin: Alex are you there?..
  1220. evaslastresort: Hi there :D
  1221. Um, is everything okay? :3c
  1222. Caitlin: No :c
  1223. evaslastresort: ...D: Oh, no...what's wrong...?...
  1224. Caitlin: people messaged me again and I'm freaking out..I don't think we should talk anymore
  1225. evaslastresort: Oh, no...please wait :( Would you give me a chance to explain myself...?
  1226. :( Please tell me what they said...
  1227. Caitlin: explain what?..
  1228. Alex they know where I live!!
  1229. evaslastresort: D: Wh...wha...
  1230. Like, your address? D:
  1231. Caitlin: Yes my adress I met one on the street!
  1232. evaslastresort: <_> Wh...whaaaaaaaaaat?!
  1233. That is crazy! ;_;
  1234. ;_; I can't believe that these people hate me so much that if I try to make friends with someone, they will actually harass that person in real life...
  1235. Caitlin: he wanted me to come with him so he could show me stuff but I ran :C I am scared!
  1236. evaslastresort: ._. This is...this is terrible...
  1237. Caitlin: my mom called the police and they said they couldn't do anything because it is not criminal to talk to someone in the streets
  1238. evaslastresort: ._. you know for a fact that the person you met in real life was one of the people that harasses me?
  1239. Caitlin: so unless they assault me or harrass me all the time
  1240. Yes! He asked if my name was caitlin and said "I have to show you some things, they are about Alex"
  1241. they even know you name :c
  1242. It was front of my house!
  1243. evaslastresort: <_> I never really made my name a secret to them...
  1244. <_> This, that is really scary...
  1245. I really wish that those people would just stop bothering me and leave me alone, and as if that wasn't bad enough, now they are actually bothering people that I like... D:
  1246. Caitlin: I am deleting my okcupid right now!!
  1247. evaslastresort: would break my heart if I had to stop talking to someone just because an outside party was being rude...
  1248. Caitlin: It's not rude it's PSYCHO
  1249. D:
  1250. evaslastresort: ._. I am sorry that this happened to you...I hope you understand that these people are the monsters, not me...
  1251. Caitlin: what did you do to make them do this :C
  1252. evaslastresort: v_v The thing is, I have never actually truly ever done anything wrong to them. They are the types of people who decide to spend their time being cruel to others.
  1253. I never intentionally tried to hurt them or make them my enemies
  1254. But they decided, on their own, that they wanted me to be their target...
  1255. ...I really hate to say it, but I guess it would be a good idea for you to delete your OkCupid...and I have absolutely no clue how they could possibly have found out where you live...D:...
  1256. Those people are such creeps and psychos <_> And they think I'm bad, just because I banned them from my website
  1257. Caitlin: I don't know how to delete it! :c I balked it
  1258. blanked
  1259. evaslastresort: Caitlin...I only wanted to meet somebody special and make her happy D: I never wanted those terrible people to get involved in any way
  1260. I won't ever forgive these people for scaring you in real life and continously trying to ruin anything that makes me happy v_v
  1261. Caitlin: why did you involve them :c you shouldn't have told anyone!
  1262. evaslastresort: I didn't...
  1263. Caitlin: you said it on a public website :c
  1264. evaslastresort: Your OkCupid page accidently popped up on my screen when I was playing video games. D: I didn't mean to let anyone find out your username or anything
  1265. Caitlin: how else did they get my info?!
  1266. evaslastresort: v_v I really have absolutely no clue. I don't even know where you live other than "Arcadia" ...
  1267. Caitlin: no that is not true you were talking about me in the chatroom they showed me that, alex! don't lie!
  1268. Arcadia is not big I bet someone just recognized me
  1269. evaslastresort: :( I only said that I met a wonderful girl...
  1270. Did they show you, like, some kind of chat log?
  1271. Caitlin: I can't believe you are running a chatroom with those horrible people
  1272. a picture
  1273. evaslastresort: I don't talk directly with them
  1274. Caitlin: a picture of your website a screenshot :c
  1275. evaslastresort: They hang out in my chatroom, saying no words
  1276. I don't even know that they are there
  1277. Caitlin: but you're allowing them a place to stay!
  1278. evaslastresort: I can't stop them from occupying my chatroom; they don't say anything. They just wait and watch...
  1279. Caitlin: You know they're there and you still talk about me :c
  1280. you shou;d've said nothing it's ridiculous that I have to deal with this
  1281. I'm scared! :c
  1282. evaslastresort: ._. Because it had been MONTHS since the last time I heard any of them speak, I thought it would be safe to briefly mention something nice in my life
  1283. Caitlin: I live alone Alex :c :c
  1284. evaslastresort: I am scared, too. v_v And I am very sorry.
  1285. I never meant for any of this to happen!
  1286. I don't think they would hurt you. The only thing they want is for me to not be happy.
  1287. So they are trying to make you dislike me.
  1288. v_v I can't believe some of them are so psychotic to have gone this far.
  1289. <_> I am curious about this chat log, though, I am wondering if it is a fake / photoshop...but...whatever...
  1290. D: Caitlin, I was having so much fun chatting about you and getting to know you. I really, really don't want these guys to ruin what we had going on, and ruin things.
  1291. Caitlin: Why would you chat about me?!
  1292. evaslastresort: <_> All I did was say that I met someone wonderful, and I described the things I like about you
  1293. Is that a crime? v_v
  1294. Caitlin: don't lie they didn't make a fake photoshop
  1295. you said something abuot a girl with pink hair didn't you?
  1296. evaslastresort: <_> Well I haven't seen this chat screenshot so I can't verify if it's real or fake
  1297. I don't even remember if I mentioned pink hair -_-;
  1298. Caitlin: well how would they know about me??
  1299. evaslastresort: I have no clue. ._.
  1300. Caitlin: if you didn't say anything how would they know?!
  1301. evaslastresort: I really wish I knew or understood. v_v
  1302. I am sorry Caitlin D:
  1303. Caitlin: I am always so scared to talk to new people and I finally meet someone that I think is nice and then I get all this shit D: I am scared Alex these people are insane and they know where I live now because I think they saw me leave my front door! :c I can't deal with this!!
  1304. evaslastresort: I should never have said anything about you where these crazy people could hear me. But I only spoke about you because I think that you're a fantastic girl. I didn't do anything wrong, it's these psychos who are doing something wrong. Please don't be mad at me when I have never tried to hurt you... D:
  1305. v_v Caitlin, I don't think that it is going to be a big deal. They have no reason to try to physically hurt you. And if he ever tries to bother you again, you can file a police report because he is continuously harassing you. It's that simple. You'll be safe.
  1306. Caitlin: You should have told me and THOUGHT about the things that could happen you know there were people like that on your website and you are enabling them to do this to you and me by having that chatroom!
  1307. evaslastresort: I understand why you feel scared; I'd feel scared in that situation, too. But, please...I'm begging you, please don't alienate me just because other people are jerks. D:
  1308. Caitlin: Don't downplay it!!
  1309. evaslastresort: ._. Oh, Caitlin...
  1310. Caitlin: I'm all alone and I'm scared!
  1311. evaslastresort: ._. Those people have ruined everything yet again...they are such scum...
  1312. ._. Caitlin, what would you like me to do for you?
  1313. Caitlin: I just don't feel safe Alex
  1314. with your website and all
  1315. and the people that apparently go there
  1316. I don't feel safe.. :c
  1317. I get these feeling of anxiety
  1318. evaslastresort: D: The only people that I speak to on my website are my friends. They are nice people. Sometimes, rarely, some jerk is creeping in the background, just watching and waiting.
  1319. It's not my fault that some people spend their time being assholes to others.
  1320. Caitlin: If you know they are watching why have that website?!
  1321. evaslastresort: Because it's a happy fun place to be 99% of the time
  1322. And I don't want to stop doing what makes me happy just because some people are jerks
  1323. Caitlin: Yea, uhhuh, I can see that :c
  1324. evaslastresort: ._. Sigh, you got such a bad impression because this was your first exposure to what I do on the Internet
  1325. If you had never gotten wind of these people, I could have introduced you to my website and shown you what it was all about
  1326. We could have had fun D:
  1327. But those people ruined everything, not me ._.
  1328. A crazy person being a psycho is not my fault D:
  1329. Caitlin: I know you didn't ruin it but you are letting them know about me :c even if it was accidental you seem to KNOW they are there :c
  1330. And now you are looking like you are more concerned with making sure you don't get blamed by me :C
  1331. evaslastresort: Every website, every community, has a few bad apples that do mean things. That doesn't mean that the entire community should shut down.
  1332. Caitlin, that's just because I really don't want you to dislike me over what other people are doing. ._.
  1333. Caitlin: " you are the company you keep" :c
  1334. evaslastresort: Please listen >_<
  1335. I don't intentionally keep them as company
  1336. I could banish them if I could
  1337. But they don't actually participate at all
  1338. They just watch, anonymously, and I can't even tell that they are there
  1339. I didn't know they would be there that day
  1340. I am very very sorry that I ever mentioned you when there was even a 1% chance that anyone bad would hear me. But, there really was just a 1% chance that something this bad would happen.
  1341. Caitlin: it is like you are trying really hard to look innocent and not trying to help fix this :C
  1342. evaslastresort: Well, I am sorry ._.
  1343. After just a couple days of speaking to you, I could tell that I had met someone really special. And I just don't want you to abandon me over those people.
  1344. How can I help fix this?
  1345. Tell me what to do, and I'll do it.
  1346. Caitlin: I just don't get how, if you know the people that mess with you and everyone around you, go to that website, you keep it
  1347. evaslastresort: I think that the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. The worst they can do is show up to your house and try to say a bunch of propoganda because they are psychopaths. And if they keep doing it, you just get cops involved.
  1349. evaslastresort: Caitlin, I have said it a million times >_< I don't even know they are there at my website. They show up like once in a blue moon. It's not my fault.
  1350. You keep blaming me... ;-; You should blame them for being creeps.
  1351. Caitlin: You keep saying it's not your fault :c do you even know how that makes you look?
  1352. evaslastresort: ._. Sigh...
  1353. Caitlin: it's not my fault either and the only one -I- talked to about us was you
  1354. evaslastresort: I am sorry, and it's my fault that they heard about you, but they are they psychopaths and not me D:
  1355. Please, understand that they are the bad guys here <_> I am just a guy who was really excited to meet a great girl. That is not a crime at all...
  1356. I don't ever expect them to be on my website D:
  1357. Creepy jerks could be on any website, waiting for an opportunity to ruin someone else's day
  1358. Caitlin: They sent me tons of shit about you though so apparently you MUST be doing SOMETHING wrong because why else would anyone hate you like that :c they told me you beat your last girlfriend and even now you seem to get upset at me and the only thing you are saying is "it's not my fault" and "don't blame me" and I am really scared and you are not even trying to comfort me at all you are just making it worse and worse and I bet the people from that damn website won't stop untill we are not longer together and I felt so happy when I met you but now I am just so scared!
  1359. evaslastresort: ..."beat" a girlfriend? <_>
  1360. <_> But I've never even had one...
  1361. D: Let me comfort you, then. These people won't actually try to hurt you, okay? It's me they are after, not you. They are trying to spread their propoganda to you, they are not trying to HURT you.
  1362. Caitlin: I don't know what's real or not anymore do you understand that?!
  1363. evaslastresort: ._.
  1364. Caitlin: They know where I live and they seem insane Alex :c
  1365. evaslastresort: The only thing they will do to you, is try to make you my enemy. That is their only objective. They don't want to cause any harm to you. They just want to make me feel bad.
  1367. evaslastresort: They're not violent, they are just obsessed with being jerks to me. Not you. You're going to be safe. You're not the one who is in any sort of danger.
  1368. Well, that's exact what he did, was try to talk to you D:
  1369. Look...I think I know how to solve this, would you listen to my solution? :)
  1370. I meant to say, :(
  1371. Caitlin: what is it?
  1372. evaslastresort: Their goal, from the beginning, was to make you dislike me. That's all they want. So, if they ever contact you again, or if you ever see them again, just tell them that you hate me and decided to reject me. Then, they will consider their mission to be complete. They won't have any reason to bother you anymore.
  1373. And I will never ever mention you again anywhere on the Internet ever.
  1374. But...but we don't have to part ways. ._. I felt happy when I met you and I don't want them to take that happiness away.
  1375. Caitlin: I am not going to lie about you?!
  1376. Why would I do that??
  1377. evaslastresort:'s what they want to hear...
  1378. Caitlin: I don't think you understand how I am feeling!!
  1379. evaslastresort: um ._.
  1380. I guess I don't understand ._.
  1381. I said "I met a sweet girl!" So they decided to make you hate me. It's that simple. If you tell them that you reject me, then they will leave you alone. But we don't have to stop talking. v_v
  1382. Caitlin: I am afraid
  1383. I can't meet you these people live where we live!!!!!!
  1384. How is our reltionship ever going to work out with people like this?!
  1385. What the fuck did you do them to make them hate you this much alex nobody I ever met has people stalking him in this way?!
  1386. evaslastresort: v_v Do you know how bad I feel? That I can't have a relationship because some jerks decided to pick on me? Please don't let that happen.
  1387. Would you allow me to explain? D:
  1388. Caitlin: yes
  1389. evaslastresort: So, when I am broadcasting a live video feed for a big audience, I have to think about being an entertainer. I have to think about amusing the crowd.
  1390. I have to be funny, and I have to exagerate things, and I have to do whatever the crowd wants.
  1391. So, if someone is being a jerk and I have to ban them, I make a big show out of it.
  1392. I list everything I hate about them, and I tell them why they can't ever come back, then I play "Batter up" music, and when the music reaches a crescendo, I ban them.
  1393. Caitlin: a big show?..
  1394. evaslastresort: It's more entertaining for the rest of the viewers if I do it in a funny way, than just simply ban them without a word.
  1395. Caitlin: you're being hateful to them and that is why they are like this, do you realize that? that your actions have enabled this??
  1396. evaslastresort: Well, I guess that some people got their feelings hurt by being publically humiliated and banned like that. I guess they decided that they wanted to take revenge by humiliating me.
  1397. I didn't think that they would get SO upset that they would actually try and make my life miserable...
  1398. Just one minute of a silly speech and silly music? It's not very nice of me to do, and I regret that I used to ban people in that way
  1399. I stopped it a long time ago
  1400. But these people decided to make it their mission to be a jerk to me because I was a jerk to them
  1401. Caitlin: and you don't see what you did was mean?
  1402. evaslastresort: I admit that I never should have made fun of them. It was supposed to be funny, because I was trying to put on an entertaining show on the Internet. I didn't think they would take it so seriously. ._.
  1403. Yes, it was mean of me. :( I regret it. I haven't done it for over a year.
  1404. Caitlin: I would be upset too if someone listed everything they hated about me and made fun of me and these people are insane :C
  1405. evaslastresort: Caitlin, do you disagree with my solution? That you should tell them you reject me, and I should never mention you again on the Internet?
  1406. Caitlin: I want these people to go away alex you do not understand me for some reason how can you not get that it upsets me that people like this now know where I live?? that is not going to be fixed or 'solved' they will always know where I live and the moment they realize you don't feel sad anymore they will just come for me again what do they want anyway do they want your stupid chatroom gone or something?
  1407. evaslastresort: ...uh...but...but they really will simply just ignore you, once they believe you have rejected me. It's that simple. <_>
  1408. Their only motivation to bother you, is to make you dislike me.
  1409. Tell them that you don't want to have anything to do with me, and they will never bother you again.
  1410. Caitlin: and what then? our life together has to be a secret yet you choose to run a chatroom where you are forced to keep a secret like that!
  1411. evaslastresort: They are "crazy" enough to spend their time harassing me, and trying to spread propoganda to you. They are not crazy enough to actually try and hurt you or anything.
  1412. Caitlin: What is more important to you, that chatroom with the psychos or me?!
  1413. evaslastresort: :( I would give up my website for you.
  1414. Caitlin: really?
  1415. evaslastresort: Yes. ._.
  1416. Caitlin: I am scared that website is where they gather even if you can't see them
  1417. if they can't see or hear you then they will leave you alone
  1418. but otherwise you will still be there every day and they will always be around because they seem to thrive off your misery
  1419. evaslastresort: :( I think you're right. I think that the only way to get rid of them will be to stop streaming video games, and stop using the username EvaXephon...
  1420. Caitlin: so the only way to get rid of them is to dissapear, I think :c these people scare me alex and it makes me uncomfortable about our relationship if they are around still, even secretly. ONE thing has to go wrong and they will go at the both of us again :C
  1421. evaslastresort: ._. It annoys me, too, that there are people who want to make trouble for me...
  1422. Caitlin: do you promise, to get rid of that chatroom?...
  1423. evaslastresort: In the 3 years that I have been streaming, they have had countless opportunities to be jerks to me. But they only show up to cause trouble, like, once every year or so.
  1424. I think that, if we were to have a relationship, they would either not bother us, or bother us very very very rarely, and we could just ignore them.
  1425. Caitlin: but they do stuck around for 3 years alex..3 years without getting bored
  1426. evaslastresort: they get bored, that is why I only see them once a year
  1427. When they say, "I wonder what Eva is up to"
  1428. Caitlin: you're backing out on it aren't you...
  1429. evaslastresort: Well, wait, please. D:
  1430. I think that being in a relationship with the most perfect girl I've ever met is way, WAY more important than running a website, or a chatroom, or a video game stream.
  1431. I would delete my website if there was a 100% guarantee that it was the only way to stop these people. However, I don't think it's a neccesary step yet, because you don't even know if they will show up again. <_> Maybe they have already given up after you refused to talk to them in person, and we are fretting over nothing.
  1432. Caitlin: alexd this happend TODAY
  1433. evaslastresort: v_v ...Erm...I just have to ask...are you mad at me for what they do?
  1434. Caitlin: And yesterday and the day before I got messaged to
  1435. why do you think I have been offline I was upset
  1436. evaslastresort: well, I am sorry that they send you messages, but messages are very very easy to ignore v_v You just have to block them...
  1437. I am so sorry that you have become upset because of something related to me...I really never meant for you to be involved in any of this in any way. D:
  1438. Caitlin: I am mad at them for what they do and I am upset with you that you are letting it continue
  1439. try to picture how I feel
  1440. I meet a guy that I think is really really cute and it makes me really happy
  1441. then people start to message me
  1442. first I think they are just stupid random people but then I got THIRTY mails in 2 days and then I MEET someone who know knows where I LIVE
  1443. I never went on okcupid for that I went there because I was too shy to talk to guys offline
  1444. and..and then the guy I have feelings for is only saying how it is not HIS fault and downplaying how these people act while they are obviously mentally sick to go visit me in real life and he goes to keep running his chatroom where they keep seeing him so they will stick around
  1445. try and imagine how that feels :c I will give you a hint it feels terrible
  1446. evaslastresort: It must look like I am trying to throw the blame off myself, but I am just trying to get you to understand something: They have never, ever in the entire time I have known them, tried to hurt anyone BUT me. They ONLY go after me. The only reason they said anything to you is because they want to make you dislike me. They don't care about you, they just care about me feeling bad. You are not their target. You are not in danger. I don't know how they found out where you live, but they only care because they want you to dislike me. If they ever bother you IRL again, you can report them to the police and that should stop them.
  1447. Caitlin: if we are together then you and me become US
  1448. so if they go after you they go after US
  1449. and I can't handle that
  1450. evaslastresort: I feel really bad for you. I am very upset at them for scaring you and making you unhappy. It makes me so angry at them, and angry at myself for being involved in any way.
  1451. Caitlin: I'm sorry :c
  1452. evaslastresort: Caitlin, if you and I became "us", then I would have no more interest in running a website.
  1453. Then they would never see me again, and they wouldn't be able to feed off of me again
  1454. If you and I were in a relationship, then you'd never hear from them again. And if you did, I would deal with it, you have my word.
  1455. So far, you know that they bothered you in real life one time. You don't currently have to worry about it being a repeat occurance. And if it is a repeat occurance, you can report them for breaking the law.
  1456. I am not trying to downplay it, I am trying to comfort you by telling you that it is not as bad as it seems :(
  1457. Caitlin: Alex i just told you
  1458. I called the police
  1459. they said that no crime was comitted
  1460. so they are not doing anything unless these guys start to stalk me and I can prove it or if they attack me
  1461. but it just scares me and upsets me I don't want to deal with that and I don't think they can be an 'us' unless these people are gone it just scares me and makes me anxious too much to be comfortable
  1462. evaslastresort: Yeah; that's why I said "if it is a repeat occurance" ; if they keep on harassing you, THEN you can report them for breaking the law. Just say that to them if you ever see them again. "I will report this to the police." They will get scared and leave you alone.
  1463. Caitlin: I can't believe you think that is going to make me feel better
  1464. evaslastresort: They are weirdos and psychos and creeps, but they very very rarely try to bother me. Unfortunately, you got to see what they are like, but this is not something that constantly happens.
  1465. Caitlin: I am worried alex
  1466. evaslastresort: I am sorry, Caitlin D:
  1467. Caitlin: they have to be gone
  1468. before we can move upwards with our relationship they have to be gone I am sorry
  1469. evaslastresort: I understand that. :( That is perfectly reasonable.
  1470. Caitlin: so you accept that? :c
  1471. evaslastresort: D: I don't want to give up on us. I want to try getting rid of them. And I'd sacrifice whatever I had to, to get rid of them.
  1472. Caitlin: now you won't
  1473. I don't think you will I am sorry but you keep trying to get out of the things you said just a second before
  1474. evaslastresort: Huh? <_>
  1475. Please tell me how you drew that conclusion :(
  1476. Caitlin: first you say you will delete the chatroom or stream or wahtever you call it and then you suddenly said 'no no it is not needed they won't bother you only me' and I tried so hard to explain how that is not the problem, how the problem is that we cannot become an US if they bother you because I am not ready to deal with any more of these things and if there is even a CHANCE of them bothering us again I am too afraid to go on with you
  1477. evaslastresort: Well, please let me clarify what I meant, because I seem to have sent mixed signals. :(
  1478. Caitlin: no I think you were very clear :c
  1479. I think you do not want to lose me but you do not want to lose your website thing either
  1480. and I don't understand how you can even try to justify that to me
  1481. evaslastresort: I don't even know if they will bother you again. If you delete your OkCupid, and you already refused to listen to them in person, I don't think you will hear from them again. I won't ever mention you on the Internet again, so I think you are safe now.
  1482. Caitlin: oh so I have to do everything and just HOPE it will be fine
  1483. evaslastresort: No way D: That is not what I said...
  1484. Caitlin: I already blanked my okcupid
  1485. I told you
  1486. evaslastresort: v_v Look, give me 5 minutes, and I'll just put up a message on my website saying that I am going on a vacation from streaming, and that it is wrong to harass people in real life.
  1487. I'll do it right now, okay? :(
  1488. Caitlin: how is that getting rid of it?!
  1489. A vacation?
  1490. They will laugh and make sure to check if you are coming back
  1491. evaslastresort: v_v Sigh
  1492. Caitlin: and then you come back because a vacation is coming back
  1493. evaslastresort: Caitlin, do you want me to abandon my main hobby for a girl I haven't met in person yet? I will declare a vacation for you, but I would only quit streaming if we were actually in a relationship.
  1494. Caitlin: well we can't be in a relationship with those people around I am sorry
  1495. Alex I hope you find love in the future... :c
  1496. evaslastresort: Those people are not my fault, or my responsibility, and I am not in control of them
  1497. Caitlin: ;-;
  1498. evaslastresort: Caitlin...
  1499. Please ;_;
  1500. I would like to continue discussing this ;_;
  1501. But...maybe when you have calmed down? ;_;
  1502. Caitlin: why are we even in a discussion?
  1503. no I am very calm don't tell me to calm down!!
  1504. evaslastresort: Right now, all you can do is blame me, and be mad at me. D:
  1505. Caitlin: my mom is here alex
  1506. evaslastresort: You are mad at me, even though I never did anything wrong to you. You are mad at me because a bunch of jerks hate me.
  1507. Caitlin: she doesn't even understand why I am still talking to you I have been defending you against her all this time and now I don't even know why
  1508. evaslastresort: I hope that we get to speak again. v_v were the most perfect girl I have ever met. I am very sad that these people tried to come between us.
  1509. I never did anything wrong to you v_v I simply liked you.
  1510. I really really hope that we keep talking. :(
  1511. Caitlin: I am sad that you do not trust me to give our relationship a chance I tried REALLY hard to explain again and again and you just don't seem to get it
  1512. evaslastresort: Please don't give up on me or reject me yet, because you don't know if these people will keep trying to bother you.
  1513. Caitlin: I don't think we can keep talking I cannot and don't have to deal with this or even the chance that these people will come back to harrass me
  1514. evaslastresort: D: Caitlin, is the only thing that will make you happy, is if I announce that I am quitting streaming, right now?
  1515. Caitlin: no you have to do it and it makes me feel safe alex
  1516. evaslastresort: I seriously doubt these people will continue to harass you, they get bored after a few days if they are not getting feedback.
  1517. Caitlin: if those people are there
  1518. then I do not feel safe
  1519. evaslastresort: v_v
  1520. Caitlin: you may doubt it but you do not seem to get that I do not feel safe
  1521. evaslastresort: I understand that
  1522. Caitlin: this is a first for me and I do not want a boyfriend with this kind of baggage
  1523. evaslastresort: D:
  1524. I am very sorry, but i never asked for this baggage D: I cannot change my past...
  1525. Caitlin: I don't want to develop even more strong feelings for you then I have been developing already without security I am sorry I have been hurt way too many times in the past
  1526. evaslastresort: I don't think that they will be a factor in our lives...
  1527. Caitlin: you can think but you cannot be 100% sure
  1528. you are still an internet person you are out there alex
  1529. out there for people like them to see
  1530. evaslastresort: I understand that you do not feel safe. However, I think that you are way more safe than you realize. One of these punks built up the courage to bother you in real life, but that's it; you will probably never even see them again.
  1531. And they would not be a factor in our relationship.
  1532. Caitlin: you 'think'
  1533. alex I am done repeating what I said I am sorry I am just getting too upset
  1534. you don't seem to understand or you don't seem to WANT to understand and I worry that it is the latter
  1535. I apologize but maybe finding someone without a chatroom with hateful people in it is safer do you understand that alex?
  1536. evaslastresort: ...I wish I could explain myself better, because I do understand, but I can't get you to understand why everything will be okay...
  1537. I will gladly just delete the website right now if it will make you happy.
  1538. Caitlin: well show me that you did it then because I am not sure anymore if you are actually ready to do that
  1539. did you leave? :c
  1540. evaslastresort: No
  1541. I am deleting my website. ._.
  1542. Well, to prevent a misunderstanding, I shouldn't phrase it that way
  1543. I'm putting up a message saying that I am quitting, and why.
  1544. Caitlin: what do you mean?...
  1545. evaslastresort: Well, look
  1547. Is this good enough for you? v_v
  1548. Caitlin: Yes..You don't know how happy I am that you did that for me. I am still upset but not at you, just at what happened today.
  1549. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that there are people like that in the world
  1550. evaslastresort: Now, there is no more chat room. There is no longer a place for them to gather. They can't see me anymore. They don't have a reason to bother me anymore. They won. They got what they wanted. They got rid of me.
  1551. Caitlin: No alex you got your life
  1552. and you have me
  1553. you won
  1554. they can't harrass you anymore
  1555. they cannot make fun of you anymore
  1556. evaslastresort: >_< That's a much better way to think of it
  1557. Caitlin: they have to go find someone else to harass because they are sad, petty, people
  1558. evaslastresort: They sure are. :<
  1559. I want you to be happy. I want you to feel safe. I would do anything if it would help protect you. I won't let those guys be a part of our lives.
  1560. Caitlin: <3
  1561. evaslastresort: <3
  1562. Caitlin: I am going offline for now because I want to talk with my mom and calm down a little, I will see you tomorrow I hope?
  1563. evaslastresort: O-okay...please...please don't, um, leave and never come back ._.
  1564. I think you will be safe. >_< And I'd do anything to guarantee it.
  1565. Caitlin: I would never do that to you! :3
  1566. evaslastresort: I hope you have have a nice day after the drama =( I will be here to chat and give you support.
  1567. Caitlin: thank you :)
  1568. that makes me feel safe
  1569. evaslastresort: I'm available all day today and tomorrow to chat. ;w;
  1570. Caitlin: yay!
  1571. bye bye for now!
  1572. evaslastresort: Bye bye for now ^_^ And, once again, I am sorry for this mess.
  1573. Caitlin: It is fine, it is not your fault
  1574. evaslastresort: Have a nice day, Caitlin~
  1603. 8:37 AM me: hi there :3
  1604. Gaspeh :O
  1605. 8:38 AM I was hoping that I'd get to see you today ;w;
  1606. me: here I am! I just needed to take a bit of a rest ;-;
  1607. how are you, Alex?
  1608. I understand, that makes perfect sense~
  1609. I'm doing okay >w<; Thanks for asking~
  1610. 8:39 AM I've just been keeping myself busy with video games and the Internet. :3c An average day, I suppose
  1611. how are you doing...? o.o
  1612. me: me too! what video games have you been playing?
  1613. I am doing a bit better. ^.^; still shaken up, but a little less stressed! I am happy to be talking with you
  1614. indie game called Aquaria. It's really artsy and stylish, and pretty darn awesome!
  1615. 8:40 AM But the puzzles get hard I take breaks. ^_^;
  1616. I also played some Super Street Fighter 4 today...but I lost a lot >_> Today just wasn't my day for SSF4...
  1617. So then I played Soul Calibur 4 and did way better :D Some fighting games I really excel at, and others...not so much ^_^;
  1618. Then I played a little bit of Team Fortress 2 because my buddies invited me to a match. ^_^
  1619. 8:41 AM me: well that sounds like a nice day overall. I'm sorry about SF4 ;-;
  1620. And...a wee bit of Minecraft, too. :3 I tried building a house in the side of a mountain for fun.
  1621. me: what class do you play? :3
  1622. Aw, it's okay. ^_^ It wasn't so bad.
  1623. I tried my hand at Pyro since I heard he's easy for beginners. ^_^;
  1624. I found a katana for the Soldier, so I experimented with him, melee only, to be silly. >w<
  1625. 8:42 AM me: nifty! :o
  1626. Somehow, I wound up in a game where I was the only guy there...D: So I used the opportunity to get achievements. :3 It was funny.
  1627. I have a confession to make! T_T I broke my promise to you.
  1628. 8:43 AM Remember how I promised you that I wouldn't worry? Well...I worried a little! ;-;
  1629. me: !!! what did you worry about?? ;_;
  1630. I was afraid you decided to ditch me. v.v Those creepy people must have left a pretty bad impression of me on you =(
  1631. 8:44 AM me: I am upset, but not at you! I just hope you understand why I was so freaked out o.o meeting new people is hard enough without it being a weird creepy stalker on the street!
  1632. I want you to know that I very very rarely encounter them; they show up like once or twice a year. It was very very unfortunate that they actually showed up at the most inopportune time for me...right when I finally met someone wonderful >_<
  1633. 8:45 AM me: I guess they probably just always watch and wait ;-;
  1634. I assure you that they are not a big part of my life, more like an annoying fly that buzzes by sometimes, and they have never ever interfered with real life until this one occasion. I am very displeased that they chose to do that =(
  1635. You know...
  1636. After I shut my stream down,
  1637. Some people showed up to...gloat. _;
  1638. One of them, though...
  1639. He's pretty much the ringleader of the jerks who picked on me
  1640. me: gloat how???
  1641. tell me about it ;-;
  1642. 8:46 AM hugs
  1643. Well, they came to my chatroom to laugh about how I finally gave up on streaming and left my hobby of 3 years. ^_^;
  1644. The ringleader said something interesting, though. "Tell him I'm sorry about what happened to him. That sucks. I'm on his side."
  1645. So, I don't think that this time, it was those people from before. They have practically forgotten about me by now.
  1646. me: how do you know he was a ringleader???
  1647. >_> Because I and I have history together...
  1648. 8:47 AM *him and I
  1649. me: I feel so curious about you. I even want to hear the "bad things" and share all this kind of stuff. I want to ask about it, but don't wanna upset you for wanting to know more details. :c
  1650. 8:48 AM I think that those people from before, who would enjoy picking on me, have given up on me and pursue other things now, and that's why they leave me alone most of the time. I think that, on this occasion, it was just ONE guy who I angered recently. I think that the mob of people who dislike me don't even care about me anymore, but this one guy still harbors of a grudge for whatever reason.
  1651. A year ago, they would have been a big deal. Now there are just one or two stragglers still picking on me.
  1652. Once again, I'm sorry that you had to experience an Internet jerk in person >_<
  1653. 8:49 AM If you'd like, I could tell you the whole story from the top. Either now, or some other time.
  1654. It's a negaitve subject, so I didn't want to bring it up, but I just wanted to apologize one last time, so I had to bring it up >_<
  1655. We can just drop it and ignore it now if you'd rather have that
  1656. I would so much rather focus on positive, happy things, and chat with you about our favorite stuff :D
  1657. 8:50 AM But I just wanted to say that this is a rare occurance, I don't deal with bullies very often anymore, and it's probably all over! ^_^
  1658. me: well, I would like to know this stuff, but I understand if you don't want to delve into it. I am curious about your history, though. I would answer anything you'd like to know as well. :3
  1659. 8:51 AM Aw, that's swell. :3
  1660. I'm so glad you haven't given up on me. T_T
  1661. You can ask me anything you want, I'll gladly tell you, I'm an open book with no secrets. ^_^
  1662. If it were up to me, I would have told you about unfortunate things from my past AFTER we had already gotten to know each other really well, but I didn't get to pick the time, I guess. ^_^;;
  1663. 8:52 AM me: I do have a question, though. I hope it's okay if I ask this, because it was brought up to be a few times by the people bothering me on Okcupid ^^;
  1664. Okie dokie =<
  1665. I'm sure I can soothe your concerns. >;3
  1666. me: they kept mentioning a girl named Abby, and I just wanted to know who she was?
  1667. 8:53 AM they said they were going to have her talk to me, but I never heard from any girl I think
  1668. Abbey was a girl that I knew from my stream. We flirted with each other and kinda considered ourselves e-boyfriend and e-girlfriend, but we never met in real life, and she lived on the other side of the country, so it wasn't gonna work out. v_v
  1669. 8:54 AM me: oh, that seems simple enough!
  1670. 8:55 AM This was the point in my life where I took my stream very very seriously and it was like the #1 thing in my life. I took the stream more seriously than her. :( Eventually, she got tired of that, so she left me to join the group of people that bullied me. I admit fault on this one...I will never forgive myself for ignoring a human being that liked me, and prioritizing a video game website over a real person. I will never do that again. I learned my lesson.
  1671. I guess they wanted to use Abbey as an example; "Just ask Abbey, she will tell you what a crappy boyfriend EvaXephon would be!"
  1672. And I bet I was a crappy boyfriend. :( I'm determined to never let that happen again.
  1673. 8:56 AM If I ever get to have a girlfriend in the future, I will never let her be sad or ignored. ^_^
  1674. me: aw, well I think it's very noble that you admit your mistake. hugs
  1675. it happens to the best of us!
  1676. I'd rather admit everything to you, since hiding stuff is just an all-around bad idea.
  1677. me: brb
  1678. 8:58 AM okay, I am back :3
  1679. Hooray ^O^ Confetti
  1680. 8:59 AM me: well Abbey never contacted me, so I guess she didn't think that :3
  1681. so that is good.
  1682. She was a nice person. She only sided with them for a brief time. They are very crass individuals and she was very polite, so they didn't mesh well. She doesn't hold grudges or join in on bullying sessions.
  1683. 9:00 AM me: ugh, crass people _
  1684. I e-mailed her for the first time in 2 years to tell her "Thank you for not joining those people in their bullying" and she said "You're welcome. They told me that I have to save some poor girl from you, but they are probably just over-exaggerating and being melodramatic over nothing, like they usually are."
  1685. And she wished me luck with you. ^_~
  1686. 9:01 AM me: ^__^ well, that is a nice ending to that story.
  1687. ^__^
  1688. me: hugs
  1689. *Big hugs!*
  1690. Well! >w<; Enough about me...what did YOU do today?
  1691. me: I played a lot of WoW >_>
  1692. 9:02 AM Ooh. <w<
  1693. I should get it, so that we can play together. owo
  1694. I mean, only if that idea is interesting to you ^_^;
  1695. me: I am a priest :333
  1696. :3 Oh nifty!
  1697. me: that'd be so fun!
  1698. That suits you ^_^ You seem like the sort of nice person who'd be a helpful healing assissting person...
  1699. But I bet you can also kick butt in a pinch. >:3
  1700. 9:03 AM me: I try! I love healing others, though <333
  1701. 9:04 AM D'aw, you're such a sweetheart, even online in an MMO. :3
  1702. How long have you played WoW? :3
  1703. 9:05 AM me: a little over a year now! I play by myself mostly, and queue for instances and pvp randomly when I am not too shy ^^;
  1704. my sister used to play with me ;-;
  1705. 9:06 AM Aw, so shy, even in WoW <3 You are adorable!
  1706. me: I am super shy >.<
  1707. That's so cute. >w<
  1708. me: noooo ;-; poke it's embarrassing!!
  1709. 9:07 AM *Pokes you back* Well, I think that you don't have anything to be ashamed of. <3
  1710. I only find all of your traits to be precious and adorable. <3
  1711. 9:08 AM me: anyway, I stopped paying for WoW awhile ago because I am pretty cheap, so I play on a free private server now. it's pretty good, though!
  1712. <333 I find you adorable, too
  1713. <3
  1714. Ooh, I see...
  1715. I used to play Ragnarok Online
  1716. me: I never tried that :0
  1717. I switched to a private server because it did crazy stuff like bump up the exp 10x
  1718. Oh my goodness, I would be so super happy if you played RO with me ;-;
  1719. 9:09 AM You know how OkCupid said that we're 33% enemies, or something like that? Well, I can't find even one thing that I dislike about you!
  1720. OkCupid was wrong >:3 But I'm glad it led you to me. <3
  1721. me: what does the enemies stat mean anyway???
  1722. 9:10 AM I guess it means that we answered some kind of "Dealbreaker" question differently
  1723. Like, I said "I want kids" and you said "I don't want kids" or whatever
  1724. I haven't found any dealbreakers yet. ^_^
  1725. Are you a feminist? o-o A vegetarian? o-o A conservative?!?!?! O_O
  1726. 9:11 AM me: xD oh gosh, no!
  1727. Do you hate the gays? :O Hate abortion? :O Hate anyone who is not of your religion?
  1728. me: you don't like feminists or vegetarians? :o
  1729. nope :3
  1730. Well, vegetarians...CAN be annoying...if they try and make you feel guilty for what you eat.
  1731. But if they don't push their beliefs on me, I am fine with them.
  1732. 9:12 AM And that statement goes for all types of people. ^_^;
  1733. As for feminism, I don't think that the idea itself is bad. Women should be treated equally, after all!
  1734. I am a bit of a sexist, because I am always nicer to girls than guys. :3c I don't treat women equally, I treat them better...
  1735. ;-; is this a good or bad thing?
  1736. 9:13 AM I don't know if it looks chivalrous, or looks...desparate? ^_^;
  1737. me: it's totally sweet! but I get jealous, so I might feel a little threatened if you are super nice to all the girls infront of me!
  1738. I am sorry! ;-;
  1739. 9:14 AM Teeheehee
  1740. Jealousy is also super cute. <3 But, just so you know, if I was with you, I would just ignore all other girls. w They would be genderless entities, not even female anymore.
  1741. 9:15 AM When I thought that you would never speak to me again, I went on OkCupid and looked at other girls...but absolutely none of them could compare to you. Like, how could I ever want another girl, when I have seen Caitlin? >_< You set the standard so high that no other girl can match it!
  1742. me: omg, you are making me blush!
  1743. <3
  1744. 9:16 AM have you ever met a girl on okcupid?
  1745. Well, I am just being honest, you're the best girl I've ever met. ^_^ You have every trait that I respect, admire, or like. <3
  1746.;-;...y-you're the f-first girl who ever m-messaged me...
  1747. You're super special >O<
  1748. I'm so glad we met. >o<
  1749. 9:17 AM OH =O I found a picture that I wanted to show you...
  1750. me: :3 I find that hard to believe that you were never messaged!
  1751. okies!
  1752. Hm...
  1753. I can't seem to...
  1754. 9:18 AM <.> Out of curiosity, are you in the g-mail web browser right now?
  1755. me: oh yes! should I switch to gtalk?
  1756. Nope, it's okay
  1757. I can just link it~!
  1759. me: OMG
  1760. That cat reminds me of you. :3
  1762. ^O^ Just like you.
  1763. me: IT'S MY TWIN <3
  1764. <3
  1765. 9:19 AM me: ^___^
  1766. I wish to hug it
  1767. I wish to :3c
  1768. me: I haven't had a hug in a long time! ;-;
  1769. 9:20 AM Oh my gosh ;-; Well, I am an unlimited hug dispensing machine.
  1770. I would give you all the hugs you ever wanted, whenever, wherever. >_<
  1771. me: ^_^ yayyers!
  1772. ^_____^
  1773. >_> Golly, I really like looking at this picture of you...
  1774. 9:21 AM me: which one? :o
  1775. It was your OkCupid profile pic...I'm glad I saved it <3
  1776. And also the other one...that's also a good picture. <3 <3 You are very attractive, did you know that~?
  1777. me: blush I never heard that. so are you <3
  1778. 9:22 AM No girl's ever told me before ;w; You are so kind...thank you <3
  1779. me: well, I can be your first >:3
  1780. *Blush*
  1781. ...was that some innuendo? ^_~
  1782. 9:23 AM me: a little...I think. :o omg, so embarrassed!!
  1783. <3 Don't make me so happy all the time. ^_^
  1784. You really don't have to hold back at all with me, you can say whatever you want, anytime. ^_~
  1785. 9:24 AM me: I am a virgin, too >_>
  1786. *blush*
  1787. Oh my gosh...a girl this beautiful, this sexy, this radiant, this wonderful and rare? >_< No guy has ever...really? But surely...really? Wow!
  1788. me: I have barely done anything with a guy ever. :o
  1789. 9:25 AM T_T You are...the rarest of the rare!
  1790. I can't believe you even exist >o< Am I hallucinating?
  1791. me: I was afraid I would scare guys away by saying I was a virgin ;-;
  1792. O_O No way!
  1793. me: you are silly xD
  1794. 9:26 AM I mean, I don't think that all girls should be pure, or that girls who have sex are evil sluts, or that everyone should always save themselves for marriage
  1795. ...but...but...
  1796. It's just really awesome that I don't have to be jealous of some guy from the past. T_T
  1797. 9:27 AM I think it is really super romantic to save sex for someone who is very very very special, instead of losing it as fast as possible. >_<
  1798. me: can I ask you how far you have been with a girl?
  1799. <3 :3
  1800. ...I...there was one time...a girl liked me, and when I told her that I had never been kissed, she offered to kiss me. We made out on her bed and she let me...t...t..touch her boobie >/////< ...but that was it...we never did anything else after that...
  1801. 9:28 AM I liked her, and she liked me, but she simply didn't want to have a relationship, because she just got out of a really bad one, and she enjoyed being free.
  1802. However, I was desperate and lonely, so I kept on bothering her and saying, "hey hey, we should get together."
  1803. drove us apart. I alienated her by annoying her so much.
  1804. T_T I will never make the same mistake again.
  1805. T_T If a girl says she's not interested, that's it, I will never bring up the subject ever again.
  1806. 9:29 AM I don't want to ever scare a girl off again. v_v
  1807. me: well, she did lead you on a little with that makeout session!
  1808. It was such a dumb mistake. v_v
  1809. >_> I...I try not to put blame on others. felt like she led me on...
  1810. ...<_< god, I feel like I am gonna regret this...
  1811. me: totally!
  1813. ...I shouldn't pry! >_<
  1814. 9:30 AM me: I have only kissed a couple of guys. I have never even been felt up >.<
  1815. O_O
  1816. Y-you mean...those beautiful, gorgeous...never touched?!
  1817. me: only by myself :o
  1818. ...that's sexy. >w>
  1819. I like it when you say sexy things. >w>
  1820. 9:31 AM me: teehee
  1821. Caitlin, you truly are the rarest type of girl imaginable, and you are incredibly amazing and fantastic and wonderful and terrific. >_<
  1822. me: oh, you flirt! you are turning my cheeks so red!
  1823. 9:32 AM <3
  1824. Please let me know if I ever go to far or say something crass or annoying to you =o
  1825. me: totally!
  1826. I don't ever wanna offend you!
  1827. me: I will let you know! I am an open book :D
  1828. You're so awesome, I don't wanna make a mistake and scare you off. ;w;
  1829. 9:33 AM ...>w>
  1830. >w> Let's see...I wonder if I can get away with...
  1831. ...<w<...may I...may I ask what your bra size is~?
  1832. me: 34dd :o
  1833. Holy cow! @O@ You are...a sex goddess!
  1834. 9:34 AM me: I developed a lot o.o
  1835. 9:35 AM You are my vision of ideal beauty. <3 Inside AND out. ^_^
  1836. me: I never thought I would hear that ;-;
  1837. Well, I only say it...cuz it's true. ;-;
  1838. 9:36 AM me: well I am glad :D
  1839. ^_^
  1840. me: I never told anyone who wasn't a female that size :o
  1841. *blush* I feel honored!
  1842. 9:37 AM me: hooray :33
  1843. You constantly make me feel honored and flattered and happy in all sorts of ways. ;-;
  1844. How are you so gosh darn perfect? ;-;
  1845. me: o.o I'm not!!! I am just me ^.^
  1846. 9:38 AM ^_^ Very well then! You are just you, but just you happens to be perfect for me. <3
  1847. me: ^__^ hugs yippee, I feel the same
  1848. 9:39 AM *super hugs* ^_^
  1849. I wonder~ In a relationship, how much affection would you like to give and recieve?
  1850. me: A TON!
  1851. cuddles all the time ^_^
  1852. 9:40 AM =O I'm the exact same way!!!
  1853. There could never possibly be a thing as too much cuddles. T_T
  1854. me: I hope you have a comfy lap! ;D
  1855. ...I...I don't know how other people feel about recieving tons of affection, but I could never recieve too much. I would always be receptive towards hugs, kisses, cuddles, everything!
  1856. me...
  1857. *faints*
  1858. @_@
  1859. ...the thought of you...s-sitting in my lap...
  1860. Oh goodness
  1861. *fans self*
  1862. 9:41 AM Sometimes, I hear my co-workers complaining that their girlfriends are "too clingy"
  1863. What the heck? >_< I could never get mad at my girlfriend for being very affectionate towards me.,
  1864. 9:42 AM Positive attention is a GOOD thing! It could never be bad!
  1865. me: some many guys complain about that!
  1866. makes me afraid!
  1867. so*
  1868. I mean, if a girl wanted space, I'd give her space~ I would keep my hands off if she wanted me to.
  1869. have absolutely no restrictions. ^_^
  1870. 9:43 AM me: the guys I know say their girlfriends give them headaches and are too needy D:
  1871. ...I kinda...I kinda want a clingy needy girlfriend ;-; So I can let her cling to me, and fulfill her every need. <3
  1872. 9:44 AM me: you don't think you'd get sick of it? o.o
  1873. Never ever!
  1874. me: ^.^ YAYYERS!
  1875. 9:45 AM Do you have any questions for me? ^_^ Is there anything awesome that happened to you today that you'd like to share~?
  1876. 9:47 AM me: hmm awesome? well, I mostly just played WoW, so nothing so exciting! tomorrow is labor day, so my family will have a picnic! ^.^ as for questions, I am so bad at those. do you have any siblings? nieces or nephews? tell me about your best friend? :3
  1877. 9:48 AM Picnic! >w< Sounds fun!
  1878. I have a brother...he is 15 years older than me. He is from a different dad from a different relationship before my mom met my dad. ^_^;
  1879. He has a son and a daughter, which gives me a niece and nephew.
  1880. 9:49 AM me: cute!!
  1881. 9:50 AM best friend...?...well, it's someone who I only know over the Internet. ^_^; But, I would love to meet him some day. We have been talking with each other since about 2005. We met on GameFAQs, and did a text-based RPG together. Then the message board where we were doing the RPG got attacked, so we took it off the website and continued it through MSN messenger.
  1882. Then we just...kept talking, kept chatting, kept roleplaying, kept writing stories together, played video games together, became BFFs. :3
  1883. me: Aw, that sounds totally nice! ^.^ you guys roleplay? how so?
  1884. 9:52 AM Well! One of us invents a scenario. Like, for example, two space bounty hunters must embark on a mission to take out an enemy space station. Then I write for one of the bounty hunters, and he writes for the other bounty hunter.
  1885. That must sound so corny and nerdy ^_^;;;;;;;;;;
  1886. Sometimes we do silly comedy sketches, really absurd stuff, like "What if 4 video game characters were trapped in a haunted mansion together?"
  1887. And other times...serious story! =| With plot, and character development, and twists, and drama...serious serious =|
  1888. 9:53 AM me: o.o OH WOW! that sounds so nifty! do you do that a lot?
  1889. Well, we used to
  1890. We kinda...stopped, once I picked up the streaming thing
  1891. That became my life for a couple years. ^_^; 12+ hours a day, streaming!
  1892. 9:54 AM I didn't have time for him anymore...
  1893. me: 12 hours?? :o
  1894. When I was unemployed, I could stream allllllll daaaaay
  1895. me: did he participate in your streaming?
  1896. Nope
  1897. ONE time, we played RE5 co-op together on the stream
  1898. that was neat :3c
  1899. me: you must have made quite a few friends while streaming if you did it for so long!
  1900. ...yeah...^_^;
  1901. me: cool!
  1902. 9:55 AM When I shut the stream down, I was instantly contacted by dozens of people
  1903. Not the bullies laughing at me, but my fans and friends, devastated that it was gone. ._.
  1904. "But now how will I talk to everyone?!"
  1905. "What am I gonna watch every night?!"
  1906. "Please bring the stream back!!"
  1907. "Eva, we miss you!!"
  1908. "You can't erase the community that you spend three years building..."
  1909. 9:56 AM "I don't know what to do with myself now. I spent hours every day at your stream."
  1910. "Why won't you tell us why you shut it down?!"
  1911. ^_^; 1% of the time, an asshole would show up to try and cause trouble. But 99% of the time, it was me and my friends hanging out and having fun, every day.
  1912. 9:58 AM :( I was actually going to ask you if it would be okay for me to run a private stream. Not a public one that everyone can see and access, but a private hidden secret stream that is just between my friends and I. Nobody can access it without the link, so there's no way that the bullies could ever find me through it.
  1913. I would only give the link to the people who visited me and watched me every day for 2 years
  1914. 10:00 AM me: are you sure no one would ever find out? how do you know one of the people you considered a "friend" wasn't just a spy or someone untrustworthy? what if the person contacting me was one of those people? :c
  1915. I considered the possibility :c
  1916. 10:01 AM But, regardless, I am never ever going to say a word about my personal life on the Internet ever again.
  1917. Not about you, or work, or anything else
  1918. Now that I know how bad it can get, if someone is in the mood to ruin another person's day
  1919. So, if some weirdo did manage to sneak into my secret private friends-only stream, they would never hear anything noteworthy to them.
  1920. 10:03 AM me: well, that is something to consider o.o
  1921. people are really monsters, ya know :c
  1922. I already set up the webpage, but I didn't hand out the link to anyone, since I didn't want you to feel betrayed, or whatever ^_^;
  1923. ;_; People...they really can be monsters sometimes
  1924. 10:04 AM me: well, I understand your position. do you think I could sleep on it, and tell you how I feel about it in the morning. I am just a little sleepy right now, so my thinking may not be as clear. :3
  1925. Sure. ^O^
  1926. 10:05 AM Sorry to bring up something negative! ^_^;
  1927. me: don't worry!
  1928. It's just that...well, you were 100% correct when you said that I met a loooooooot of friends while streaming.
  1929. 10x more friends than bad creepy people. >_<
  1930. 10:06 AM me: I understand >.<
  1931. pats your head gently
  1932. D'aw...
  1933. Purrs
  1934. You make me so happy. ;_;
  1935. me: aw, kitty!
  1936. 10:07 AM you make me happy too!
  1937. You've got my ears perked up, and my tail wagging. :3
  1938. me: sounds like a puppy!
  1939. I'm a purring puppykitty >w<;
  1940. 10:08 AM me: xD adorableness!
  1941. meow meow
  1942. ^_^
  1943. I have a hat with cat ears. :D
  1944. me: :o!
  1945. I should take a picture of myself wearing it and send it to you. ^_^
  1946. me: you should take a pic!
  1947. omg yes!!!
  1948. We should trade. ^_~ You should send me a picture of yourself too~
  1949. 10:09 AM me: sure!
  1950. Yippieeeee ^O^
  1951. 10:10 AM me: ^3^
  1952. 10:11 AM o3o
  1953. Hey, hey...
  1954. ...would...would you think it was creepy if...I said that I...had a dream about you? >_>
  1955. me: no! tell me about it!
  1956. Okay! It's not too special, but...
  1957. 10:12 AM In the dream, I went over to your house to visit you, and we sat on your bed, and you were sitting in my lap, and I was kissing your cheek softly. ;w; and it felt very very nice.
  1958. And then, later on in the dream, my co-workers were trying to take me to a strip club, and I said, "No! I don't think that Caitlin would like the type of guy who goes to strip clubs, so I won't go."
  1959. And...and that was it. w
  1960. Pretty tame, huh. w
  1961. 10:13 AM me: I sent you a picture through email!
  1962. I will read your dream now
  1963. 10:14 AM Awww, that is a sweet dream <3
  1964. ...owo checks e-mail
  1965. 10:15 AM ;w; I didn't get anything...what e-mail addy did you use...?
  1966. me: this one! :o let me see!
  1967. 10:16 AM did that work :o
  1968. wtf, my email language is changed
  1969. how do I fix this
  1970. ;__;
  1971. 10:17 AM email language? @_@
  1972. me: I broke something!
  1973. ;-; Oh noes!
  1974. me: it's some language I don't understand!
  1975. German maybe?
  1977. ;__;
  1978. >O<
  1980. me: thank you!!
  1981. 10:18 AM :3c
  1982. I want to be Caitlin's knight in shining armor and rescue her from bad things that happen to her. T_T
  1983. me: this is the picture I sent!
  1984. 10:19 AM Ho-hum, let's just go here and open up this link here, and take a look at
  1985. *FAINTS*
  1986. x_x Oh my sexy!!!
  1987. me: ^.^
  1988. yay
  1989. 10:20 AM o_o have to tell me something!
  1990. me: sure!
  1991. ...are you...are you real? O_O Are these pictures fake?'re too beautiful and too perfect! >_<
  1992. 10:21 AM me: o.o you are crazy and so sweet!
  1993. @_@;
  1994. me: makes me wanna cry a little!
  1995. ;-; d-don't cry
  1996. me: I never thought I was beautiful!
  1997. do you think the color pink I have in my hair is good? >.< I wasn't sure if I should go lighter, btw
  1998. If I ever made you cry, I would hafta lock myself up and throw away the key ;-;
  1999. 10:22 AM me: awww
  2000. ...well...I think that neon pink is the best pink <3
  2001. also ridiculously sexy. <3
  2002. me: maybe I will try purple streaks with pink someday!
  2004. And then you could cosplay Misato Katsuragi. :D
  2005. 10:23 AM me: that would be a cute outfit!
  2007. I like this color :3c
  2008. This isn't bad at all! :D
  2009. 10:24 AM me: I will have to try that pink sometime!
  2010. But the color in your hair, I love it. <3
  2011. me: yay ^_^
  2012. I was wearing a zebra bikini top in that pic ^^;
  2013. I now await your cat pic someday ;3
  2014. ________________________________________ 16 minutes
  2015. 10:41 AM me: whoa, not sure what happened to my gmail!
  2016. o.o...
  2017. Yeah, you seemed to go offline there! ^.^;
  2018. Didja get the e-mail that I just sent?
  2019. 10:42 AM me: it said there was "unusual account activity" and logged me off!
  2020. o_o
  2021. me: I just got it!
  2022. ;_; That's weeeeeird...
  2023. me: I know! ;-;
  2024. Hey
  2025. At the bottom right corner of the screen, it should say "Account Activity"
  2026. and "Details"
  2027. Click Details
  2028. 10:43 AM Is there only one location accessing your account, or multiple locations?
  2029. 10:44 AM me: there is just one location!
  2030. Okay!
  2031. Then, you're not being hacked. :3
  2032. me: oh good o.o
  2033. Gmail glitched, or you accidently hit a hotkey of some kind. ^_^
  2034. 10:45 AM me: I guess so! I lost our whole conversation, and I like to save them ;_;
  2035. ;_; Awwwww
  2036. me: to look back and smile
  2037. :c
  2038. D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  2039. You sweetheart >O<
  2040. I do that too. ;-;
  2041. me: do you still have our whole draft? ;-;
  2042. 10:46 AM Yes. ^O^
  2043. I can send it to you. ^-^
  2044. me: OMG HUGS YAY!
  2045. thank you <3333
  2046. 10:47 AM I haven't read the email you sent yet, but I will :3
  2047. Okay. :3 I understand if you get to it tomorrow or something.
  2048. It's long. ^.^;
  2049. 10:48 AM me: thank you for sharing with me, though <3
  2050. I get so happy everytime you hug me. >O<
  2051. <3
  2052. me: I am glad we are so honest with eachother!!
  2053. hugssss forever
  2054. @_@ Happiness forever!
  2055. 10:49 AM me: hehe
  2056. :3
  2057. me: if...if it isn't too much trouble, you could email me our chatlog from today, so I could look over it tomorrow and smile? :3
  2058. 10:50 AM I just said that I'd do that <3
  2059. me: I know, but I wanted to make sure. <3 it's just important to me ^^; I feel shy saying that, but yeah ^^;;
  2060. awwwwwwwwww
  2061. You darling. ;_;
  2062. I won't forget. <3 <3 <3
  2063. me: hooray!
  2064. ^o^
  2065. 10:51 AM me: I am getting a bit sleepy now. I wish I could rest in your lap <3
  2066. <3 You are ALWAYS welcome in my lap. <3
  2067. Are you gonna go to sleepy-bye-land now?
  2068. me: I think I may o.o my eyes are getting heavyyyyy
  2069. 10:52 AM Well~!
  2070. I don't want to keep you up
  2071. May I ask you a question first? ^.^
  2072. me: Sure! ^_^
  2073. 10:53 AM Um, I think I may have already asked this, but, what is your sleeping / waking schedule like? I don't know when I should expect you to be online, or be unavailable. ^_^;
  2074. 10:54 AM me: well, it's a bit erratic! some nights I stay up very late, and other nights I go to sleep super early. I wish I had a great answer for you! I will probably more likely be on during night time, or mid afternoon?
  2075. 10:55 AM Hm...okie dokie. >w<
  2076. What days / times do you work at the warehoues? o.O
  2077. (Last question, i promise!)
  2078. 10:56 AM me: I don't get many hours, and my hours differ from week to week! But it's usually mornings on weekends. :3
  2079. Oh, interesting...=o
  2080. Well! I bet you wanna go get your rest for the picnic tomorrow. :3
  2081. I hope you dream of me. <3
  2082. me: ya ^_^ I will try to <3
  2083. And I hope I dream of you. :3c
  2084. I will miss you!
  2085. 10:57 AM I will think positive thoughts of you. >w<
  2086. I hope you sleep well and get lots of rest and have very sweet dreams. ^_^
  2087. me: miss you too! muahsies
  2088. you sleep well too!
  2089. MUAH ^3^
  2090. me: thank you for sending me the convo <333 night cutie!!
  2091. Good night, cutie patootie. <3
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