Anon x Luna Facefarting

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  2. ((FOREWORD:
  3. Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, I intend to start posting more frequently.
  4. Before you outcry about it the Trixie part 2 is nearly complete and I've just hit a bit of a block with it, so I'm taking a break to avoid making it too shitty.
  5. Anyway, please enjoy this fic and expect more soon!
  7. Oh, and there's some brief scat at the end so '~' means be prepared for that.))
  15. Your heart was racing as you grasped onto the stone support.
  16. You were beginning to wonder why exactly you had accepted the stupid bet in the first place; it was only over fifty bits.
  17. You hesitantly peered around the large arched stone window, staring into the room inside whilst simultaneously trying to keep your balance on the thin castle ledge.
  19. The carpet was the first thing to catch your eye; a deep crimson clinquant with intricate floral patterns, winding along the floor of the room before halting at the wall.
  21. Two candle holders are positioned high on the wall, the candles providing the room with a dim, but inviting light.
  23. In one side of the room, sprawled around messily on the floor are a series of empty boxes and bottles, presumably the remains of a junk food binge.
  25. This shrine of litter surrounds a gaming system connected to a small monitor. You're not too sure you have the right room.
  27. Your concerns are lifted as you notice a large, ornately-designed bed on the opposing side of the room.
  28. Although it seems hard to make out from this distance, you're more than certain the pony inhabiting the bed is Princess Luna herself!
  30. Your bet was simple, but incredibly risky; steal a pair of undies from Luna's drawer.
  31. You really regretted even accepting the bet in a half-inebriated state the night before, but it was now too far in to just leave.
  33. Besides, you did admittedly have a bit of a crush on Luna. The idea of owning a pair of her panties was certainly a nice one.
  35. With much effort, you began to lift one leg carefully into the stone arch and feel your foot touch down on the carpet.
  36. You managed to meet it with the other foot, and bring yourself inside.
  39. The first thing that hit you as you entered the room was the smell of pizza, burgers, and all other means of junk foods.
  40. The low glow of the screen illuminated all the boxes and bottles scattered around the floor; there were whole halves of pizzas left half-eaten and no doubt cold.
  42. You shifted your focus back to the mission at hand, momentarily looking over your shoulder to check Luna was still asleep.
  44. Your heart began to beat faster and faster as with each soft step you approached her clothes drawer.
  45. You arbitrarily slid the top drawer open, trying to minimise the squeaky creaking noise as much as possible.
  47. To your relief you were met with a drawer-full of soft cotton panties of ranging colours, designs, and materials; you wondered why one pony would need these many.
  49. Hurried for time and eager to leave, you grabbed at a random pair, looking down to see a pair of pink and white striped panties; they were unbelievably soft to touch and, as you brought them up to your nose, were wonderful to smell.
  51. Although they had no distinct smell, you could tell you were inhaling panties that had been many times stuffed deep in the Princess' nethers, and that was good enough.
  54. You turned around slowly to leave, Luna still appearing to be sound asleep in the subdued light of her sybaritic bedroom.
  56. It seemed as though everything had gone far better than you'd expected it would, and you glanced over to an elaborate painting of Equestrian countryside as you tip-toed back to the window.
  58. "Why hello, my little one~"
  60. These words left you frozen on the spot, your heart sinking fast.
  61. How long had she been awake? How much had she seen? You might've still been able to worm your way out of the situation.
  63. "I would much admire a response.. Anon, is it? Yes; I recognise you."
  65. You turn shamefully to face Luna, who is now sitting up in bed and grinning at you maliciously. You physically tremble.
  67. "No answer? Pity. I suppose I can let this out finally.."
  69. Before you could even wonder what she was talking about, the bed was filled with a muffled rumbling which you had to say lasted about fifteen full seconds before it subdued and Luna sighed, giggling in the least mare-like way possible.
  71. You had never imagined a mare would fart so proudly and rambunctiously around anyone, let alone one of Equestria's own Princesses!
  73. You could tell your jaw had dropped by the gleeful smirk she shone your way.
  75. "What's so gobsmacking, anon? Even such as we must pass our gases regularly, you know."
  77. Of course it was a fact everypony had to release their gas somehow, but you never pictured a Princess doing it so... Disgustingly.
  79. "And what, pray tell, are you doing here at such a late hour~? Perhaps you wished to have a private company with the Princess?"
  81. "I-I-"
  83. You tried to say something, but you just couldn't, until after a few seconds of stammering you managed to form a sentence.
  85. "I-I'm sorry, Princess -- y-your majesty.. I'll be leaving now.."
  87. You turn and walk briskly towards the way you came in, but with a flash of light Luna commands that the window slams shut and bolts tightly.
  89. "Where are you going, anon? You only just arrived!"
  91. "I-I'm sorry! I made a mistake an-"
  93. "And what's this?" She noticed the striped frilly panties clasped in your hand.
  95. You suddenly feel a loss of control over your body as you begin to levitate at her command, floating across the room where she inspects the article of clothing.
  97. "Hmm. What exactly are you doing with these?"
  99. You're speechless once again, dreading the inevitable torture and punishment you are no doubt about to be the subject of.
  101. You'd heard stories and rumours around Canterlot and Ponyville that the punishment used in Canterlot castle was slow and indescribably painful.
  103. Would she tie you up to a rack and stretch you out until your limbs tore off?
  104. Drive sharp, rusty nails into your kneecaps and spine until you bled to death?
  105. Slice you apart slowly and let you watch yourself be dismembered before you died?
  106. There were many stories you'd heard about what was done, but nobody knew for sure.
  108. Luna's stomach growled and she looked down at it with a cheeky grin.
  110. "I have to say as nice as all that food was I do not think my stomach quite agrees.."
  111. She looks across at the panties again.
  113. "And why pick this pair specifically? I suppose you like these ones best?"
  115. It was more of a random selection, but you just keep quiet and watch on in horror.
  116. Luna slips the panties onto her hind legs and pulls them up so they fit snugly around her waist.
  118. "I must say these are perhaps my most comfortable pair; you have a good eye, anon."
  120. You feel yourself move against your will again, as she lifts you up and places you laying down on her bed. You feel your muscles tighten slowly and soon find yourself unable to move anything but your eyes and mouth.
  122. If you weren't so stressed out you'd probably admire how comfy Luna's bed was; you almost felt like you were melting through the mattress as you watched her get over you.
  124. You could still smell the leftover food from all the way over the other side of the room. Whatever toppings or sauces she'd had were very strong.
  126. The Princess' face lowered down to yours. You could feel her hot breath blow over your nostrils. It smelled very much like the food in the corner of the room, but stronger -- a lot stronger.
  128. She opened her mouth gradually, but instead of speaking a low, ululating belch creeped out through her lips and up your nostrils.
  129. It was the same smell again, but even stronger and more concentrated.
  131. "You're lucky you caught me tonight, anon." She began to say jeeringly to you as she turned around over you, "I'm especially gassy tonight~! So gassy, in fact, that my dear sister has had to cover for me in the raising of the moon."
  133. She loomed over you like a dark, menacing shadow. Her tail slid down over her large, rounded rump and glistened brightly. The panties were snug around her skin, almost allowing you to see the outlines of her luscious royal marehood and posterior.
  135. Her buttocks were large, fat, and curvaceous. She slowly let this voluptuous moon overshadow you as it grew closer to your face.
  137. You closed your eyes, feeling your nose press against the soft texture of the panties and the warm, yielding weightiness of the royal ass.
  139. You felt as her flabby yet firm cheeks enveloped your nose, hugging them tightly in the small confinement between them.
  141. "You make for a comfortable seat, anon."
  143. Your nose was sore and all you could see was the cotton-clad butt stuffed over your face.
  145. You didn't know what to think; on one hand, being in this kind of position with Luna herself would usually be merely a fantasy, but with the given implications and imminent tornado headed your way, you did not feel so privileged.
  147. What made you panic the most was the fact you had literally no control over your body; your movements were entirely at Luna's whim, and if she had wanted to snap you in two like a twig you had no doubt she could.
  149. The sound of the abundant gas in her guts rolled out deep and menacing like thunder at the overture of a viscous storm.
  151. Suddenly a bassy popping sound exploded around you as you felt something thick and warm flow from the chubby rear of the Princess with nowhere to escape to but up your nostrils.
  153. When the smell of Luna's gas hit you for the first time it hit like a 600 tonne weight; it was as if every horribly greasy, almost meaty scent of fast food had been congealed into one giant stink and varnished with helpings of warm eggs and damp, dirty dishcloths.
  155. You wanted to throw up, but you simply couldn't. It seemed Luna had put some constraint on the cardiac sphincter with her spell, so all you could do was retch loudly and take the sting the gas left ringing around your sinuses.
  157. Luna just laughed as she heard muffled gags and screams from beneath her, shuffling her ass around on your face to get as comfortable as she could.
  159. "That was just a little sample of what is to come, anon~" She teased flirtatiously.
  161. No more than a second after saying this she ripped another fart into your face, that same loud popping being all you could hear and the ungodly stench of poorly-digested junk foods being all you could smell.
  163. You pictured Luna sitting alone in her room, playing video games as he shovelled helpings of pizza down her throat and punctuated each gulp of fast food with a deep, bubbly fart from that blubbery rump of hers; that disgusting, stomach-reeling scent lingering around the room for maybe hours on end, Luna taking occasional sniffs of her own creation contently as she played.
  164. The Princess of the night was a such a slob, and you never even realised it.
  166. "I do hope you're enjoying our royal fumes down there. I cannot tell you how full of them I am!"
  168. You didn't even want to imagine how much gas Luna had right now. What you'd already heard blasted from her was more than the volume of gas you'd pass in an average day. As disgusting as it was, this pony certainly had a talent for cultivating farts.
  170. "Ugh~ You cannot imagine how good it feels to evacuate the.. Royal chambers, anon."
  172. You'd reply with some smart-assed retort, but given the fact your mouth was enveloped by her ass talking was not an option.
  174. Her panties slowly buzzed over your nose as she released a brassy rip, leaning her frame forward as she pushed it out to make the sound draw out and raise in pitch slightly.
  176. The smell of each toot was so thick and repulsive that you could almost feel the grease in the gas.
  178. Luna herself was growing more and more aroused with every flubber of gas that rippled through her cheeks; her long-untouched pussy began to secrete a few of its juices as she slowly started sliding backwards and forwards, grinding her corpulent buttocks over your face as a quiet moan escaped her lips.
  180. She was a little surprised, but anything but deterred. Luna had always been a wickedly sadistic pony and she knew this for a fact.
  182. "I hope you're ready for some more, anon; this next one feels especially large~"
  184. You flinched as another horribly wet sound sputtered out from beneath her striped panties, now tainted with the acridity of her gas.
  186. Even though the stench of her last fart had not fully dissipated, the smell re-administered itself into your senses like a swift kick in the balls.
  188. After a solid ten seconds of stink the latest monstrosity of a fart ended (or did Luna just decide to cut it short?)
  190. "Ooh! What a juicy one!" She giggled excitedly. You did not share her enthusiasm.
  193. "You know, anon, I feel you need to get a better whiff of the full potency my bowels have to offer you.."
  195. You had no clue how that would be possible until she finally lifted her plush rump off of your face and slid the now-stinky panties down her legs.
  197. "Ahh~ liberated~" was all she murmured before you found her naked ass smooshed back down on your face.
  199. It was soft, rubbery, and hot. Luna cleared her throat and pressed her hips back onto your face as she cut another glorious fart -- silent this time save for a nearly-inaudible hiss.
  201. The smell seemed.. Worse somehow, and you tried to figure out from which establishment Luna had bought the pizza she was now blasting into your face.
  203. Her stomach was still pudgy and full of gas, and Luna had no intention on stopping until the tank was empty.
  205. You could feel something wet and sticky against your lips... Luna's vaginal juice. Every time she felt that hot breeze bubble freely through her asshole she felt a notch closer to orgasm.
  207. "Oh, anon, you really do make a cushion fit for a Princess! I bet you love my vapours, don't you? You love to feel them fill your lungs as you sniff hard on my~ mmmh~ belching asshole~" Luna was turning herself on just by simply talking dirty to you, and you could certainly begin to head a loud shlick as her pussy and ass grinded back and forwards over your face.
  209. Her buttocks grew tight and firm as she contracted them, pinching your nose into the foul, obsidian cave of her ass.
  211. "I want to you smell this one nice and deep for me, anon~"
  213. She blew another hot bluster of her raunchy pony gas from the stinkiest depths of her bowels, though due to her tightened buttocks the rich effluvia had nowhere to go but right into your nose.
  215. Your nose began to feel sticky as her farts managed to heat her ass up to such an extent that beads of foul sweat were pooling in the crack of her ass. You retched.
  217. "Hm. I'm getting a little bored here." She said softly, and then to your surprise she got off your face.
  218. You took in large gulps of oxygen while you had the chance, and watched as Luna put her panties back on and trotted over to the clothing drawer again.
  220. For the first time since your torture began, you had a chance to actually think to yourself without a fart being blown over your face every few seconds. Luna was absolutely, undeniably crazy, and appallingly gross to boot.
  222. You wanted to escape somehow, but couldn't. How much longer would you be here for? How much more would you have to endure? Would you even leave Luna's room alive?
  224. Realising you were not able to even move in the foreseeable future, you decided to roll your eyes over to the corner of the room and see what Luna was even doing.
  226. She'd produced a pair of long, knee-high socks of a matching colour to her panties and was just slipping them on.
  227. One part of you wanted to be aroused, but another wanted to be scared.
  229. Once she was happy with herself, you felt your body begin to slowly drift at her will again.
  232. This time, you were placed down near the city of fast food boxes with the screen glowing furiously into your eyes.
  234. Your head was pressed against the rough carpet and you were laid down on your side.
  236. Luna trotted slowly before you and smiled, before she sat down right in front of you.
  238. It was hard to make much of anything out, but you could definitely see Luna reach down for a cold piece of half-eaten pizza and shove it down her throat as if she'd been starving for days.
  240. She continued to indulge in the leftovers of her food as her butt slid across the floor and closer to you until it made contact.
  241. Her dark tail hung over your head and you heard the electronic beeping of Luna's games system starting up.
  243. She just.. Sat there, eating and drinking and playing her game.
  244. There was no sign of gas apart from a few burps for a couple of minutes, and you thought maybe Luna was out.. But you were far from correct.
  246. She tugged one leg up with her hoof, posing it up in the air and squinting fiercely until she blew a rancid, wet fart onto the floor.
  248. The gross smell of what could only be described as a more intense combo of mouldy cheese and rotting beef insufflated from her shapely rotund tush.
  250. She sighed and lowered her leg again, taking a large bite at a hayburger.
  252. "Oh! Oh! Anon! I have an exceptional one brewing!" She announced about half a minute later, pressing her soft, fleshy butt right against your nostrils and letting lose with another putrescent, juicy eruption of gas. The  fart was long and dense.
  254. "Ahhh~"
  256. She continued playing her game, casually letting out a belch for about five seconds.
  258. You felt yourself grow lightheaded and your stomach tremble with repulse. This was far more effective than any other form of torture imaginable.
  260. Luna still felt her wet pussy lips tremble with delight as she felt another large globule of gas grow on itself in her colon. The slobbish Princess cocked her leg up like a filthy dog, and forced the least ladylike sound imaginable to permeate through her panties and over your face.
  262. She sighed in relief and sniffed it herself.
  264. "Oh, my! That one really was vile!" She had to use the controller one-handed and cover her nostrils.
  267. The time slowly ticked on, and every minute or two Luna would supply you with another gross-sounding fart in an even more coquettish fashion each time. She had less than little regard for hygiene or any kind of cleanliness, and thought the dirtier and smellier the better.
  268. After a few more rumblers from the royal bum, Luna's farts began to acquire a sickening bubbly sqorch to them.
  270. The dark pony leaned herself to one side and forced out yet another awful fart, coming out in a raunchy low squelch that lasted at least twenty seconds; impressive if you weren't feeling so depleted of Oxygen and sick. While she was pumping the gas into your face Luna lowered a hoofful of french fries down into the stream of her gas before eating them, to "add flavour" as she insisted on saying.
  272. "My farts sound so.. Moist, don't they anon? Are the wet ones your favourite?"
  274. You didn't even want to answer anymore. You felt honestly ill and the awful fetor of her junkfood gas was burned into your sense of taste and smell permanently, it seemed.
  276. ~
  277. Once again her belly produced the sound of a bubbling cauldron and she smushed her butt up nice and close to your nose.
  279. "S-sniff this, anon~" was all Luna moaned before her panties almost bubbled up against the hot, swampy wet fart Luna produced. It sounded watery and squelchy and its moistness and thickness as it jiggled her buttocks turned the Princess on so much she dropped her controller and rubbed her clit through her panties, reaching orgasm right as the gas tapered off into an airy wisp and the space in her rectum grew tighter and tighter until...
  281. You could feel something hot, sticky and copious flood into Luna's panties, moulding around your nose as you were hit by a far stronger smell than any you'd reluctantly huffed in so far.
  282. Luna -- Princess Luna -- had just soiled her panties right on your face.
  284. If her farting hadn't warranted frantic vomiting then the sheer stench of her feces certainly did. It was damp, stale, and made the odour of a sewer seem like that of a Rose.
  286. What surprised you most, though, was that this didn't stop Luna at all.
  287. If anything, it helped her greatly as she finally orgasmed loudly and sensually, emitting a deep and bubbling fart into her hot mess.
  289. The panties were now soggy, heavy, and filled with both Luna's fecal matter and discharge.
  291. "Ooh~ Oooh~ Anon, my poop is so soft!" She demonstrated this by smooshing the raw contents of her panties around on your face. If ever you were 'brownnosing' someone it was now.
  293. She just kept pressing the waste against your face over and over; you could feel the constant contact break up the semi-firm logs inside and unleash a stronger edition of the vile odour.
  295. You wanted to die, and almost felt as if your dream were coming true as the world around began to slowly fade to black. The last thing you saw was Luna's face glaring down at you.
  298. You awoke hazily with a bright, intimidating light blasting through your eyelids. You were outside.
  300. "So you did it." A familiar voice spoke over the blurriness of the reawakening.
  302. You sat up, to see your friend approaching you. You appeared to be in an alleyway somewhere in Canterlot.
  304. "You stole Luna's panties!" He noticed the dark brown bulk in them.
  306. "Eww, I didn't ask you to get soiled ones! Wow, you really went all the way, huh?"
  308. You smiled. "Guess you owe me those fifty bits."
  309. Your friend nodded back and left you.
  311. Looking down at the panties you noticed a hoof-written note attached.
  313. "These are all yours for the keeping, Anon. I hope you enjoy them~
  315. Anytime you'd like to be my comfy little seat, Anon, you know where to find me~
  317. -Princess Luna
  319. P.S:
  320. I may have forced you to ingest large amounts of my waste while you were knocked out~"
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