daily pastebin goal


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  1. rastr, vector, pixels dpi
  2. rgb cmyk
  3. wha in jpg png gif pdf ai psd cdr
  4. whats in mp4 avi mov mp3
  6. skills tech
  7. -dsign gaumig
  8. -dsign in print,screen formt
  9. -prep img in px cm dpi size
  10. -prep pdf,svg in px cm dpi size
  11. -use icc
  12. -cms tx,tbl,img,gall,vid,map,metadat
  13. -cms chng tmpl,widgets
  14. -cms pagebuilders
  15. -ani fla gif bann simpl
  16. -ani fla html5 bann
  17. -ani fla socnet pubscreen
  18. -ani ae socnet pubscreen
  19. -vid cnvrt
  20. -vid deploy pubscree,socnet,cms
  21. -grphics in doc ppt xls
  22. -appweb dsgn static in px
  23. -appweb dsgn ani,interact
  24. -appweb dsgn handoff
  25. -css html basi page
  26. -cms tmpl css adjust
  27. -cms tmpl creat
  30. h
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