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  1.  We started off the guided patrol with a little chat and going over each of the points listed above. As he had done it already with Sergeant Dinkley so I just asked him a couple of questions on whether or not he remember what she had told him.
  2. At start it was pretty quiet so Officer Brown sent people to couple of hot spots and joined a 10-55 where the suspect was being taken into custody. During the process a TAC-1 was called in and we went to that, it ended rather quickly and Officer Brown promptly cleared everyone from tac. It was a quiet shift, Officer Brown did a lot of unit management during it, making sure people were going to calls, clearing their backups and updating their 10-21s.
  3. SWAT was called in by Detective Shadow to complete a warrant on a house so we went to that. Even though he didn't necessarily need to be managing units around he did so anyways during the whole operation.
  4. After then there was a tac situation which ended in the guy flipping his car and bailing out on foot. Officer Brown was a bit confused as to what exactly do as there were not that many units on scene and the car was 100 meters on a road away from suspect, so he moved the cars himself. I think he needs to be confident in his abilities to order people around as I had to mention it to him to give people some tasks to do. After this scene a kidnapping call came in and we geared up for that and ended the guided patrol there.
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