t.tv/Chris Chavez Server Info v2

Feb 22nd, 2020
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  1. <b><size=30><align="center">The T.TV/Chris Chavez Server v2</align></size=30></b>
  5. <size=20><align="center">This Server was created to allow Chris and his friends to play SCP with each other. Anyone is free to join the server if they so wish however, it is recommended you join my <link="discord.gg/mhzUA35"><u>Discord Server</u></link> (discord.gg/mhzUA35).
  7. Plugins currently on server are:
  8. SCP 035: (spawns random items that when picked up replaces the player who picked them up with a spectator who becomes an SCP)
  9. Tranq Gun: (USP becomes Tranq Gun uses 18 rounds per shot)
  10. 106 Stalk: (changes 106's portal mechanic to stalk a random player)
  11. SCP 008: (Zombies can infect players)
  12. SCO 575: Chance at random intervals lights will go off in LCZ and HCZ and players without flaslights will be damaged 10 health every 5 seconds when not in the light.
  13. Blink Fatigue: The longer you look at 173 the more you will blink.
  14. Admin Tools: Various Admin related actions.
  15. SCP Healing: SCPs heal a set amount for each kill they achieve.
  17. Teamkilling is frowned upon when done more than once or intentionally.
  18. SCPs are not to "team" with D-Boys, Scientists, Guards, or MTF, however, they can team with Chaos Insurgency against the MTF.
  19. If you attempt to stall out the game do not be surprised if you get either killed outright or teleported to an opposing faction.
  20. No Racism or Mic Spamming will be tolerated, Mic spamming will get a verbal warning followed by a kick then temp ban for repeated offenses. Racism will result in an instant permanent ban.
  21. If you disrespect my staff don't be surprised if you get kicked/banned.
  23. If you have any questions please send them to me via my discord (link above)
  25. Have a nice day,
  26. Chris Chavez - Server Owner</align></size=20>
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