Suspects (co-op story)

Sep 14th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Feel The Rhythm pt 2: Suspects
  2. Part 1: https://pastebin.com/1avdjdGi
  4. The first step to finding a thief when there is no evidence to go off of is to make a list of possible suspects. Coyote went to the counter of the shop, pushed away some bottles of whiskey, grabbed a pen and paper, and began thinking of who had any sort of grudges towards him that would lead them to steal the record. "88/200" by T-Square played in the background. He wrote down names, then immediately scribbling them away, thinking that there would be no way it could be them. A sudden pain came across his head, and he moved his hand to hold it.
  5. The music in the shop briefly halted, then resumed playing the next song in the playlist. It was entitled "Pursuit" by Peppered Vapor, an up and coming rock band from Anima City. The other day, he and the band's guitarist and singer, Julian Ionahito, a horse beastman, got into a heated argument over the state of the global music industry and threatened to stop selling their music in his shop. Now, he wouldn't actually do that, but he still didn't feel like listening to their music at the moment.
  6. "Shit, I forgot to take them off of the playlist," Coyote said, reaching for his phone.
  7. He removed it from the shop playlist, then skipped to the next song, which was "Plastic Love" by Mariya Takeuchi.
  8. Then it clicked in his head.
  9. Of course, it would have to be them. Their motive holds the most ground out of all of the other possible suspects. Of course, Julian was how the whole fiasco began. Nia Dorian, the cool cat who played the synth in the band, grew up in the slums and he had heard rumors of her being an excellent thief before switching to a more innocent lifestyle, which could explain how all of the traps he set up went undetected. Bisuketto Furijian, the terrier drummer, also worked for the Sylvasta Pharmaceutical Conglomerate, where he could have gained access to a scent-erasing chemical. Ken Ridian, the rooster bassist, didn't seem to have a place in the plot, but that's just what bassists want you to think; they're always up to something.
  10. Coyote slams his hands down on the counter.
  11. "This is it!" he shouts. "It has to be them!"
  12. The one patron in the store looked at him funny, then went back to browsing the vinyls in the jazz section. This brief moment of embarrassment meant nothing to him though. Tracking down that record was his top priority. In the wrong hands, it could be devastating. Who knew what they could be planning to do with it?
  13. He grabbed his stuff and ran out the door, accidentally leaving the one customer inside. He could steal anything in there, nothing had any value compared to what had been stolen.
  15. Songs:
  16. "88/200" by T-Square: Can't find a link on YouTube :/
  17. "Plastic Love" by Mariya Takeuchi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bNITQR4Uso
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