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  1. Welcome to **Study Together**! This server is dedicated to helping everyone come together to study and improve productivity by sharing their screen or their front camera while they work - creating a virtual workspace.
  3. `You are not obligated to screenshare/videocam though, and you’re always welcome to join us to study!` :smile:
  5. (1) __Screenshare etiquette__
  6. When in the call, you can choose to:
  7. - stay deafened (:microphone2::headphones: :no_entry_sign:)
  8. - stay muted (:microphone2::no_entry_sign:) (you can hear other people type/flip books)
  9. - or be unmuted.  
  11. :bangbang:**Please Note:**:bangbang:`As a responsible study member, you should only unmute if your study environment is quiet. No chit chatting, no music/annoying background noises. You should only contribute asmr keyboard or book flipping noises.`
  13. (2) __Harassment and Intolerance__
  14. - Please do not share private information of others without their permission.
  15. - We do not tolerate discrimination. (race, gender, religion, etc)
  16. - Please respect each other's differences in opinion and do not resort to arguments. Please solve your conflicts in a mature manner.
  18. (3) __NSFW Content__
  19. - Please keep the chat safe for all ages at all times. Do not post graphic images or descriptions in the chat.
  20. `Full Server Rules:`
  21. <>
  23. :read: Study (in screenshare/text-study call)
  24. :read: Gain ranks
  25. :read: Climb the leaderboard (see link below)
  26. After each month, a prize will be given to the top 3 users (by time).
  27. The spreadsheet will then be reset for the next month.
  29. `Study leaderboard:`
  30. <>
  31. `Server link:`
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