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  1. GOAO - Today at 4:11 PM
  2. Why are u telling people u knew I was ghosted lmaoooo
  3. Whata joke
  4. Christo - Today at 4:32 PM
  5. ?
  6. we had no idea?_?
  7. GOAO - Today at 4:33 PM
  8. This not what uve been saying but sure
  9. Christo - Today at 4:34 PM
  10. what lol
  11. what are u talking about
  12. i never said i knew u were ghosted
  13. who is telling u this
  14. idgt
  15. GOAO - Today at 4:35 PM
  16. check ur pupl chat lol!!
  17. Christo - Today at 4:36 PM
  18. i never said i knew u got ghosted
  19. what log are u referring to
  20. why would i say i knew u got ghosted
  21. thats only worse for me anyway
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