Scootaloo and Sweetie's Diarrhea (SCAT)

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  1. >Scootaloo paced around the room, waiting for Sweetie belle to finish up.
  2. >She had been invited to carousel boutique to help sweetie belle repair their crusader capes after a certain accident involving a rose bush.
  3. >Scootaloo learned a lot about how speed directly affects control that day.
  4. >Their cuts would heal, but the tears in their capes wouldn’t.
  5. >Rarity was out in canterlot negotiating a deal with a client, she wouldn’t be back until late the next night.
  6. >Instead of waiting for her sister, they decided to take the capes to Fluttershy, and let her fix it.
  7. >At least, that was the plan. Scootaloo hoped Fluttershy would help them.
  8. >She was pacing to deal with a pain in her abdomen, clearly upset with last nights dinner.
  9. >Her mother had forgotten to make dinner last night, and with the cupboard bare she chose to dine on the grass outside.
  10. >Grass was digestible, but it wasn’t the best. She suspected years of neglect to the lawn, and some littering had made the grass slightly more toxic.
  11. >It has made it passed her gut however, and had given her the energy she needed.
  12. >The real pain was closer to the end of the line in her bowels.
  13. >She wanted to empty herself, but she figured Sweetie Belle would be quick enough. She didn’t want to hold up her friend by spending too much time in the bathroom.
  14. >Trotting in one place, she watches her friend dig into the cupboards, pulling out a red fabric.
  15. >”Errkey, I got it.” She says through her teeth.
  16. “Great. Is that all you need? I don’t want to come back.”
  17. >”Nerp! Ish should be enough te get the job dern.”
  18. “Cool, I’ll get the door for you.”
  19. >Scootaloo trotted to the door, reaching for the handle.
  20. >Instead of opening, however, it remained firmly in place.
  21. >Forcing it didn’t work, and by now sweetie had come to check on the problem.
  22. >”Ish te doer stuck again?”
  23. >Scootaloo froze. The door being stuck didn’t sit well with her aggravated intestines.
  24. “Stuck? You mean this is normal? How do you usually open it?”
  25. >Spitting out the fabric, Sweetie’s face fell, and she avoided direct eye contact.
  26. >”Well… technically we’re not allowed in rarity’s storage room. I’m rarely in here, and when rarity gets stuck, she just uses her magic to open the door from the other side.”
  27. “Well we can’t just stay in here until your sister gets back!”
  28. >”No… But the front door is unlocked. Here, I’ll bost you up to the window, and you’ll jump down and open the door.”
  29. “Bu- Why me?”
  30. >”You’re a pegasis, your bones are lighter than mine.”
  31. >Scootaloo bit her tongue. What Sweetie said was true; out of the three of them, she was the lightest.
  32. >What she was afraid of, however, was the rising pressure in her bowels. She worried she would lose control while on top of her friend.
  33. “Okay, lets hurry up and get this over with.”
  34. >”Great! I’ll get into position.”
  36. >Sweetie stood against the wall, just shy of the window.
  37. >Slowly scootaloo crawled on top of her friend, careful not to nick her very sensitive horn.
  38. >Able to get one of her hooves in the window ledge, she tries to pull herself up.
  39. >Stomach growling, she cringes as another wave of pressure presses on her rectum.
  40. >The pressure grows inside, and she is moments away from a break.
  41. >”Scootaloo, why is your stomach growling?” Sweetie says, noticing scootaloo’s anus puckering up.
  42. >Her concentration breaks for a moment, and her anus lets some out.
  43. >’Pbbbbbbbbbbttt.’
  44. >The fart goes straight into Sweetie’s face, and she recoils from the stench.
  45. >With sweetie out of place, scootaloo falls to the floor, landing on her stomach.
  46. >”Ack! Jeez! Scootaloo, that is the most rancid thing I have ever smelt!”
  47. >Patting her stomach, Scootaloo prepares a retort.
  48. “Hey! It’s not my fault my body handles these things like this!”
  49. >Sweetie inhales more of Scootaloo’s gas, the smell of rancid food appealing to the white pony.
  50. >”I never said it was an insult, I haven’t smelt anything that bad since the poop contest. Whatever you’re brewing up, it’s good.
  51. >Scootaloo blushed at the ‘compliment’.
  52. “I- Yeah. I really need to go, so if we could hurry up and…”
  53. >”I gotcha, don’t worry.”
  54. >Sweetie resumes the position from before, and Scootaloo tries to climb up again.
  55. >Mid way up, another surge of pain goes through her body, and she clutches her abdomen. She wouldn’t last much longer.
  56. “Sweetie, I can’t. I’m sorry, but I need to poop so badly, there's no way for me to pull myself up to the window.”
  57. >Sweetie thinks about it for a second, and then gets a smile on her face.
  58. >”Well, if you need to go so badly, why not just do it?”
  59. >Scootaloo blinked.
  60. “I… Sweetie- There's no place for me TO go.”
  61. >”I’m available.”
  62. >Scootaloo stopped. Was Sweetie really suggestion to use her as a toilet? Sure they both had a scat fetish, but Scootaloo never thought that Sweetie would want more than to just watch it.
  63. “I um… You want me to use you as a… a toilet?”
  64. >”Well, I don’t want to actually eat any of it, at least not until I’m sure I’m okay with the feeling of it on me. I’ll lie down, and you’ll just go on top of me.”
  65. “But don’t you think that a little unhygienic? What we’re doing is not hygienic no matter how you look at it, but it would be slightly more hygienic if we did this in a bathroom, or outside.”
  66. >”Scootaloo, you won’t last until we get outside. Besides, if you go anywhere else in this room, Rarity will know.”
  67. “I- Alright, I guess you’re right. What will you do once it’s on you?”
  68. >”I’ll just lie against the will like that minty mare does when she sits on benches.”
  69. >Scootaloo nodded, there was little left to do.
  70. “Alright, lie down.”
  72. >Sweetie did as her friend asked, lying down on her back.
  73. >She watches as scootaloo crawled over, her rear positioned just over her chest.
  74. >She had the perfect view, Scootaloo’s puckering plothole illuminated by the light pouring into the window.
  75. >Another thing she could see were Scootaloo’s teats, the pink nipples just barely sticking out of her fur.
  76. >They were rather small, small than Sweetie’s at least.
  77. >Sweetie wanted to play with them, just a touch.
  78. >She wanted to hold them in her hooves, to bring her mouth up to Scootaloo’s plot and suck it dry like a jelly filled doughnut.
  79. >Unsure if her friend share these urges, she decided to play it safe and take things slow. She didn’t want to do anything that might jeopardize their friendship.
  80. >Slowly, the filly hole starts pulsating, and more gas blasts into her face.
  81. >Inhaling the horrid smell, she starts to see Scootaloo start to crown.
  82. >It seemed oddly colored, a very drab greenish yellow.
  83. >That was just the tip of the iceberg, and Sweetie watched as Scootaloo's anus expanded, allowing a larger, thicker part of her waste through.
  84. >The brown mass slid out of its creator, coiling up on Sweeties chest.
  85. >The log itself was the same shade of yellow, a few familiar brown balls mixed in to the excrement.
  86. >Inhaling, Scootaloo wills her anus closed around the log, cutting it off.
  87. >The severed end falls onto Sweetie's stomach with a satisfying thud.
  88. >The turd on her body is maybe half a foot long.
  89. >Disappointed in Scootaloo, Sweetie sighed. her friend had clearly done better in the past.
  90. >A grunt catches her attention, and she notices Scootaloo clutching her stomach.
  91. >Scootaloo had intentionally stopped it!
  92. "Hey! I know there's more in you, why'd you stop it?"
  93. >"Sweetie, I can't guarantee the next part is going to be… solid."
  94. "I don't care. Do it."
  95. >Scootaloo nods and relinquishes the control over her sphincter, letting her body do the work.
  96. >Immediately, a waterfall of shit pours out unto Sweetie's stomach. It was a darker shade of green, mirroring her last meal.
  97. >Using her hooves the guide the puddle, Sweetie keeps it contained around the original part of the crap.
  98. >Scootaloo grunts, and it gains speed.
  99. >It seems to have the consistency of warm mud.
  100. >The warm pungent mixture flows around the unicorn, and she shudders in pleasure.
  101. >The flow starts to slow, and Scootaloo finishes pushing out the remaining bits into you.
  102. >Getting of her friend, Scootaloo notices something.
  103. >"Sweetie Belle, I think you just peed yourself."
  104. "Huh?"
  105. >Lifting her head up, Sweetie spots a clearish liquid coming out of her her crotch.
  107. >Sweetie didn't feel like she needed to pee before, and it seemed odd that she would have done so now.
  108. >Regardless, it seemed contained, and sweetie slid across the floor, bumping against the window.
  109. >Scootaloo climbs up her friend, now unimpeded.
  110. >Just as she climbs up sweetie's shoulders, sweetie is able to catch a glance at her vag.
  111. >It seems to be drippings the same liquid as sweetie.
  112. >In a split second, sweetie decides to seize the opportunity.
  113. >She leans forward, and puts her lips around her friends marehood.
  114. >The feeling halts scootaloo, and she waits for her friend to finish before she resumes her climb.
  115. >The feeling is incredible, and Scootaloo shudders a few times, sending more marecum into her friends mouth.
  116. >When sweetie finishes, the two exchange a glance of knowing.
  117. >Opening the window, Scootaloo jumps to the ground.
  118. >Landing a little harder than she would have liked, She opens the front door, and heads upstairs.
  119. >After sliding her friend to the bathroom to clean up herself, the pegasus grabs the fabric and heads to Fluttershy’s.
  120. >Her friend would meet up with her again soon enough.
  121. >And when she did, maybe Scootaloo could ask for the same in return.
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