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  1. The Varnnish Empire
  2. Leaders: Emperor Rance I
  3. Heroes:
  4. Domestic Popularity: Moderate
  5. Domestic Stability: Somewhat low
  6. Profit Factor: 16 (Trade 6, Industry 6, Agriculture 10, -4 decentralized, -2 corruption)
  7. Population Factor: 10
  8. Religion: Senlyvani pantheon (Druidic dominant)
  9. Important Relations: Liege of Routaine and Hurstadt, at war with Druidic rebels, allied with the Celician League, strained with Alheim and Solbia
  11. Military Assets
  12. Imperial Foot Soldiers (Infantry, 8000 strong)
  13. Royal Guard (Elite Infantry, 1000 strong)
  14. Knights of the Lordships (Cavalry: 500 strong)
  15. Paladins of the Holy Rose (Special units: Elite heavy cavalry 200 strong)
  17. Varrnish Navy: 6 galleys, 3 cogs
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