Clair's Dream

Jan 19th, 2015
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  1. You are Clair.
  3. You’re sitting inside the Pokemon center, sipping your new juice box. You’re feeling a lot better now. Emma seemed helpful and nice, but you're wary.
  5. You’re still pretty surprised at the Elite Four being so corrupt. It takes a lot to shock you. You know how people are. You know what they think and how they think. You know not to expect much most of the time. But this time got to you.
  7. You glance over at Vance and Jeanine. As much as you love to rag on her, you’re really happy for them. Part of it is just being happy for someone you care about. Truth be told though, most of it’s because despite you messing with Vance’s head when you were younger, he seems to be over it enough to actually have a relationship. Seeing him recover from your screw-up is a gift.
  9. It’s one Kat probably won’t get. She’s handling things surprisingly well, but you think it’s a front. She has to see it every time she looks at Robin. That has to be rough.
  11. You head into the dorms. This Pokemon center has actual rooms instead of just bunks. It’s practically deserted too, letting you choose whatever one you want. You pick the most spacious one.
  13. Gah! You wish you could just take a peak in their heads! This is killing you! They just disappear somewhere again and you want to see what’s going on! Why did Robin have to make you make that promise? Why did you agree.
  15. You sigh. You know why you agreed. You thought you could make some friends. But now you realize you’re the odd one out in a group of couples. You’ve never really cared to pursue a relationship. You’ve seen them through other people’s eyes and you know that all relationships either end in failure or death.
  18. Then again. You sure felt a good reason when you got drunk before. You feel guilty about how much you ended up enjoying that. Sure, you’ve taken a lot of walks around other people’s memories, but to actually feel it in the moment? After you got bored of trying to dig through other people’s memories of sex, you’ve seen it all. Maybe you never felt it the same way as when you got drunk, but you witnessed it from all angles and rolls. At first maybe you thought you were just straight, then bi, then pansexual. Eventually you just considered yourself above that sort of thing altogether and put it behind you. You’d love some of the real thing right about now. Just for the experience! Just to be wanted!
  20. You’ll definitely settle for a mental peepshow though. You rub your hands together.
  22. Stop it Clair! You’re such a perv! You know that’s wrong.
  24. But then again, who does it harm? You bet Robin and Kat are up to something kinky.
  26. Or maybe they’re in danger! Yeah, that’s it. They’ve been gone for awhile. It’s justified, no, expected you’d check in on them! It’s your duty even.
  28. Ah, who are you kidding? You’re breaking your promise to be a creepy voyeur, but who’s going to know?
  30. You lay back on your bed and close your eyes. You’re still low on mental batteries from pushing so hard lately, so you let yourself rest just a little bit. Your body feels so heavy. You really should sleep.
  32. Zzzzzzzzz
  34. Reading someone’s mind when you can’t see them is actually pretty hard. At least it is for psychics less awesome than you.
  36. You reach out and look around. Where are those two girls?
  38. “Well well well, what do we have here?”
  40. Your eyes shoot open. Kat and Robin are standing over you. And you’re tied to the bed in your underwear!
  42. “Y-You broke your promise, Clair!” Robin says, her one-eyed accusing stare bores into you.
  44. “How did you know!” You look between both of them. What’s going on?
  46. “You just confirmed it,” Kat says as she crawls onto the bed and lies down beside you. “We know you’re trying to spy on us getting dirty.”
  48. “Why am I tied up?” You’re so worried. Do they hate you now? Do they think you’re a freak like everyone else?
  50. Kat runs her finger up your torso and then your chin. “You’re tied up because we’re going to punish you.” You feel your face burning.
  52. You turn to Robin, hoping for mercy. “What are you guys going to do to me?”
  54. Robin closes her eye and exhales, then suddenly bursts with energy. “We’re going to g-g-give you what you want!”
  56. Are they serious?
  58. Kat takes a giant chug out of the booze bottle. Instead of swallowing, she grabs your head and kisses you. She forces it into your mouth.
  60. You choke and sputter, but it all goes down.
  62. “What the hell are you doing?” You shout. This isn’t a game!
  64. “We’ve been doing our research,” Kat begins kissing you over your torso. “We know how your powers work now.” Oh why does it feel so nice?
  66. “We’re not mad, Clair. Just disappointed.” Robin starts kissing up and down your body on the other side. She nuzzles your neck.
  68. “But aren’t you two committed? I saw in your heads. You’re crazy about each other. Like, legitimately.”
  70. Kat laughs. “We are. I’d never let Robin go, but that doesn’t mean we can’t invite you in.”
  72. Your head feels like and woozy. A combination of their hands and kisses all over you and the alcohol taking effect.
  74. “Untie me,” you weakly protest.
  76. “N-not yet!” Robin crawls over you and onto Kat. They start making out and stripping right next to you. You can feel everything now. How they caress each other, how they gasp and moan as they slowly strip. They make out for what seems like ages while you experience it all like it was your own body. You’re lost in a sea of lust.
  78. “Look at you,” Kat laughs again. “You didn’t even realize we untied you.”
  80. Your arms and legs are free! You sit up quickly. But as you do, you notice that Robin has her head between Kat’s legs. “I bet you’ll feel this!” She guides Robin’s head in closer.
  82. Hnnnng! You roll into the fetal position as you both feel Kat and taste her on Robin’s tongue. Your mouth tongue moves in sync with Robin’s. You moan and sound totally stupid, and you’re beginning not to care.
  84. You can’t move! No, that’s not true. You just choose not to. You’re loving this.
  86. “You’re loving this, huh?” Kat says between gasps as Robin picks up the pace.
  88. Damn it. “Yes,” you admit. Shame and excitement fight on your voice.
  90. “Good.” To your disappointment, Robin stops. She exchanges a look with Kat and nods. Kat starts crawling up to you.
  92. “What are you-”
  94. “Shhh. You know what I’m doing,” She pulls you in by the legs and trails teasing little kisses inside your thighs. “I want you to take off those panties. Will you do that for me?”
  96. You know what she’s doing. She’s making you work for it. She’s dominating you. But really, who cares? You quickly take your panties off. Robin suddenly attacks your mouth and removes your bra. Her sweet lips taste so good.
  98. “Good Robin, Good Clair!~” Kat beings slowly working up your inner thigh again. You know she’s not really this confident. You know it’s all an act You’ve been in her head. But she’s just so damn good at selling it that you believe it on every level except intellectually.
  100. “Huhn!” You feel her mouth finally connect. This is what you’ve been missing out on! You want to laugh and cry and spasm and die right now. Every lick is magic! You aggressively kiss Robin as Kat eats you out. Robin begins sucking your nipples and you gasp.
  102. “Robin, why don’t you let Clair return the favor?”
  104. Robin’s stare asks you the silent question. You nod in affirmation. You can give back. You want to!
  106. “O-Okay!” Robin’s cheery smile comes back as she claps her hands together. “S-Sorry if we were rough before.”
  108. Robin sits on your face, then all three of you roll onto your side so you’re laying down.
  109. You look at her pink lips. You thought it would smell bad, or you’d be grossed out, but you’re fine with this. You give it a lick.
  111. Hnng!
  113. Kat laughs again. “I don’t think it’s fair that you get to feel what Robin feels!”
  115. “Shut up and get back to work!” You try to pull Kat back in with your legs. You’re in it now, might as well go a little nuts.
  117. Kat takes this as a challenge and begins licking you as you lick Robin.
  119. Hoooly! Wow! You can’t think straight. You feel what Kat’s doing to you. You feel what you’re doing to Robin. You hear the moans and smell these two sexually charged girls and you don’t even know whose moans and tastes and sensations are whose. It’s an overwhelming sensation and you worry this might not be a good idea anymore. You toss that thought aside as you feel your climax build up. Is it even your climax? Do you care?
  121. You scream into Robin as she moans out. You feel Kat’s cockiness as she tries to really press this moment. Fireworks go off in your body and everything flickers and melts.
  123. The world goes white!
  125. You don’t even know what happened next. You just find yourself cuddling both girls in a naked pile.
  127. Robin smiles. “You were really good for your first time!”
  129. Kat ruffles your hair. “Any chance I earned myself another badge?”
  131. Har har. “That was...eye opening,” you’re still panting. “But why tie me up like that? Why… why everything?”
  133. Kat just smiles back. “You tell me, this is your dream.”
  135. What.
  137. You wake up, sitting up in your dorm room bed, still clothed. You must have fallen asleep as soon as you closed your eyes.
  139. You flop back down with a pomf. “Well, that happened.”
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