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Thinknoodles Exposed.

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  1. When I first started talking about Thinknoodles and what he did, people turned against me. You're all fans, yet you do not realize what he has done to have you as fans. Do you know what he did for his site to become popular? Do you know how he KILLED other SUCCESSFUL websites in order to get his in top of google, meaning more views? No, no you don't. And that's what I am going to explain now. But before that, just think about it; Chrisdog93, 19 years old, he 'must not be blogging because he is too old' is what people say. Have you ever said that about Thinknoodles,a soon to be 36 year old who competes against teenagers and kids and takes them off google for popularity? No. And I don't understand why. Without further ado, I'll reveal who the REAL Thinknoodles is.
  3. Thinknoodles. He's the guy you all love. But do you know his secret? How he ranks so high in Google? Well, I'm going to share it with you.
  4. Club Penguin Insiders is Thinknoodles' website which averages 150,000+ views per day. I suspect that most of this traffic is from people searching 'club penguin' and 'club penguin cheats' (seeing as he ranks extremely high for both of those keywords which is a hard thing to do). Did he get that high fairly? Did he earn it? I don't think so...
  5. Not long ago, Club Penguin Insiders suddenly popped up high in Google. It came from no where. I had absolutely no idea who Thinknoodles or his website was (I'd never actually seen his or his website's name mentioned before) until I saw Club Penguin Insiders ranking #1 for 'club penguin cheats'. Isn't that a bit odd? How can someone suddenly come from nowhere and knock the top ranking site off the top spot? Cheating.
  6. Yes. We have evidence that Thinknoodles cheated to get to the top in Google. We believe that he did this in two ways - spamming heaps of irrelevant links to the top ranking sites and buying high quality backlinks to his site. This would all get him to the top. And, he would never be spotted. No one would ever know he did it. Everyone would just think he's a blogger that got to the top in a legitimate way. No he didn't and no, don't support him because he is your friend, or your idol. Support the person who is right, and in this case, he isn't. Here is a list of sites which he ruined with his wrongdoings:
  8. - clubpenguincp.com, the most popular club penguin website that ever existed. It ranked really high in Google, and ruining it would be the perfect chance for him to get amazingly popular. That's what Thinknoodles did. (Chrisdog93)
  10. - clubpenguincheatscrew.com, a very popular website that ranked high in Google. He downgraded it too. (Coolpoo78/Coolpool79)
  12. -clubpenguincheats.co, a popular club penguin website that got tons of views - only before Thinknoodles showed up. (Waltdisney6)
  14. - theclubpenguincheats.com, a website that works mostly with search engines. TCPC ranked really high before thinknoodles' site existed, but after a while, the site died and thinknoodles became even more popular.  (Watex/Fever, Jammer Dj)
  16. Furthermore, when it comes to questioning Thinknoodles, he is nothing but a coward. After performing a large Distributed Denial of Service attack on ClubPenguinCP (and stupidly leaving traces), Chrisdog93 obtained his mobile/cell number. Chris rang up Thinknoodles, he answered, then hung up when he realised it was Chris. So Chris rang again, this time, his wife answered, when Chris questioned Think's whereabouts, she said he wasn't in. This was just a couple minutes after Chris initially rang Think.
  18. Coincidence? Just about the time clubpenguininsiders.com rised and started getting tons of views, all 3 sites above started receiving a much lower amount of views. No, it's not a coincidence. And you had better not support him, do you like supporting a cheater? Somebody who didn't get his views and built his fan base in a legit way? Some of you will say 'Think would never do that. He's not a cheater'. And that is because you love him, you're his fan. But if you were a hater, or at least didn't like him as much, you'd see that you would react in a different way.
  20. Just sit and think about it; would you still support someone who ruined your websites on which you worked hard to make popular, just to make his extremely popular too? Without even moving his flipper? No.
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