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  1. <tickleweasel> IS is shit
  2. <tickleweasel> ar tonelico was here, nier is shit
  3. <tickleweasel> star driver is shit
  4. <tickleweasel> 320kbps is shit
  5. <tickleweasel> recettear is shit
  6. <tickleweasel> cs is shit
  7. <tickleweasel> ps2 is shit
  8. <tickleweasel> ps3 is shit
  9. <tickleweasel> ps1 is also shit
  10. <tickleweasel> code gayass is shit
  11. <tickleweasel> supercell is shit
  12. <tickleweasel> madoka is shit
  13. <tickleweasel> and no, .hack is shit
  14. <tickleweasel> fma is shit
  15. <tickleweasel> no, hayate is shit but its worth watching if you're in the mood
  16. <tickleweasel> crash bandicoot is shit
  17. <tickleweasel> psone is shit
  18. <tickleweasel> no, N64 is shit
  19. <tickleweasel> eva is shit
  20. <tickleweasel> steampunk is shit
  21. <tickleweasel> gladius was here, claymore is shit
  22. <tickleweasel> minecraft is shit
  23. <tickleweasel> jazz is shit
  24. <tickleweasel> pokemon is shit
  25. <tickleweasel> chibi is shit
  26. <tickleweasel> your drawing is shit
  27. <tickleweasel> ice cream is shit
  28. <tickleweasel> touhou is shit
  29. <tickleweasel> lain is shit
  30. <tickleweasel> index is shit, its basically a show about nothing
  31. <tickleweasel> legendaryshit is shit
  32. <tickleweasel> turkey is shit
  33. <tickleweasel> no, he just secretly acknowledges that weeaboo music is shit
  34. <tickleweasel> asuka is shit
  35. <tickleweasel> kamina is shit
  36. <tickleweasel> olive oil is shit
  37. <tickleweasel> portugal is shit
  38. <tickleweasel> olive oil is shit, we covered this
  39. <tickleweasel> runescape is shit
  40. <tickleweasel> although no matter what settings you have, explorer is shit
  41. <tickleweasel> half life is shit
  42. <tickleweasel> supcom2 is shit btw
  43. <tickleweasel> gba is shit
  44. <tickleweasel> no I don't, bionicle is shit
  45. <tickleweasel> RO is shit
  46. <tickleweasel> harmonica is shit, go back to eastern europe
  47. <tickleweasel> steak is shit
  48. <tickleweasel> saki is shit, the only good thing about it is pink haired tits that manages to keep her mouth shut most of the show
  49. <tickleweasel> Uno is shit
  50. <tickleweasel> summer wars is shit
  51. <tickleweasel> trivia is shit
  52. <tickleweasel> deadman wonderland is shit
  53. <tickleweasel> kanon is shit
  54. <tickleweasel> table flipping is shit
  55. <tickleweasel> though I think playstation is shit
  56. <tickleweasel> umineko is shit
  57. <tickleweasel> macross frontier is shit
  58. <tickleweasel> you're shit
  59. <tickleweasel> STO is shit
  60. <tickleweasel> religion is shit
  61. <tickleweasel> carlito is shit
  62. <tickleweasel> super smash bros is shit
  63. <tickleweasel> space jam is shit
  64. <tickleweasel> doki is shit, btw
  66. <tickleweasel> nor do I own a coffee maker because filters are shit
  67. <tickleweasel> mutual funds are shit btw, they all play it super safe
  68. <tickleweasel> all olives are shit
  69. <tickleweasel> earbuds are shit
  70. <tickleweasel> cx300 are shit
  71. <tickleweasel> contracts are shit, though if you cant get a plan for cheaper off contract it might not be worth it to buy unlocked/full
  72. <tickleweasel> jp and v are shit
  73. <tickleweasel> duets are shit
  74. <tickleweasel> pokegirls are shit
  75. <tickleweasel> shotas are shit
  76. <tickleweasel> tildes are shit
  77. <tickleweasel> class based mmorpgs are shit
  78. <tickleweasel> beaches are shit
  79. <tickleweasel> spirals are shit
  80. <tickleweasel> no, cons are shit
  81. <tickleweasel> external hard drives are shit
  82. <tickleweasel> people who seed are shit
  83. <tickleweasel> admins who don't get paid money to admin are shit
  84. <tickleweasel> prawns are shit
  85. <tickleweasel> horses are shit
  86. <tickleweasel> bots are shit
  87. <tickleweasel> levis are shit
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