Be the Change You Want to See in the World (Part 1)

Nov 2nd, 2013
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  1. Ugh. As much as I love to sleep in, doing so always gives me a serious headache. Of course, the problem stemmed from staying up late. Early to bed early to rise and all that shit. I stretched under the covers. It didn’t feel like a stretch worthy of getting up, so I did so again. I rolled over and glanced at the iHome on my nightstand. 11:43. There goes half my day. Sitting up, I planted my feet on the floor and stood up. I threw on my bathrobe and stumbled downstairs. My family all seemed away at their respective jobs. Mine had already ended for the season, so for a couple weeks I had the house to myself during the day.
  3. I walked into the kitchen and opened the cupboard under the counter. There was about a third of a box of cereal left, so I took that out and put it on the counter next to a bowl. I put the box back in the cupboard and poured milk on my cereal. Being careful not to spill, I shoved the bowl to the side of the counter with chairs. Turning the corner to sit down, I plucked a spoon from a drawer.
  5. Of course, the second I sat down, there was a knock on the door, followed by a doorbell. Shit, I was only wearing a robe and I had to answer the door for either the UPS guy or the heating oil guy delivering a bill. Sighing, I stood up and began walking to the door, adjusting my robe as much as possible so I don’t look too much like a lazy bum. Sure enough, at the door was a delivery guy with a small cardboard box. I unlocked the door and opened it.
  7. “I need a signature?” he asked, handing out an electronic signature device. I nonchalantly signed it, and he handed over the box, “Have a nice day,” he said stiffly, walking away.
  9. I shut the door and looked at the package. It was a box and packing tape. No labels or anything. I set it on the counter and went back to my improvised brunch. I reached into a robe pocket for my iPod, realizing I forgot it upstairs. I don’t know why I listened to the music I did, it was mostly soundtracks to video games and movies, but there were also many 60s and 70s songs as well. I don’t really care for modern music so to speak, even the more popular ones.
  11. I chewed and looked around the kitchen for something to distract me. My eyes kept finding themselves looking at the strange box in front of me. It’s a federal offense to open someone’s mail, right? I suppose there really isn’t an address or anything on it so it’s not someone else’s so to speak. Fuck it. I tore the clear packaging tape from the box and dropped it on the table. I lifted the cardboard flaps and was greeted with a grayish white tissue paper. I casually pulled the crumpled scraps out and finally saw the contents of the box.
  13. The odd shape threw me off at first, but they were a strange pair of sunglasses. The lenses were kind of egg shaped, with the narrow end pointing up and away at a 45 degree angle. The lenses were also a smooth magenta color, with a thick black rim. They looked like they were made for a chick, but they still looked kinda cool. Weird. I put the sunglasses down and continued eating. No matter what, I wasn’t going to mess with them. There was something strange about them.
  15. The sunglasses seemed to almost... stare at me? I’m not sure, but they began to seem really creepy to me. Sighing, I picked them back up, and placed them on my head. Maybe wearing them would make their strangeness go away. Looking through them, nothing seemed any different. They must be pretty high quality if they don’t have a purple tint. I took them back off and looked at them closer.
  17. Suddenly, I felt like I was shot with a diamond bullet right through my forehead. I instantly dropped the sunglasses and ran to the bathroom. Upon entering, I peered into the full length mirror mounted on the door. Right in the middle of my forehead was a pointed white bump. I nervously touched it. It felt hard and dry, like bone. Even stranger, I could feel it move and twist. I removed my hand from the structure and observed as a horn twisted and grew from my own fucking forehead. It felt painful as the bone gave a grinding impression as it extended. Soon it stopped, and a spiral horn was right in the middle of my face.
  19. I began to hyperventilate in fear. I needed an ambulance. I was about to run to the phone but stopped and clutched my hand My left arm began to feel tight, as though it needed to stretch, but doing so didn’t make me feel any better. Now the limb was becoming thicker. I went to hold it out in front of me, but when I extended it, all the joints were fucked up like my arm was an accordion. What happened next was equally terrifying. My fingers curled inwards on their own, until I had a crude fist. Even stranger was how they absolutely refused to pull apart, like they were physically connected. Even as I looked, the gaps between my fingers were becoming smaller, until a marshmallow-like stub was all that was left. I felt a cracking sensation on the stub, like drying glue. I touched it with my remaining hand, and discovered it was solid, like a hoof. Then, in a tickling and itchy sensation, white fur began spreading from the hoof. The process began to repeat with my legs, except the joints had a much larger change. Your heel moved upwards, forming a hook shape to make hind legs.
  21. I felt another grinding sensation similar to the horn’s as my mouth and nose fused, then began to extend slightly, giving a small, pointed muzzle of sorts. My eyes felt major pressure as they grew larger, almost to the size of dinner plates. I looked up into the mirror and saw my eyes were now a red or magenta color, I couldn’t quite tell with the intense pressure they were under. Large eyelashes grew, and they looked oddly feminine. Oh crap.
  23. I suddenly felt a terrible ache in both ears, and I reached for them with my remaining hand and hoof. It felt like someone pinched the top of my ears and pulled, practically ripping them upwards until they became sensitive, pointed ears. Once the pain finally stopped, I noticed a dramatic change in my hearing. It was like being able to hear every detail after taking off thick headphones.
  25. I felt a sharp, almost stinging pain as my spine extended, leaving a small extension of my tailbone covered in muscle. Shades of blue hair sprouted rapidly from the stub, forming a tail made completely from the hair. I would have freaked out about the new fucking tail coming out from above my ass, but now I noticed my brown hair was growing long and spiky, forming around my head. Lastly, my hand formed into a hoof as well. By now my body had so many patches of fur no more skin was showing, and I was completely covered.
  27. I let loose a yelp as I felt a pinch in my dick. I looked down and saw it start to shrink into me. My balls pulled inside as well, becoming ovaries I assume. My penis was still moving in, and I wasn’t sure if I felt pleasure or pain as I realized my body was essentially raping itself. My skin felt incredibly irritated as it sort of unzipped into labia, with the former head becoming a tiny clit. I pressed a hoof against it as the vagina completed. I was in shock more than anything else. My nipples felt like they were being stretched as they shifted down above my... ugh... vagina. Once they moved down there the flesh underneath swelled a bit. I hope this isn’t happening.
  29. Then, in a final pain, my whole body shifted and change to equip my body for being quadruped. Finally, after five minutes of pain, it stopped as a single black musical note appeared on my flank. Staring back at me in the mirror was a pony. A fucking unicorn. Me, I think. Actually, no. There was no way this was me. Oh shit, what if my parents got home? Could I talk? What if I was sent to some lab? I needed to hide. I raised a hoof to run, but quickly crashed to the floor. I extended all my muscles and landed on all fours unsteadily. I reminded myself of Bambi trying to walk.
  31. I raised a foreleg, then I tried operating a hind leg. It didn’t really do anything. I tried again, thinking of it as another foreleg/arm. This time it did. Okay, so I know how to work my legs individually, so now I had to put it all together. I tried all the legs on one side of my body, like crawling. I fell back down. I groaned, and used my hooves individually to get up.
  33. Okay attempt two. I tried moving my left foreleg in tandem with my right hind leg. It took a lot of thought, but I finally took my first step! I tried again, and ended up moving all the legs on one side of my body again, causing me to fall over again. God dammit.
  35. After a couple minutes, I had a stumble-walk going. I made my way over to a screen door, and used my head to push it open, accidentally puncturing the screen with my horn. I was going to have to get used to that...
  37. What I saw when I got outside was incredible. I was in a town with other ponies! I turned to look at my house, and noticed an incredible change. It now had a pink trim and a thatched roof, almost like something from a cartoon. I looked back through the screen door, and saw the inside was altered accordingly.
  39. What the hell was happening?
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