Touch On 6

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  1. MC: Shin Chi-Ho
  2. Red: Joo Hong
  3. Black
  4. Mc mom: Yeon-Hwa
  8. Red is now sucking mc dick, mc thinks oh, my god… Hong… red says it’s so hot… mc thinks I’ll be there with all my heart and soul… but the stimulus is too strong! If we don’t get it out of here soon, we’ll just… mc starts to move and red follow him, he thinks why, why are you following me?! Red says where are you going? Mc fall over the bath meanwhile red still suck his dick, she end the bj asking does it hurt? Mc says yeah with… red starts to take off her pants saying what I do, then… if you go in here… it’s a little soft? She is now sitting over mc dick playing with that, mc says Hong, it’s… I don’t have a condom today… red goes and put his dick inside. She make a big moan when put the entire mc dick inside her, she says if you wrap inside, you’ll die! Mc thinks oh, my god… I think I can feel the inside… I like yesterday, but… today’s much better! It feels so close to… mc grabs her ass and starts to move deep.
  10. Red react from that saying all of a sudden, it’s just… she thinks it’s dangerous… it feels so much better than yesterday. I think I’m going to scream! It’s really good! Don’t stop! Even what I couldn’t do yesterday… don’t you dare! Outside some dude is come to the bath saying oh, no. I’m in hurry… he looks the door is close and asks to a nurse there the bathroom door is locked? The nurse says what? It can’t be… outside the both dude and nurse talk about that meanwhile red and mc have a deep sex, he now grabs her boobs. Red thinks it was better to touch my chest… I’m not sure I’m going to… I can’t stop it! Just like this… I’m begging you! Outside the nurse return saying I don’t know where the key is. It’s just the bathroom downstairs… the dude says oh, no… he continues with a serious face now, isn’t that a suicide? There are patients with mental illness in the hospital… I saw it on the news… a patient with depression locked the bathroom and hung him… nurse worried says don’t tell me… she screams who’s in there?! Both react surprised when heard the voice outside, nurse continues if you’re inside, answer me! Mc thinks this is the situation like this again… if we don’t finish this today… maybe tomorrow, I’ll be even crazier… but if you don’t run now…
  12. Mc is surprised because red stop moving, he took her and get up from the bath. She asks what are you doing? He starts to thrust her from behind now, red says hey, are you crazy? If you don’t leave now… he says leave now or later. The result is the same. I’ll take care of the back. If you finish like this, you’ll be having a hard day tomorrow, too. I don’t like being awkward, either. Let’s finish and go out. Mc move a little, red says what are you doing? Of its decided, do it fast… outside is now the nurse, the guy and other to open the door, the nurse says I got key vendor! The guy says that’s good idea. I brought a cutler. Someone come and scream don’t complete! Inside the bath mc thrust red deep and she like it, he thinks wow, and I am definitely more sensitive than yesterday! I think it’ll be soon… he says Hong. I can’t take it anymore… red says oh, not inside! If you do, I’ll kill you! Mc thinks come to think of it, where should I wrap it? Throw the shoot in the air? Oh! I don’t know! I’ll take it’s… he take off his dick and red fall in pleasure, after that mc shoot her cum over her face.
  14. He says I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to fight there… red says stupid… I’m worried about how we’re going to get out… next day in the hospital on the reception two nurses talks they say hey! The weird case? Who’s going out with you? That’s a housewarming joke! The men’s bathroom door was locked last night. I was all over the place, wondering if it might be a suicide. But… a long time later, the door opened… why did you have a pair of man and women?! One nurse says is that me? Don’t tell me… the other one says you suck! You bite and suck! The woman ran away with the hood on and the man stuck in the hospital room. Nurse asks what’s his name? The other nurse says oh, god. It’s a nerve patient in room 374… someone is coming, is a doctor from the hospital. Nurse says aren’t you in charge of Yeon? The other says it happened at night. You don’t know yet… nurse says do you thinks it’s okay, Mr. Yeon? The other says oh, I’m worried… the doctor says oops meanwhile she have problem with her shoes… Tbc…
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