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  1. <PM> 1) On HDBits I read about DCD
  2. <PM> 2) Indian movies songs in flac and high quality specially old songs.
  3. <PM> 3) Old music is the best 70s 80s
  4. <PM> 4) When it comes to desi stuff I only have desitorrents otherwise I'm on HDBits for HD and IPTorrents and a few more.
  5. <PM> 4) I can take a screenshot of my desitorrents account and send it to you if needed.
  6. <PM> I live in Norway but now for a month or so I'm in Denmark
  7. <PM> 5)
  8. <PM> 6) I listen to old songs. also bhangra type from badshah or honey singh..
  9. <PM> 7) I used to have a lot of cd's but its been a while now I've stored them away. I had alot of rafi, mukesh, lata and pakistani cds too.
  10. <PM> 8) I didn't really get the meaning of "user's mode of seeding".. I use a seedbox if that was the question..
  11. <PM> 9) I understand the word pristine but not really sure what you mean by that sentence.. Flac is data-heavy because the files are bigger than mp3???
  13. My email: sendmeapm@gmail.com
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