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Pirates IRC SEPTEMBER '19 Changelog

mruno Sep 30th, 2019 (edited) 42 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC - http://tiny.cc/PiratesIRC
  2. September 2019 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Added a cooldown for pirates voted in the brig by the crew
  6. Pirates with same name on different ships can only join the Battle-Royale once
  7. The ship will gain +1 speed when hidden with !P Captain Rumor
  8. !P Love/Hate effects now doubled: 2%
  9. Moderators will now be notified when other Mods perform commands
  10. Moderators will now be notified when other Mods are added or removed
  11. Added a cooldown for when charisma skill deflects a duel request
  12. Added ability to Aye up against multiple events occurring at the same time: !P Aye<Find,Fish,MOB,Mutiny,Prank,Sabotage>
  13. Added ability to Defend against multiple events occurring at the same time: !P Defend <Epic,Fire,Kraken,Mimic,Monster,Port,Ship,Zonbi>
  14. Moderators will now be notified when players perform certain acts...
  15. New pirates can choose 'random' faction
  16. Captain shortcut in lockpick: !P Lockpick Captain
  17. Added additional notifications when a player kicks or bans others
  18. Zonbified pirates can now perform special commands
  19. Battle-Royale winner's ship will receive a +5 speed bonus
  22. Fixes:
  23. Ships having less than one cannon
  24. Ability to start a group quest below level 15
  25. Battle-Royale ending prematurely
  26. After dispatching all zonbis, always getting the message "The Zonbis fall into the bilge n' be trapped! The Zonbi infection be acute n' they should recover within the next 15mins..."
  27. Dig goal
  28. !P Nay counting as P Aye in some events
  29. When using a shift curse if you name a place that does not exist the item is consumed.
  30. In Captain by Force mod, dueling anyone and winning made player Captain
  31. Love/Hate not counting the times in the details of !P Captain Favor (Favor % was correct)
  32. Cannonballs not being used during epic monster event
  33. "Tis voucher already be active!" when its actually not
  34. !P Skill Learn question exploit
  35. Faction rep being reset when anyone bought a new faction
  36. !P Map Keep exploit
  37. Game goal not completing
  38. Game goal counter
  39. Battle royale reward
  40. Port factions being numbers
  41. Exploit for event where whoever has possession of an item, they will be paid. other pirates can steal the item and the owner can hide
  42. -1 zonbis fall into the bilge
  43. 0 doubloons from a successful sabotage
  44. Repeating message: All ports 'ave declared independence! European Crowns be askin' help to restore civilization in the West!
  45. Crew vote to repair will be silently stopped if a player buys repair at a shipwright
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