Dark Spirits

Feb 26th, 2018
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  1. On the Spirits Darke and Most Wicked
  2. This text seems to go over several types of rare Spirits. All are difficult spirits to control and dangerous to summon, but many offer rewards other types of spirits can't, or are simply quite powerful. They are listed more or less in order of their difficulty and danger, though this can vary widely depending on an individual spirit's power level.
  4. Grislings are a type of weak Demon that wish to experience mortal life. They cannot exist in the mortal realm while ethereal and also cannot manifest; however, they can be summoned into dead bodies, which they will reanimate (seemingly to full life and function). They are often used as guards and minions by warlocks, ritualists, and reckless mages. They are intelligent and capable of speech (when given a body that too is physicable capable of the act), but their knowledge of human languages tends to be imperfect and uncouth. They do not often pass as the creatures they are inhabiting due to their odd and erratic behavior. They are base animalistic creatures most concerned with pleasures of the flesh, especially finding and eating as many different types of food as they can. They tend to have crude and unintelligent personalities, which makes their use as minions fairly precarious. All Grislings seem to be alike, with no hierarchy or difference in powers between them.
  6. Haunts are spirits that feed on fear. Their hauntings are some of the most archetypical, thus their name. They create a slowly rising dread and paranoia over months or even decades, and then strike to indulge in a crescendo of panic. The strongest Haunts are proficient shapeshifters capable of honing in on mortal's biggest fears. Though one of the most common types of demons, they are slippery and focused on avoiding banishment; they often elude demon-hunters and other mages that come to cleanse their presence. They most commonly prey on children, the mentally ill, or others that will be discredited or disbelieved by their peers. Thought to be a particularly cunning sort of spirit, many retain strong identities even after banishment.
  8. Shades are spirits that feed on apathy, depression, grief, and ultimately suicide. They tend to haunt specific people rather than places, using their powers to make life as miserable as they can for their victims, seeking to drive them to paranoia and isolation where they can more easily be manipulated. They often get their victims to adopt strange or nonsensical agendas; it is thought perhaps Shades are more organized than they seem, and are together working on long-term plans. Most haunts have very little in the way of identity, but others adopt the identities of particularly sad deaths they have witnessed or caused.
  10. Lilit are a type of demon that feed on sexual energy. They do not necessarily have to participate in the act themselves, though those of Greater rank or better often do manifest as attractive humans and seduce humans. Their personalities and desires vary wildly, so summoning them and interacting with them is a dangerous affair. They are often double-aspected, further complicating the issue. The Gelal are a type of Lilit that have a triple Aspect, and are particularly powerful and difficult to control.
  12. Wraiths are a type of Demonic Spirit that delight in pain, rage, and violence. They prefer direct action without flair, but can be quite cunning when forced to act creatively. When unleashed, Wraiths act with little self-regard to self-preservation and simply act to inflict as much violence upon the living as they can. They are not cowardly but will ignore difficult targets to pursue weak prey that will satisfy their urges for inflicting pain, fear, and death. They often prefer to leave their victims mortally wounded rather than killing them outright. The most dangerous Wraiths are Spirits of mixed Aspect; this often improves their patience and ability to plan, making them much more dangerous in the long-term.
  14. Blight Spirits are spirits of disease and pestilence. They seem to become particularly active during times of war, and they seem to cooperate exceptionally well with Miasmic spirits. On the whole they tend to be unintelligent spirits with no long-term plans, but their effects can be devastating because of the suddenness of their attack on populations or on crops. They tend to manifest as swarms of vermin.
  16. Miasmic Spirits are foul beings of hatred and corruption. They hate all life, and mages most of all. They can twist and corrupt magic, and excel as assassins against mages. If let loose, Miasmic Spirits will gather with others of their kind to form Miasma Storms, devastating events that leave corruption throughout the land and lead to the creation of Monsters. Not much is known about Miasmic Spirits because of their rarity, and the extreme danger they represent to life and the environment.
  18. Dingir are extremely powerful spirits, always of at least Majestic rank and never of single aspect. The ritual to summon them is ardous and exhausting, and they must always be summoned by exactly four people. They are coveted because they have the power to grant long-lasting wishes, particularly those related to their other aspect. However if the summoning is not performed correctly, they become enraged and will attempt to kill their summoners.
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