FoB and Winx notes for Restreams

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  1. Runner: SerSanju -
  2.                  - Twitter @FoilSanju
  4. These are going to be notes for both Winx and InFamous: Festival of Blood here.
  6. ->
  8. Winx Club notes for Restreams. This will explain the basics, you can always watch the run and ask me anything, it's short.
  10. My PB - 36:54 ->
  12. I will be linking some videos along with my explanations, just so you understand what I'm talking about.
  14. First of all, it's a 3rd person videogame, in which you control one of the Winx, Bloom. She has 2 types of attacks, both outside of the bosses and in the bosses, the second attack changes in the boss fights. Pretty much she has a basic magic attack and a strong attack, which I'll only use in boss fights because it deals more damage sometimes.
  16. I don't get power upgrades so I'll have a small bar of power, which means if I get bad RNG in boss fights it can be really bad. The bosses give you magic from time to time, but if you see a black and red item floating around and you don't see me getting it, it's because it takes half your magic bar, I really need magic, or else I can't attack or even defend myself.
  18. The way of defending myself is a shield, it wastes magic too inside boss fights, so I'll try not to use it too many times.
  20. Bosses usually have a lot of health, but I'll try to stun them and do a strong attack when I do. Also, in some bosses I can use the help of the other Winx, 2 of them have a strong attack, the other one gives you health and magic and the last one gives you a temporary shield.
  22. Now, let's start with the skips. I'll probably show the first one in the game even though failing it means timeloss and we never go for it in runs because it's about the same speed as going the intended route. I'll probaly use it to explain the way it works.
  24. You skip the very first door of the game, by the use of "Crouchdropping" - here's the video:
  26. I'll use Crouchdropping for the first "real" skip. This one does save time. We call it "Friends Skip". The game tells you to go see some tutorials on how to do minigames and tells you to go meet your friends. You never meet them, but they seem to know who you are afterwards anyway. ->
  28. I mentioned I have a shield to defend myself. Well, it's broken too. Most of the other skips, I'll do them with a very basic glitch called "Shield-clipping", I use the shield and spam first person mode, pretty much.
  30. I'll use two codes in the run - 3921 / 0001
  32. If you see me crouch when I get an item over my head, it's because it skips an animation of Bloom dancing. We call that "No dancing allowed.
  34. Anything else, you can always ask me via Twitter or Twitch. I prefer Twitter @FoilSanju.
  36. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. InFamous: Festival of Blood notes for Restreams.
  40. My PB - 23:57 ->
  42. InFamous: Festival of Blood is an action-adventure (standalone) videogame, with gameplay based on InFamous 2.
  44. Cole Mcgrath, the main character (who has electric powers), is bitten by a vampire named Bloody Mary (the antagonist). He turns into a vampire and still has electric powers. The main objective is to kill Bloody Mary.
  46. I'll link timestamps from my own PB to explain stuff.
  48. The run is done offline, but you still get asked if you want to use the User-Generated content after the second mission. I'll just decline the Terms and Conditions. That skips 2 User-generated content missions created by Sucker Punch.
  50. Movement tech - Blood flight (
  52. I'll need to take care of my Blood meter (top-left corner). To do that, I'll pick up some Canopic Jars along the way. ( Canopic Jars give me blood, but that won't be enough sometimes or I won't have one close to me, so I'll have to bite a pedestrian to get my blood meter full.
  54. I also use a technique called "damage skip". Throw a grenade when Bloody Mary is about to control your mind, you skip the state amd can move normally. Usually the animation lasts for like 2-3s. (
  56. All the fights in this game are pure RNG (vampires and Firstborns). The fight with Bloody Mary at the end is scripted, but you can still get bad RNG and miss hitting her, which can be bad. The Firstborn fights are  by far the worst one in the game, they keep teleporting around the area where you're fighting them, sometimes you can kill them fast, sometimes RNG can cost you a run. See an example here:
  58. After one of the missions, I'll load the autosave, it saves 30s over using Blood Flight to get to the mission.
  60. That should be all, and well, anything else contact me via Twitter or Twitch I guess.
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