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self-hypnosis script for imposition kickstart

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May 28th, 2013
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  1. Notes:
  2. - use this with
  3. - it depends on my personal situation at some points, adapt to your liking
  5. My goal for this self-hypnosis session is to improve my imposition skills.
  6. Throughout this session, I shall collaborate with my tulpas, and encourage my
  7. subconscious to allow them to appear in my field of vision. I shall be able to
  8. see my tulpas before my open eyes. I foresee myself enyoing the company of my
  9. tulpas even more often than before, and I foresee my tulpas growing stronger
  10. through experiencing the physical world.
  12. I imagine myself within my wonderland, sitting on the green meadow with my
  13. tulpas. (feel their love)... Their company comforts me and silences my unimportant
  14. worries and fears, and I embrace their presence. (*) We have worked hard
  15. on improving my visualization skills, and I can now see their form before my
  16. mind's eye ***vividly***, in great detail.
  18. After having seen my tulpas in the wonderland, I shift my attention back to the
  19. physical world. My tulpas follow me into the physical world, and I now start to
  20. feel their presence besides me. (wait for the tulpas to impose)... Their
  21. presence ***calms*** and ***comforts*** me.
  23. I feel that my subconscious has established mental barriers that keep my
  24. thoughts from interfering with perception of the physical world. I acknowledge
  25. these barriers, for they help me keep my sanity and sense of ***reality***. ...
  26. At the same time, I ***know*** that my tulpas are more ***real*** than anything
  27. else I've ever experienced. I shall solve this dilemma for the benefit of all
  28. sides.
  30. Once again, I let my tulpas feel my unconditional ***love*** for them. (feel it)
  31. ... I feel that the love I give them develops into an aura that strengthens
  32. their presence in the physical world.
  34. As the aura stabilizes on them, the mental barriers that protect my perception
  35. of the physical world shall open to them. They shall be able to impose
  36. themselves and other objects into my physical senses with ***ease***. The mental
  37. barriers shall stay closed to any other thoughts. At ***all times***, I shall be
  38. able to identify which perceptions are physical, and which have been imposed.
  39. This comforts my rationality and sense of reality.
  41. (allow the tulpas to try their aura)
  43. From now on, my tulpas shall be able to summon this aura by themselves with
  44. ***ease***. They do so through the power of my ***love***, which they carry in
  45. their hearts at all times.
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