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  1. (11:20:10 AM) o/
  2. (11:20:12 AM) you around?
  3. (12:58:19 PM) yeah mate whats up ?
  4. (12:58:44 PM) Do you remember you fleet from the 25th july?
  5. (12:58:53 PM) You had a small fight with some OOS cerbs
  6. (12:59:02 PM) yeah
  7. (12:59:14 PM) We had an SRP request about it - have you already been contacted by Torx?
  8. (12:59:32 PM) no i dont think so why ?
  9. (12:59:35 PM)\
  10. (1:00:13 PM) What he said:
  11. (1:00:14 PM) Because the fleet got wrecked and had to scatter in odd directions.  I docked up and added those on so that I could make a run for home.  Was caught in next system.  
  13. As you can see all of the modules for SRP fit are included in the cargo of this ship.  I was on a fleet op and in a fleet op ship. but had to change it so that I could make it home.  I switched to Huginn so that the FC could have a recon.  
  15. I at least would like half SRP to help out or I will never fly a recon again.  They are to expensive not ot get SRP on loss.
  16. (1:00:33 PM) Basically up to you whether or not he gets SRP for it
  17. (1:02:15 PM) yeah well what he said was true and if it was me i would give him SRP as he increased his chance of survival
  18. (1:02:36 PM) after the point that he refit, all you were trying to do is flee?
  19. (1:02:40 PM) Not fight the hostiles at all?
  20. (1:04:00 PM) yep we even stated that we would try to evac ppl out of there the next day and i was hopeing ppl would do that instead of running into there camps but i guess some ppl need there toons else where
  21. (1:04:43 PM) OOS numbers where unmatchable
  22. (1:05:09 PM) Hmm. My only concern is that you said for people to not try and leave since you knew there was a camp
  23. (1:05:18 PM) But he did it anyway?
  24. (1:05:58 PM) there was an evac gang that went up a couple hrs later and saved quite a few dudes
  25. (1:06:15 PM) but im not sure when this guy try to make a run
  26. (1:06:58 PM) Ok thanks for the info. Unless there is anything else important, fly safe o7
  27. (1:07:39 PM) no that all mate and i would probly give it to him (just my opinion)
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