Yves Leveque DOX

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  1. Yves Leveque DOX
  2. =========================
  4. Scammer who screwed many people out of almost 50 grand. You're going to go to jail, and you're going to rot there for a long fucking time. You should've thought about the consequences before you pulled your bullshit, but you didn't. Not only that, but you forgot to clean up your digital footprints and now we have you. Your victims will be coming for you.
  6. Name: Yves Leveque
  7. Aliases: Cory, Charles South
  8. Address: 107 Pacers Walk, Peachtree City GA 30269
  9. Phone Numbers:
  10.  - (404) 901-7148
  11.  - (404) 786-3001
  12. Associated Emails:
  13.  -
  14.  - (possibly email of wife)
  15.  -
  16. Pictures of Yves:
  22. == Wife ==
  23. Apparently his wife is also in on the scam. She insists that somebody framed her husband even though there is solid proof, and when she saw the evidence she started taking down her accounts.
  25. Name: Kessy Leveque
  26. Photo:
  27. Youtube:
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