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  1. A soft chime rang as a young man stepped into the store, the warm air rushing in before the doors quietly shut. Drew was on a very simple mission: To get some better looking clothes that would help him stand out. Given the nature of most second hand stores, this would be a pretty tall order. But he was confident he’d find a gem in the rough.
  3.  This was a bad idea, these clothes all look terrible, the young man thought. He shrugged his shoulders and pondered, Well, I’m already here, might as well take a look. Drew’s eyes scanned the store before eyeing the men’s section of the store. He started thumbing through the various colorful threads other people had left behind. Drew’s wardrobe was comprised of off the rack stuff from Wal-Mart and he was absolutely sick of it. He needed something bold, something that would make him stand out.
  5.  His hand stopped. What the heck? He moved his hand back as his fingers felt something made of leather. Curious, he grabbed the hangar and pulled out a pristine leather jacket. Large orange chevrons adorned the sleeves of the jacket, and the cuffs rolled up. Drew pulled the zipper up and down, grinning with glee as it glided with ease. Oh man, this jacket looks freaking amazing! I guess even at a place like this, there’s some winners. Satisfied, he draped it over his shoulder and continued wandering the store.
  7.  Drew was grinning, patting himself on the back for nabbing such a great find. It wasn’t long before he was looking for a matching pair of pants for the jacket, as well as a shirt and shoes. Like the jacket, the shoes he found were black and grey. He raised his eyebrow. These looked like they’re supposed to go with the jacket. Did someone donate a whole outfit? He pondered how he had managed to get these two fitting items so easily. He shook his head, realizing that it didn’t really matter why they were here, since it was to his advantage. He pulled back the tongue of the shoe to check the size and found they were exactly his size. He scooped up the shoes, grinning with his continued fortune.
  9.  The hunt had gone much better than Drew could have ever hoped for. Now he only needed a shirt and some pants and his new outfit would be complete. In no time at all, he found a matching sky blue t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans in his size that looked almost new. His incredible fortune stunned him. Now, the moment of truth was upon him; he needed to try his outfit on.
  11.  Marching over to the changing rooms, he slipped inside a vacant stall and closed it behind him. Eager to see his new look, he undressed his current attire and placed it neatly on the dressing room bench. He stripped down to his boxer shorts and white socks. He nodded at his reflection in the mirror before turning to his desired threads.
  13.  He slipped his feet into the legs of durable denim pants, the top coming up to his waistline and holding snugly. He plopped down onto the dressing room bench, his behind cushioned by the comfortable fit of his new jeans.
  15.  He pulled up the dark shoes and one by one, dipped his feet into the pair. After putting them on, he wiggled his toes, feeling around the inside of the shoes. He marched in place a bit, getting a feel for them. He nodded his head with a smirk, feeling pretty satisfied with the feel of his footwear.
  17.  He turned to his new shirt and put it on. He knew the shirt would be an easy fit and wasn’t expecting any sort of trouble with it. Sure enough, it conformed to his body quite well, fitting comfortably on his torso. He was beaming as he looked himself over in the mirror. Everything was coming together nicely in Drew’s mind. One last piece remained.
  19.  He curled his fingers around the jacket, getting a feel for the material once again. He took a deep breath before twirling it around him and pulling his arms through the long sleeves. He pulled the jacket taut and turned around to look at the finished result in the mirror. His smile vanished as he looked at the jacket on his body. All the other items seemed to fit perfectly! But the jacket? It pinched at his shoulders and waist, and his arms felt much too long for the sleeves. It dawned on him as he looked at the jacket under the lights of the dressing room mirror.
  21.  “Damnit!” Drew cursed in annoyance. “This is a woman’s jacket. This thing won’t fit me! Augh, if only this thing fit better.”
  23.  He looked over his “finished” attire in the mirror one last time before giving up. He’d need to go back and look for some other jacket. With a sigh, he reached his fingers around the jacket to pull it off…
  25.  But he couldn’t. The back of the jacket felt stuck to his spine. Alarm bells rang in his head as the unfitting jacket tightened around his rib cage. The zipper was down, yet the jacket squeezed down on his torso, squeezing the breath out of him.
  27.  He clutched at his chest, a piercing pain shot around his lungs as the jacket seemed to clamp down. He turned his head to look into the mirror. His confusion morphed into terror as he noticed his clothing shifting. The jacket, which had originally reached down to about 3 inches below the belt, was now parallel with it. But the shift wasn’t limited to his jacket. His shirt grew lighter on his body, the fabric becoming softer, the weave less abrasive on his skin. Not only that, but a translucent, yellow colored skirt was growing from underneath! His shoes squirmed and shifted, looking more and more like boots by the second. Orange trim appeared on the tongues, as did buckles, encircling his ankles.
  29.  But the shifting clothing wasn’t what Drew was focusing on. While he could see his morphing wardrobe, he could feel his physical body changing. Drew’s towering 6'2” frame diminished, as if he were falling into his own shoes, pulling his height to around 5'9”. His torso compressed and shrank, masculinity diminishing in his shoulders and chest. Small bumps pushed out where his nipples were. He didn’t want to admit it, but the image staring back at him confirmed his fears. He was becoming a woman, and his clothes were changing to match.
  31.  He winced as the hair on his head poured out and down in front of his face. Long silky streams of fiery red and bright yellow hairs consumed his tufts of dusty brown hair. His hair grew more and more until he could feel his new hair due tickling right above the small of his back. He took a shaky hand and ran it through his new hair, noting that it was much softer than his previous hairstyle was before.
  33.  He wide-eyed fascination was cut short as his eyes teared up, an unbearable heat growing inside of them. He screamed through gritted teeth as his hands clutched at his eyes. Underneath his fingers, he felt his eye sockets grow and expand, covering more and more of his face. His oculars swelled to inhuman proportions, his iris and pupils following suit. Drew looked less like a human and more like an anime character.
  35.  Drew pulled his hands away from his eyes, but he refused to look in the mirror.  He kept his eyes or whatever they had become fixed firmly on the ground. However, the changes were still not done. Even without the mirror, he couldn’t ignore what was happening to his body.
  37.  The bumps on his chest were bigger now and they were ballooning into larger masses. They swelled, his nipples tingling as they rubbed against the soft fabric of his shirt. Finally, they jumped up, tossing his chest forward before they settled into place. An invisible tingling wrapped around him and cupped his new growths. While he couldn’t see it, he could feel the bra that had wrapped itself around his new breasts.
  39.  His jacket had finally stopped shrinking, its hem now rubbing up against his breasts. He looked down further, past the two bumps now obscuring his view. He saw the more frilly cut of his top at the bottom and the new skirt billowing out from under it. It was yellow in color and seemed to match his new hair.
  41.  A tightness started to grow in his pelvis. He clutched at his waist, nearly toppling over. He looked around and saw his pants compress down on his legs, almost cutting off circulation. As that happened, his rear and hips swelled outward. His flat behind grew to jut out, looking very womanly, with his hips growing out to match. A sucking sound and sensation came from between his legs. His genitals, out of place on his entire frame, started to deflate and pull back inside. Drew grasped at his crotch, hoping to stop the change. Even with everything he had undergone so far, this was the one line he desperately didn’t want to cross. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain. The bulge of his masculinity vanished, and she felt a new opening blossom between her feminine legs.
  43.  Drew barely had any time to mourn the loss of her sex before more changes hit, this time at her feet. The material of her shoes changed into something befitting a more feminine style. A heel grew out from the bottom of the boots, almost throwing her off balance. They pushed her up and gave her another inch of height.
  45.  She took a few deep breathes, confident her changes were over. That confidence was shattered the moment she looked at her hand, seeing the normal pale peach color of her skin give way to a darker yellow color. She once again shut her eyes as the change crawled around her entire body and covered every single inch of her.
  47.  The tingling of her skin dissipated. The discomfort of her transformation ebbed away. Nothing seemed to change, warp or morph anymore. The changes were finally over. For the longest time, Drew was terrified to move from where she was. She felt her entire body was different, she saw it was different but she refused to acknowledge it. She though that maybe if she never looked at it, it would go away, even though she knew that was foolish. Finally, after working up the courage, she pulled herself up. She took a deep breath and slowly opened her eyes.
  49.  What she saw was, to put it bluntly, pretty freaking weird. She was now a young girl, probably in high school with an unnaturally yellow skin tone, fierce red and yellow hair and massive eyes. While the look seemed pretty out of the norm, she had to admit, she didn’t look awful. She actually kinda liked her look… though she was still a bit terrified by the situation she was in.
  51.  She pondered what she should do before hearing a feminine scream coming from another changing booth. She had no context for why this person was screaming, but deep down she knew that it was for the same reason she had freaked out earlier. She rushed out of her booth, trying her best to dash in her heels. She screeched to a halt in front of the door she heard the cry come from and opened the changing room door.
  53.  Drew saw a young girl inside about the same age as she was now. Her skin was a breathtaking light lavender color and she had dark blue hair to match it. She was wearing a purple skirt with a button down blue top and a purple bow around the collar. She looked confused and terrified, almost the exact same state Drew had been in. The two of them locked eyes with each other. The purple girl stared at Drew for several seconds. Upon seeing Drew, the girl calmed down, her body less tense and more relaxed.
  55.   Drew gave an awkward grin. “Well uh,” Drew began. “I guess I’m glad I’m not the only one dealing with weird clothing today.” She chuckled again, extending her hand for a handshake. “My name is Drew, if you can believe that.”
  57.  The girl nodded, returning Drew’s handshake. “I-I’m Riley. P-pleased to meet you…”
  59.  Drew nodded as she shook Riley’s hand. The two of them were in a confusing situation, but at least they weren’t alone…
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