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  1. //Why do they want me?//
  3. It's been 4,450 days now. Living, if I can even call it that anymore. I'm the only one left, you know. Thank god I was in a building when it happened. Huh. Should I really be thanking God? Hey, at least I'm alive. More than I can say for the rest of them.
  5. //What was that.//
  7. I've got my shotgun. Pass me some ammo? Thanks. I'll see you in a minute, babe.
  9. //**BANG**//
  11. I'm back, honey. You see, they're constantly searching for me. Always looking, never finding. But I've got a gun, and I'm giving them a hell of a fight. They'll never get to me. They'll never take me.
  13. //Oh shit, another one? That soon?//
  15. Oh, the humanity of stepping over a corpse to make another one. But humanity isn't exactly a strong suit of ours any more, is it? I'm the last one left, after all. Cooped up in this building, with only you for company, my darling.
  17. //**BANG**//
  19. Well of course I'm scared. I'd been at least safe in here for, what, nine years? I counted the days, you see. But now they're getting smarter. I know they found me. They want me. I don't even know what they're going to do to me when they catch up. I'll never let myself find out.
  21. I swear, they come in bigger groups by the day. I wish I could be with you all the time. It's cold where you are, but at least it's just us two. Together. Forever. So cold, and yet so warm?
  23. //It's freezing.//
  25. I can hear another one coming. They're pushing me back. I'll just have to push harder. I hear footsteps. Just stay right here, I'll be back in a sec. I'm the last one, you know.
  27. Here is Satan. He stands at the door and knocks. Before I let him in, I think I'll reload.
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