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Nov 8th, 2012
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  1. It took an hour before any semblance of order was reached again. By then the medical services of the airport had managed to set up what looked most like a field hospital just outside the entrance, as the entire building of the airport had been shut down while the investigation was ongoing.
  3. In the meantime, the recently arrived emergency services had set up disinfecting booths. Cool- no, awesome as they sounded, in reality they were little more than high-pressure cold showers. Good for getting the blood off, but not something I'd do for fun. Still, more than once I saw people get out of the showers, only to get back at the end of the line for another go. I couldn't say I'd blame them. I didn't think I'd ever really feel clean again.
  5. "Name?" The serious-faced soldier said, more as a statement than an actual question.
  7. "Aaron Hillside. Just, call me Anon."
  9. "Age? Place of residence?"
  11. "22, I have an apartment in Amsterdam."
  13. "ID?"
  15. I reached into my pocket, trying to get my wallet. Despite feeling a little detached from reality since the... the incident, I manage to retrieve the little plastic card.
  17. "Noted. Please proceed to the waiting area for debriefing."
  19. I nod, still shaken from what had happened only an hour ago.
  21. As I walked into the waiting area, I keep my eyes peeled. Peter and Jason were in front of me when we got herded out of the room, so they should be here already.
  23. "Hey! Anon!"
  25. Looking around, I found the source of the all too familiar call. Peter, for once not wearing his cap, waved at me over the crowd.
  27. As I walked over to him, I saw Jason curled up on the bench. His eyes are wide open, yet the pupils are as small as pinpricks and don't seem to see anything, instead just staring into the void as he mutters without end. "no... don't... gonna die... help... no..."
  29. "How long?" I ask as I sit down next to Jason.
  31. "Had to carry him out of there."
  33. For a while, neither of us say anything, the silence only broken by Jason's muttering.
  35. "So, how are you dealing with it?" Peter asks.
  37. "Badly. You seem to be fine though, meaning you are about to tell me how you are anything but," I reply.
  39. "You know me too well."
  41. For a long time, that is all that is said. Eventually though, Jason stopped muttering and closed his eyes, falling into what looked like a fitful sleep. Still, the two of us said nothing. After all, what do you say when you see a band commit suicide in the single goriest way possible?
  43. "Attention! Attention!" Looking up, I saw some man in a suit address the crowd via a megaphone. "The first test results have come in. The... the remains were found not to contain any diseases or harmful chemicals, meaning that you can all return to your homes within the hour. You will be kept in remote observation for a while, meaning you will be called in for evaluation of your health later this week. Also, you are all strongly encouraged to contact a counselor. Those that cannot afford to, will be funded for this purpose by the state. Thank you for your attention," the Suit said as he left the area.
  45. Carrying Jason over his shoulder, Peter and I left for home. "Hey, cheer up. No point in being gloomy about it, right?" Peter said with what had to be the fakest smile I ever saw on his face.
  47. "'No point?' Right. As if you feel like laughing right now. It takes time to get over something as big as this, idiot!" I replied, coldly.
  49. "See, that's what I mean. You've been acting like a dick ever since-" Peter started as his smile managed to grow even more awkward, before I interrupted him.
  51. "A dick, huh? Well, Jason fainted like some prissy lady, you are bottling it all up until nobody sees you, leaves someone to deal with it by being a dick! Might as well be me!"
  53. Peter flinched, and tried to put a hand on my shoulder. "Look dude, I'm sorry if I sounded a bit insensitive, but you can't just treat others like a punching bag."
  55. I pushed the hand away. "Keep off of me! You know I don't like others touching me, now more than ever before." I took a deep breath, calming myself before I continued. "Look, I need a bit of space. Can you take Jason home?"
  57. "... Sure. But promise me one thing."
  59. "what?"
  61. "Call me tomorrow. Just to let me know how you are doing, ok?"
  63. "...fine."
  65. A short trip, first by a taxi shared with too many people, then by train, and I'm back home. As I'm about to open the door, my neighbor opens his. "Anon! I heard the news, are you ok?!"
  67. I raise a single eyebrow. "I was in front of the stage when it happened. What do you think?"
  69. Embarrassed, Mark backs away a little at my outburst. "Sorry, stupid question. Is there anything I can do for you? I mean, I have the week off anyway, and I-"
  71. "JUST! Stop." I shout as I raise my hand. "Right now, all I want is a little peace and quiet, nothing else. I'm gonna take a hour-long shower, then take a few sleeping pills and have a long, calm, sleep. Got it?"
  73. Mark can only dumbly nod before I turn around and enter my home. Dropping the keys on the table next to the door, Philomena greets me with her usual enthusiastic concert of loud whistling.
  75. "Not now, Philly. Your boss is tired, no more whistling today, ok?" I tell the excited bird as I undress, throwing the clothes into a garbage bin and turn on the shower, waiting for the water to warm up.
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