Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet


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  1. SELECT * FROM (SELECT UAW.uaw_article AS article_id, A.article_name_de AS article_name, UAW.uaw_unit AS unit_id, U.unit_name_de AS unit_name, COUNT(oa_amount) AS amount, uaw_weight AS weight FROM gm_order AS O JOIN gm_order_article OA ON O.order_id=OA.oa_order AND order_delivered IS NULL JOIN gm_price_of_article AS POA ON POA.poa_id=OA.oa_article_with_price JOIN gm_article AS A ON A.article_id=POA.poa_article JOIN gm_unit_article_weight as UAW ON UAW.uaw_unit=OA.oa_unit AND UAW.uaw_article = POA.poa_article JOIN gm_unit AS U ON U.unit_id=UAW.uaw_unit GROUP BY UAW.uaw_article, UAW.uaw_unit) AS FT LEFT JOIN (SELECT article_id, weight_gramm, SUM(weight_gramm) AS sum_weight_gramm FROM (SELECT UAW2.uaw_article AS article_id, oa_amount * uaw_weight AS weight_gramm FROM gm_order AS O2 JOIN gm_order_article OA2 ON O2.order_id=OA2.oa_order AND order_delivered IS NULL JOIN gm_price_of_article AS POA2 ON POA2.poa_id=OA2.oa_article_with_price JOIN gm_article AS A2 ON A2.article_id=POA2.poa_article JOIN gm_unit_article_weight as UAW2 ON UAW2.uaw_unit=OA2.oa_unit AND UAW2.uaw_article = POA2.poa_article JOIN gm_unit AS U2 ON U2.unit_id=UAW2.uaw_unit) AS TEMP GROUP BY article_id) AS FT2 ON FT.article_id = FT2. article_id
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