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Jailbreak level titles

drumchant Apr 21st, 2017 62 Never
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  1. Y|Tunnel Rat|"Hoptown jailbreak!"|- The Legendary Shack Shakers, 'Hoptown Jailbreak'|data\levels\e1m1.tpm|999
  2. N|New Kid On The Block|"I sat and sang about these 3 walls and 26 steel bars."|- Smokestack Lightnin', 'Monday Prison Blues'|data\levels\e1m2.tpm|999
  3. N|Cell Block No. 9|"Pass us the dynamite 'cause the fuse is lit!"|- Dr. Feelgood, 'Riot in Cell Block No. 9'|data\levels\e1m3.tpm|999
  4. N|Creeping Damp|"Like the birds in the trees, the prisoners, they must be free."|- Sly and Robbie, 'Jailbreak'|data\levels\e2m1.tpm|999
  5. N|Overflow|"I'm sittin' down here on Parchman Farm and I never did no man no harm."|- Mose Allison, 'Parchman Farm'|data\levels\e2m2.tpm|999
  6. N|Dirty Laundry|"What do you think of that - I'm sick and tired of the laundromat!"|Rory Gallagher, 'Laundromat'|data\levels\e2m3.tpm|999
  7. N|Open Air|"I'm on the road again."|- Canned Heat, 'On the Road Again'|data\levels\e3m1.tpm|999
  8. N|On The Fence|"Now that I'm a free man, I can't face goin' back."|- Smokestack Lightnin', 'Prison Break Song'|data\levels\e3m2.tpm|999
  9. N|The Last Yard|"Lord I've been gone such a long time, I'll be coming back home someday."|- George Thorogood, 'My Friend Robert'|data\levels\e3m3.tpm|999
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