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  1. [18:01] Elrinde And in time, she arrived, back at the house. she seemed... calmer. more in control of herself. And yet, still a little pensive. unlocking the door, she called out, more questioning, but in words she'd know to be reasuring. "Mistress? Mistress, are you home?"
  2. [18:01] Jessica H Rabbit raised her head working in her office and called back, " I am in my office Elrinde, Welcome home."
  3. [18:07] Elrinde She smiled, and at the least, she finally calmed as she moved into the office... dressed in the deep purple mimicry of Jessica's red dress, hugging her rather tightly. There -were- some thigns to still air out... but she didn't forget that love. She wasn't prepared to.. and this seemed the best way to show it
  4. [18:15] Jessica H Rabbit she looked alittle warry at first when Elrinde first walked into the room before Jessica could see the dress. She seemed to relax when she saw the dress and what it symbolized. She leaned back and looked up into Elrinde's eyes. She slide her eyes over Elrinde, show a flicker how much Jessica missed Elrinde but leaned back , " Can I get you something, I can pour you a glass of that Fae wine Regan sent."
  5. [18:17] Elrinde "I think... I will save it.... i also sent a message to Sio... after my initial rage calmed..." she smiled, still, as she then kissed her on the cheek, before taking no chances, and settling in her lap before she could forget. "I am still... a bit frustrated over the assurances, darling... but if there's one thing i know..." She smiled, and then, pulled her gloved hands in, before leaning one on her cheek. "Is that the love you showed me was not a lie. nor was any of it. I am willing to believe, that for now... she can see past it too, when we truly get to talk and Veronica isn't crashing the party. I want to speak to her, calmly, and with you. My sweet, Mistress."
  6. [18:24] Jessica H Rabbit nodded and looked away at her failed assurances. She looked up into Elrinde's eyes listening to her words. I would not lie to you. I know more then anyone how lieing to loved ones will only catch you back up. I might of been mistaken, I was mistaken but I did not lie to you. Do you think it was easy for me, to see the pain, the hurt on your face and know that I had a hand in it. Have I done anything to make you think such a thing would not affect me?"
  7. [18:26] Elrinde "I do... i recall the night, the hurt in your eyes as well. I know you did not, and that it was a miscommunication. i was able to think.. i do not blame her for this, either. I want to talk.. i want to get the truth all out to all parties. i want you to be there with me when we do... and no matter, anything..." She pressed her hands to Jessica's own, as she lookd deeply into those eyes, before hitching. "I still want to be with you. As your wife."
  8. [18:31] Jessica H Rabbit slide her hands up and pulled Elrinde to her front and kissed her deeply. She slide her hands over her back and kissed her lover deeply sliding her tongue into her mouth. She shivered as she could not hold back her need to hold her love, " I love you so much my Elrinde."
  9. [18:33] Elrinde She knew, still.. and as the arms encircled her, she new she'd finally got through. the kiss, deep, as she rediscovered her love, at this point, her own gloved hands wrapping around, still, unable and unwilling to break their hold. her tongue moving along with Jessica's own. the love she showed, and still, as she looked into those eyes, as she smiled, fully, for the first time in days. "My mistress looks so much more beautiful when she is happy and confident..."
  10. [18:41] Jessica H Rabbit moved her hands over her lover's thighs. Sitting back in her dress skirt and blouse. She slide her fingers over her lover's dress and feasted in on how beautiful she looked. She slide one of her hands slowly over her sides, " I want to pin you to my desk, and make love to you, reconnect with you as I feel your warm body against mine, let you feel how much I need you, always will need you. I want to show you the burning need to hold you, to feel you I have burned with when I thought I lost you.
  11. [18:46] Elrinde "You know you need only ask..." She whispered, softly. yet, with that same need, still, as she traced those arms, softly. Looking still, as she then came up tot hat skirt, slipping slowly under, as she heard. She smiled, warmly. knowing full of what she spoke. her heart beating hard in her breast, as she smiled, and then kissed her forehead. " Because i want it too... The same as i always have, my love... with you, but... always, aling with you... at your mercy sometimes.... I want to be yours... now and forever.... so take me... "
  12. [18:48] Jessica H Rabbit she shivers and stood up and began to slide off her blouse, her eyes hot on her lover's body, showing the heat burning in her eyes. She growls as she begins to wiggle her hips pushing down her skirt. She slide her eyes up and down Elrinde's body as she showing the need, that had began to burn with her as a wildfire. She growled a command, " I love you in the dress but lose it, I want to feel your body fully pressed against mine I I fuck you on my desk I want nothing between us."
  13. [18:52] Elrinde The command snapped her to in an instant. Having to push herself up, to pull away the dress... careful not to harm it, as the gloves and heels floated away next to them. The only thing left on her at that point was the collar. her collar. her devotion. and yet, as she finally pulled it off, she dove back in first, attacking her mistress's lips. The need in her eyes so great. She only had one thing to say. "Tonight, mistress... break me. make me want for no other.... i know you will bring me back,, but tonight? Claim me as your own."
  14. [18:56] Elrinde: (Actually.. pause there.. going out to dinner.. back soon.. i hope.)
  15. [19:53] Elrinde: (My apologies, back now.)
  16. [20:03] Jessica H Rabbit: wb)
  17. [20:05] Elrinde: (Thank you,)
  18. [20:11] Jessica H Rabbit shivers and growls as she kissed her lover and girpped her hips. She pulled their bodies together roughly as she cleared her desk with a wave of her hand. She looked into Elrinde's eyes and showed she was going to make her lover hers. Make sure she worshiped Jessica this night. She growled as she freed her cock and pulled Elrinde forward and pressed her cock hard into Elrinde's belly. She gripped her lover's hair and looked into her eyes and sent a pulse of magic into her, enhancing her lover's scent of smell, the musk and heat of her mistress body filling Elrinde's senses as she can feel that powerful cock pressed against her.
  19. [20:12] Elrinde She'd seen flashes of this Jessica before... breathless as she was bent over that desk, her eyes almost popping out, as she breathed in.... and then as she felt it, she took in another breath... takign deep of that mush. those pheremones she didn't need, btu tonight... she knew. And still, as she stared into those eyes, as she grasped at her own breasts, squeezing them, panting, as she looked into those eyes. She was already bred, but just this.. would be so more, as one hand then moved from her rbeasts, down to that cock... stroking it.. rubbing it alongher stomach. never rbeatking that eye contact until mistress was ready.
  20. [20:18] Jessica H Rabbit growls holding eye contact. She raised on hand up and slapped Elrinde's as as she ground the shaft of her cock against Elrinde's pussy lips. Letting her feel Jessica's cock heat against her pussy. Jessica tightened her grip on ELrinde's hair and pulled her roughtly into a demanding kiss, a kiss of a Mistress to her pet, a kiss of a ruler to her servant, "Bet for my cock, beg for this cock that was the first to breed you, beg for this cock that you lay awake and dream of."
  21. [20:21] Elrinde She shivered. it was a dominance she only saw... from someone else. Likening it to how she saw natalie take renee. And even then, as she almost tried to slide in, and stopped by her, the domineering part of her, looming over her. jessica, had, perhaps not lost it. And even then, her emerald lips were moving. "Please, mistress! I need it so bad. I need to remember how it owns me.. how you own me. goddess, make me pregnant all over again! Let me serve you and this beautiful cock!" She cried out, just as she panted after the kiss, one she'd take so many more times over.
  22. [20:34] Jessica H Rabbit growls and oushed Elrinde's face down to the cool wood of her desk. She pulled her hips back and impaled Elrinde's pussy with her cock. She growls as pumped her hips. She snapped her fingers and Elrinde found arms paralized at her sides as she drove hard inside her. She growls as she spoke using her magic to make her words echo inside the girl's mind, " THis cock is your world. You will become my wife. you will serve me and bare my daughters, you will be knocked up over and over again, I will fuck you till your womb perimently has my dna in it, that no matter who you breed from that point on, your daughters will have alittle of my DNA in them." She growls and slapped her lover's ass pumping her hips forcing more and more inside
  23. [20:38] Elrinde Grunted, almost in pain, as she felt it pin her down. And yet, as the unearthly voice called out, still, as she sword she was hearing it in two places. One outside, and one boring into her mind... And as her pussy was impaled, still, and her eyes lidded, still, She knew it. jessica was already her world. The cock just planted itself in her mind. The one she knew well.. and yet it excited her. the fact that Mistress would be the only one that could impregnate her. The cute little squeal she made as her ass was slapped. the hard pumping already, so feral, and so wonderful. her eyes glassing a moment, as she cried out. "Yes, Mistress! please, fuck me with your divine cock! Please make it so I'll never imagine another in me again! Fuck me until your cum runs in my bloodstream!"
  24. [20:43] Jessica H Rabbit groans and leans down and whispers into your ear, " I am not going to be so soft with you tonight. " SHe pulled her hips back and with a flash of magic a second twin cock grew out. She pressed both tips against her pet's pussy and then began to force both of them into her pet's pussy. She growls and pants, " You will only bare my daughters, even if you fuck someone else and get knocked up it will be my duaghter born inside you. She growled moving her hips not being so gentle as she was last time wiith the twin cocks, she was going to break her love tonight, leave nothing of her love but her love for Jessica, but her need for her. " Jessica forced her love turn her head and look up at her, into Jessica's eyes, Jessica eyes began to glow began to seep into Elrinde's mind.
  25. [20:45] Elrinde here it came. there was that bit of her own mind that she kept that time.. and yet, as her pussy had to stretch, and the scream came from her, not one borne of pain, but of utter want, her breathing already ragged, as she wanted to grab for something, to anchor her self to something, as the words thudded into her mind. All the while, as she squeezed and squelched, her pussy clamping around the twinned cocks of jessica, as she looked to those eyes... in sheer wonder. as everything slowly began to ebb away. save for the beautiful starlet she so loved.
  26. [20:50] Jessica H Rabbit she looked down into Elrinde's eyes, " I will be your Queen, your love, your GODDESS." She spoke with such athority as she drove her cocks hard into Elrinde's pussy lips. She groaned working her hips hard driving her twin cocks into Elrinde's pussy. She used her magic to begin to enhance Elrinde's sensations, making her body more sensative. She slide her free hands up and began to roughly play with ELinde's nipples. She tugged and milked her pet using her magic to expand Elrinde's breast a few sizes temporarily.
  27. [20:53] Elrinde They grew, up to the size that she could be one of those holstaurs from the lewd little cartoons. Pushing deep into her, and so full, the cocks slapped into her, she cried out. "Yes, Goddess! i can't have anyonre else! i love you! i worship you! I'm your complete slave! i want anything that you do!" She cried out, though it was hard to get those words out, some of them broken as the slaps still punched into her, her pussy overly milked, the dryad crying out in orgasm, one that might not even end, the way she was being treated, as her enhanced breasts just spilled out more and more milk, her irises into hearts now, with all the magic that flowed in and through her, the milk from her rbeasts almost enough to fill cups as it trailed down her body
  28. [20:59] Jessica H Rabbit growls and pumps her hips driving both cocks into her pet's womb knowing that the magic protecting her child would hold. She used her magic to summon a collar and leash forcing it around Elrinde's neck. She hammered her powerful cocks inside her lover's womb. She smirked and sent pulses of magic through her cocks making them vibrate with each pulse of magic, stimulating Elrinde more and more. She growls and tugged on that leash, with the pull of the leash, Elrinde could not feel anything in her body but those cocks thrusting in and out of her. She couldn't see anything but Jessica and her glowing eyes, the feel of her Goddess fucking her, claiming her. The thoughts seem foreign but true, " With how hard she is fucking me, she must love me, ohh how she must love me,." Jessica was feeling several of the ways pets are turned into slaves, into dolls
  29. [21:03] Elrinde The love was only enhanced. it wasn't love, still, it was complete and utter devotion. in her eyes, as the leash was affixed to her collar, the one she never took off, she felt it, utter and complete devotion. Nothign she'd ever do. In the haze of the orgasm that would simply never end, the cocks just pushing more of her into it, Jessica would be able to see it. Her mind failing, the love for her, as she almost relaxed. and yet, as mroe and more of it just pounded into her, her ownly wish to be filled, her ownly wish to give her pleasure. nothing at all mattered anymore, the dryad lost in bliss and love for her mistress. her only true love. nothing or nobdy else even mattered.
  30. [21:12] Jessica H Rabbit she pulled hard on the leash forcing her pet to arch her back as Jessica leaned down and kissed Elrinde and claimed her mouth forcing her tongue into her pet's mouth. Her cocks working hard and deep inside her. Pusling and vibrating with magic, Jessica showed another evil trick and began to vary her cock's thickness, making them grow and receed. She pants hotly a she moved a hand down and pulled roughly of Elrinde's nipples with her free hand, teasing her and milking her, " mmmm at least you produce enough milk to feed our daughters, perhaps I should have you spend nights which you don't share my bed, have you spend those nights inside in a warm tub of my cum, letting it soak into your ever pour, seep into every one of your fucking cells."
  31. [21:14] Elrinde They had said it before... and as she just pushed her tongue into Jessica'as own... as her pussy stretched and came back... squirting every now and then some, as she took that kiss, eyes, unfocused, the lewd fucking, still jsut making her shake, her gigantic breasts as they bounced, still, more and squirting with absolute force as they were pulled... pulling back as her tongue hung out, gasping, each high in pitch, s she nodded a few times. She loved it. She coudl just feel her mind melting further... so lost int hat sea of cum... more of her mistress just taking her, as her still movable legs wrapped around and helped her keep thrusting, her body aching for Mistress's seed.
  32. [21:21] Jessica H Rabbit she groans and drove her hips hard into her lover as she panted hotly as she picked up her speed. She looked deep into her pets eyes as she let her feel Jessica's ball sack swell, her cocks growing as well. She looks into her lover's eyes and spoke to her and into her, " Say you want me to come inside you, even though it will shatter your mind, say you want to feel your mind break as my seed floods you, say you want to feel the joy of being mine in only a true slave can feel, say you want to feel that seed flood you and steal all you are, traded for devotion to your Goddess." Her words stirred Elrinde's voice, letting her be able to speak dispuite how far gone she was
  33. [21:23] Elrinde I want it.... I'm already gone, goddess... finish it... make me completel... Finish my devotion..." She still, came and moaned, as she felt the seed that was soon to come. stars in her eyes, now still, as she moaned out the last parts. "Break me! Enslave me! make me nothing but your personal slut for eternity!" She cried out, still, as she wanted more and more... the rest fo her life that she'd trade, ifjust to stay on a leash to her goddess, forever, as she squeezed... her pussy crying for cum... cum that was hopefully coming soon.
  34. [21:27] Jessica H Rabbit she arched her body and threw her hair back. it fell down her back in a red wave as she moaned and began to cum hard inside her lover. She held her lover's hips tightly against hers as her cocks jump and pump her seed deep inside her lover, her twin cocks making it hard for her cum to escape, making Elrinde's belly swell more and more, making her womb and then belly swelling out gallons of cum was pumped inside of her lover. She kept a tight grip on that leash and keep her eyes focused on her lover's eyes, making her gaze into Jessica's eyes as all thoughts but her leaves Elrindes mind, the Fae, her worries, her hopes, all replaced with how perfect this felt, and the desire to be used like this every day for the rest of her life
  35. [21:30] Elrinde it was. her eyes weren't lifeless, but the intelligence that shone through her eyes fizzled out as the cum filled her. her stomach takign the way to her her breasts as it flooded her and took hat will was left. Breats leadking, still, as she was cumming just as hard, the orgasm that she was constantly in. this was bliss. this was everything. Nothing mattered except her goddess. her love. her everything. Nothing left in her little mind as she was broken into the perfect little slut, a slave for jessica's cock... a breeder for her. A sex-pet, through and through.
  36. [21:37] Jessica H Rabbit panted and pet a hand over her love's cheek and pulled slowly out of her lover and slide a plug inside of her, sealing Jessica's cum inside of Elrinde, not letting it leak out of her. She moved her fingers down Elrinde's back as she removed her magic restraining the girl and pet over her body, loving how she looked with a swollen belly. Elrinde would of been an ideal slave back in Jessica's youth, one she could use in so many ways. She wiped her cocks on her lover's ass
  37. [21:39] Elrinde As she could finally move, she didn't so much leap up... her body, definitely bloated, as she leaned up.. hugging herself to Jessica, as she smiled, leaning in.... her eyes in adoration, as she kissed along her mistress's breast.... leaning in, cooing, and stil not getting enough of her lover, even with her own gravid belly and rbeasts.... looking then up to her eyes, as she smiled, warmly, deeply, as if she coudl imagine nothing else.
  38. [21:40] Jessica H Rabbit leans down and whispers, " Do you want me inside you again?
  39. [21:41] Elrinde She gasped, and yet, she instantly nodded. she'd do anything else for her, even as she giggled, and yet, nodded, as she kissed her cheek, softly, eagerly. "if mistress wants to give her slut another gift, then please, mistress..."
  40. [21:43] Jessica H Rabbit she took her pets leash and guided her to that large tub she had talked about, a tub of Jessica's cum, spelled to stay fresh and warm. She grins and slides into the cum and pulled her pet after her settling Elrinde into her lsp and guided her cocks into her pet's ass moaning hotly
  41. [21:44] Elrinde Oh, goddess, that was incredibly tight. Her eyes lolling back as she found the tub in question. Panting, s she slid down, her ass having to stretch still, as she had to stretch incredibly hard... almost painfully, and yet, she'd do it without qustion... her body sinking into the white, , still, as the warm seed bubbled around her... so, wonderfully warm.... and virile... the scent of her mistress eerywhere.
  42. [21:49] Jessica H Rabbit she turned Elrinde's face and kissed her deeply and moved her fingers through Elrinde's hair as she slide her tongue inside her lover's mouth as she rocked her hips moving her cock inside her pets' ass. She slide her hands around and stroked Elrinde's breasts as she groans softly as she gasped softly as she moved her hands over her lover's breasts bouncing them as the floated in the cum. She groans and rocked her hips fucking her ass
  43. [21:52] Elrinde It was all over her. seeping into her. and the texture of her just made her want to rub her body against jessica's own body, still, eyes side, still, as her hands were all over, squeezing Jessica's breasts, as she rose her with that tight ass. her breasts almost makign her float, huge that they were... She'd have to get milked, definitely, provide her goddess with a full stream of milk, , even as she pushed in for more kisses. nothing to say. Just making her want to dive in and kiss her goddess more, as she didn't so much pin her down, but her tongue seeking out mistress.... and if ti asn't on her, she'd lewdly lick up the cum, still.
  44. [21:57] Jessica H Rabbit she kissed her pet back and moaned leaning back into the tub. Feeling that cum flowing over and her pets body. She rocked her hips fucking her lover's ass and smeared her cum into her lover's hair leaning her back and dipping her lover's head under the cum, before pulling her back up and kissed her licking the cum from her lips, " you are mine, every fucking inch of you my love. This weekend I marry Lilly, and soon you as well.'
  45. [22:00] Elrinde he was panting, her mouth still open, eyes, still glazed over.... or maybe, that was the cum, dripping from every point of her body. her hair smeared back, still, as she still giggled, her body nothign ubt a torrent of site... squishing as she still rubbed her body along Jessica's own, loving the feeling of the squichy cum between the tw of them.
  46. [22:04] Jessica H Rabbit smiles and pressed her breasts to Elrinde's and rocked her hips fucking her lover's ass deeply as she whispers, " mm your mind will return with the morning, but tonight you are my little cum slut, soaked through and through with my seed, tonight you will drink my cum with your body like you drank down that Fae water, it will feed you and makes you more and more mine."
  47. [22:06] Elrinde Her mind woudl return. the devotion was there... ans as if became softer, she cooed... she held her mistress, her sweet, goddess. She'd worship her until the end of time. Wanting.. loving.. happy, bliss in her eyes.... her mistrss giving her exactly what she wished for.... at least for one night... What would she recall? Her mind didn't know, but she knew she'd hold it in happiness.
  48. [22:08] Jessica H Rabbit she pet her fingers over Elrinde's cheek and whispers, " I can break you for longer but I might need you to be in your right mind and it can be hard to return a person's mind to them after a breaking without ether time or pain. I want us to be able to both attend that metting in good shape, afterward, I will break you for days at a time my love, and very soon, my wife
  49. [22:10] Elrinde she tilted her head. she didn't entirely understand. she would later.. and yes, she did need it. but even then, all she got was a haoppy littel nuzzle from the dryad. She cooed, onlythat it woudl guarantee her more time with her goddess. Taht was right, right?
  50. [22:13] Jessica H Rabbit smiles and leans in and kisses her lover deeply and whispers to her, " mm I will keep you as mindless as a hound, riding my cock with your tongue hanging out. my cum dripping off your body. I will enjoy watching my sexy little wife mindess in her love for me, knowing that it is all done in love and not brutality, that you will soon be my wife"
  51. [22:19] Elrinde She nodded a few times... The cocks were still buried in her ass. It was happiness.. the cum still around her, ass he giggled, happily. Leaning in and kissing her goddess ocne more... mindlessly in love.... not so unlike whenshe had her mind, just simpler. Bliss. nothing bt sex for her, her mind just single-minded in her love to jessica. cooing and giggling as she peckingly kisses, her more and more.
  52. [22:21] Jessica H Rabbit moved her fingers through her love's hair. She chuckled softly as she rocked her hips moving her cocks inside that ass. She bounced her slowly. She could understand the joy her wife had, no doubts, no pain, just the love she had cleared of all doubts and fears, just love made into worship
  53. [22:28] Elrinde: (and with that.. I think it's time for her to sleep. happy long weekend soon.)
  54. [22:29] Jessica H Rabbit: happy long weekend
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