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  1. Here is some persec stuff:
  2. Minimize your normie presence on the internet.
  3. - Avoid using your real name for anything. It is perfectly acceptable to use an alias for professional email addesses and social media accounts. If you are using your real name for google, facebook, linkedin, okcupid, github, etc., change to an alias. Close your account and open a new one if necessary.
  4. - Google yourself. Close any accounts that pop up. If your information appears on a website that is beyond your control, contact [politely] the admins about removing it. A lawyer might be able to help if they are uncooperative.
  5. - Never post pictures of your face, tattoos, or any identifying physical feature on the internet. Just like someone can Google your name, they can also google a picture of you. Facebook and other sites even offer face searching services.
  6. - Delete your normie facebook. People put way to much information on facebook, not just about them, but about everyone else. Even if you go by an alias and set your account to private, some friend or relative will eventually post pictures of you, tag you in them, and use your real name. Not only does a normie facebook dramatically increase your chances of being doxxed, but it also gives your enemies a complete list of friends and loved ones to harass.
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