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  1. [03:57] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: Hi, I came across your wowprogress and I see that you are looking for all tank specs, is there any tank class you are particular interested in?
  2. [03:57] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: brew
  3. [03:57] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: bear
  4. [03:57] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: mostly
  5. [03:57] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: So not dk or pala?
  6. [03:58] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: I'm very good at pala and dk specifically
  7. [03:58] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: pala
  8. [03:58] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: hmmm
  9. [03:58] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: that could work
  10. [03:58] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: yes
  11. [03:59] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: My pala is not that geared compared to my dk but I have logs to back up my performence if you want pala a lot []
  12. [04:00] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: I also saw on ur guild logs that you run with like 4 different tanks, why is this? or how is ur tank situation looking?
  13. [04:00] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: we have bad tanks
  14. [04:01] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: do they die a lot or why are they bad?
  15. [04:01] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: dps whores
  16. [04:02] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: hmm
  17. [04:02] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: thats pretty bad mentality for progress
  18. [04:03] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: he wiped us on garothi
  19. [04:03] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: with bombarment
  20. [04:03] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: cuz he didnt get to prepot
  21. [04:04] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: well my dk is 962 gear
  22. [04:04] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: which is pretty alright
  23. [04:04] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: but i havent done mythic tanking on it yet
  24. [04:05] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: thats alright
  25. [04:06] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: but if i come in as trial i could get a spot if outperform the other tanks?
  26. [04:06] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: or is there a rotation of tanks always
  27. [04:06] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: yes
  28. [04:06] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: so everyone get to paly
  29. [04:06] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: play*
  30. [04:06] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: hmmm
  31. [04:06] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: mostly yes
  32. [04:06] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: but one of the tanks
  33. [04:06] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: are getting demoted
  34. [04:06] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: and i really want the prot palading out
  35. [04:06] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: so am left with 2 blood dk
  36. [04:08] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: 2 blood dk hmm
  37. [04:08] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: not the best composition
  38. [04:08] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: am not happy with one of the dks either
  39. [04:08] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: and the other dk
  40. [04:08] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: with with the prot paladin
  41. [04:08] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: so am assuming he is gonna leave with him
  42. [04:09] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: then youre left with no tanks, that would not be good
  43. [04:10] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: but why are the dks bad?
  44. [04:10] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: good q
  45. [04:11] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: why do you want the port pala out, is he perfoming bad or just the class?
  46. [04:11] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: i dont see many prot pala in top guilds
  47. [04:13] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: bad player
  48. [04:13] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: like i said dps whore
  49. [04:13] To [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: like is he going full dps leggies/trinkets on progress bosses or?
  50. [04:14] [|Kf799|kEcrina|k]: mhm
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