[WIP] Orc + Fairy = ? [NSFW]

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  1. Orc + Fairy = ?
  2. Contains:
  4. “Kharzag! Get over here!” Gnalzee the goblin shouted from her lab. She was a cute, bossy little goblin who was currently researching fairies for their magical properties. Her hair was up in a messy bun as she fumbled around with her most recent concepts. The 4’1” goblin sat and listened as her orc companion stomped her way through their house to get to her.
  6. As Kharzag’s broad frame came through the doorway, it was clear that she towered over her. “Now what?” The much more highly-elevated of the two green girls questioned, lowering a hand to adjust her loincloth. “I was in the middle of something.”
  8. “I can tell,” Gnalzee said with a nod to the area between the orc’s legs. “Your damn cloth isn’t long enough to cover once you get going.” The goblin was right. The fat, angry head of Kharzag’s cock stuck out from beneath her loincloth. The beast itself was massive, at least the size of her forearm and nearly as thick - an angry myriad of veins dancing across its intimidating form. Normally she made herself more decent when in public, but when just at her home with Gnalzee she decided simple cloths would suffice.
  10. “Perfect timing, actually! So, remember how I told you I was researching the regional fairies?”
  12. “Uh huh,”
  14. “Well I think that some of their properties are enhanced by heat! I need you to help me test that out.”
  16. “And how, exactly, am I supposed to do that?”
  18. “Y’know how orcs have a higher body temperature than most species?”
  20. “Mhm,” Kharzag said, wiping sweat from her muscular body as she was reminded why she always feels so warm.
  22. “We’ll use your body to influence how the fairies act!”
  24. “Oh Gods, are you gonna need my blood? Or maybe try and make me incubate them inside me?” Kharzag was clearly mortified at what twisted tests she was imagining being put through.
  26. “Nope, all we need...” Gnalzee leaned in close, pressing her cheek against Kharzag’s thigh. “ this~”
  28. The goblin pressed her tiny hand against the orc’s massive member, feeling it pulse and harden at the slightest touch.
  30. Notes/ideas:
  31. Mention kharzag’s appearance
  32. Fairy between dick and balls
  33. Fairy under foreskin
  34. Cum jar
  35. Fairy under cum
  36. Fairy held under dick/balls
  37. Fairy under clothes
  38. Fairy sounding
  39. Gnalzee forgot to order fairy food
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