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  1. UC-101  Duck Atron  Detective   76561198292292651
  2. UC-102  Chris Addams    Detective   76561198135391560
  3. UC-103  Stalwart Night  Detective   76561198029116877
  4. UC-104  Carlos Luis Fernando    Detective   76561198085895697
  5. UC-105  Bailey Jumper   Detective   C76561198117228304
  6. UC-106  Volker Ramirez  Detective   76561198262621280
  7. UC-107  George Cown Detective   76561198072303249
  8. UC-108  Mitch Thompson  Detective   76561198159008009
  9. UC-109  Drake Wax   Detective       76561198043146185
  10. UC-110  Elliot Sims Detective       76561198035793636
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