Danuki Diary (revised) pt. 5

Jan 16th, 2018
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  1. Entry #5 17th March, AIEG
  3. It’s been some time now since coming here. Not much has happened, I’ve just been accompanying lady Miyabi around. I’m not doin much heavy lifting, every so often I’ve gotta help with some things, but most of the time I’m acting like a body guard even though I haven’t got training of any kind. Yesterday was odd though, I learned lady Miyabi’s money comes from a shipping company. That morning started like any other day, getting up before anyone cause of my habits back home, then realizing I’m not on the farm no more.In any case as with every day it starts with breakfast with lady Miyabi, well that morning she told me I was gonna accompany her while she was on a business trip. I didn’t question it, this is my new life after all, so I just nodded and went along with it.
  5. The ride over was more of lady Miyabi asking about my life or just stuff in general. I’m still not thrilled about my situation so I half hearted a lot of it. Turns out we went back to Warehaven, this time heading down towards the docks. At first I was honestly a bit curious on why she’d stop here but it became clear not that long after. We got to this dock area that was closed off with a pretty high fence with barbed wired along the top which was a bit intimidating. I guess lady Miyabi caught me staring at it since she told me it was on the account of thieves do target warehouses sometime. I expected to see maybe Ralph Hayword's uncle since he's a guardsman around here but there was this really big tall light red skinned woman in an officer's uniform there at the box instead. She had to crouch down a bit to see into the car to see the two of us. Then she start talking in this weird language to lady Miyabi, which I guess she understood since they chatted for a bit. It was after that I learned it was a mamono called a red oni (I had to ask how to spell it, had to lie again and say I was just curious). As we drove on through the gate I saw that there were a fair bit of those red oni mixed with men. However we pulled up to a small rectangle like building hidden behind one of the warehouses, Matilda pulling up and letting lady Miyabi and myself out there.
  7. The inside was this small office, behind a desk against one of the side walls there was another one of those onis. Her skin was blue and she was a bit smaller than the red one, she had glasses like I’ve seen pa use to read. She didn’t look up when we entered, only doing so when lady Miyabi walked up to the desk and started speakin in that weird language. I think they may have talked about me at first, since when the blue oni first looked up her eyes went to me first before talkin to lady Miyabi. Until yesterday I’ve never seen lady Miyabi look upset, but as the blue oni kept talkin I saw her face scrunch up. While I couldn’t understand what they were saying I did what I thought would be best, puttin a hand on lady Miyabi’s shoulder and askin her if everything was alright. Just touchin her made her jump which got a smile outta me. I saw for a split second one of her smiles come back as she told me everything was fine and went back to discussing with the oni.
  9. Dunno how long it was but eventually lady Miyabi stood up and bowed her head to the oni before telling me she was done with what she needed to do. As we left the office I got to learning that the blue oni was named Aki (again I made sure to ask how to spell the name, don’t wanna get those wrong) was someone lady Miyabi has running her docks. Told me she deals with fellas called “port authorities” who check on stuff coming in and out. While lady Miyabi was fine while we talked, wasn’t till we got back into the car and the door closed behind her that I got pulled into a side hug. It was a bit odd being hugged by my boss, but it I just can’t be angry to be honest. It was really relaxing, like I felt I could have just nodded right off. It’s when I opened my mouth again and asked if somethin was wrong. I guess there’s some issues left over from the last war that is still causing problems for her company. I felt bad, I mean Pa runs a farm and that’s caused him a bit of stress so I can only imagine how much stress gets put on lady Miyabi since she runs such a operation herself. I just hugged her back, which made her squeeze me tighter, though the weirdest part where she thanked me. We spent the entire ride back with lady Miyabi just hugging me. She did fall asleep at one point, and I only knew that when her hug got a bit more slack. As much as I hate her for doin what she’s done to me I am a man, so I let her stay like that till we got back, only waking her up when it was time to get out of the car.
  11. I wanna end it on this note though. I learned last night that tomorrow lady Miyabi’s friend is stopping by for a visit. I’m a bit curious as to what kinda friends she’s got but she did ask me for my help tomorrow. Not like I could refuse.
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