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  4. Xampp -
  5. This strange file -!KZpShDJD!tbx_qjYWJ0dudchDmGqFzQrde4x9AA03Lu3g3F_gEgk
  7. STEPS (PC)
  8. 1) Install Xampp (I left all the components on and I'd advise you do the same just because it's easier)
  9. 2) Extract the strange file
  10. 3) Take the two folders from inside the strange file (kernel and sdcafiine) and put them in C:\xampp\htdocs
  11.     (so, for example, you'd have blarg.php at C:\xampp\htdocs\kernel\blarg.php)
  12. 4) Make sure Skype is not running, and nothing else is using port 80
  13.     (if you don't know what "nothing else is using port 80" means, you're probably fine)
  14. 5) In the Xampp control panel, click the Start button next to Apache
  15.     (if you don't have the Xampp control panel open, search for it in the start menu)
  16. 6) Find your internal IP using one of the following methods
  17.     WINDOWS
  18.         1) From the start menu, search for cmd and open it, this will open a terminal
  19.         2) Inside the terminal, type "ipconfig"
  20.         3) Find the set of four numbers labelled as "IPv4 Address" and write it down, this is your internal IP
  21.             (for example, mine was, yours will probably look similar)
  22.     MAC
  23.         1) Open your System Preferences
  24.         2) Click on the Network button
  25.         3) Your IP should be listen under the connection status. Write this IP down
  26.             (for example, mine was, yours will probably look similar)
  27.     LINUX
  28.         I honestly don't know, but if you're on Linux you probably do.
  30. You now have a local host of everything you need to run mods. Now, you should get whatever you want to load on your SD card. Make sure your SD card is formatted to FAT32!
  34. 1) Download the appropriate pack from one of these links:
  35.     US -!34VkHDTQ!FHhWB14irkNyvWOR5ovmJHZgRjGkWppJau5i6Ezii6Y
  36.     EU -!S1lAmIJa!DEL7vhIpxGDb5BgRYBv1kNIOXYx8FxajKoS1iTkG-r4
  37.     JP - None yet. If there's people in this region who really want the mods, message me!
  38. 2) Extract the pack from the zip file
  39. 3) Place the folder with a lot of numbers in its name at the root of your SD card
  40.     (so, for example, if you're from the US, you should have the file "SD:\0005000010144F00\patch\patchlist")
  43. 1) If you already have my mods downloaded, skip to step 3
  44. 2) On the root of your SD card, make a folder with one of the following names, depending on your region:
  45.     US - 0005000010144F00
  46.     EU - 0005000010145000
  47.     JP - 0005000010110E00
  48. 3) Inside the folder with all the numbers in its name, make a folder called "sound"
  49. 4) Inside the "sound" folder, make a folder called "bgm"
  50.     (so, for example, if you're from the US, you should have a folder structure of "SD:\0005000010144F00\sound\bgm")
  51. 5) Go to and search for the song you want
  52. 6) On the page of the song you want, click "Download or add to template for", then choose "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U"
  53. 7) Choose the stage and music slot you want this new song to replace
  54. 8) Click "Download NUS3BANK"
  55. 9) Place the downloaded NUS3BANK file into the bgm folder on your SD card
  56. 10) You can repeat steps 5 through 9 as many times as you want to get as much music replaced as you desire.
  59. This is a slightly more complicated process, so in the interest of getting this tutorial out fast, I'm saving that for a later date.
  62. Now that you have your SD card set up, put it into the Wii U.
  64. STEPS (Wii U)
  65. 1) Open the internet browser on the Wii U
  66. 2) Open your bookmarks
  67. 3) Edit one of the bookmarks (it doesn't matter which one) to look like this:
  68.     Name:     Kernel
  69.     Address:  http://<your internal ip from earlier>/kernel/blarg.php
  70.         (so, for example, I put in
  71. 4) Edit one of the other bookmarks to look like this:
  72.     Name:     SDCafiine
  73.     Address:  http://<your internal ip from earlier>/sdcafiine/blarg.php
  74.         (so, for example, I put in
  75. 5) Open the bookmark called "Kernel"
  76. 6) The screen with go green and an illuminati symbol will appear, wait for the console to return to the home menu
  77. 7) Open the internet browser again and click bookmark called "SDCafiine"
  78. 8) A coffee cup will appear, press A and wait for the console to return to the home menu again
  79. 9) Press home to return to the Wii U menu
  80. 10) Boot Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  82. You should now be playing a modded version of Smash! On future boots, you should only have to do steps 5-10 to get mods loading. Happy playing!
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