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  1. Should I reroll?
  2. Yes, absolutely. 3* units are great and some will be mainstays in your team but you should definitely reroll for a really good start so the game becomes easier. The easy way to reroll is using Selective summon at 1-10 and gunning or someone good or the hard way at 1-4 to start with two 5* characters.
  4. Is this 5* I rolled good? Who to reroll for?
  9. What are some good F2P characters?
  10. Get Silk, Elson and Lorina as soon as you can, they're hard to get without the connection quests and are amazing characters. Lorina is a superb damage dealer and has a grindy specialization quest that starts at 50 so you might want to take her there fast. Alexa is great too if you can't pull her from the gacha and you won't need a stupid FAQ like this by the time you can get Yuna or work on getting her.
  12. Can characters be nerfed? Is X getting nerfed?
  13. As of the time of writing this pastebin, the devs have announced that they will look at some 3* characters and rework how defense buffs in the game. The most likely nerf candidates are Tiera and Elson, everyone else is speculation
  15. Will I lose my investment in those characters if they get nerfed?
  16. Assume you will but the devs have said they are looking into some sort of feature where people don't completely lose their investment on them but again, don't count on this and assume you will lose it.
  18. Should I invest on them if they're getting nerfed?
  19. Completely on you. They're getting nerfed for a reason so you can either gamble and abuse them for progression or play it on the safe/hard mode without using them.
  21. Should I save or roll as soon as I get bookmarks?
  22. 3*'s and 4*'s are beyond viable so once you have a core team and a great base then you can get by with just daily rolls if you have good self control and want to save for a character you want. Limited banners have a pity system where you're guaranteed the character so you can save for a limited you really like.
  24. Help I can't beat X story stage!
  25. Try using NPC supports, they're stronger than you think and can often trivialize a stage. If you're struggling in world 9 then the answer you will get is to use Krau support for example. Else go back to hunts and get better gear.
  27. Can I get better gear outside of hunts?
  28. Each Labyrinth floor has guaranteed epic gear which is really good so try to get them before moving on to the next floor while doing these, it'll really help.
  30. Does abyss reset? Will it ever reset?
  31. No it will not reset. The rewards in abyss are one time only and they will explicitly announce it in game if they ever plan to reset it.
  33. What gear should I be using on my characters?
  34. The cookie cutters are Attack/Crit for DPS (SPD/CRIT works too if you've only been doing wyvern) and HP/DEF for healers so just go with that until you can do better.
  36. Who should I 6* first?
  37. Most likely a DPS character to carry your damage or someone that will make getting future 6-stars easier like Ravi that also happens to be a great all around character.
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