MGC Maid Central Maid Profiles Round Two

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  1. 1.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Maid type: Arachne
  4. Name: Lydia
  5. Personality: Dominant, caring and perverted
  6. Statement: Ara ara~ What do we have here? A lost little Master caught in his maids web~
  7. Notes: Not recommended for those with a strong fear of spiders. Maid-type might occasionly leave webs in the residence. Beware: Maid might yield unexpected results with Masters that have submissive tendencies.
  9. Lydia, unlike most other maids became part of MGC Maid Central from a later date. Starting her training at the age of 27, Lydia outright stated to hope to increase her chances at finding a lifelong partner by becoming a maid.  Lydia encountered few problems during her training and successfully finished her final maid exam at the age of 31. She was however noted to be rather aggressive in her way of working. Our Kikimora interviewer notes that some examinators report “not being in control” when grading Lydia.
  11. Our Kikimora interviewer describes Lydia as a large hairy spider with quite a bit of meat on her bones. She further openly pondered “how that spider manages to not knock things over with that big bust and fat-ass abdomen of hers” during the interview. Lydia her hairy nature can be explained due to her nature as wolf spider-type Arachne. Her “meat on her bones” can furthermore be explained by Lydia’s lack of exercise. Figure and attire wise Lydia does not wear any form of jewelry, and prefers keeping her brown hair long but controlled. MGC Maid Central would like to further mention that Lydia does not wear any of her assigned maid outfits. She instead weaves and creates her own attires. These attires are always different, simple yet elegant. Oddly they are never revealing in any form or shape.
  13. As a maid Lydia has an average performance. She performs her duties at an average pace without much issue. Please do note that Lydia due to her maid-type likes leaving webs in rooms. MGC Maid Central would like to further note that Lydia has occasionally attempted to “task” her Master with various chores, instead of performing these herself. Such attempts at switching the role between maid and Master are best ignored, and difference in ranking pointed out.
  15. Lydia will always enjoy conversation with her Master during her duties, often picking topics related to weaving and relationships. Please do note that Lydia has quite a teasing and dominant nature, and will often attempt to tease her Master in various ways. Aside from lewd remarks, her future Master can expect to walk into a woven trap at more than one occasion. Lydia in addition likes silently sneaking up to people, tying them up and teasing them in various ways while they are trapped.
  16. Aside from Teasing, one can always rely on Lydia to keep snacks, and drinks prepared. Her future Master will never have to worry about going hungry, as Lydia will happily go as far as hand-feeding her Master if he “happens” to be trapped in one of her webs.
  18. When not performing any duties one can find Lydia weaving new pieces of clothes around her Master, often happily chatting. Lydia dislikes being solitary and thus will always attempt to be near her Master. In fact, her dislike for being solitary has proven to be so strong that in several instances Lydia picked up and carried her examinator with her despite his protests. Aside from regular chatter during weaving Lydia has on more than one occasion mentioned the dream to start a clothing shop from home. She has however mentioned the need to “find the right one” before attempting to fulfil her dream.
  20. MGC Maid Central recommends Lydia to a strong Master who enjoys a dominant, but caring maid and does not mind occasionally being caught like a fly in a spider’s web.
  22. Notice: Lydia might at occasion offer her future Master a piece of woven clothing. MGC Maid Central would like to remind Lydia’s future Master that accepting any pieces of clothing from Lydia will result in the current contract being terminated at once and a marriage registration being instated instead. You have been warned.
  24. 2.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. >>13632157
  27. Maid type: Crow Tengu
  28. Name: Kamagi
  29. Personality: Curious, caring, and shy
  30. Statement: I brought you some cookies Master, [whisper] Do you like them?
  31. Notes: Longer than average bonding process.  
  33. Before becoming part of MGC Maid Central, Kamagi used to be the leader of the local library club in MGC’s Great Library. However as the popularity of her club dwindled, and more and more members left. Kamagi was forced to abandon her club after all its members but her had left. Enjoying silence around her, but not wanting to be alone was the reason for Kamagi to become part of MGC Maid Central. Not wishing to participate in larger classes, Kamagi hoped to avoid most lessons by studying solitary. This however caused her to encounter problems during her exams, as she failed to properly execute the skills she studied in an actual real life situation. After some delay and aid from fellow maids, Kamagi managed to pass her final maid exam after 6 years at the age of 26.  
  35. Our Kikimora interviewer describes Kamagi as a poor little thing that can barely hold a broom. After calling Kamagi a “Poor little featherball”, commenting on the horror of “having wings for arms” and offering the silent and slightly unsure maid a cup of tea, our interviewer proceeded with a proper description. Kamagi shares most of the known traits her kind has. With black feathered wings, black short hair, a small set of perky breasts and a slightly smaller than average build, Kamagi is easily recognized as a Crow Tengu-type. Outfit wise Kamagi can normally be found wearing her assigned maid attires, she however chooses to always wear various kinds of different hats alongside her maid attire. Upon asked by our interviewer “why she would want to wear such silly hats”, Kamagi whispered that doing so is an old tradition in her family.  
  37. As a maid Kamagi has an under average performance. Kamagi, due to her maid-type will encounter issues when performing her duties as she does not have regular human hands, but has feathered wings instead. While she has received (mostly theoretic) training to counter her limitations, these limitations will still result in an under average performance when compared to other maids.
  39. Kamagi prefers to perform her duties silently, and will avoid cleaning in the same room as her Master. If she does have to perform chores in the same room as her Master, she will attempt to avoid contact while doing so. Her future Master is recommended to take care, as Kamagi is easily startled when interrupted during her duties. This can be especially inconvenient if Kamagi happens to carrying a bowl of pasta or a hot mug of cocoa. Kamagi on that regard enjoys surprising her Master with various treats, always experimenting in the kitchen to prepare something new. While shy, Kamagi will still take initiative and present anything homemade directly to her Master. MGC Maid Central recommends her future Master to always flash a smile and act in a friendly manner on such occasions, as this will help the bonding process.
  41. Kamagi enjoys spending her free time reading and studying various topics from various books such as “Cooking with Wings and Claws 101” to “Why Master Loves and Trusts Me”. Kamagi will tend to slowly move her reading sessions closer to her Master over time. While Kamagi will be curious enough about her Master to move closer to and spend time with him, she’ll just as easily be scared away. MGC Maid Central therefore recommends her future Master to let Kamagi build courage and interact with her Master at her own pace. Those who take their time to bond with Kamagi will find her to be a caring and curious girl who will always enjoy talking and spending time with people she trusts.
  42. While MGC Maid Central suspects that the bond between Kamagi and her future Master will take time to foster, it will however certainly be a worthwhile effort for a patient Master.
  44. MGC Maid Central recommends Kamagi to a Master who enjoys having a more quiet and shy maid, and does not mind spending a much longer than average time bonding with his maid.
  46. 3.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  48. >>XXXXXXXX (You)
  49. Maid type: Mind Flayer
  50. Name: Istasha
  51. Personality: lovely, perfect, irresistible and attached.
  52. Statement: Everything will be alright, just give me a nice and tight hug~
  53. Notes: Please hug Istasha when you first meet her, it is the way of her species.
  55. Istasha became part of MGC Maid Central at the young age of 38. Istasha had no specific reason to become a maid, but decided that it would be an interesting way to meet a suitable husband. She flawlessly passed her maid classes and completed her final maid exam and all extra classes at the age of 38.
  57. Our Kikimora interviewer first ensured to serve Istasha some hand-milled coffee and her own home-made cookies before gleefully describing her. Istasha has an average build, with two perfectly shaped B cup breasts. One will not find any jewelry on Istasha, as they could not be as perfect as her own beauty. Istasha wear a MGC Maid Central approved maid outfit, as this gives her a more erotic look, which she guarantees her future Master will enjoy.
  59. Istasha has a top of the line performance, outperforming all Kikimora’s in MGC Maid Central by far. For this reason Istasha does not partake in any cleaning activities and contests, as she prefers to give others a chance to compete. In fact, Istasha has stated that she believes that she would be more suitable overseeing such activities, instead of performing them herself.
  61. Istasha will always guarantee that her Master will enjoy her cleaning sessions as much as she does. In addition Istasha will shower her future Master in delicious treats both she and her Master will enjoy. Istasha has further stated that she enjoys doting on others, and has guaranteed that her future Master will always receive her full love, and will not have the need for any other love aside from hers.
  63. When not performing any duties Istasha enjoys cuddling and nuzzling with her future Master, ensuring that his life is as perfect as hers. She in addition enjoys visiting the theater, to watch various live shows. She has shown the wish to take her future Master with her to such events and is sure that he would enjoy doing such.  
  65. MGC Maid Central recommends Istasha to any potential Master without exception. Those interested are to contact Istasha directly, and do not need to follow the usual matching process.
  67. 4.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69. >>13632180
  70. Maid type: Kikimora
  71. Name: Leah
  72. Personality: Clingy, caring and controlling
  73. Statement: “A healthy juice and a small snack for you Master… Who is that girl who talked to you at the front door? Did she cause you any problems? Will she try to talk to you again?”
  74. Notes: Maid will ask to be given complete privacy in her own room.
  76. Leah became part of MGC Maid Central at a very young age, after having been abandoned as an unwanted child by an abusive master. It unfortunately took an entire year before a Lizardman named Andrea found Leah wandering the streets, neglected and in the ragged remains of a cheap maid uniform. Several attempts had to be made before Leah cooperated in her treatment and integration in MGC Maid Central, violently refusing them beforehand. Despite the difficult years that followed for Leah and the difficulty for Leah to trust others. Leah still successfully started, followed and eventually finished her maid training by passing her final maid exam at the age of 22.
  78. Leah however did not prove successful in attaining a Master after passing her final maid exam. By some Masters Leah was called clingy, for sticking too close to them and attempting to take strong control over their lives. Some Masters however straight out called Leah creepy and even scary, as they always felt “watched” after having taken Leah in. They in addition said to have found certain objects in their residences slowly go missing, alongside various medicines such as painkillers. A single Master has even reported waking up to see two empty eyes looking at him at the foot of his bed in the middle of the night. While never confirmed, these negative reports have caused Leah to quickly become unpopular and avoided by any potential Master. It is for this reason that Leah has yet to attain herself a Master at the age of 43.
  80. Our Kikimora interviewer spent some time chatting with Leah, sharing tips and life experiences with each other. After giving the much older Leah a headpat and calling Leah a “good maid that just needs to calm down a little” our interviewer continued on with the interview. Leah after she was brought to MGC Maid Central fortunately managed to grow quite a bit, as she was given an expanded diet to ensure proper growth. Leah now at the age of 43 has quite the thighs and an impressive behind that goes along with it. She meanwhile remained thinner on her upper body, “only” sporting perky B cups. Attire wise Leah has never been picky in her choice of clothes, always accepting whatever attire MGC Maid Central appointed to her. It is worth mentioning that she tends to conserve whatever clothing she receives, taking well care of it to ensure its longevity. Despite not being that old, Leah no longer has the bright brown feathers she used to have, most of these have dulled and gone grey. MGC Maid Central suspects that her past might have effected this early change.
  82. Being an older maid, Leah is a highly skilled Kikimora. Performing her duties at a far above average speed, Leah will blaze through any household and rapidly perform any chores given to her. Leah places a high importance in her Masters well-being and will use her abilities to ensure that her Master will always receive drinks and food when he needs it. Her future Master will be pleased to know that Leah is a skilled cook, having spent many hours of her life experimenting with flavors in the kitchen. Leah knows what ingredients mix well, what ingredients overtake or hide others and Leah will quickly learn what ingredients her Master prefers.
  84. Leah in addition to cooking has a knack for sensing any other bodily need her Master might have, taking him outside if she believes that he needs some sun, or giving him warmth if he needs it. Please note that Leah’s ability to sense if her Master needs warmth is off, causing her to often hug and keep her Master close. However MGC Maid Central suspects that Leah might simply enjoy hugging.
  86. Despite the fact that Leah might enjoy hugging, Leah will otherwise seem distant from her Master. She will avoid conversation and simply prefer to stay close. It has however been reported that this behavior escalates over time. This causes Leah to observe her Master more closely, moving closer to him when possible and observing him whenever possible. MGC Maid Central would like to mention that Leah does this out of care, and does not, or will have any form of ill intentions towards her Master. Whatever her Master decides to do in response to such behavior is up to him, but MGC Maid Central suspects that Leah will choose to stay close to her Master no matter his opinion on the matter.
  88. The escalation in her observing behavior translates to Leah’s behavior when she does not have any duties to perform, where she will usually choose to stay around her Master and observe. Her future Master is to be aware that this will be the majority of the time, due to Leah’s far above average performance. Leah will in most cases be content with simply being able to watch her Master and stay in the same room as him, ensuring that he stays comfortable.
  90. Her future Master might however be annoyed by the fact that Leah has the odd enjoyment to watch her Master during his sleep, or when he is trying to sleep. Ordering Leah to her room will counteract this, however Leah might choose to return later regardless of any given order once her Master has fallen asleep. Aside from watching her Master, Leah has a passion for photography. Her future Master should not be surprised to find Leah walking around snapping various pictures of him and various objects and rooms in the residence. Oddly, Leah rarely goes outside to practice her hobby and seems to strongly prefer staying inside.  
  91. Aside from photography and watching her Master, Leah can occasionally and at night be found in her own room. However because Leah prefers to keep her room locked at all times, it is unclear what keeps Leah busy during this time. MGC Maid Central however suspects that any activities in her own room might involve her hobby, as Leah develops her own photographs. Her future Master is requested to avoid entering Leah’s room for this reason, as this might ruin any photo’s she currently developing.
  93. It is lastly worth mentioning that Leah does not get along well with other females. Her future Master is to be aware the Leah in general provides a very poor service to other females, even going as far as spilling boiling coffee on them. In addition, females who have been around Leah for some time have reported feeling unnerved and “watched”. Females who are maids seem to be an exception to this rule and causes a protective and doting reacting to ensure any maids safety and comfort.
  95. MGC Maid Central recommends Leah to a Master who enjoys a high performance maid and a good cook, but does not mind an overly observant maid.
  97. 5.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  99. >>13632208
  100. Maid type: Lizardman
  101. Name: Kiwi
  102. Personality: Energetic, enthusiastic, proud and intelligent
  103. Statement: “Look Master, it’s finished! I promise you it won’t blow a crater in your backyard this time!”
  104. Notes: Maid requires additional space to practice her hobby.
  105. Warning: MGC Maid Central is not responsible for any structural or otherwise collateral damage caused by the maid during and outside of her duties when under contract.
  107. Kiwi has been acquainted with MGC Maid Central from a young age, but did not become part of MGC Maid Central until after her funds ran out due to her rather expensive “hobby” and a large amount of fines due to damage of property. Kiwi proved to be a rather difficult maid to train, encountering several difficulties including the destruction of two maid training rooms. Kiwi however still managed to successfully finish her final maid exam at the age of 22, and can now call herself a proper maid.
  109. Unfortunately our Kikimora interviewer was severely distressed upon seeing Kiwi, calling her a “nutcase”, screaming various other profanities and proclaiming the end of MGC Maid Central before collapsing. For this reason we had a young Wurm maid perform the description instead, as the usual Kikimora interviewer is currently receiving extensive headpat therapy.
  111. “Kiwi isn’t a very big girl but has a long green tail.” Pondering for a moment and looking down and over her shoulder the young Wurm continues. “But my tail is much bigger and longer, and I’ve got bigger mounds on my chest than her too!” The young Wurm happily exclaims at the microphone, bopping up and down. “I have seen Kiwi walk around in really cool pew-pew costumes, I want one too!” The young Wurm says as she makes a shooting motion at the camera. “And Kiwi is very smart and nice too! Kiwi fixed my radio when it broke and I got sad and even pet me on my head! Kiwi told me that I would be as smart as her once I grow up!” The young and excited Wurm adds before being distracted by a young butler in training passing by the door, causing her to leave the area in great haste while exclaiming “Cute! Hug hug hug!”
  113. As a maid Kiwi has a rather varying performance. When not using any of her “tools” her performance is average, as she will properly and without issue perform her duties in the residence. Her eagerness to socialize with her Master will not impede this performance. However, Kiwi has a rather unusual hobby involving the use and tinkering with objects that are both of technological and magical nature.
  115. This equipment also known as Magitek, is highly illegal outside MGC and requires a specific permit inside MGC to allow their ownership and use. These permits however have no expiration date and are bound to families instead of individuals. For this reason Kiwi received her personal permission at a young age from her grandmother, alongside a rather large collection of Magitek equipment. Over time Kiki build grew interested in experimenting and tinkering with her collection of Magitek equipment. She in addition started collecting additional pieces of equipment, while dissembling old and according to Kiwi “outdated” equipment. Kiwi furthermore does not shy away from “upgrading” other pieces and making entirely new equipment from the scratch.  
  117. Kiwi has made different kinds of Magitek equipment to aid her maid duties. The most notable being a pair of “Dust Destroyers” or as Kiwi prefers to call them “Double D’s”. Kiwi prefers to carry these Dust Destroyers in the two holsters she has placed around her waist. Kiwi’s performance when using any these tools however strongly varies. The Dust Destroyers have reported to indeed clear all dust in a room, alongside having the unintended effect of putting the room on fire. Kiwi after declaring this effect to be the result of a miss calibration and easily solvable opted to keep trying. She however was kindly requested to revert to more “classical” working methods after putting a second training room on fire. For this reason MGC Maid Central recommends a future Master to either prevent or practice the utmost care when being suggested by Kiwi to use any of her tools to perform her duties.
  119. When not performing any duties, Kiwi prefers to tinker with her collection of Magitek equipment. MGC Maid Central recommends her future Master to reserve a proper amount of space for Kiwi to work with, allowing her to properly work on her hobby. A proper amount of space will also reduce any risks of potential fire hazards in the residence. Aside from tinkering, Kiwi also enjoys testing and experimenting with her collection. This is usually done at a firing-range, and often involves large flashes, loud sounds and explosions. Kiwi further mentioned that she prefers to end a day of testing in a couch reading a nice book or watching some television together with a cute heat source.
  120. Kiwi has lastly stated that she would feel honored if her future Master would request her to teach him the tricks of her trade, and will gladly do so.
  122. MGC Maid Central recommends Kiwi to a brave Master who enjoys a clever maid that enjoys using various tools to do the job. This future Master should be in the possession of a good house-insurance and should be tolerant for a maid that enjoys experimenting with new ways to perform her duties.
  124. 6.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  126. >>13632209
  127. Maid type: Kitsune
  128. Name: Shisi
  129. Personality: Caring, clever and trickster
  130. Statement: “Oh that girl you met earlier? I heard that she suddenly decided to move to a different town, something about having found a dream job.”
  131. Notes: Trickster
  133. Shisi has an unusual history with MGC Maid Central. Shisi was initially mistaken for a child when she attempted to register for a maid course. She was promptly placed in the children’s quarters where she remained for several weeks before her true identity came to light after the usual Echidna caretaker returned from her vacation. Shisi was quickly recognized by the caretaker to be several hundred years old, but having a so called “loli” body and having hid four out of five tails. Thankfully, both Shisi and the children at the children’s quarters seemed to have had a good time together. Shisi however mentioned having taught the children various “life lessons”, and refused to explain what these entailed.
  135. After this minor incident Shisi properly started her maid training. Shisi has a great intellect and had no issues when it came to understand any of MGC Maid Central’s teachings. She however still encountered issues during examinations. Shisi was discovered to have the tendency to play various pranks on others, including her examinators and other maids in training. These pranks varied from convincing the janitor about a non-existant Devil Bug infestation in specific dorm rooms, to a slowly build and nurtured prank resulting in a classroom being turned upside down in space time by an angry Lilim.
  136. Fortunately these pranks did not slow Shisi’s maid training, as she still passed all her exams without issue. Shisi successfully passed her final maid exam at the age of 568, resulting in a loud applause from the majority of teachers and other maids as she was moving on to the next stage of her life. Shisi has performed several contracts since that time. These contracts were surprisingly all completed without any major issues. Shisi has however so far refused all extension offers, and has stated that she still hasn’t found anyone suitable.
  138. Unfortunately our usual Kikimora interviewer had to perform the interview with Shisi twice. As the first long tirade of insults was never recorded due to the microphone being turned off for an unknown reason. In a second attempt our Kikimora interviewer described Shisi as “the most annoying ball of mofu and tofu to walk the halls in MGC Maid Central”. The interviewer further commented that she could not believe how such a small little brat could avoid getting expelled more than once with some simple sweet talk. Shisi can be described as a Kitsune with a small “loli” build and five black tipped fluffy tails. Attire wise, Shisi does not have any specific tastes and will wear whatever outfit is given to her. Shisi however does insist on not wearing any form of jewelry, stating that it doesn’t fit her looks. Uppon asking why Shisi “is such a little brat” Shisi replied that she simply was bored and considered it good practice for what is to come.
  140. As a maid Shisi has an average performance, performing her duties at an average pacing without issue. Shisi has proven to be surprisingly warm towards her Master and enjoys doting upon him. Her future Master can expect to be fed lots of eastern treats and receive plenty of full body massages. One can in addition expect Shisi to take care of any task that would otherwise involve her Master from leaving the residence. Shisi will even have a positive influence on her Masters work, somehow always making it possible for him to perform his work from his own residence.
  141. While Shisi enjoys doting on her Master, she does not seem to get along well with other members of the household and people that are not her Master in general. People close to Shisi’s Master tend to quickly find themselves out of town or even out of country for various reasons. Family or close friends seem to be no exception and Shisi seems to especially dislike other females. Females can expect “accidents” to happen to them whenever they are around Shisi’s Master. Thankfully these “accident” are always of humiliating nature, as it seems that Shisi has no intent to harm others.
  143. When not performing any duties one can often find Shisi spending time with her Master in various ways. Shisi has stated to “enjoy just about anything” and is quick to pick up any hobby her Master might have, allowing her to enjoy it alongside her Master.
  144. Shisi has stated to otherwise enjoy making prank calls and setting up various “jokes” making use of her laptop and mofu phone. Shisi has lastly mentioned willing to introduce her future Master to her trickery and to help “show him how to enjoy life to its fullest”
  146. MGC Maid Central recommends Shisi to a Master who enjoys a doting maid and has a good sense of humor. This Master should not have many people close to him.
  148. 7.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  150. >>13632223
  151. Maid type: Vampire
  152. Name: Marion
  153. Personality: Polite, intelligent and curious.
  154. Statement: I think I understand the general idea now Master. Perhaps if you’d like I can try playing together with you?
  155. Notes: Brings her own entertainment system and books. Blood vials and SE Crystals will be provided by MGC Maid Central for as long as they are needed.
  157. Marion came in contact with MGC Maid Central at the age of 16, being forced out of her home due to an ongoing conflict between her older sister and her mother. Being unable to safely stay in her mother’s mansion and having her valuable collection “set ablaze and blown to pieces”, Marion sought out a new home at MGC Maid Central. Marion was quickly recognized by various teachers to have a talent for serving others and had no issues with her maid training, rolling through her years and finishing her final maid exam at the age of 19 without any issues.
  159. Our interviewer Kikimora seemed to be getting along with Marion quite well and commented that “for a cold corpse with malformed teeth, you actually know how to keep a place clean”. The Kikimora interviewer describes Marion as an “orderly and classical looking girl from better times where maids still received spankings for not wearing their uniforms properly”. Marion prefers to wear an older red colored variant of the current standard maid uniforms for maids. These uniforms were supplied to her without issue on her request as they would otherwise go unused.
  160. Following a more classical look, Marion has fairly long hair. Which she keeps orderly tied into a ponytail which hangs behind her head. Her long hair and classical maid outfit go well alongside Marion’s small breasts, but tall and slender body. Marion prefers to avoid wearing any jewelry, aside from a small crystal amulet around her neck. Marion mentioned that this heirloom was sent to her by her mother, as gift for growing up.
  162. As a maid Marion has an excellent performance, performing her duties as quick as a young Kikimora in training. Marion will generally work swift and silently, while not disturbing her Master. Marion however enjoys conversation and may occasionally initiate idle chatter with her Master about just about any topic, preferring to talk about books, theater and videogames. Snack and food wise, her Master will not have to worry. Despite being undead, Marion is a good cook and even enjoys consuming food for its taste. Her Master can always expect some form of a snack to be put near him when Marion is around.
  164. Marion is a rather curious person, and one can often find her observing others and trying out new things. Her future Master can expect Marion to ask him if he mind if she observes whatever he is doing. Once Marion gets a general idea of the activity she generally will ask if she can give the activity a try too. Please be noted that Marion is a quick learner and tends to quickly become skilled at whatever hobby or activity she performs.
  166. When not performing any duties one can find Marion playing videogames on her Monster-station in her room (or living room if allowed). Marion enjoys playing together with others, and will happily offer her Master to play together with her. It is worth noting that during her training at MGC Maid Central, Marion was responsible for organizing several “Call of Monster” and “Mortal Rape” tournaments with the other maids. Marion has won more than one of these tournaments and thus can be considered highly skilled.
  167. Aside from videogames Marion also enjoys spending time reading various books and occasionally visiting theater and cabaret shows. Marion has stated to be willing to take her Masters to such shows if he is interested.
  169. MGC Maid Central recommends Marion to a Master who enjoys swift and silently working maid, who is always open to learn new things.
  171. Warning: Contract will be voided and altered to a marriage registration if Marion’s future Master were to feed Marion his own blood. A Master is recommended to offer the supplied synthetic blood unless he is absolutely sure of his actions.
  173. 8.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  175. >>13632246
  176. Maid type: Harpy
  177. Name: Sherry
  178. Personality: Cheerful, optimistic and caring.
  179. Statement: “Today was fun Master. I hope you smile as much tomorrow as you did today. It makes me a happy maid.”
  180. Notes: Might overexert herself for her Master.
  182. Sherry was born in MGC Maid Central due to a repeated “incident” that occurred between a butler and a maid who is now Sherry’s mother. MGC Maid Central reprimanded both the butler and Sherry’s mother by placing them on permanent “mansion watch” duty after the pregnancy came to light and Sherry was born. This involved placing the couple in an unoccupied mansion as permanent caretakers. Sherry however later returned to MGC Maid Central after finishing high school, being encouraged by her mother to “find the one”.
  183. As all Harpies Sherry had some issues during her maid training due to her wings. However, due to her optimistic attitude and strong motivation Sherry managed to finish her maid training without much delay. Sherry cheerfully passed her final maid exam at the age of 19, turning her into a proper maid.
  185. Our Kikimora interviewer arrived late for the interview as there was an unexpected spillage that needed cleaning due to a young Wurm crashing into a pipe while she was playing tag with her new young butler friend. After a minor delay and some excuses, our Kikimora interviewer started the interview by describing Sherry as a “Clumsy ball of feathers that picked the wrong path in evolution”. Sherry is a normal sized but colorful harpy, standing out with her yellow and greenish feathers. Sherry’s eyes are no exception, being a cocktail of various yellow and greenish colors. Her exotic eyes and her fair set of B cup breasts are cause for plenty of male attraction at MGC Maid Central. It’s Sherry’s cute face and optimistic attitude that are the icing on the cake and make Sherry a favorite among Examinators and butlers in training alike at MGC Maid Central.
  187. As a maid Sherry has an under average performance, being slowed down by her lack of hands. Sherry however is not easily let down and has plenty of tricks and practice up her sleeve to still do her work despite her limitations. Making use of her feet, wings and mouth, Sherry always has a way to get the job done. Being an optimistic and cheerful type, Sherry is always in a good mood and enjoys sharing this with others in many ways. Aside from hearing her softly humming, her future Master will get to enjoy idle chatter with her and will often be surprised with various delicacies Sherry loves to come up with.
  189. Having a cheerful and optimistic look on life, Sherry tends to give a little extra for everything she does. However please prevent Sherry from overexerting herself as her body will not be capable of keeping up with her on busy days. A little break and an invitation to take it easy are enough to cause a genuine smile and give Sherry the time to rest she needs.
  191. When not performing any duties, Sherry enjoys expressing her cheerfulness on canvas. Her future Master can expect her to create simple works of art often involving nature and flowers. Aside from painting, one can also find Sherry working in a garden. Sherry enjoys putting love and care in flowers and various produce alike and happily watches them slowly grow. Her future Master is for this reason recommended to at least offer Sherry some space to practice this hobby, if not for the delicious foods she grows.
  193. As the evening downs, the hard work of that day will start to take its toll on Sherry’s now tired body, causing her to slow down and relax with her Master in the living room. Sherry enjoys spending this time together with her Master, and one will notice her to be quite affectionate during this time. Her future Master shouldn’t be surprised to find Sherry clinging to him, sharing his warmth and lovely looking him in the eyes while relaxing together. MGC Maid Central recommends this as a good way to get rid of stress and have you look forward to the new day that will soon follow.
  195. MGC Maid Central recommends Sherry to a Master who enjoys a cheerful and caring maid, who will always do her best to clean the residence and make you smile despite her limitations as a harpy.
  197. 9.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  199. >>13632265
  200. Maid type: Lich
  201. Name: Ashly
  202. Personality: Calm, cold, controlling and caring
  203. Statement: It is 15:00 Master, I have finished cleaning the residence. It is now mandatory cuddling time, please assume the position.
  204. Notes: Will need a room to perform her research in.
  206. Ashly used to be a member of the local Sabbath before growing bored with the lolification research she was assigned and applying at MGC Maid Central. While employed as a researcher at MGC Maid Central, Ashly has also followed and completed the standard maid training course. Examinators consider Ashly to be an individual with a cold heart, always reacting in a professional and emotionless manner, and rarely showing emotion. Ashly however did otherwise not have any outstanding issues with her maid training, finishing her final maid exam without any issues within four years. Unfortunately Ashly has chosen not to share her age with MGC Maid Central, stating that she has forgotten. However by comparing Ashly’s level of knowledge with that of other Liches, MGC Maid Central suspects that Ashly’s age is below a hundred years.
  208. Our Kikimora interviewer had a fairly positive view of Ashly, mentioning that “the most useful corpse in MGC Maid Central is finally getting herself a Master”. Our Kikimora interviewer further describes Ashly as a “small undead girl who never got her growth spurts”.
  209. Ashly due to her previous employment at the Sabbath sports a small young “loli” body, supported with a set of A cup breasts and surprisingly thick thighs. Ashly prefers to keep her hair at a medium length, never letting it reach her shoulders. When it comes to clothing, one can expect to find Ashly wearing her old and now slightly oversized lab coat with a simple maid/work outfit beneath it. Ashly has always insisted on wearing her old lab coat, with the argument that it is one of the few items she has left from before her death.
  210. As a maid Ashly has an average performance. Keeping a professional composure and attempting to work as efficient as possible, if not for some occasional fiddling with her oversized lab coat. Ashly prefers to keep a tight schedule, performing her duties at set times without fault. Her future Master can expect every room and chore to be performed at a specific time. Deserts and treats are no exception as Ashly will prepare homemade apple pie and other deserts at times set in stone for her Master.
  212. Being a researcher at MGC Maid Central, Ashly understands the importance of affection for both humans and Monstergirls. This has resulted in Ashly developing a schedule to ensure that her Master gets a proper amount of affection to ensure a good mental health and life. While Ashly has not disclosed her entire schedule, she has however shown us her planned starting schedule which contained the following set of instructions:
  214. Affection schedule: Tuesday:
  216. Morning:
  217. One (short) hug
  218. Three headpats for the maid
  219. One (short) shoulder massage
  221. Noon:
  222. Five minutes of mutual cuddling
  223. Three minutes of nuzzling
  224. Five headpats for the maid
  226. Evening:
  227. Twenty minutes of cuddling
  228. Ten minutes of nuzzling
  229. Five minutes of scratching
  230. Fifteen headpats for the maid
  231. One (long) massage for the Master
  232. One (long) massage for the maid
  234. Ashly made it clear that this schedule is subject to change and will be expanded every two weeks to further improve her future Masters affection level and study the effects of increased affection between a human males and Monstergirls.
  235. When not performing any duties, one can find Ashly working on her research in her room. While employment as a maid normally relieves the maid in question from any other duties, Ashly has offered to continue MGC Maid Centrals earlier assigned work in her free time. This can simply be explained by the fact that Ashly enjoys doing such work and considers it a hobby and a stress reliever. It is further worth noticing that Ashly has an “assistant” spot open for her future Master if he happens to be interested in learning the basics of magic and magical potions.
  237. MGC Maid Central recommends Ashly to a Master who enjoys having an effective and precise maid, and does not mind Ashly’s cold behavior.
  239. 10.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  241. >>13632280
  242. Maid type: Salamander
  243. Name: Elise
  244. Personality: Honest, cheerful and direct
  245. Statement: Don’t let that get you down Master; I can already see good progress in you. Now get up and keep trying! I believe in you!
  246. Notes: Will require room for equipment and weapon storage.
  248. Four years ago, a Salamander challenged a well-known troublemaker to a fight after repeatedly being insulted with lines such as “ugly scale animal” and “I bet a Mantago could please a man better than you”. Fortunately the troublemaker learned many life lessons that day and is currently volunteering at a home for elderly Monstergirls. Unfortunately, the broken arms, legs and removal of more than one finger were enough for the Salamander to get expelled from her study, receive a life-long ban from the campus and university area, appear on the universal university blacklist and get several of her weapons confiscated.
  249. The Salamander which we now know as Elise, went to MGC Maid Central in hope to enroll and still get some form of education. Fortunately, the interviewing Kikimora at the time quickly took a liking to Elise and allowed her to enroll after hearing her side of the story.
  251. It quickly turned out that the interviewing Kikimora made a good choise that day, as Elise turned out to be an excellent maid-to-be. Always paying attention in class and generally being helpful to others, Elise was well liked by that majority of her teachers and class. Elise at one point even broke up a fight between two rivalling Kikimora’s in conflict over the best type of broom. Once the time arrived, Elise passed her final maid exam with good grades at the age of 23.
  253. “Looks like the ugly scale animal is finally going to get herself a Master!”, are the words Elise hears as she gets greeted by our smiling Kikimora interviewer upon entering the interview room. Our Kikimora interviewer describes Elise as a “fit looking girl who certainly knows how to wreck a pest”. Elise is an average sized Salamander with nicely toned and fit body. While her abs aren’t visible, any male gawking at her body will quickly realize that Elise is the last person they’d want to pick a fight with. One will also notice that Elise has a few small scars on her body from various sparring sessions in the past. Elise enjoys keeping her hair flow controlled, but will often let it grow long before cutting it fairly short and letting it grow again. When it comes to playing dress up, clothing and fashion are the two words that Elise does not like to hear. Simple clothing is her norm, usually translating to a t-shirt, a sports bra and whatever set of pants she still had lying around. Thankfully, Elise has no problems wearing any appointed maid attire, even happily wearing it as it saves her the need to choose clothing to wear.
  255. As a maid Elise has a slightly above average performance, working through her tasks with speed and diligence. Elise has the preference to wake up fairly early in the morning, starting it off with a jog and following it up with a strong breakfast. After charging up Elise performs her daily tasks in the residence, usually finishing by early noon. This leaves Elise with enough time to do her daily afternoon training, involving sword practice and sparring sessions.
  257. Elise has a firm belief that everyone should have a strong body, and has with her optimistic attitude and encouraging words convinced many to follow in her path. Her future Master is likely to be no exception to this and can expect to train together with Elise. Do take note that Elise tends to be rather blunt and direct whenever she notices something, even if it might be painful to hear.
  258. Do not expect to see many sugary sweets, snacks and soda’s when around Elise, as she considers such unhealthy and prefers to keep these to a minimum. Her future Master can however expect to see various healthy and sports related “snacks” such as homemade energy bars consisting of oats, nuts and honey and plenty of fruit and water. Nevertheless one will quickly learn that a treat doesn’t need to be packed with sugar to be a satisfying addition for his stomach.
  260. When not performing any duties or sports, you can usually find Elise resting and relaxing in the living room. As it turns out, even Elise needs to rest after a day of hard work and exercise. Elise has no strong preferences when it comes to relaxing on the couch and will enjoy just about anything. No matter if it’s playing videogames, reading a book or playing a board game, Elise will find joy in doing so. Much like training and exercises, her future Master can expect to be encouraged to spend time relaxing alongside Elise in the evening.
  261. Aside from slouching in the couch, Elise will occasionally spend extra time maintaining the weapons she uses during training. Elise seems to have quite an understanding for various kinds of weaponry, modern weaponry being no exception. If her future Master has an interest in weaponry, Elise will certainly be the person to talk to.
  263. MGC Maid Central recommends Elise to a Master who seeks a better lifestyle and would enjoy a fit maid that will help encourage him to make that a reality.
  265. 11.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  267. >>13632285
  268. Maid type: Oomukade
  269. Name: Chihiro
  270. Personality: Silent, calm and caring
  271. Statement: “Relax now Master, it is important for you to get some sleep.”
  272. Notes: -
  274. Chihiro grew up in a large Echidna family, as the second oldest of eight sisters. Being one of the older sisters, Chihiro was naturally responsible to help take care and protect her younger sisters of her family. This was no easy task, as her younger sisters consisted of a Hellhound, Salamander, Cheshire, A Succubus and twin Wurms. Chihiro nevertheless did a good job doing her part taking care of her younger sisters, preventing them from getting in too much trouble. This was especially impressive due to her maid-type not being very well liked at Highschool.
  276. As each of her younger sisters followed their own paths Chihiro started feeling emptiness in her life, having no goal after high school and being unsure what to do. Chihiro decided to enroll at MGC Maid Central. At MGC Maid Central Chihiro quickly felt at home and tried mostly silently following her studies. She was however quickly recognized as a skilled maid of few words, one who was always there when you needed her. Chihiro endured no difficulties during her maid training, and finished her final maid exam at the age of 25.
  278. Our Kikimora interviewer describes Chihiro as a “creepy and crawly bug with way too many legs”. She further describes Chihiro to have a somewhat larger than average looking build for an Oomukade, complemented by her for an Oomukade’s relatively large D cup breasts. Chihiro furthermore has beautiful patterns of venom lines glistering all over her body, including one rogue line of venom that marks her left cheek. Aside from an above average upper body and her venom lines one certainly can’t miss her long lower body, consisting of many segmented pieces of dark red carapace. Even our Kikimora interviewer remarked that “for a filthy bug she certainly hit nature’s jackpot”.
  280. As a maid Chihiro has an above average performance, performing her duties with a good pacing. Any potential Master is not to be startled, as Chihiro has the tendency to crawl on the walls and ceiling, allowing her to clean hard to reach spots. This also allows her to otherwise perform her duties without having to ask her Master to move. This might result in odd experiences when Chihiro lowers herself from the ceiling to grab her Masters empty glass from his desk while he is busy with his work.
  281. Chihiro has in some situations also been reported to pick up her Master when she feels that his behavior is causing him too much harm to his own health. Examinators working deep into the night have reported being lifted from their chairs by surprise and carried to their beds. A different “unhygienic” Examinator mentioned being forcefully put in a bath and cleaned, while receiving headpats from Chihiro after he had not bathed for a week. MGC Maid Central suggests that this behavior stems from Chihiro’s time where she as an older sister had to take care of her younger sisters. MGC Maid Central also believes that this is the reason why Chihiro has a tendency to headpat or hug her Master at seemingly random times.  
  283. Chihiro will occasionally, without words coil around her Master and press herself against her Masters back while massaging his shoulders and scalp. There is no need to panic as these events will always end as sudden as they start.
  284. It is lastly worth mentioning that Chihiro is a decent cook and will ensure that her Master will not go hungry; preferring to surprise him with a different treat or meal every day.
  286. When not performing any duties Chihiro prefers to confine herself to the ceiling to quietly read literature or listen to music. She however does seem to have a preference to be in the same room as her Master is in. As Chihiro is not too talkative, her preferences and hobbies are not very well known or documented. It will be up to her future Master to figure out her other hobbies and preferences. MGC Maid Central however recommends her future Master to take Chihiro for a stroll now and then, as this was the preferred way for Chihiro to blow off steam and relax in her younger years.
  288. MGC Maid Central recommends Chihiro to a Master who enjoys a fairly silent but caring maid, and does not mind an occasional more forceful hand to ensure his health and safety.
  290. 12.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  292. >>13632387
  293. Maid type: Tanuki
  294. Name: Tomiko
  295. Personality: Ambitious, headstrong and intelligent
  296. Statement: “You should put more capital in your maid Master, the payoff and interest rates are certainly worth it.”
  297. Notes: Can/will handle her Masters finances.
  299. Tomiko has been a true Tanuki from birth, focusing much of her childhood on trading, selling, buying and generally making fortune.  At the age of 15 she amassed quite a fortune, having collected enough money to buy her own mansion if she wanted too. After finishing a financial degree at the age of 20, Tomiko had gathered enough funds to retire early. She however instead chose to put her funds in a long term investment, stating that she wanted a real challenge in life first.
  300. Tomiko visited MGC Maid Central shortly afterwards, looking to become a maid. During her training she proved to have little difficulty learning or passing any theoretical exams. However when it came to practical’s Tomiko soon learned that as a headstrong Tanuki-type, it could be quite hard to follow orders without question. Having an ambitious personality helped her here and allowed her to succeed and push through, letting Tomiko pass her final maid exam at the age of 24.
  302. Janice, our Kikimora interviewer shortly described Tomiko as a “small and annoying raccoon that doesn’t know when to shut up”. At 1,40m, Tomiko isn’t the largest Tanuki around. She does however feature a large and very soft fluffy tail, rumored to be the softest in all of MGC Maid Central. When it comes to clothing, Tomiko prefers dressing in various robes, fitting nicely with her brown hair. Tomiko lastly enjoys keeping a more professional look, and thus won’t let her hair grow past shoulders length.
  304. As a maid Tomiko has an average performance, performing her tasks at an average pace and precision. Tomiko enjoys planning out the most effective way to clean a residence and perform her tasks, and can occasionally be heard mumbling mathematics while working.  Her future Master can furthermore expect Tomiko to act in a seemingly bossy manner, but always with good intent. Expect to find exercise schemes, healthy treats and drinks, articles to pique your interest and occasionally even a ticket or invitation from Tomiko to a nearby event.
  305. Aside from treats one can furthermore expect impressive meals with Tomiko as a maid, cooking being one of the skills she rapidly developed during her maid training. Tomiko has also spent a large amount of time following various massage classes, further enhanced by practicing on various maids-in-training outside of class. Tomiko has stated that she would love to practice more advanced techniques on her future Master, as they were “impossible to perform” on her colleague’s.
  307. When not performing any duties, one can often find Tomiko reading various kinds of literature in either the living or her own room. She seems to normally favor books on mathematics and economy, but has during her training also gotten interested in books on massaging and cooking.
  308. Tomiko also owns a laptop, on which she spends time “relaxing” by manipulating various stock markets and buying and selling commodities. Tomiko will otherwise choose to spend time with her Master, talking and discussing just about anything. Her future Master is recommended to be wary on this, as Tomiko is excellent at arguing. Even with absolutely no knowledge about the subject whatsoever, Tomiko is capable of arguing hours about it. MGC Maid Central suggests that this ability simply lies in the Tanuki-type’s nature of haggling and trickery.
  309. It is lastly worth noting that Tomiko wishes to take control of her Masters finances if possible, stating that she will guarantee him a severe increase in time spend with his maid, alongside a financially stable life.
  311. MGC Maid Central recommends Tomiko to a Master who enjoys a clever and argument-happy maid and does not mind mindless arguing during a long massage.
  313. 13.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  315. >>13633100
  316. Maid type: Kejourou
  317. Name: Amalia
  318. Personality: Kind, caring and reserved
  319. Statement: “Good morning Master, did you sleep well? I have prepared your breakfast and included some of the exotic candy you so much enjoy.”
  320. Notes: Requests space for personal garden, may be indoors.
  322. Amalia originates from a large family of Kejourou, renowned for their barber skills. While many of her sisters chose the same path, it is not unusual for a Kejourou-type to choose a different path in life. Amalia is one of those who decided that becoming a barber would not be her life-goal. Amalia first came in touch with MGC Maid Central during a summer camp organized by one of our maid centers. Amalia met with one of our older maids during this time and surprisingly got along with her rather well. This rather peculiar friendship is what eventually led to Amalia visiting MGC Maid Central more often and slowly growing interested in the idea of becoming a maid.
  324. After finishing highschool at the age of 17, Amalia after some consideration chose to apply for a maid training course at MGC Maid Central. This was much to the delight of Amalia’s maid friend, who happily welcomed Amalia and helped her taking the first steps into maidhood. Amalia did well during her maid training, quickly adapting to her new life and following many extra classes such as “Etiquette 202” and “Proper Elegance and Posture”. Amalia passed her final maid exam with grace at the age of 21.
  326. “Well, if it isn’t my favorite little blob of hair!” Janice exclaims as Amalia enters the interview room. “It is good to see someone slightly competent around here finally get herself a nice Master, even if you are bound to knock something important over with the size of those “assets” of yours.” Janice rambles on as she starts filling in paperwork. Only to take her eyes of her work a few lines later and letting them glance over Amalia’s body, quickly causing a grin to form on her face.
  327. “I see you’ve been gaining some extra weight dear and it’s all clearly going to that bottom of yours. Something which I believe is clearly the intention of this little- or I should rather say: tall blob of hair.” Janice deducts from her quick inspection. “Yes I can see it now; tall, a set of big fitting assets, a juicy wiggly ass, well-kept long hair and all these fancy dresses you started wearing.” Janice snickers. “You aren’t even close to getting old my dear little Amalia. You shouldn’t be worrying about ending up behind some dusty desk taking interviews with wannabe maids.” Janice now clearly laughing continues.
  328. After regaining her bearings Janice starts scribbling down on her paperwork once again before continuing her questioning. “Now Amalia, return to the kind and reserved girl you always have been, stop stressing yourself and you’ll be absolutely fine.” Janice recommends, before turning to a whisper. “You might want to keep the extra few pounds though; this one prefers em a little meat on the bone.”
  330. As a maid Amalia has an above average performance; performing her duties fast and efficient. This comes as no surprise as the Kejourou-maid type is known for its ability to manipulate its hair to perform many extra tasks at once, often looking either impressive or rather silly. Amalia is no different from this and will happily use her hair to manipulate several tools at once. Amalia however has the boon of knowing how to remain elegant and full with style when using her hair to work around the residence. She will often catch the gaze of people who will watch her seemingly flow like the wind through the many rooms of a residence.
  331. One will furthermore quickly notice that Amalia prefers to keep to herself, not bothering her Master with any “trivialities” as Amalia tends to call them. She instead will focus on performing her given duties and keep conversations light and simple. While lacking in the social department, Amalia will make up by having a good feel for what her Master wants and needs, often surprising examinators by doing exactly what they needed, no matter if this is a good backrub or a tray of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. MGC Maid Central recommends using such moments to make small talk, allowing for quicker and easier bonding.
  333. When not performing any duties, Amalia can usually be found reading literature in the living room. However if possible Amalia also enjoys starting a small (indoor) garden of various exotic herbs, spices and fruits often found in demon realms. One will furthermore notice that Amalia has a sweet tooth and likes discovering and importing candy from all over the world to try her taste buds on.  
  334. If her future Master wishes to better bond with Amalia, he will be pleased to know that Amalia enjoys seeing others take interest in her hobbies. Amalia is also quick to try new things and is certainly willing to try out any hobbies her future Master might have.
  336. MGC Maid Central recommends Amalia to a Master who enjoys a polite and reserved maid and enjoys seeing a maid with elegance and style.
  338. 14.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  340. >>13633681
  341. Maid type: Ryu
  342. Name: Holly
  343. Personality: Affectionate, caring and goodhearted
  344. Statement: “Good Morning Master! Would you like waffles or pancakes as breakfast this lovely morning? Or perhaps you’d like both?”
  345. Notes: Nearby pool preferred
  347. With the relatively large amount of Ryu’s living in MGC and the limited amount of space for shrines, many Ryu’s have chosen to pursue a life outside the safety of a shrine. Holly’s path in life is no different here. Having discovered the hard way that her chances of working at a shrine were unlikely and would be a path filled with competition, Holly started looking for other options in life. It was a simple flyer that guided Holly into visiting MGC Maid Central, instead of applying at a local Grill-and-Scale.
  348. After an introduction with our recruiter and filling in all the legal paperwork, Holly was on her road to become a maid. Holly’s maid training that followed went smoothly, her caring personality naturally making her an excellent maid. Holly finished her final maid exam without issue at the age of 24, even grabbing an extra cooking certificate alongside it.
  350. “Kobold fitting weather and one fat Ryu, yet there is no shrine to be seen.” Janice the Kikimora interviewer states as Holly enters the room and positions herself arounds the chair for visitors. “Are you sure you are here for the matching process and didn’t simply get lost on your way to your little shrine? I’ll happily call you a cab if needed.” Janice continues giggling as she starts scribbling down various notes on Holly’s file. Janice swiftly snatches a checklist from her desk drawer as she continues her assault “Well if you are absolutely sure of yourself I guess I could give you a chance, but my offer to buy you that cab still stands my dear.” Janice states as a grin starts forming on her face.
  352. “Now let’s take a closer look at you. First the obvious, you’ve got a bit of chub there lady. Now it’s not too bad and there are some nutca- Masters out there who might like that,” Janice assures. “So don’t go causing any thunderstorms or power outages now” Janice states with a now rapidly larger growing grin on her face. “Of course that perhaps might be exactly what you want. But do make sure it stays at a ‘little’ chub will you?” Janice grins. “So aside from that you’ve got some nice curves on that body, a good looking green scaled tail, a nice set of D cup breasts and fairly decent looking face. With those glasses on I’d think that could easily fit in a library.” Janice mentions with a mix of a grin and a smile on her face. “Oh and according to this you actually are a bookwurm too!” Janice laughs as she continues. “Just be a dear and don’t go actually eating any books like that Wurm from cooking did.” She cackles out as she decides to start filling in dots with a red pen on the suddenly appeared checklist in front of her. “It says here you prefer wearing sweaters and clothing warmly, instead of wearing those silly shrine robes. I guess you need someone to warm you up then?” the Kikimora states as she flashes Holly a sort-of-smile. “Last but not least, your body its shape. I’ve actually got no idea what to fill in here. Your thighs or part where they should be are pretty thick though, so I think I’ll just fill in pear-shaped here. Surely you don’t mind that now, do you?” Janice grins again. “Well, looks like it all checks out. That will be all,” Janice states as she hands Holly her now filled in file and checklist. “Try not to let the door hit your tail on the way out.” Janice cackles once more, before taking on a serious look. “Oh, and Holly? Good luck with your new Master”.
  354. As a maid Holly has an average performance, performing her tasks at an average pace and precision. Having a large body can be an annoyance to some, but Holly understands her body well. This translates to Holly being capable of reaching hard to reach spaces without much issue, though she does have to take care to avoid knocking things over when dusting around the house. Aside from cleaning tasks, her future Master can also expect his maid to do his cooking. Considering it a hobby and having obtained an extra cooking certificate, Holly is an excellent cook and can be expected to make mouthwatering meals for her Master.
  355. Holly enjoys making conversation during her duties and will try to seek her Master out and work in the same room as him. MGC Maid Central recommends her future Master to do the same and seek Holly out when she is busy. Holly will especially appreciate company when she is cooking and is quick to offer a taste of whatever she might be preparing. Her Master will of course be invited to cook with her if he so enjoys.
  357. When not performing any duties Holly can often be found reading books in the study or living room. Holly enjoys various genres of books, but lately has been preferring detectives and romance books. Aside from reading Holly also enjoys occasionally watching TV and playing videogames, even though she isn’t very good at them. Her Master is certain to find something interesting to do together with Holly, even if it’s just watching TV together or having Holly watch him play games. Please do take note that Holly occasionally is known to wrap around her Master, much like a lamia, and start playing with his hair. Accepting this kind of behavior is likely to cause similar behavior to take place more often in the future. You have been warned.
  358. It is last but least worth mentioning that Holly occasionally shows an interest in nearby shrines. While a life at a shrine was never meant to be for her, she would certainly appreciate being able to visit nearby shrines. Her future Master is therefore recommended to see to making this a reality.
  360. MGC Maid Central recommends Holly to a Master who wishes to live a stable life full of love and does not mind occasionally getting wrapped up by his maid to be doted on.
  362. 15.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  364. >>13633966
  365. Maid type: Minotaur
  366. Name: Irelen
  367. Personality: Cheerful, energetic, proud and enthusiastic
  368. Statement: -Footage consists of Irelen hugging the camera-
  369. Notes: Hugs rather tightly.
  371. MGC is an interesting place with its large variety of different species, cultures and lifestyles. One can find various temples, libraries, mansions, housing with white picket fencing and just about anything you can imagine here. It comes as no surprise that many are swayed from the culture they are born in to explore the wonders that can be found in MGC.
  373. Let’s take Irelen as an example. She was born at the typical ranch, given a fighters name and expected to grow up into fine rancher, well capable of protecting the large family of Holstaurs who earn the majority of hard needed cash the ranch needs to sustain itself.
  374. Irelen however was instead caught watching television about the great big city, and the wealth and adventure it promised, in the living room. It wasn’t long after when Irelen started mentioning her wish to go to the big city. Or rather, excitedly yelling it out when she made up her mind one day and hugging a nearby Wheresheep rather tightly. The overly excited Minotaur packed her clothes within the same week and got herself a ride to town.
  376. This is where Irelen learned that life in the big city we call MGC turned out to be harder than expected. Irelen did pack her savings with her, which allowed her several months’ rent and plenty of food to go with. However after four months of searching for a job, Irelen finally accepted that without any proper education, or natural ability, she wasn’t going to get any job at all. Even the local ‘Holstaur and Grill’ didn’t care to hire her, telling her she was going to scare of the costumers.
  377. Thankfully Irelen met a little Wurm in a maid uniform, who rather cheerfully, brought her to the nearest maid center. MGC Maid Central would like to mention that it was a rather amusing sight to see a young Wurm drag a fully grown Minotaur along with her.
  379. Irelen was quickly offered a place to stay at MGC Maid Central and had her maid training started shortly after. Irelen turned out to be a decent maid and finished her maid training within the usual 4 years. It might be worth noting however that she was noted to be a rather ‘enthusiastic’ maid and while her cheerfulness was appreciated by many, it was considered tiring by others. Nevertheless, she has now properly finished her training and is ready to be hired by a lucky Master.
  381. “Next!” Janice shouts, ready to ‘welcome’ the next maid to the matching process. Janice gives a grin as a large and fairly muscular, yet brightly smiling girl enters her office. “So they ran out of space at the local farm I see, or is-” are all the words Janice can bring out before getting lifted from her chair and pulled into a bear-hug by Irelen. “A cute Master! I’m going to get a cute Master and it’s all thanks to this soft Kiki matching maid!” Irelen cries out from happiness as she starts ruffling the hair of the trapped and now panicking Kikimora. “You write things down about people right Miss?! Tell me, is he cute? Is he smart? Does he do sports?” Irelen rambles on as she finally loosens her grip on Janice, releasing her from a hug to remember.
  383. Checking if her uniform isn’t crumbled, Janice slowly stumbles back to her chair. Sitting down properly and taking a deep breath, Janice looks at the jubilant Minotaur standing in front of her. “Tall, fairly muscular, blue eyes and dark brown hair.” Janice states. “That is you, not him.” Janice adds. “I just write down details about you which he might want to know, I haven’t actually seen your Master-to-be.” Janice continues, causing Irelen’s face to lose some of its previous happiness. “But I do know that you like the color orange. I also know that you enjoy wearing hoodies and that your greatest wish is to one day travel and explore the world.” Janice reads aloud from the documents in front of her, with a small smile on her face. “Aha!” Irelen exclaims. “But he does get to read everything you write down about me!” Irelen continues, her words coming out of her mouth at a rapidly increasing pace. “Be sure to mention how I’m great at baking and cooking! I made this delicious cake earlier, with real Holstaur milk! But I could use my own if he wanted and…” Irelen continues rambling on. Janice however simply keeps silently filling in various papers, giving an occasional glance at the Minotaur happily rambling on before finally deciding it’s time to interrupt her.
  385. “Okay I’m done with your documents, you can leave now.” Janice simply states, causing the large cowgirl to suddenly fall silent. “No no, don’t give me that face and definitely don’t give me another hug. I’ll have someone send you the news once I get it.” the Kikimora continues, as she starts pushing Irelen towards the door. “Now off you go and have a kiki-tastic day” Janice finishes as she waves the now slightly confused Minotaur off, before closing the door to her office and crashing back on her chair. Grabbing a flask from her desk drawer, Janice takes a sip from her personal supply of energy-drink, before letting out a sigh and looking outside. “Eh, she’ll be fine.” Janice grumbles “Now where to find a Kiki who can match the one who matches to a Master?” Janice monologues as she grins and taking one more sip before preparing for the next maid-to-be-matched”
  387. As a maid Irelen has an average performance, performing her chores and duties at an average pace and precision. While Irelen is rather bulky, her energetic personality more than makes up for her large size, allowing her to do her chores, even if it takes longer than expected. Aside from regular chores, such as dusting and cleaning, Irelen also enjoys making meals for her Master, no matter if it is breakfast or dinner. Her future Master can even expect breakfast on bed, which has eggs, toast and very fresh milk included. No matter what meal Irelen makes, she will always strongly prefer using ingredients from the local ranches and farms around the area over any sort of canned of preserved ingredients.
  389. When not performing any chores, Irelen prefers to do a variety of things. As is common for the Minotaur-type, Irelen has a work-out plan to help keep her in peak condition. Please do take note that this plan is rather modest and has resulted in Irelen losing a bit of muscle, while having caught a little bit of extra meat, or softness as she prefers to say. Aside from working out, Irelen also has a strong love for exploring new things and places. No matter if it’s paintball, massaging her Master or exploring an old farm, Irelen wants to give everything a try. While Irelen is overly active during the day and enjoys spending every minute awake doing something new, her energy is not limitless and will eventually run out. It is usually the start of the evening hours when this happens and Irelen wishes to rest from her active day and take it easy. Preferably comfortable on the couch in the living room, with a nice cup of Holstaur milk and hopefully a cute Master to cuddle with.
  391. MGC Maid Central recommends Irelen to a Master who enjoys a large and energetic maid, and doesn’t mind to occasionally get dragged along to go on a new ‘adventure’ somewhere in or around MGC.
  393. 16.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  395. >>13633987
  396. Maid type: Kumiho
  397. Name: Jyn
  398. Personality: Silent, calm, expressionless
  399. Statement: None given
  400. Notes: Headpat therapy recommended.
  402. Jyn comes from a local orphanage in the eastern section of MGC, where one of our visiting Mantis maids found and took a liking to a Kitsune whose hair and tail colors did not match. Refusing to give our maid her name, the Mantis maid chose to give the girl a name of her own and named the girl ‘Jyn’. Afterwards Jyn and other older orphans were taken back to MGC Maid Central to receive a proper education and future. Jyn’s history, like that of many other orphans, is largely unknown. This is often the result of the young age of the children who end up at an orphanage, they simply are too young to remember or understand such things. Others, such as Jyn, simply refuse to speak about past events. While Jyn’s exact age is unknown, she is suspected to have been 12 years old when being taken in by MGC Maid Central. Jyn would first spend several years receiving regular education, before properly starting her maid training. Jyn successfully completed her final maid exam at the age of 20 and is now ready to face the real world.
  404. In a well-furnished room sat the Kikimora matcher, ready to strike fear and judge the girl in front of her. Or that is what Janice would have enjoyed, if not for the lack of emotion Jyn was currently showing. “Interesting hair and tail color combination, had a paint accident during art class?” Janice asks, grinning like a little schoolgirl and flipping open her documents. Jyn however simply stares at Janice with a stoic expression. “Oh I see now, you are one of those liver eater things. Guess it’s a good thing you can buy all the liver you want at the butcher these days!” the Kikimora laughs before moving on. “So you’ve got blond hair, nine (must suck cleaning those) large white tipped black tails (you DO clean those right?) and jade colored eyes.” Janice states, while rapidly filling in the documents in front of her and still receiving the same stoic look from the girl in front of her. “Right, right. Aside from your small frame and lack of a decent rack which makes you look like you’ve missed a growth spurt (Must be fun trying to reach the top shelf!), your documents seem to be in order. I do see you prefer wearing the gothic style maid outfits. So I’ll make sure we pack a few extra of those when we ‘ship’ you to your new Master.” The Kikimora states with a small smile while packing the now filled documents neatly in a folder and slowly standing up. “That would be all, now get out of here already.” Janice states while waving Jyn to the door, before stopping her in the hallway. “Hey, do consider putting a little smile up once in a while, he’ll appreciate it. Okay?” Janice quickly adds, getting herself a small nod from Jyn while closing the door.  
  406. As a maid Jyn has an above average work performance. She is typically quicker than the average maid to perform her tasks and duties. Jyn is also known to work silently. It is not unusual for someone to fail to notice Jyn’s presence as she rapidly performs her cleaning duties, leaving them surprised when the shelf behind them suddenly has been cleaned.
  407. As all maids, Jyn will ensure that her Master does not go hungry and will serve him snacks and well-made meals throughout the day. Jyn seems to have a preference for serving meals and snacks heavy on meat. Therefore her future Master can expect meats from chicken to beef and even more exotic kinds of meat from beyond the gate. It might be worth noting that Jyn has been seen “observing” her own home-made meals with a rather hungry look. MGC Maid Central therefore recommends that her future Master occasionally shares his meals with Jyn for increased bonding and maid happiness.
  409. When not performing any duties Jyn can often be found reading books in her room. Jyn seems to have a rather broad taste and will read various books such “The art of love” and “Advanced Silent movement 505”. MGC Maid Central recommends her Master to offer Jyn access to his own book collection if he has one, as this will likely be greatly appreciated by her.
  410. Aside from reading Jyn can also be found hanging around her Master. She will occasionally move to the same room her Master and simply stay present there. Please be noted that Jyn tends to do so silently, making it quite the surprise for her future Master who fails to notice her entering the room. It has lastly been noted that Jyn had the tendency to observe other Master-maid couples displaying affection for each other during her stay at MGC Maid Central. Her future Master is therefore recommended to try and introduce such affection, such as headpats, to Jyn’s routine, as this is likely to lead to a strong bond between Master and maid.
  412. MGC Maid Central recommends Jyn to a Master who enjoys a quiet and effective maid and does not mind eating meals and snacks that are rich in meat content.
  414. 17.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  416. >>13634009
  417. Maid type: Jinko
  418. Name: Talya
  419. Personality: Diligent, determined and caring
  420. Statement: Master is not feeling happy? Master then is in need of a hug.
  421. Notes: Needs workout equipment.
  423. MGC Maid Central works with many sister Maid Centers in various Monster-Girl-Cities around earth’s globe and even in various nations beyond the gate. While these Maid Centers are capable of operating independently, MGC Maid Central prefers to see the various Maid Centers bond together. For this reason various programs are used to help bring these Maid Centers together. One of those programs is the Interdimensional Maid Exchange, which as one might expect, works by yearly exchanges of various maids between Maid Centers. These exchanges not only bring exotic maid-types, but introduce different cultures and work methods that can be explored and used to benefit the Maid Center in question.
  424. It is worth noting that these exchanges are permanent. The maid in question is unlikely to ever return home after moving over. They will however receive a priority in matching after settling in at their new Maid Center.
  426. Talya originates from the Russian region and was send to MGC Maid Central as part of the above program when she was 21 years old. Records accompanying her stated that Talya had a rather wild life as a hunter before she was recovered by the local Maid Center in the area. Talya started her maid training when she was 17 years old and finished it at the age of 21. Before employment the local Maid Center however decided that Talya would fare a safer and better fate elsewhere and enrolled her in the mentioned exchange program, leading her to MGC Maid Central. After arriving to her new home, Talya spend two additional years learning the local culture, language and way of life. While Talya still has much to learn about her new home, MGC Maid Central believes she is ready to be matched with a Master and explore the world around them together.
  428. “Did the vodka kill one too many of your already lacking brain cells?” The mature Kikimora shouted, furiously cleaning around as she sees her favorite door, her own office door, ripped from the door post and now in the hands of the large white-furred Jinko in front of her. “Talya has an appointement in this room, but door was locked, so Talya removed door to enter room and have appointment. Are you matching maid?” Talya calmly asks Janice, the Kikimora in front of her, who by now is shaking, as red as a tomato and ready to break her broom in half. However instead of getting arrested for assault and battery, Janice chooses to sit down instead. Opening the files in front of her and grabbing a pen, followed by grabbing another pen as the previous one happened to instantly shatter in her hand. “You have a large muscular frame, white striped fur and a lot of guts to wreck my office like that. I won’t neglect to write down that you also have several visible scars, including some suspicious remains of what look like punctures, on various places on your body. Clearly that cut on your cheek must be the frosting on the cake.” Janice manages to let out after clearing her throat of most of her anger. “You further have blue colored eyes and blond hair. You prefer wearing regular issued maid uniforms when on duty and like wearing as little as possible when off duty. Something I suspect your future Master will enjoy.” Janice continues while filling in Talya’s documents, before quickly closing them up, putting them in an envelope and interrupting Talya before she can get any words out of her mouth. “Yes that is all, no you don’t need to explain anything about your previous way of ‘life’, I can make that up myself from your files. Just don’t return here and no I don’t want you to try and ‘fix’ the door. Just... leave it here.” Janice states. This causes the Jinko to simply release her grip on the door, resulting in a loud bang as the door smashes into the floor. This is followed by Talya walking over the broken door to the now empty door post, before turning around to give a quick bow and leaving the stumped Kikimora in her now door-less office.
  430. As a maid Talya has a slightly below average performance and needs a little longer than the average maid to perform her duties. This is not surprising as Talya’s maid type does not possess human hands, slowing her when performing more precise tasks. Talya on the other claw has shown to be a diligent maid, making up for much of her lost time. Her future Master can expect Talya to wake up and start her duties as early as 7am. It is to be noted that Talya will first perform some morning exercises, usually in the form of a jogging session, before starting breakfast preparations. Her future Master can expect simple, but sturdy, breakfasts when employing Talya and is likely to see plenty of meat and eggs. Dinner is no different and one can expect the same style of simple, yet sturdy made meals. Her future Master should not expect any unhealthy snacks, but is guaranteed to receive a energy boost in the form of a homemade oatmeal bar if Talya believes that her Master is in need of such. In the same way Talya may choose to give her Master a hug and a headpat if she believes he needs one, or several. MGC Maid Central so far is unsure on what factors Talya decides to perform such actions.
  432. Talya is a busy maid even outside her duties and will not quickly be found on the couch. She can be expected to be found performing workouts every day for at least an hour. Talya in addition also performs daily jogging session up to an hour before starting her duties. It is further worth noting that Talya has a strong interest in firearms and is oddly highly knowledgeable in the operation of firearms. Talya has even displayed strong unhappiness when she heard no firing ranges and firearms were available in her Maid Center. Aside from firearms and working out, Talya has at occasions been sighted to “sneak up to” and “stalk” various maids at her local Maid Center. Talya will abruptly stop her actions when she either successfully manages to sneak up to her target, or when her target notices her presence, the former being the more common option. As with every active maid, even Talya is in need of resting periods, usually spend on the couch watching a movie and cleaning her claws and fur. MGC Maid Central suggests her future Master to help her in these actions to make bonding with her easier, but kindly warns her future Master that Talya might take attempts to help as a signal that her Master is in need of a long duration of hugs.
  434. MGC Maid Central recommends Talya to a fit and strong Master who enjoys sturdy meals and does not mind a foreign maid.
  436. 18.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  438. >>13634396
  439. Maid type: Demon
  440. Name: Narcisa
  441. Personality: Proud, caring and possessive
  442. Statement: “Ah Master, A package has arrived for you. Would you mind quickly putting your signature down on this form here to accept it? It will only take a second~”
  443. Notes: No traditional contract will be signed. The formal link between Master and maid will instead made through an oral agreement and be registered digitally.  
  444. Warning: Narcisa‘s future Master is ill advised to sign any form of contract in the presence of Narcisa due to her maid-type.
  446. MGC Maid Central occasionally performs interdimensional maid exchanges, sending and receiving a variety of different and exotic maids. 6 months ago MGC Maid Central performed an exchange with a Maid Center beyond the gate. It is worth mentioning that all exchanges that involve the usage of the local gate, always only involves receiving new maids. Maid Centers beyond the gate do not accept new maids due to the ongoing gender ratio imbalances in their world.
  448. Narcisa, alongside several other maids arrived at MGC Maid Central with this recent transfer and have been receiving maid training since. Unfortunately transfers beyond the gate often have great difficulty in adapting to the rules of their new home. Narcisa is no exception to this and is still having difficulties adapting to this world. MGC Maid Central believes that it would be best to assign Narcisa to a suitable Master as soon as possible to ensure a proper integration in society. Fortunately the Maid Center beyond the gate ensured that Narcisa received extensive training. This alongside the crash course ‘how-to-be-a-maid-in-a-day-and-receive-headpats’ given by our finest Kikimora lecturer, should ensure that Narcisa is properly prepared to perform her duties for her future Master. Even if some of her methods might be deemed ‘exotic’.
  450. [Recording Start]
  451. The air in the office shakes, stirs and seemingly cooks violently before taking the form of a tall, proudly standing, blue skinned woman. The sudden appearance of the blue woman puffing up her chest does not seem to bother the feathered lady working behind her desk at all, who simply points the suddenly appeared demon to the chair in front of her desk. “Door or no door, it is rather rude to appear unannounced in someone’s room.” Janice, the Kikimora states. “However, having taken the liberty reading your exchange file, I didn’t expect you to do otherwise.” Janice continues rather coldly, causing the proud stance of the woman in front of her to momentarily falter. Narcisa quickly recovers and takes the seat in front of her before speaking. “So you are going to ensure that I get myself a man I can call my own? The demon asks. This in turn causes a frown to form on the Kikimora’s face who decides it’s best to save her patience. “dear, you seem to be confused. I will not be ensuring that are getting a man. I will be ensuring that YOU, a lowly maid gets a chance to SERVE a highly regarded Master. This dear, will be based on a contract, allowing your Master to get rid of you at any time if you were to disappoint him in your services. In your case this contract will be done vocally, seeing how you tried tricking an examinator at more than one occasion.” Janice (mostly) calmly explains while pointing her pen at Narcisa, who in return does not look very amused but keeps silent. “Well then dear! Let’s get you registered properly!” Janice exalts. “Let’s see then, you have a rather exotic blue, as in blueberry, skin and long black hair which you prefer to keep in a ponytail. You further are rather tall at 195 centimeter, have some shiny black horns shaped like some kind of organic lightning bolt on your head and have those obvious black sclera eyes your type tends to have. Can’t say you are lacking a tail either, a fat one at that too. Do you slather that thing in demonic energy or is a tail that fat genetic? For your body type… thick hips, C cups… I think I’ll just note down ‘hourglass’ here. That should be clear enough for your soon-to-be Master don’t you think dear?” Janice states, with a fake smile. “Now then, that would be all. Kindly get out of my office and try to avoid locking your Master in the basement on your first day.”
  452. [Recording End]
  454. As a maid Narcisa has an average performance. This is suprising, as Narcisa naturally has an advantage over other maid-types, being capable of accurately and instantly transporting herself to any area she wants. This is in addition to the helpful spells she possesses to perform her duties. Narcisa however has shown the tendency to work slower than other maids. MGC Maid Central believes this might be caused by a mix of conflicting interests and values and a reduced performance the closer she is to her Master. Her future Master might notice a fluid trickling down Narcisa’s leg when sufficiently close to Narcisa and is likely to observe Narcisa breathing becoming more heavily after staying close for a while. For the sake of allowing Narcisa to perform her duties, please do not stay near Narcisa during her duties if possible.
  455. Narcisa is well capable of making a large variety of meals and is an excellent cook. The issue however is that Narcisa is trained in using ingredients from beyond the gate, meaning that she only has a minimum of experience when it comes to using local produce. For her future Master this means that Narcisa needs to be given room to practice to allow her to properly prepare local produce. This also means that Narcisa will often cook using exotic ingredients, which while often delicious, might also lead to various effects which might not be preferred. Nevertheless, while a bowl of exotic fruit or a cookie prepared with exotic flour might cause spontaneous arousal, such goods are still considered a delicacy for many and will certainly be enjoyed by her future Master.
  457. When not performing any duties Narcisa will generally stay in the same room as her Master. In these situations Narcisa will often attempt to come as close as possible to her Master, often starting on the edge of a couch and slowly working her way towards her Master. Narcisa has been noted to become ‘touchy-feely’ quickly when close enough to her Master. MGC Maid Central recommends the therapeutic use of headpats if her future Master believes Narcisa is getting too excited for his taste.
  458. While Narcisa’s presence is often a pleasant one, Narcisa will when possible attempt to coerce her Master into signing a contract. MGC Maid Central strongly warns against signing any form of contract and is not responsible for any ill-effects from signing a contract with a Demon maid-type. Many of these contracts often have many small notes in demonic dialect, which cannot be easily read by the average Master. Narcisa’s future Master is recommended to remain careful.
  459. It is further worth noting that examinators have noticed changes to their offices when employing Narcisa. There have been several incidents with documents being read, regular pens being replaced with sinister looking variants and hardware used for typing being found ‘defect’ increasingly often. Please remain careful.
  461. MGC Maid Central recommends Narcisa to an experienced Master who doesn’t mind helping his maid adapt to her new home.
  463. 19.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  465. >>13634487
  466. Maid type: Salamander
  467. Name: Kasey
  468. Personality: Good-hearted, Brash, Direct
  469. Statement: “You be good to me, and I’ll be good to you. And don’t you dare to not enjoy life”
  470. Notes: Will maintain and otherwise tinker with appliances at home.
  472. With the rapid development of both technology and magic, many new wonders have been brought into this world. A particularly powerful and popular branch here is a combination of both magic and technology, also called Magitek. Magitek has in the last decade drastically changed the way many objects in MGC work. While the private production or tinkering with Magitek equipment, especially weaponry, is still seen as highly controversial and is hidden behind many laws, many larger organizations have however received the needed legal paperwork for the production of simple Magitek products. No matter if it’s a car, a coffee machine or a television, Magitek will find a way to improve it. While highly ingenious and useful for many, others suffer from the rapid rise of Magitek. As the street image changes, these Monstergirls watch their work disappear, taken over by larger organizations specialized in Magitek. While some seek to work for these organization or attempt to learn to work with Magitek themselves, with varying degrees of success, others decide to take entirely different paths in life. This is where Kasey comes in play.
  474. Kasey’s work could no longer sustain itself, as competition grew too fierce and demand too low. However instead of choosing to find a new job in her line of work, she chose to re-educate herself. Yet, instead of the expected move, studying Magitek, Kasey sought out an old friend of her, who turned out to have just the job for her at MGC Maid Central. That is how Kasey enrolled in a shortened maid education, finishing and passing her final exam in little under two years at the age of 29.
  476. [Recording Start]
  477. “Now if you just changed the name into something more heroic, like ‘this is where our great hero comes in play’, you’ve got the start of a kickass novel right there” the casually clothed Salamander chuckles, while sipping her drink and leaning over Janice’s shoulder. Janice the Kikimora simply puts on a grin and gives Kasey a soft punch in her side. “Calm down now protagonist. I’m trying to get you a man and a stable job here, not a world saving adventure. Be happy I dragged your flaming tail through the maid coarse so quickly, or you’d still be stuck here.” Janice adds, causing Kasey to laugh. “Well miss maid, I believe I’m the one who pushed you to apply at this company in the first place, didn’t I?” Kasey proudly replies, straightening her back and tail, giving the turn to laugh to Janice. “You mean you practically forced me into applying at this place? I could have had a man by now you scalehead. Those Kikimora’s who simply break into places do pretty well I’ve heard.” Janice counters, crossing her arms. “I think you forgot we both lost that bet to each other back in high school, you old featherduster. Besides, at least you still have a stable job and a degree of some sort. I could have gone to MGC College; instead I ended up working on cars at a garage. “Kasey states, not faltering her stance and keeping her back straight, while waving her finger at Janice, who simply grins. “You are right you expired salamander skin, instead of college you did the thing you loved, and I’m sure still love, for years upon years. Meanwhile I’m stuck at this dead-end job, looking at maids getting nice Masters to serve.” Janice, now slightly annoyed states, while keeping a dead serious look focused on Kasey. At least for the five seconds it lasts as they both burst out laughing. “Expired salamander skin? You lost your charm you old maid, where’s my abusive Janice who made those two Hellhound twins who were being asses in High School cry?” Kasey after having caught her breath asks. Janice simply smiles, before turning to a more serious look. “Listen, after I get your information down and match you with this guy like two little love doves. Could you perhaps take me out to town for a change? I want to visit the places we used to go and visit the remnants of our old school.” Janice asks with a serious tone “After that I simply want to get hammered at whatever bar is opened up” Janice half-jokingly adds, trying to keep a light air. Kasey simply chooses to assault the Kikimora’s hair with her hand, roughly ruffling her hair. “Down the memory lane, get drunk and perhaps get you a man. It’s arranged.” Kasey declares, before continuing in a more serious tone. “But aren’t you supposed to fill in that paper in front of you? I mean I could be like a mystery maid in a wrapping, which would likely turn on fire due to my tail, but I think it’s better if we fill it in” Kasey adds, pointing to the still unfinished document in front of her. To this Janice simply nods, before grabbing a pen (seemingly) out of thin air and throwing herself at the forms.
  479. “Right, you are a 29 year old Salamander with a length of 184cm, who was born in the north-eastern district of MGC. There you were part of one of the many poorer families (Hey, we weren’t that poor). Both on and off duty you prefer wearing casual clothing, such a simple t-shirts and jeans, even if this meant being scolded by the Anubis trainer on duty during training (She was a bit of a lapdog though). You have ruby red hair (Should have seen it when it was black from the grease), which you prefer wearing in a ponytail or just leaving wild. Your eyes are colored amber and will slightly glow when you are angry or excited. You further seem to have a small amount of scale patches on your body, notably your left cheek. You further have the typical claws and feet found on others of the same maid-type, the size of which are however only slightly larger than a typical human of your height and- well not weight, you are pretty heavy (I heard that!). Lastly you have a pretty good looking body, pretty athletic I must say (What Salamander doesn’t stay in shape? Oh yes that chubby one at accounting). Fits nicely with your darker skin, like if you were permanently tanned” Janice states while rapidly scribbling everything down on her forms, before turning to Kasey. “Right, that should be it scaly, Lets hope you two like eachother, so I don’t get that Hellhound from HRM on my head, or worse, that Wurm. Now let’s go and get ourselves a treat, I hear some Troll opened up a stall at the park with the most delicious sandwiches.”
  480. [Recording end]
  482. As a maid Kasey has an under average performance, performing her tasks with less precision and speed than the average maid. Having done both mechanic and electrician related work, Kasey has less of an eye, or care for things like dirt and grease compared to other maids. While this means that Kasey does less of a job cleaning, she however does have a knack at maintaining and repairing appliances of her Master, be this a toaster or a car. While Kasey has not followed any cooking related classes, she does have some form of cooking skill. Coming from a poorer family, where hard work was the normal order of the day, Kasey learned how to make cheap, often simple, yet filling and large portioned meals. Her future Master can expect similar meals if he were to employ Kasey as his maid.
  484. When not performing any duties Kasey enjoys a variety of ways to fill her time. She can often be found working on cars and is known to enjoy tuning, fixing and sometimes simply taking them apart for the sake of putting them back together again. Other objects around Kasey will face a similar fate as she takes them apart to take a look at their insides. Much like Kasey enjoys tinkering with cars, she also enjoys cars themselves and boosts quite some knowledge on non Magitek vehicles. Unfortunately, MGC is a rather poor location for one to drive a car to relax and for Kasey a car is currently unaffordable. However this does not withhold her from talking someone’s ears off if he happens to share the same interest.
  486. Aside from cars, one can also find Kasey inside feeding her reading habit. Aside from the occasional car magazine, Kasey prefers reading thrillers and detectives. She also seems to pick up the occasional magazine on weaponry, such as the monthly ‘Swordjunkies’ and the bi-weekly ‘Scaly Arsenal’, which cover both modern and old weaponry. This however is a fairly common habit seen often with Salamander and Lizard maid-types. Oddly, Kasey has so far not been observed sparing or otherwise practicing any forms of combat. As most Salamanders maid-types naturally enjoy sparring, this might be a subject for her future Master to bring up.
  487. Above all, Kasey has stated that she’d enjoy spending time with her Master and that she is willing to open herself to new worlds and experiences and generally have a good time. MGC Maid Central recommends her future Master to take Kasey up to this, and is sure that Kasey and her future Master will find plenty of similar interests to explore.
  489. MGC Maid Central recommends Kasey to a Master who enjoys a brash maid who stands steadily in her shoes and does not mind getting her hands dirty.
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